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10, Part 1
Medieval Europe 8) What is the capital of Greece?
Key Version A a) Amsterdam
b) Athens
1) What is the Key Version? c) Berlin
a) A d) Rome
b) B e) Oslo

2) What is the capital of Iceland? 9) What is the capital of Turkey?
a) Athens a) Athens
b) Lisbon b) Istanbul
c) Oslo c) London
d) Reykjavik d) Paris
e) Rome e) Rome

3) What is the capital of the United 10)What is the capital of Russia?
Kingdom? a) Copenhagen
a) Berlin b) Helsinki
b) Copenhagen c) Moscow
c) Dublin d) Vienna
d) London e) Warsaw
e) Vienna
11) In the Roman Catholic Church, who is
4) What is the capital of France? the spiritual and political leader?
a) Berlin a) Bishops
b) London b) Cardinals
c) Paris c) Monks
d) Rome d) Pope
e) Vienna e) Priests

5) What is the capital of the Netherlands? 12) In the Roman Catholic Church, who runs
a) Amsterdam individual churches and administers
b) Lisbon communions, matrimonies, and
c) Moscow baptisms?
d) Rome a) Bishops
e) Warsaw b) Cardinals
c) Monks
6) What is the capital of Belgium? d) Pope
a) Amsterdam e) Priests
b) Brussels
c) Copenhagen 13) What language did monks and nuns
d) Moscow have to learn?
e) London a) English
b) French
7) What is the capital of Germany? c) Greek
a) Berlin d) Latin
b) Brussels e) Spanish
c) Copenhagen
d) Istanbul
e) Stockholm
14) What is the Popes office called? 20) Jerusalem and the area around it are
a) Bishop sacred to what groups?
b) Mamacy a) Only Christians
c) Monarch b) Only Jews
d) Nobility c) Only Muslims
e) Papacy d) Christians, Jews, and Muslims
e) Jerusalem is not scared to any
15) During Medieval Europe, who became religion
bishops for the Roman Catholic Church?
a) Local princes 21) In 1071, what group took over
b) Muslims Jerusalem that made Christian
c) Jews pilgrimages to the Holy Land nearly
d) Knights impossible?
e) Serfs a) Abbasid
b) Al-Andalus
16) What did church officials do to help c) Byzantine
European leaders? d) Seljuk Turks
a) Collect taxes e) Umayyad
b) Excommunicate them
c) Grow crops 22) After the First Crusade, land conquered
d) Fight wars by the Crusaders was divided into what
e) Keep records of births and deaths 4 states?
a) Athens, Constantinople, Rome,
17) Who crowned Charlemagne Emperor Sparta
of the Holy Roman Empire? b) Berlin, Brussels, London, Paris
a) Pope Leo III (3) c) Baghdad, Cairo, Cordoba, Damascus
b) Pope Gregory VII (7) d) Edessa, Antioch, Tripoli, Jerusalem
c) Richard the Lion Heart e) Mecca, Medina, Cordoba, Jerusalem
d) Saladin
e) Seljuk Turks 23) In the Second Crusade, Muslims
defeated the Crusaders at what city?
18) Who excommunicated Emperor Henry a) Baghdad
IV (4)? b) Constantinople
a) Pope Benedict XVI (16) c) Damascus
b) Pope Francis d) Rome
c) Pope Gregory VII (7) e) Venice
d) Pope John Paul I (1)
e) Pope John Paul II (2) 24) Who was the Muslim leader that
recaptured Jerusalem, and started the
19) What did Emperor Henry IV (4) do to Third Crusade?
ask for forgiveness? a) Abraham
a) Built a monastery b) Francis
b) Fight in the Crusades c) Jesus
c) Stood in the snow barefoot d) Muhammad
d) Stopped eating meat e) Saladin
e) Swam across a river

25) During the Third Crusade, the 30) What was a court used by the Church to
Crusaders were led by __________ the Lion punish people opposed to Church
Heart. teachings, which tortured and executed
a) Charles many Jews and Muslims?
b) George a) Bubonic plague
c) Henry b) Clergy
d) Richard c) Crusade
e) William d) Excommunication
e) Inquisition
26) During the Fourth Crusade, the
Crusaders attacked and plundered what 31) In what year was the Reconquista
Byzantine cities? completed?
a) Athens and Sparta a) 1270
b) London and Paris b) 1290
c) Mecca and Medina c) 1306
d) Venice and Rome d) 1394
e) Zara and Constantinople e) 1492

27) What was NOT one of the effects of the 32) The pope crowned Charlemagne
Crusades? Roman Emperor because (DO NOW
a) By 1270, Crusaders conquered all of 02/27/2017)
the Holy Land a) was related to previous Roman
b) Increase trade emperors.
c) Jews were forced to move out of b) gave money to the Church.
England and France, many moved to c) preserved the popes safety.
Eastern Europe d) spread Christianity throughout his
d) More and more Christians believed kingdom.
that all non-Christians were their
enemies 33) What did kings gain through lay
e) Muslim allowed most Jews and investiture? (DO NOW 02/27/2017)
Christians to live in peace a) Equal status with the pope in the
28) The Iberian Peninsula includes what 2 b) Control over the church in their
countries? kingdom
a) Belgium and the Netherlands c) The pope promise of eternal
b) Finland and Russia salvation
c) Greece and Italy d) A large portion of Church income
d) Norway and Sweden
e) Portugal and Spain 34) With what action did the pope
eventually follow up the warning letter
29) During the Reconquista, who unified to Henry IV quoted in the excerpt? (DO
Spain? NOW 02/27/2017)
a) King Charles and Queen Diana a) He visited Henry IV.
b) King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella b) He approved Henry IVs bishop
c) King Richard and Queen Eleanor c) He excommunicated Henry IV.
d) King Phillip and Queen Elizabeth d) He took over Henry IVs kingdom.
e) King William and Queen Kate

35) How long did it take the plague to 40) How did the Crusades change the
spread through Europe? (DO NOW balance of power in Europe? (DO NOW
02/28/2017) 03/01/2017)
a) Two years a) The feudal system grew stronger,
b) Three years while the Church lost influence.
c) Four years b) Kings gained power due to the
d) Ten years weakening of the feudal system.
c) The Church more firmly exercised its
36) Why did the plague spread in the control over monarchs.
directions indicated on the map? (DO d) Many nobles who returned from
NOW 02/28/2017) Palestine entered the Church.
a) Some areas protected themselves.
b) The Crusaders spread the plague.
c) The disease followed the trade
d) The plague could not cross oceans.

37) The plague was caused by (DO NOW
a) the bite of an infected rat.
b) the bite of a flea from an infected rat.
c) poor diet.
d) exposure to smallpox.

38) What was the cause of the Second
Crusade? (DO NOW 03/01/2017)
a) Muslim Turks had recaptured one of
the Crusader states.
b) Merchants wanted to open up new
markets for trade.
c) Jerusalem had been attacked by
d) Christian pilgrims wanted to visit

39)What was the outcome of the Third
Crusade? (DO NOW 03/01/2017)
a) The Crusaders retook most of the
Holy Land.
b) The Crusaders were defeated by the
c) The Crusaders looted Constantinople
and never arrived in the Holy Land.
d) The Crusaders made a treaty with
the Muslims.