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Nada anwar saleh

EPC 2903 Interview questions including

PDP goal

1 What is something you did this year that went better

than you thought it would? Managing the student's
behaviors and trying to implement routines I thought
I would not be able to but when I used the routines
on them it

2 What has caused you the most stress this year? One
of the students was too hyperactive which made it
difficult for me to manage him Moreover. Also I was
Trying to make a reward system for the students
because the teacher had no reward system in the
classroom her reward system was

3 What is one way that you grew professionally this

The lesson plans were easier to make and I talked to
other teachers other than mine and I had
conversations with the student's parents and I talked
to them about how the students are doing
4 Explain how you differentiated activities and
supported students this semester?
I had to put low students with high students if they
work in pairs and I made the activities that the low
students have be more " on their level of thinking "
5 Which student in your class do you think showed the
most improvement? Why do you believe that this
student did so well?
A student named shaikah she didnt answer when the
teacher asked her at first, but then she managed to
raise her hand and try to answer when the teachers
ask because each time she answer I would praise her
she was able to learn more during the school year
because of praising her and making her feel
comfortable in the school year

6 Who was your most challenging student? Why?

A student named Haitham he was the most
challenging because he was hyperactive in the class
and when I first started I gave him too much
7 Describe the behavior management strategies you
used this year and their effectiveness.
I used rewarding system and not much punishment
for the students because some of them would feel
unfair if there was a punishment, so I used reward
systems such as giving them a sticker next to their
name and letting them be a leader of the groups
they're in

8 What was the biggest mistake you made this year?

How can you avoid making the same mistake in the
future? I was being too friendly with the students
witch made them see me as a friend or a sister to
them and not take me seriously as a teacher

9 Describe the progress that you made towards your

PDP goal and show evidence to support this.
I tried to implement the routines that the teacher
have to make the students abilty to behave in the
class raise and to get to my goal whitch is managing
the classroom transition and it was easy because
they had a song that they sing when transitoning to
different placese in the school and a bell if they
transition from an area to another