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APOLOGETICS J A M E S J . S . J O H N S O N , J . D . , T h . D .

Thank God for


espite their size, earthworms
&A helpful
creatures. They occasion-
ally venture above ground
in broad daylight but are mostly night
crawlers. They are best known for
their underground habits, such
as recycling organic waste, aerat-
ing soil, and helping organic
FROM matterTHE
decompose. litter and manure particles into humus un- for hungry birds and other vermiform-
Earthworms are detritivoresgar- derground.2 eating predators!
bage eatersthe ultimate in dirt-digesting Amazingly, just by living ordinary Yet, as valuable as earthworms
junk-food consumers. They eat almost earthworm lives, these busy burrowers ac- are, they are just creeping things. They
anythingscraps of fruit, morsels of dead celerate soil restoration after habitat dis- should never be credited with creative
animal flesh, leaf litter, etc. As an earthy,
turbances, such as rehabilitating soil after power.4 However, some evolutionists
underground version of filter feeders, industrial mining operations. failing to give God due credit for what He
they ingest whatever is buried and rot- did during the creation weekeffectively
Because they play a major role in the
ting in topsoil or within near-surface soil. comminution [i.e., material size re- give credit to worms, as if they were co-
Meadows and pastures are crawling with duction] and mineralisation of or- creators of Earths biodiversity.5
worms! Their numbers may reach above ganic matter and greatly influence soil Evolutionists imagine a worm
300,000 per acre, especially in chalky clay structure and chemistry, the presence world as being integral in naturalistically
soil. The aggregate weight of a dairy
2 of a flourishing earthworm commu- producing ecological conditions required
nity is likely to accelerate soil restora-
farms earthworms likely outweighs the to- for the so-called Cambrian Explosion.5
tion and improve primary produc-
tal weight of livestock grazing above them. They say the animism of Darwins natural
tion....By their burrowing activity,
Earthworms produce benefits dis- earthworms mix and aggregate soil selection magic was enabled by pre-Cam-
proportionate to their numbers. Meadow and minimize surface water erosion brian vermiform fauna (i.e., worms).5 That
soil is about 7% organic. Of this, 95% is by enhancing soil macroporosity [i.e., theory is not only groundless, devoid of
either dead or plant-root material, leaving opening crevices to allow rainwater to any forensic evidenceits creepy.
drain into soil] and water-holding ca- References
only 5% as other organic/biota. Of the soil
pacity. Earthworms consume organic 1. Examples of worm (Hebrew rimmah) diet diversity
biota (excluding plant roots), only 12% include Exodus 16:24 (manna); Job 17:14 (flesh), 24:20
matter and mineral particles and (flesh); and Isaiah 14:11 (flesh).
are earthworms. In other words, in field or many of the species egest [i.e., def- 2. Odum, E. P. 1967. Fundamentals of Ecology. Philadelphia:
W. B. Saunders Company, 379-380. See also Edwards, C.
pasture soils, earthworms account for only ecate] casts that are microbially very A. 2004. Earthworm Ecology, 2nd ed. Clive A. Edwards, ed.
Washington, DC: CRC Press, 5-8.
about 0.042% of the soil! 2 active and contain nutrients, which 3. Boyer, S. and S. D. Wratten. 2010. The potential of earth-
are readily usable by plants [which worms to restore ecosystem services after opencast min-
Nonetheless, earthworms produce ingA review. Basic and Applied Ecology. 11 (3): 196-203.
enormously useful outcomes: 1) biochemi- access subsoil nutrients through root 4. Romans 1:21-23. In effect, by giving worms credit for facili-
tating the Cambrian Explosion of higher life forms, evolu-
systems].3 tionists are worshipping worms as a substitute for God.
cal recycling, excreting feces 5 times richer 5. Schiffbauer, J. D. et al. 2016. The Latest Ediacaran Worm-
in usable nitrogen compounds and 11 times Earthworms sometimes ingest seeds, world Fauna: Setting the Ecological Stage for the Cambrian
Explosion. GSA Today. 26 (11):
richer in usable phosphates; 2) geophysical often without destroying seed survivabil- 4-11. This insight was provided by
Dr. Billy Caldwell, a professional
restructuring, forming networks of under- ity. Subsequent defecation accelerates seed geologist in Texas.

ground burrow-tunnels, improving aera- germination, awakening seeds from dor- Dr. Johnson is Associate Professor
of Apologetics and Chief Academic
tion and water drainage; and 3) food web mancy and enabling water permeability.3 Officer at the Institute for Creation
logistics, transporting and converting leaf Of course, earthworms are also good food Research.

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