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Red Bank Regional High School

Freshman Health Syllabus

Teacher: Mrs. Ploe Email:
Block: 1A, 3A, 2B & 3B Website:

Course Description:
The course examines the topics of health & wellness, reproduction, relationships, sexual transmitted diseases,
suicide, bullying and tobacco and drug use.

Student Evaluation and Assessment: Grading Scale:

Homework/Articles 15% 10090 Excellent
Presentation/Projects 25% 8980 Above Average
Classwork/Notebooks 35% 7970 Average
Quizzes and Tests 25% 6965 Below Average
Final Exam 10% (take at end of MP) 640 Failing

Student Supply
Students are required to keep a three ring binder as a notebook. Students should come prepared to class daily with
a write utensil of their choice. This includes blue or black ink pen(s) or pencil. Any other writing utensil,
including colored pens will not be accepted.

Class Expectations
Participate in your learning! Be responsible for yourself!
Raise your hand often to give your answer or opinion.
Participate in discussions.
Be a reliable group member.
Check your grade often and take steps to make sure you are on track.
Complete and submit all assignments on time.

What Can You Expect from Me?

You can expect me to:
Be fair in my grading, expectations, and discipline.
Be honest and respectful.
Be timely in informing you of deadlines, due dates, and requirements for assignments.
Provide rubrics for all major assignments.
Provide feedback on assignment

Late Work
Students are entitled and expected to make up work missed due to absences. It is the students
responsibility to find out what they have missed and make up the work. Please discuss with your teacher
the day after the absence to discuss your options.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Red Bank Red Bank Regional Physical Education Department is to education, empower and develop healthy minds and
bodies for all students. Our goal is to promote positive attitudes towards a lifetime of physical fitness, sport skills, nutrition and responsible
lifestyle choices.
If you choose to not submit your assignments by the due date, you will lose 25 points or the equivalent of
your graded assignment.
Late assignments will not be accepted two (2) weeks after the due date.

Projects are larger assignments that are given weeks before they are due and students are given ample time to turn
them in early or on time. Often, time will be allotted in class time for students to begin to work on the project.

For this reason, students will not be able to turn in projects in after the due date. However, when extenuating
circumstances arise students may be permitted to make arrangements prior to the due date to turn the project in at
a later time. Arrangements for an extension cannot be made after the original due date has passed.

Remind 101
All students are encouraged to join the class Remind
for reminders and important information about the
class. To sign up,

1. Select your class below Quizlet

1A: @1aploe All students are encouraged to use quizlet to
supplement their studying of the material for tests &
3A: @3aploe
2B: @2bploe
3B: @3bploe To register, or download app on
your mobile device
2. Text the message @(your class id code) to
the number 81010. Search for mrsploe
Google Classroom
Throughout the marking period, Google Classroom will be used to assist with assignment collection,
announcements, and general classroom. All students have been registered during physical education and know
that it is their responsibility to check in on classroom. It is not my belief to post an assignment without letting
the students know about it or sending a remind to let them know.

Red Bank Regional High School

Health & Physical Education Department

Freshman Health
Teacher: Mrs. Ploe Email: Website:

I have read the syllabus and understand the expectations and the late policy of
Freshman Health.

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Student Signature Date

As a Parent/Guardian, I have read the syllabus and understand the

expectations and the late policy for Freshman Health.

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