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Book Title : Correspondence Indonesia

Author Name : Partners Media Discourse
Year : 2014
City Published : Jakarta
Publisher : Drs. H. Jamil, MM., M.Pd


Language written communication tools are relatively short The refore,before writing
letters,penyusu should be fine considering the sentence, choice ofwords and their meaning and spelling as
well as a sign reading devices that support the delivery of intent The construction of a sentence is a
regular arrangement of words, which expresses a sense. Compos the sentence is not easy, let alone a
sentence that serves as utusan.susunan and form a neat and orderly, a new "attractive face", which still
must be equipped with a speech language equivalent.
use words that are commonly used, and shun the term stranger, therefore:
1. hindaripenggunaan sentence to be long winded
2. note the spelling
3. The use words and terms that are common and simple
4. use proper punctuation
5. The use abbreviations only common.
In general we often use the language that is not standard, because we are more convenient
for keeping in in saying, in addition Indonesian raw no more often we hear.so in the mean raw
discussed are the words or language that are considered most correct terms of writing and
A. letter as testimony
In essence, the letter is to formulate a written essay of statements, questions, thoughts,
considerations, requests or anything else conveyed to the addressee. In an essay, grammar bahsa
dealing only with words and sentences, loose rather than to do with the essay as a unitary one
keseluruhan.sebuah good essay composition is a unit (in English called unit), a whole, that is complete
from the beginning and end.
In the letter as a bouquet serig used development by:
1. By way of deductive.
Deductive method is to expose the issues in advance, kinidia followed by explanations derived.
2. By way of inductive.
Inductive method is the first reason we raise terlabih welds that cause us asking about the truth, and after
that (in summary) we raise a new point.

B. Themes and sentences Letter

Contained in the letter of attention to sentence and paragraph letter to realize the problems being
addressed in the letter, called the theme of the letter. when viewed from the angle of the process of
drafting a letter, the theme of the letter is a formulation of a topic or subject masalh letter to be drafted it
depends on the purpose and nature of the contents of the letter.
the delivery of the sentence is written. sentence letter that clearly and concisely and effectively, meaning
if the reader letters in a single read will immediately be able to catch it without hesitation hesitations.
C. Alinea and Style Language
Alinea is the set of sentences that express a unity of mind to form a clear idea. generally para a
punctuation mark that a person's thoughts are bernula and ends. but in such a short letter: a letter, often
dikemukan one paragraph was not a set of sentences. Other provisions are to one another in one
paragraph relating to form a certain idea (coherence).
1. Paragraph Opener
the opening paragraph in a letter serves as an introduction for readers to quickly find out the
main problem letters,
2. Paragraph Transition
Alinea transition is a whole Cybelle contained between the opening paragraph with
aconcluding paragraph.
3. Cover Alinea
This paragraph is the conclusion, in this part of the letter asserts something, express the
hope or appeal and pronounce ter...
4. Regards Cover
closing greetings is always used in a personal letter and a letter commerce.
D. Writing Word Association
The combined writing word usually lumped together when in the form of a compound word and
uangkapan already considered compounds. determination of compounds at least, the word sequence of
frequencies in daily visits triad ie: combination of words, commonly called a compound word, including
specific terms, the part section in a separate writing.
E. Use of Punctuation

a. Dot (.)
b. Comma (,)
c. The Semicolon (;)
d. Signs Colon (:)
e. Signs Relations (-)
f. Dash (---)
g. Parenthesis ()
h. Brackets []

i. Quotation Mark "....."
j. Single Quotation Mark '.....'
k. Signs Dashes /

F. Signs Revised Concept Handwriting

The revision marks or notices or kereksi are signs that are commonly used to improve or fix
errors or omissions contained on the typed manuscript. The error can be salaha typos or spelling
mistakes, wrong place or position, less, most, inverted and other errors that may occur.
1. Understanding Signs Indicator
2. Exercise Typing Sentence using correction Signs Signs

1. In this book very interesting explanation
2. In this book also described the letter as an essay by way of deductive and inductive way
3. In this book also described the paragraph and style.
4. And in this chapter explained about the use of punctuation and handwriting draft revision


1. In this book the language is difficult to understand and beating around the bush so it
is difficult to be understood
2. In this book less appealing explanation explanation
3. In this book should never explained how punctuation typing incorrect because it uses
a manual machine