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Real World Selenium Resume

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Expertise in Selenium automation using Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, JAVA,
JUnit & Maven
Designed and implemented different automation frameworks from starch like Page
Objects framework, Keyword Driven framework, Data Driven framework and
Hybrid framework for a number of projects
Expertise in writing Selenium WebDriver automation scripts in JAVA for highly
transactional E-commerce websites
Executed automation scripts on different browsers/environments & reported
defects/results to the team
Proven ability in developing BDD scripts with Cucumber and writing step definitions
for behaviour
Maintained the Selenium & JAVA automation code and resources in source controls
like CVS, SVN over the time for improvements and new features
Took ownership of automation and led the automation team by mentoring the team as
Excellent experience of build tools like Maven and managing JAVA automation
projects using them
A highly competent and results oriented Senior Automation Test Analyst with 7+ years of
experience in Software Testing, Selenium Automation, Development, JAVA/C#.Net web
projects, Team leading & training, Client facing. ISTQB certified tester. Proven ability
in Selenium WebDriver Automated testing & Frameworks, Page Objects & Hybrid
Frameworks, TDD, BDD, Web testing, Functional testing, Performance & Load testing.
Excellent experience in each phase of Test Life Cycle, Test strategies & Test plans, UAT. Solid
experience of Software Development Life Cycles, Selenium WebDriver & RC, Selenium Grid,
Cucumber, JAVA, JUnit, Web Applications, JIRA, Maven, SQL, AGILE Methodologies, Scrum, QTP,
LoadRunner, C#.Net, E-commerce/Financial/Trading domains, Automation & Testing tools.
Excellent experience in automation of Web-based, Highly transactional and large
Client/Server/Multi-tier applications
Proven ability in writing JAVA, JUnit, C# scripts and Leading JAVA, C#.Net projects
Solid experience of AGILE Methodologies, AGILE Manifesto and Scrum processes
Solid experience of Defect/Test Management tools like JIRA, QualityCenter/Test
Director, BugZilla
Excellent experience of HP automation tool QTP and VB Script language
Solid experience of Performance/Load/Stress testing with LoadRunner
Proven skills in SQL, RDBMS and UNIX variants like LINUX, Solaris, HP-UX
Expertise in writing SQL Queries, SQL Scripts and performing Database testing
Proven skills in Leading and training teams, Test Management and Meeting the
Strong communication & interaction with Clients, Developers, Business Analysts,
Strong experience of E-commerce, Financial, Banking, Insurance, Trading and Telecom
Proven ability in Windows/UNIX Commands, Scripts and testing on Windows/UNIX
Proven ability in Working individually or as a part of team, Problem solving, Process
improvement activities, Analytical skills, Reporting and Assisting to Manager
Automation Testing Tools: Selenium WebDriver/RC/Grid, Cucumber, Maven, QTP, LoadRunner
Languages/Frameworks: JAVA, JUnit, TestNG, C#.Net, NUnit
Bug Tracking Tools: JIRA, BugZilla, Relational ClearQuest
Test Management Tools: HP QualityCenter/TestDirector
RDBMS: MS SQL Server 2008/2008R2/2012, MySQL, Oracle
Scripting Languages: VB Script, Java Script, Perl, Python
Operating Systems: Windows 7/8, Windows Server 2008/2008R2/2012, Mac OS,
Domain Knowledge: E-commerce, Financial, Trading, Insurance, Banking, Telecom, Billing
Senior Automation Test Analyst (Selenium WebDriver + JAVA + Web, Functional testing)
Company Name, Location (Jan 2013 to Present)
Project: 2 or 3 lines about the project
Saved 30% time and cost of testing by automation using Selenium WebDriver,
JAVA, Cucumber
Increased productivity by 20% by effectively training, leading and managing the AGILE
automation team
Achieved customer satisfaction and high quality by effective Automation testing, AGILE
Implemented automation using Selenium WebDriver, JAVA, Selenium Grid,
Cucumber, Maven.
Extensively automated regression and functional test suites by developing
over 237 test cases, 6 test suites using Selenium WebDriver, JAVA, JUnit.
Implemented Page Objects framework, Hybrid framework and 21 Page classes from
scratch to represent web pages.
Developed Keyword Driven and Data Driven frameworks to retrieve test actions, test
data from Excel files and SQL Databases.
Configured Maven for JAVA automation projects and developed Maven project object
model (POM).
Used Maven, Selenium Grid to execute Selenium automation suites on different
platform, browser combinations in parallel.
Developed BDD tests using Cucumber by writing behaviours and step definitions.
Developed required Selenium support code in JAVA for Cucumber.
Wrote SQL queries extensively, queried database and generated test
reports. Performed Purchase Orders Database testing by developing 14 SQL scripts.
Performed Defect Tracking & Management in JIRA. Generated automated daily reports
using JIRA API.
Worked in a highly dynamic AGILE environment and participated in scrum and sprint
Assisted Manager by providing automation strategies, Selenium/Cucumber
Automation and JIRA reports.
Identified weaknesses in QA Processes, Web testing, Selenium Automation. Suggested &
implemented improvements.
Tools/Environments: Important tools/technologies/environments used in the project
Automation Test Analyst (Selenium + C#.Net + Web, System and UAT testing)
Company Name, Location (Jun 2010 to Jan 2013)
Project: 2 or 3 lines about the project

Saved 20% of testing budget by automating Regression/Functional tests using Selenium
WebDriver & C#.Net
Won 2 performance certificates and given a bonus of 2000 for outstanding
Automated System testing for trading transactions, exchange operations and payment
methods using Selenium WebDriver, C#.
Developed, executed and maintained over 182 Selenium automation scripts for
trading web application.
Developed Hybrid automation framework in C# by using Page Objects framework,
Keyword Driven & Data Driven frameworks. Automated running smoke tests and build report
generator for daily builds.
Used Selenium Grid, NUnit test scripts to run automated test cases in parallel on 5
Developed 7 C# class libraries, 16 NUnit test scripts to test XML build data files.
Performed Load and Stress testing by developing LoadRunner scripts to find out
effective Web/App server configurations for best performance levels.
Extensively performed Database testing using Selenium. Generated Production DB
reports using SQL queries.
Reported/tracked defects in TFS. Training a team of 13 on TFS functionality.
Provided different build reports, Selenium automation reports, Performance testing
reports to Senior Management.
Worked effectively with Developers, AGILE Team, Project Management to achieve
Selenium automation, high quality, release deadlines and QA processes improvements.
Tools/Environments: Important tools/technologies/environments used in the project
Software QA Engineer
Company Name, Location (Oct 2008 to May 2010)
Project: 2 lines about the project
Achievements & Responsibilities:
3 or 4 bullet points about your achievements & responsibilities in this project
Software Test Analyst
Company Name, Location (Aug 2007 to Oct 2008)
Project: 2 lines about the project
Achievements & Responsibilities:
3 or 4 bullet points about your achievements & responsibilities in this project
ISTQB Certified Tester
Oracle Certified JAVA Programmer
HP Certified QTP/UFT Professional
4 Years Bachelors Degree in Computer Science with Distinction (2003 to 2007)
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