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Rationale: The students will Third Grade Social Studies World War 1

understand the concept of

Submitted by: Kaylea Stevens
Materials: Course #: 1301 for Grade Level(s):Third Subject: History
worksheet provided by teacher
TEKS Achieved: TSW know the chronological order of five events that occurred in World
War 1
3. History. The Student TSW know five events of World War 1 and be able to match the summaries
understands the concept of with their proper dates as to when the event happened
time and chronology.
Lesson Plan:
Introduction (Anticipatory Set/Motivation):
1. Call on a handful of students and ask them to 3 important events that have
Blooms Taxonomy: happened in their lives
Knowledge Analysis 2. As a class, determine the chronological order of each event for each student
Comprehension Application
1. Hand out a worksheet that the students will take notes on. Begin with

Differentiated Learning: watching a YouTube video on WW1 provided in the PowerPoint.

Auditory Visual/Spatial (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3UjJ5kxiLI)
Kinesthetic Verbal/Linguistic 2. Go through the PowerPoint and teach the students the five events. As we go
through the events the students will take notes.
Classroom Strategies: 3. After the PowerPoint we will go over the notes as a class. We will pick on
Hands- on Independent different students to answer as we review the notes.
Lecture Whole-group
4. After this we will pass out a short quiz over the information we just talked
5. Towards the end of class we will pass out their homework and go over what
Curriculum Integration: needs to be done.
Social Studies Reading
Writing Art
Practice: Write the homework or practice
The students will receive a worksheet which will consist of matching
the five events and summaries of the events to the dates those events
The only materials needed to accomplish the homework is the
worksheet handed to them and a pencil

1. Dyslexia: For both the in class activity and the homework , the same events
and dates will be included as well as a shortened summary of each event.
2. ELL: For both the in class activity and the homework we will use the name of
the events and dates but replace the summaries with pictures that represent
each event.

We will assign homework and also a short quiz to know whether or not the
students learned the concepts.
Dyslexic and ELL students will take the quiz using simplified words and pictures