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Look at the pictures and read the sentences.

Tick ; the correct sentences and put a cross : next to the

wrong sentences.

1. Jack and his Mum live in a small house. 3. A strangers giving Jack four beans.

2. Theyve got two cows. 4. Jack and the stranger are happy.

5. Jacks Mum isnt very happy.

7. Jacks climbing down the beanstalk.
6. Shes eating the beans. 8. Theres a castle at the top of the beanstalk.

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9. The giants very angry. 11. Jacks jumping.
10. Jacks hiding under a table. 12. Hes got a harp.

13. The giants chasing Jack. 15. Mums got an axe.

14. Jacks got a hen. 16. Shes chopping down the beanstalk.

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