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TEACHER: Ricardo Alvarez

LEVEL: Primary GRADE: 2nd

Colegio New England MONTH: February


-Rainbow Writing
-Hidden Words
-Spelling Cards -Silly Sentences
-Worksheet -Backwards Words
The student will be -Notebook -Order the words
Spelling: able to recognize -Whiteboard -Spelling words Practice
01- Sports conventional -Markers -Worksheet (Sports Vocabulary) your spelling
February 2:00 Vocabulary spelling. - at home.
Read the
story and
make the

Bring to class
that is
needed to
The student will -Sentences Review play your
Sentences: understand the -Activity Book -Revise the sentences and write favorite sport.
Content, basic principles that - Markers them again For example a
Organization, make up a well -Whiteboard -Write a description soccer ball, a
02- Punctuation, written sentence. -Notebook -Grammar Activity (Notebook) cap, a bat,
February 2:00 and Spelling. 33 etc.

The students will -Markers -Coloring worksheet: Sports
describe the things -Whiteboard -Show and tell
03- Show and needed to play their -Notebook -Game: Toss the ball
February 2:00 tell: Sports favorite sport. -
Sports Day Advertisement

1. Plan the advertisement

2. Make the advertisement
3. Prepare a presentation
-Poster paper 4. Present the advertisement
Project : Identifying and -Colored pencils 5. Display the advertisements
Sports Day acquiring ethical -Paper (one
07- Advertisemen and moral attitudes sheet per -Writing a sports poem
February 2:00 t when playing sports. student) -
-Rainbow Writing
-Spelling Cards -Hidden Words
-Worksheet -Silly Sentences
The student will be -Notebook -Backwards Words
Spelling: able to recognize -Whiteboard -Order the words
08- Health conventional -Markers -Spelling words
February 2:00 Vocabulary spelling. - -Worksheet (Health)
09- 2:00 A check up Asking about and -Students book 34 -Game: What do they have in Activity Book
February giving personal -Track 21 common? (pa. 34)
information. Giving -Speakers -Before reading activities
advice. -Reader 2 - Listen and read along Bring toy
-After reading activities items related
*Number the pictures in order to health. For
*Read and match example: A
-Game Pictionary nurses cap, a
medical coat,
and fake

Visit the site

and play the


-Markers -Coloring worksheet: Health
Show and The students will -Whiteboard -Show and tell
10- tell: Nurse describe things -Notebook -Role-play
February 2:00 and Doctor related to health. - -Game: Toss the ball
-Echo read text
-Circle the correct options
-Students book -Listen and stick (Track 22)
-Track 21 -Complete the chart
-Track 22 -Share your information
-Whiteboard -Game: Giving advice
Asking about and -Markers -Activity Book (page 35)
13- giving personal -Speakers
February information. Giving -Reader 2 Awareness: Taking Care of Worksheet
2:00 A check up advice. 35 Yourself (6A)
To strength social -Candies -Hide the heart
skills and provide a -Worksheets -Valentines Day Worksheet
friendly (Valentines Day) -Making a card
14- Valentine's environment to -Whiteboard
February 2:00 Day practice English. -Markers -

-Game: Walking dictation

-Advice stripes -Read and color
-Colored pencils - Mark the things you do
Asking about and -Students book - Make cue cards and give advice
giving personal -Index cards - Game: Find your mates.
15- information. Giving -Whiteboard 36 Activity Book
February 2:00 A check up advice. -Markers (page 36).

-Game: Memory
-Students Book -Read and match
-Color pencils -Complete the information about
Asking about and -Ball you
giving personal -Compare your information
16- information. Giving -Markers -Game: Ball Toss Worksheet
February 2:00 A check up advice. -Whiteboard 37 (6D)
-Spot the Advice
-Color the things you do
Asking about and -Draw something you should do
giving personal -Activity Book -Write a sentences about your
17- information. Giving -Markers picture
February 2:00 A check up advice. -Whiteboard 37 -Game: Chinese Whispers

-Students Book
-Markers -Order Time Measurements
-Track 23 -Listen and number
Asking about and -Speakers - Choral conversation
giving personal -Construction - Role-play
20- information. Giving paper -Information chart Activity Book
February 2:00 A check up advice. -Black markers 38 -Worksheet ( (page 38)
-Jigsaw Letters
-Read and write
- Game: Tic Tac Toe

-Game: Whats missing?

-Identifying Parts of Letter
-Students Book -Complete the letter
Asking about and -Activity Book -Write a reply letter
giving personal -Whiteboard Write a letter
21- information. Giving -Markers Awareness: Supporting Each to a family
February 2:00 A check up advice. -Jigsaw Letters 39 Other member.
-Rainbow Writing
-Spelling Cards -Hidden Words
-Worksheet -Silly Sentences
-Notebook -Backwards Words Bring to class
-Whiteboard -Order the words paint, paint
The student will be -Markers -Spelling words brushes,
Spelling: able to recognize -Worksheet (Information markers and
22- Information conventional Vocabulary) measuring
February 2:00 Vocabulary. spelling. - tape.
Reviewing units 4-6. -Things You Remember
To analyze the -Worksheet - Class Participation
23- students -Whiteboard - -Review Worksheet
February 2:00 Review Day knowledge. -Markers -Revise your answers
27- 2:00 Project: Me Measuring Height - 1. Sketch an outline
February Mural and Weight. - Large roll of 2. Paint the bodies
brown mural
paper (1.5 m
per student)
- Paint
- Paint brushes
- Markers 3. Measure each others
- Measuring 4. Create a mural

Make a list of
the places
around your
-Rhyme: In My Town neighborhood
-Track 25 -Around Town .
-Speakers -Read and Match
-Poster (streets -Mark the sentences For example:
Describing a town or in Town) -Activity Book (page 40) Bakery,
28- community. -Whiteboard -Places Around Town Market, Police
February 2:00 Small Town Describing location. -Markers 40 Station

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