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What have you studied? / Qu ha estudiado?

I studied an accounting technician

What are you studying now? / Qu est estudiando?

I'm studying a logistics technician I hope to finish it next month

What have been your motivations to study? / Cules han sido sus
motivaciones para estudiar?
My first motivation is to study to be someone successful and that my mom is
proud of me
My second motivation is to have a lot of knowledge on various topics
My third motivation is to give me luxuries like a big house and a nice car

Do you plan to study anything else? Why or why not? / Planea estudiar algo
ms? Por qu? O Por qu no?
Yes, I want to be professional because I want to finish my higher education and
be closer to my goal

What do you want to do professionally speaking in the next three years? /

Qu quiere hacer profesionalmente hablando en los prximos tres aos?
In three years I would like to create my own technology company and be the
president of the company