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Soul Match is a title of novel written by

Alfian Daniear. This book published by
teen@noura, and released in Mei 2014.
Alfian Daniear was born in Magetan, East
Java. After he finish his high school in
Magetan, He visit Jakarta and he accepted
in Veluer 21 STAN. His hobby is playing
football when he was in junior high school
and now his hobby is playing badminton.
He also collecting Crayon Shinchan in his
house. And by his experience and
imagination he can write some of the
novel book.
This story is about the student exchange
from Indonesia to Brazil. The main
character in this story is Jenitra. Jenitra
eccepted to the student exchange to Brazil. In Brazil Jenitra have many
friends such as Bautris, Flavia, Kaisar and other. Jenitra like playing
football and her friend lke playing football too. Kaisar falling in love with
Jenitra although Flavia is Kaisar girlfriend. Jenitra, Bautris and Flavia
accepted into the woman beach football club in their school, and the club
name is Escola St. Monica. Kaisar accepted to be a coach assistance of
that club. Escola St. Monica follow the beach football competition in
Brazil and Jenitra with her friends success bring their club to be a
Campion of woman beach football in Brazil. Flavia know that her
boyfriend falling in love with Jenitra, Flavia have a plan to make Jenitra
unhappy but Kaisar as soon as prevent it. When the last night Jenitra in
Brazil, she very miss all her experience in Brazil. She ignore the love from
Kaisar although Kaisar and Flafia relationship end. But Jenitra miss Kaisar
when Jenitra come back to Indonesia.
This Novel is very interesting, the cover is design to entertain the
reader because very interesting, back cover there is some sentence to
make the reader interested to read this book. The plot of this novel well
interesting because tells a woman that diligent to play football. Part by
part of this novel always give the surprise and make the reader enjoy
reed it. The language used in this book is easily understood by the
reader. Jenitra is the spirit girl and from that we can enjoy her fight to
complete her dream. All of the part is continue, so if you only read a half
of this novel you are not feel the real meaning of this story.
Beside that. There is some famine of this story. That about the
Kaisars character is not gentle man. He always hide his real feeling. And
he show only in the end of the story, it make the reader feel bored with
Kaisars character. I think the plot of this novel is little bit contradictive
with the theme because the plot is tells us about romance than football.
The end of the story is about romance and that make the story
impressed romance.

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