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(as per my actual set of questionnaire)

Statistics Strength of Materials

Median Moment and Reactions
For Fixed Support
Engineering Economics For Internal Pin
Exact Simple Interest
I = Pin Simple Stress
where: S = P/A
P = present worth where:
i = rate of interest S = unit strength of material or stress
n = d/365 - for ordinary year P = axial force (compressive or tensile)
n = d/366 - for leap year A = cross sectional area (uniform)

Types of Stress
Engineering Mechanics Axial Stress
Rectilinear Motion Shearing Stress
In Uniform motion: Bearing Stress
S = Vt Longitudinal Stress
S = is the distance traversed (displacement) in ft/cm/m Simple Strain
V = is the velocity in ft/s, m/s, cm/s strain = elongation (change in length) / original length
t = is the time in secs
Hooke's Law
Impulse Momentum Theorem PL
m(Vf-Vo) = F(tf-to) AE
where: where:
Vo = original velocity E = modulus of elasticity
m = mass S = stress
t = time L = original length
Vf = final velocity
F = average Poisson's Ratio
define as longitudinal strain over lateral strain

Fluid Mechanics / Thermodynamics Helical Spring

Steady Flow System Exact Formula:
m1 = m2 S = 64PR^3n / Gd^4
A1V1p1 = A2V2p2 where:
where: P = applied load
A = cross sectional area D = mean diameter of the spring helix
V = velocity n = no. of turns
p = density G = modulus of Rigidity
d = diameter of spring wire
Boyle's Law R = radius
P1V1 = P2V2
Beam Deflection and Moments
Mass Simply Supported
M = W/g
where: Roof Trusses / Space Trusses
m = mass
g = 9.81 m/s2 = 32.2 ft/s2

Density PERT CPM

p = m/v Critical Path
where: Activity / Work / Duration
p = density
m = mass Definition of Terms
v = volume QCS
Poisson's Ratio
Pipes in Parallel Dispute
Q = Q1+Q2+Q3 Force Majure
Q = Discharge

I am supposed to bring my solution/answers on the scratch but the examiner took it from me. But I hope this will help you pass the exam
This is based on my actual set of questionnaire. Most formulas are direct substitution. Some questions can be answered logically.
Good Luck to All.
Engr. Norman Reyes Bulayan
QS Engineer - Barracks Project