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International LightWorkerS

Twelve Archetypes Initiation

LightWorker™ Series

Channelling by Dr. Joshua David Stone

Manual by Alasdair Bothwell Gordon
Layout by Jens Søeborg
Twelve Archetypes Initiation (LightWorker™ Series)
This initiation is one of the many, channelled by Dr. Joshua David
Stone, shown on the picture to the right. They are from a numbered list
of 303 initiations. We have sorted them differently, but we have kept the
number as well, but skipped the "The" in front of all names. Dr. Stone
gave them free as true gifts from our eternal and infinite Spirit, coming
directly from the Absolute Source of Divine Light and Divine Love. We
will do simple manuals to them when we have time, mainly with
material from Wikipedia. And remember they are all free of any charge
and obligation. You are free to copy and pass on. If you translate, then
please pass a copy to both of us:
alasdairbgordon@hotmail.com and enseikoshiro@yahoo.com.

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Receiving the Initiation

Start with Gassho (prayer posture). Meditate on the light and love energies around you, above
you and inside of you. Ask the help of your higher self and others of your helpers such as the
mighty I AM Presence, the angels and archangels, masters and mahatma guides of meditation,
ascension and initiation. Accept receiving the initiation from your teacher. Sense the energies!
Enjoy! Expand! Relax...

Passing on the Initiation

To pass the Initiation to others do the same process as above. Just intend to pass them and read
them out loud waiting for a few moments in-between initiations sensing the energies running
and the spiritual shifts. Trust in the Higher Wisdom and Power. Enjoy! Expand! Relax..

Twelve Archetypes Initiation

The modern concept of archetypes was formulated by Carl Jung.
(Carl Jung Initiation by Dr. Joshua David Stone (LightWorker™
Series) manual by Alasdair Bothwell Gordon).

Archetypes are part of the collective unconscious. It has been

suggested that the human brain is like computer hardware, while
archetypes are like software that is loaded on to the computer
and allow it to run in a preset manner. We may use only one or
two favourite programs until a particular need arises.
Frequently, we find the other programs we need are already
installed on our computer.

Archetypes are part of the process that organises the things we

see, do or experience and how we perceive the world. They
include factors such as heredity, upbringing, life experiences,
and the individual interpretation of life events. They are not
unlike Freud’s “instincts” and work in a similar way.
Anyone who is familiar with the book Sacred Contracts by
Caroline Myss will know that she sees archetypes as the architects
of life and the energy guides that can direct us towards our
spiritual purpose. They are the energy fields through which we
can learn to understand ourselves. In Sacred Contracts, each of us
has twelve archetypes, four that are common to everyone (called,
in the book, survival archetypes) and eight that are chosen by the
individual. The survival archetypes symbolize our major life
challenges and how we choose to survive and maintain our self-
esteem. They represent the issues, fears, and weaknesses that
cause us to give our spiritual and even our physical power away.
In becoming more familiar with these four archetypes, they can
become our most treasured allies in preventing us from giving
away our power. For example, the Prostitute archetype can show
someone how s/he is prostituting him/herself in the world, whether it is in a job or even in a
marriage or other important relationship.

Although Sacred Contracts speaks of twelve archetypes, these twelve are chosen from a
considerable gallery (see book’s Appendix) and even that list is not exhaustive.

A summary of some of the better known archetypes might include: Addict, Advocate, Alchemist,
Angel, Artist, Athlete, Avenger, Beggar, Bully, Child, Child: Orphan, Child: Wounded, Child:
Magical / Innocent, Child: Nature, Child: Puer / Puella Eternis, Child: Divine, Clown,
Companion, Damsel, Destroyer, Detective, Don Juan, Engineer, Exorcist, Father, Femme Fatale,
Gambler, God, Goddess, Venus / Aphrodite, Diana / Artemis, Ceres / Demeter, Juno / Hera,
Proserpina / Persephone, Sophia, Gossip, Guide, Healer, Wounded Healer, Hedonist, Hero /
Heroine, Judge, King, Knight, Liberator, Lover, Martyr, Mediator, Mentor, Messiah, Midas /
Miser, Monk / Nun, Mother, Mystic, Networker, Pioneer, Poet, Priest / Priestess, Prince,
Prostitute, Queen, Rebel, Rescuer, Saboteur, Samaritan, Scribe, Seeker, Servant, Shape-shifter,
Slave, Storyteller, Student, Teacher, Thief, Trickster, Vampire, Victim, Virgin, Visionary,

Working with archetypes involves seeing life in symbols at the centre of a broad universal
picture. The energies of these archetypes can help us understand ourselves and can lead us to a
profound understanding of our purpose and bring our Sacred Contract into our conscious

Another writer, Carol Pearson, in her book Awakening the Heroes

Within, looked at twelve key archetypes that most people experience
in their lives. She groups the twelve into three sets of four each. The
Ego (the conscious) archetypes relate to the preparation for the
journey and include: Innocent, Orphan, Warrior and Caregiver. The
Soul (the unconscious) archetypes relate to the journey itself and
include: Seeker, Lover, Destroyer, and Creator. The Self
(individuation) archetypes relate to the return from the journey and
include: Ruler, Magician, Sage and Fool.

Pearson’s is probably the best known list of twelve archetypes. However, for the purpose of this
short manual, it is necessary to concentrate on the twelve identified by Dr Joshua David Stone
which are similar to, but not identical to, Pearson’s. The list is reproduced in Appendix 1 below.

