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¢ BUNT TA Le Hain $0389030 Series Editor im Song-hee ‘Authors ‘Sogang Korean 1A (2000) Choe eengsaen (PhO. in Korean Linguistics, Sogang University) Professor of Paichai University KimSimpbee _(A.8.0. in Fronch Linguistios, Sogang University) Program Director, KLEC, Sogang University in Jem (Ph.D. Candidatoin English Linguistics, Sogang University) Researcher, KLEC, Sogang University Ninkyurjung (Ph.D. in French Literature, Ewha Womans University) Program Coordinator, KLEC, Sogang University Sogang Korean Now Series 1A (2008) Nontyenjuny (Ph.D. in French Literature, Ewha Womans Universty) Researcher, Program Coordinator, KLEG, SSogang University Xin.eenpa (M.A. in Russian Linguistics in Chung-Ang Universty) Researcher, KLEC, Sogang University NinBegnng (PhO. ABD. in Korean Studies, Sangmyung Universi) Researcher, KLEC, Sogang University English Translation JnYwtyung (M.Sc. in Applied Linguistics, University of Edinburgh) ‘Researcher, KLEC, Sagang University PaticiaL Michel (B.Sc, in Computer Science and Astronomy, University of Toronto) Researcher, FLEC, Sogang University English Proofreading urGae Suing (PhO. in History, University of Minnesota) Managing Ditocto, institute for International Cuture & Education, Sogang University YoolsaihWonte (Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics, UCLA Professor, Department of English Iterature and Linguistics, Sogang University Statf Book Design —designTANK (Tel : 02:3442-0422) Iustration Kim Soyeon, Jang Seonmi, Choe Ikgyeon, Min Jiyeong, Jeong Seongyeong Photography Studio Ru Cover Design Design SEED (CD Recording Playback ‘We would tke to thank the following people for thelr valuable assistance: the teachers, staff, assistants, and students ot KLEG, ur families and friends, Spring Summer Fall Winter, Choe Yeonjae, Oh Kyoungsook, Park Jong Un, Hwang Sun Hee, David Carruth, Anders McCarthy, the Sagang University Panning Affairs Budget Team, the Sogang University General Affairs ‘Acquisitions Team, and the Sogang University Insitute for International Culture & Education Administrative Team, ‘We would also lke to express our sincere and heartfelt gratitude tothe previous dectar, Cho Chang Ok, and tothe current ‘rector, Hur Goo saing for their encouragement to publish these new series textbooks. — BS 01S S3 pae Qe ataiol aiUich eguet -2)ea/aha. Biael 2144 Selah aay) 1 $109.27 aes" Cease YAR) BOR RAD AB BO AN BMD. M4 BO4OI OFCIO4 YO12.7 MOMS 7t BY HOIOLA? OIClol 74.27 fm SEO QF ZtO OF aa 2401 oFcIo4 QJ0127 AZECHOEDO' O17 7A?