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Executive Board: Winter Recruitment Sucess

By Vice President of Member Networking with professionals,
Services, Lauren Dissmore and the e- portfolio building workshops, social
board. media workshops, social media
training and professional writing
This semester

my role was charged opportunities were some of the most
with a single mission: expand our popular. Executive Board
membership base and raise
awareness of PRSSA as a go-to I joined PRSSA to get my foot in the President
door and further my knowledge of
PR/communications resource on
public relations, said Meaghan Ashleigh Chatel
Priebe, new member. Everyone has Vice President of

As the new VP of Member Services, been very welcoming, helpful and I Professional
my initial and primary task was to really appreciate them! Ive already Development
recruit students to join but also been on an agency tour at
Eisbrenner, and loved it. Erica Rogers
to inform potential
and current members of all the great Ultimately, it is every board Vice President of Chapter
benefits available to members. members responsibility to Development

Per our usual outreach we demonstrate enthusiasm f or PRSSA Rachel Stuyvenberg

coordinated classroom visits, e- and I believe this is what resonates Vice President of
blasts, invited non-members to well with recruiting students. Member Services
professional development events and Overall, this semester garnered 19
Lauren Dissmore
workshops. During class visits, we
new members and in total the
shared the numerous outside-the-
Public Relations Director
classroom benefits and personally chapter gained 40 first time
with students who were members since March 2010. Tommy Roy
interested in standing out upon

graduation and expanding their Our chapter currently has 53 Social Media Director
knowledge and experience in this members resulting in 15 percent Amy Bass

industry. growth since last year.


In This Faculty
Page 2 Metro Detroit Agency Tours with Michigan State PRSSA Dr. Shelly Najor

Page 3 Social Media Workshop and PRSA Media Relations Webinar
Page 4 HAPPO, PRSA Detroit, IABC Detroit event hosted Identity PR
Mary Henige, APR

Wayne State PRSSA February 2011

Professionals Open Doors to Budding Professionals

By R achel Stuyvenberg The third tour took place at Bianchi Public

Relations. Students had another exclusive
Our chapter joined up with Michigan State opportunity to sit down with owner Jim

for a visit to metro Detroit agencies. Bianchi.
One group visit included Jack Morton,
Public Relations and Bianchi Public Bianchi gave a perspective on his companys
Relations. At each visit, members were able to efforts in building relationships and dedication

engross themselves in the companys unique to delivering superior service to select clients.
culture. The agency had a more boutique, comforting

and hard-working culture to it.

It was such a valuable learning experience,
said Erica Rogers, VP of professional
development. I think our members gained a
better understanding of agency life and how
to tips to help them prepare for their future


PRSSA visited Eisbrenner on Feb. 25 for a
comprehensive tour along with members from
Eastern Michigan University as they indulged
Account Coordinator Holly Myles coordinates one of the on agency culture.
sessions during the students tour of Eisbrenner PR.

Members participated in a brainstorming
At Jack Morton, members were able to see how
session with former PRSSA President Jared
an agency is not just specifically defined by
Bryan and met with professionals on
traditional public relations, advertising or
communication tips with clients.
marketing practices. This brand experience
provided a behind-the-scenes look at
The midday tour gave members a taste of
how the company implemented large-scale
what the future will hold for them thanks to
such as product launches and mobile
the valuable experiene shared with
tours. Createive Director, John Howard focused
importance of strategic messaging. The professionals.
on the
companys innovative and detail oriented
Upcoming Events
approach to branding captivated eager
3/25 | 9 a.m. GM Informational meeting
The visit to Eisbrenner Public Relations 3/30 | 6 p.m. Panel Discussion
highlighted the exciting and fast-paced life of
business-to-business public relations 4/4 | 5 p.m. Applications for e-board
agency. Tom Eisbrenner shared background on
4/13 | 11:30 a.m. PR Alumni Luncheon
the company, which has a team-oriented
environment with a fun and optimistic 4/18 | 5 p.m. Member Appreciation Meeting

A publication of the James S. Measell Chapter of Public Relations Student Society of America2
Wayne State PRSSA February 2011

Social Media: Understanding PRSA Michael Smart Media

and Utilizing Your Brand Relations Webinar
By Kristen Japowicz
By John McComb
Social media has become one of the most
influential tools to hit the PR industry. It has This semester our chapter held an informative
become a valuable asset to everyone from media-pitching webinar for communication and
students to grandparents, professionals to public relations students at Manoogian Hall on
teenagers. Feb. 7.

Although it is most often used to socializing, The webinar, entitled: 8 Ways to go From
PRSSA recognized the need to help students Snooze to News, provided students with
understand how it can be used to maintain innovative ways to create newsworthiness for a
and give credit to your personal brand. story or event.

Social Media Director, Amy Bass said, We Michael Smart, the presenter of the webinar
realized this is a resource for establishing and and public relations professional, offered
maintaining relationship within a variety of personal examples of how creative pitching
networks. From her experience she noted, it results in great deals of media coverage for his
takes time and patience to build a personal clients.
brand. Thats one of the many benefits of Students attending the webinar experienced
being part of PRSSA. firsthand some tips on how to be innovative
In the business world, branding is everything. when pitching to the media. He also cave
At our chapters social media workshop, three personal examples about creatively find a story
tools identified for students to utilize were angle.
Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. @WSUPRSSA tweeted the event and here was
LinkedIn is a networking tool to find the result:
connections to recommended job candidates,
industry experts and business partners,
according to their site.

While LinkedIn is used for strictly
professional purposes the other two are can
be categorized as social networking.

One point made during the workshop was to

think of these LinkedIn and Twitter profiles as
an elevator pitch.

Ultimately it appears that the opportunity to

build a brand online has become relevant and
vital for students in our profession.

A publication of the James S. Measell Chapter of Public Relations Student Society of America3
Wayne State PRSSA February 2011

Students Attend HAPPO Event at Local Agency

By Lily Medina
Identity PR, Help A PR Pro Out (HAPPO,) and

PRSA Detroit hosted a networking and
career advice event on Thursday, Feb. 24
for public relations students and current
Detroit area professionals. Participants
casually sat down with employees at
Identity Marketing and Public Relations to

get tips on the career.
Photo Credit: Identity PR. Attendees were greeted
The HAPPO event is part of a nationwide by Identity PR employees at the event.

event to assist current public relations

the agencys facility. Students were given
students as they connect face to face with
the opportunity to have their rsums
professionals who offer their advice and critiqued to improve chances of securing a
tips on how to succeed in the competitive career with a prospective employer.
The event was a huge success and served its
The event encouraged students to connect
purpose of connecting ambitious students
with other students in the field as an effort
to start building a list of contacts that will with professionals. Students are
encouraged to attend these networking
be beneficial to their future.
events as they provide vital opportunities to
At the event, 40 attendees were received job seekers by establishing new
intimate time with fellow career seekers at

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