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CB02 Control Box

CB02 Control panel can provide extra functions in an Obstruction Light system and can control more than 1 light. With

control panel, the monitoring center can see real-time working status of the Obstruction Light system on each tower. Any

failure on these lights can be seen from monitoring center, and then field technician can be dispatched to the site to fix the

problem. The maintenance is very important to keep a clear open airway. The control panel can support 110/220 AC

power or DC48,DC24, DC12 low-voltage power supply, this makes the obstruction light installation job becomes safer. The

control box can be connected to a DC 48V supply. The flanges of the control box enables easy mouting.

For example: CB02D4802O means out door type DC48V controller, can support 2 branchs aviation obstruction lights.

Functions & Features

* Easy installation.
* common alarm relay output.
* Built in auto maunal switch.
* Supplied with PG13.5 cable glands
* Aluminum alloy Enclosure, IP65, outdoor type.

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Typical System Application

H45M 45<H<90M





Alarm Power
Alarm Power
Alarm Power

Alarm mornitoring in BTS Alarm mornitoring in BTS

Alarm mornitoring in BTS

Obstruction light system for telecom T90-YOL10D2YOL10S 48VDC obstruction 1YML2000 3YOL32: Steady Medium
tower 45 meters lighting system for 45-90m tower intensity system

double obstruction lighting system Functions & features The height of structure more than 45meter but
less than 105m, should install medium intensity
Control one low intensity double light on the One unit of YOL10D double light on the top on the top level and low intensity at the
top intermediate level
height of tower Top level : 1 or 2 units medium
Under service+standby system, configured YOL10D double and YOL10S single lights are
transfer relay in the control box, in case of integrated into one junction box intensity(YML2000) red Steady
service lam failure, will transfer to standby Alarm output for double light Intermediate level : 3 units L-810 low
Alarm output for single lights level intensity(YOL32S) red steady burning, or 4
In Service+servicetype, either failure will Alarm output for power supply units if square tower
output signal to the control box Alarm output for Photocell
Photocell auto switch on/off the tower
Each level will be alarmed independently
obstruction lighting system from dusk to
Any OB light of Each level failure will output
alarm signal to control box

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