Stone quotes Marcia Dale Lopez, a spiritual teacher living in New York, defining archetypes in a
very clear and concise manner.
"Archetypes are underlying mythic themes that can be found in all races and cultures at all
times. The archetypes are ageless roles or key stereotypes that portray different forms of
behaviour. In other words, the archetypes are universal role models or personifications of
perennial themes. They can be identified as the main characters found in legends, fairy tales,
Shakespearean dramas, and Bible stories."

In Stone’s opinion, the purpose of these archetypes, as of any roles, is to play them if it is
appropriate to one's life and spiritual path and, most of all, to play them consciously. The danger
comes when these universal roles and archetypes play the individual instead of the individual
playing them.

Stone also warns against the danger of living out one particular archetype that might make one
psychologically imbalanced. There can even be a type of glamour of the opposites. For example,
a person may live out the martyr archetype. However, one of his spiritual lessons might be also
to learn to be spiritually more self centred. The wise one archetype may need to learn to be the
fool in order to find balance. Many people find themselves identifying with a large number of
these archetypal roles and patterns. There is no right or wrong. In Stone’s view, there is only
what is appropriate for one's spiritual path and mission in this lifetime and the issue of being
whole and balanced in life. Within the framework of the bigger picture, it is essential to master
and integrate all twelve of the basic archetypes.

In a similar sense, the individual has the opportunity to master all Twelve Signs of the Zodiac
and the Ten Sephiroth on the Tree of Life. This does not imply that this is the work of a single

It is a good idea to allow ourselves to role-play these different archetypes during this life so as to
gain a greatest sense of wholeness. According to Stone, many of these archetypes have been
lived out in past lives and so do not have to be lived out in this life.

It is important to let the guidance of the individual soul lead to the appropriate application of
these universal states. Thinking and meditating upon these twelve archetypes can be a
considerable factor in personal growth and self-understanding.

Suggested Exercise

Look at each archetype in turn, perhaps allowing at least one day between each. Ideally keep a
reflective journal, possibly based on the following questions, which can be refined to suit the

• Is this me?
• If it is me, is it helping me?
• If it is not helping me, what could I do about it?
• If it is me, have I chosen it or have others put it on me?
• If it is not me, would I like it to be?
• How would adopting this archetype help me?
• Even if I find it unattractive, could it help my personal growth?
• Have others stopped me from adopting this archetype?

Alasdair Bothwell Gordon, EdD

Reiki Master and Teacher
Life Coach and Change Agent
Certified NLP Practitioner
Aberdeen, Scotland (UK)
Appendix 1

The Twelve Archetypes (Dr. Joshua David Stone)


Destroyer Fool Innocent

Change-maker Risk-taker Artist

Enemy Clown Child

Betrayer Flake Youth

Evil-doer Lunatic Harmless One

Mischief-maker Madman Lover

Devil Madwoman Trusted One

Rascal Philanderer Wonderer

Smartass Scatterbrain
Magician Martyr Patriarch
Fairy Godmother Great Soul Ancestor

Merlin Saint Father

Priest/Priestess Saviour Mother

Shaman Loser Old One


Warlock/Witch Struggler Great Father

Trickster Unfortunate Victim Great Mother

Ruler Seducer Seeker

Aristocrat/Superior Deceiver Adventurer/Explorer

Emperor/Empress Enchanter Hermit/Monk

Judge Lover Hunter

Prince/Princess Philanderer Pioneer/ Pursuer

Queen/King Tempter/Temptress Wanderer/ Wonderer

Servant Warrior Wise One
Assistant Fighter Guru

Attendant Gladiator Holy One

Person Friday Hunter Master

Right-Hand Person Knight Mystic/Sage

Slave Rival Oracle

Subject Soldier Philosopher

Subordinate Survivor Prophet

Worker Struggler Teacher/ Thinker

Appendix 2 - Dr. Joshua David Stone & the I AM University

The well known author of many books of spiritual nature Dr Joshua David Stone had a Ph.D. in
Transpersonal Psychology and was a Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor in
California. In November 2004 Dr Stone officially launched the "I AM University", which is an
actual university that Dr Stone runs on the inner plane and has been guided by Spirit and the
Ascended Masters to anchor and externalize on Earth. The "I
AM University" is the fast path to becoming a fully realized
"Integrated Ascended Master" on Earth in this lifetime!

In 2005 Dr Stone passed on to the Spirit world where he

continues to run the inner plane I AM University and
Spiritually supports the continued expansion of his work
through the platform and vehicle of the earthly/outer plane I
AM University! He is now in training with Lord Maitreya and
the Spiritual Hierarchy in preparation of serving as the future
head of the Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth when his
training to do so is complete.

Dr Stone will still be the leader of the I AM University on the spiritual plane, and on the earthly
plane his job is taken over by his helper Rev. Gloria Excelsias.

Gloria Excelsias is a Minister, Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Author,

who served as long-term personal assistant to Dr Joshua David Stone.
When Dr Stone passed on to the Spirit world, he made Gloria Excelsias
the new President and Director of the Earthly plane I AM University
which she now runs in co-creation with and being overlighted by Spirit,
the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angels, Elohim and Dr Stone!

As part of this whole transition and process, Gloria has been guided by
Spirit, the Masters and Joshua to relocate the I AM University to
Salzburg - the Heart of Europe! Having been born in Austria, this
location has crystallized itself as the perfect place on Planet Earth to
serve as new home for the I AM University Headquarters that allows
Gloria best to run and expand the I AM University according to Spirit
and the Masters’ Plan.

Do you want to know more about Joshua David Stone, Gloria Excelsias and the I AM University,
then you can look at

Web Site: www.iamuniversity.org

I AM University , Dr Joshua David Stone & Gloria Excelsias
Postfach 13, 4866 Unterach am Attersee, Austria - Europe