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Multimedia Evaluation Report

Group 4 Project Topic: Fraud


Kara Lord

A paper presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements of EDID 6508

Developing Instructional Media

Trimester II

Academic Year: 2016-2017


Cave Hill | Open Campus

MSc. Instructional Design and Technology

Student Name: Kara Lord

Student ID#: 406003336


E-Tutor: Dr. LeRoy Hill

Course Coordinator: Dr. LeRoy Hill

Submission Date: 19th April, 2017

EDID 6508 Multimedia Evaluation Report 2


Overall, the users seemed to have a relatively pleasant experience when progressing

through the multimedia project. There were of coarse a number of flaws which created some

difficulty for the users and resulted in a less than friendly experience. These concerns are

outlined as follows:

- There was no instruction on how to move from the opening page to begin, it seemed not to have

any purpose;

- The font was too light in some places and the content took some delay in time to appear causing

the user to either click to continue out of haste or wait patiently;

- The audio was a bit too low in some places and the presentation lacked simple audio elements

which could have enhanced it (for example: a celebratory sound when the user got a question

correct on the quiz);

- Quiz 2 was difficult to use as it only had instructions on the first page;

- The videos did not play from the presentation; and

- The colour scheme and font style were unattractive and unappealing

On the other hand, a number of positive qualities were sighted by the users after experiencing

the multimedia project; these are summarized as follows:

- There was a logical, sequential flow in the presentation which was appropriate based on the

content making it easier to understand;

- The quiz elements were useful, the questions were very easy (difficulty should be increased

depending on target audience);

- All the navigation links worked throughout the project;

- A lot of attention and effort was paid to building a graphical interface with appropriate images.
EDID 6508 Multimedia Evaluation Report 3


The content was believed to be relevant, well-structured and organized. There was satisfactory

demonstration of knowledge of the content. The quiz element of the project may not however

be challenging enough for the target audience as an effective measure of how much they have



The users made no general comments on content appropriateness but the functionality and

graphical elements were mostly seen to be appropriate.


Content in particular was deemed to be more than sufficient; much information was

communicated to the users though the interface.

Instructional Events

There was much concern about the timing of the instructional events, the delay between voice

and content was unsatisfactory and created some amount of frustration for the users. This

affected the quality of instruction as users may have wanted to simply move on in some places

or felt impatient waiting for content to appear. Again, the video elements here again played a

role as its intention was to assist the delivery of materials. The absence of video content

therefore affected the planned instructional events.


Navigation functionality was very good throughout the project; however the major setbacks

were the lack of ability to view videos in project screen. Additionally, there was an issue with

an audio symbols (little speaker) which was placed on some slides, no functionality was added

to this. While there were no comments by the users specifically about this, it could have been
EDID 6508 Multimedia Evaluation Report 4

viewed as an indication that the current slide contains audio. It should be noted however that

this was not its intended purpose.


The development of this multimedia project was not without its challenges; even when

we had our story board to work with, which contain what we thought to be all the elements

necessary, as we went ahead and constructed the project, a number of additional material was

added. In particular, the quiz and sectioned session elements extended the project while adding

structure and interactive qualities. Regarding, the cover page of the project, this should be

considered to be our effort towards branding and copyrighting our materials as the authors of

the project. However, altogether, the concerns noted by the users are valid ones; its important

for us to consider the look and feel of the project as well as timing.

Our approach to the project overall may have created some of the strain in the user

friendly elements we would have liked to incorporate. Initially, we build and designed the

interface in powerpoint, incorporating all the tag and button elements as well as graphics, video

and content. This was then imported into an authoring software where all the elements of

functionality had to be composed. However, because of our powerpoint approach, some aspects

of the project had to be imported once again while other aspects such as the delays between

audio and content were already programmed into the project without being cohesively added to

mesh together.

