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Candidate Name: JavatechLeadguy

Current Location: Orlando, FL

Contact Details: Candidate Pay/Bill Rate:
Work Authorization Status: H1B
o If not authorized to work in the U.S. without sponsorship, please list work authorization details here: Javatech Lead guy is
currently an H1B employee of our partner staffing agency (with whom we currently have a contract with) Subcontract Sunshine
consulting llc., His H1B is active and expires 10/10/2019.
Availability to start a new position: 2 weeks from accepted offer

Required or Desired Skill Set Yes/N Year Skill Level Additional Information
o s

Backend/Java Experience Yes 8 Advanced Backend experience : 5


Java experience : 8 years

Queuing Framework (JMS) experience Yes Novice

Multi-threaded application development Yes 1 intermedi Developed a java multi

ate threading part as part of
back end component,
one thread will be
running for each user in
ACG Italy project.

Proven programming experience with core Yes 5 Advanced Developed a APIs(Create

JAVA components a New CIS Account , Get
Snap shot details,
Update Address details,
Maintain contact details,
Get Name Details, Update
Person Details, Maintain
Interests, Person Trace)
core java components i.e
collections, I/O APIs and
Exception handling in
DWP Customer
Information System

Multi-threaded development experience Yes 1 intermedi Developed a java multi

ate threading part as part of
back end component,
one thread will be
running for each user in
ACG Italy project.

Real Time, High Volume, Transactional Yes 3 intermedi Project 1 : DWP CIS
Systems Experience (please specify ate (Customer Information
employers and/or projects) System)

Project 2: ACG Italy

Yes 6 Advanced Worked on designing the
Knowledge of databases and data structures database, wrote triggers.
or Oracle DB related development

Yes 2 intermedi Developed & deployed

Experience with Linux ate applications on Linux

Web/Front End Experience

Experience with JSP (Java 7), Restful Yes 2 intermedi Developed UI

Services ate components using JSP,
consumed JSON data to
develop restful services.

Experience with JQuery Mobile, Backbone, No


YUI, Google Analytics (including Reporting No


Common Knowledge/Tools

Knowledge of common architectures and Yes 3 Advanced Worked on Singleton,

design patterns factory, DAO and front

Knowledge of a source control system (Git, Yes 6 Advanced Worked on GIT, SVN and
Mercurial, SVN) clear case for managing
application code.

Experience working within Agile/Scrum Yes 2 Novice Worked Agile

Environments environment

Knowledge of Agile Tools (ie Rally, Jira Yes 2 Advanced Used RTC for issue and
(Grasshopper), etc.) work product tracking

Leadership Experience

Software Development Lead experience Yes 2 intermedi Participated in team

working closely with business stakeholders ate meetings, design
to define and execute requirements discussions, getting
HLDs, converting HLD to
Functional design
documents, technical
design documents.

Past experience with leading software Yes 2 intermedi Handled 3 developers.

developers ate