Finally, an aspect of the content which was very disappointing to the users was the

video. Originally, when the project was published in HTML5 and SWF all aspects of the
EDID 6508 Multimedia Evaluation Report 5

content (including graphics, video, audio, and transitions) were present. However, this affected

the file size of the project. In other words, the file was too large to be uploaded directly to the

weebly website for viewing and use. As a result, efforts had to be made by the group altogether

to decide how to proceed; whether content would be removed or compression techniques

should be used. In the end, some edits were made to reduce the file size by decreasing file

quality. While this significantly reduced the file size of the project so that it could be uploaded

to our weebly sites; it removed some functionality (namely, the video elements which were the

largest aspects of the project).


In correcting the deficiencies, the following is proposed:

1. Work directly with authoring software to cohesively connect all aspects of the content for

smooth flow and usability.

2. The cover page aspect of the project should include audio which provides the user with

instructions on how to continue.

3. Font style, colour and design qualities should be changed altogether to reflect a more neutral

effect (neutral colours for background and font) as this will be appropriate for the target

audience. In this way, font size will also be consider.

4. Quiz 2 will be revised and edited to include instructions on all sheets to allow easier completion.

5. Some of the picture graphics (where unnecessary and not important to the content) will be

removed in an effort to reduce the size of the project.

6. Audio should be recorded and edited using more sophisticated software and time will be taken

to mix voiceover audio with background music.

EDID 6508 Multimedia Evaluation Report 6

7. There should be some consideration of adding external video elements as a failsafe into the

program; this can be done by allowing users to click on a link which takes them directly to the

video. While this may affect ease of use, it would certainly help to ensure that all aspects of

content are available to the users.

8. The entire project should be reviewed to ensure that there are absolutely no spelling and

grammatical errors within the content, quiz or activity elements.

9. Speaker tag elements should either be removed since unnecessary or fixed to include

functionality which would allow the user to listen to voiceover audio, if they desire it to be


Please see below for evaluation matrix used to assess the multimedia project.

User 1

Criteria 1 2 3 4
Story board or Storyboard is somewhat
planning sheet complete. Did not include
quizzes and activities.
Organization of Logical sequence of
Content information. The flow of
content was appropriate but
some content could not be
Originality The work is an extensive
collection and rehash of
other peoples ideas,
products, images and videos.
Clearly a lot of time and
effort went into creating the
Copyright & Sources have not been
Documentation properly cited and
permissions have not
been received.
EDID 6508 Multimedia Evaluation Report 8

Format & The presentation plays best

Platform on either Mac or PC. There
Transferability are some problems when
viewing two files.
Subject Subject knowledge is
Knowledge evident throughout.
Information is clear,
appropriate and
Graphical Graphical elements
Design accompany content but do
not always work cohesively
Mechanics Presentation has fewer than
two misspellings and/or
grammatical errors.
Screen Design Screen contains
necessary navigational
tools and buttons.
Navigation is logical
and user friendly.
Use of There were to be two videos,
Enhancements neither of which could be
viewed and audio was
difficult to hear in some
EDID 6508 Multimedia Evaluation Report 9

User 2

Criteria 1 2 3 4
Story board or Story board is not complete.
planning sheet
Organization of Logical sequence of
Content information but content could
have been organized to match
course objectives.
Originality The work is an extensive
collection and rehash of other
peoples ideas, products,
images and videos. There is
little evidence of new thought
or inventiveness. Still, good
Copyright & Sources have not been
Documentation properly cited and
permissions have not
been received.
Format & The project plays best on either
Platform Mac or PC. There are some
Transferability problems when viewing video
files but videos were made
available separately to
Subject Subject knowledge is evident
Knowledge in much of the product.
EDID 6508 Multimedia Evaluation Report 10

Information is clear,
appropriate and correct.
Graphical I think the graphics and the
Design words worked together but
there were some delays
between audio and visuals.
Good effort.
Mechanics Presentation has no
misspellings and/or
grammatical errors.
Screen Design Screen contains adequate
navigational tools and
buttons. I was able to go
through the presentation in a
logical path.
Use of Some video, audio
Enhancements enhancements are used
appropriately to enrich the
learning experience.