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SAP Ecosystem and Partners

Achieving Operational Excellence

in Electric Power Distribution
Gaining Integrated Business Insight
with Rolta OneView and SAP Software

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2 Operating in a Complex Environment

5 Introducing Rolta OneView

12 Gaining the Benefits in Less Time with

Rapid Deployment
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Enterprise Suite
Operating in a Complex Environment
The electric power distribution business is changing. To remain competitive and
grow, many companies are working on their strategies to achieve sustainable advan-
tages, investing in a range of measures aimed at ensuring lower costs, agility, and
responsiveness. With Rolta OneView and SAP software, including rapid-deployment
options, you can gather and analyze data across a wide spectrum of multifunctional
key areas to support informed decisions that can help you improve performance
and achieve operational excellence.

Many industry analysts believe that the existing currently a small contributor, has vast potential
power utility business model is headed for radical leveraging wind, hydroelectric, solar photovoltaic,
transformation, albeit subject to significant region- ocean, geothermal, and biomass power sources
al differences. Some expect more usage-savvy coupled with other unconventional sources like
pricing models, similar to the ones adopted by fuel cells, gas turbines, and reciprocating engines.
mobile telcos. While the smart grid phenomenon The availability of cost-effective energy storage tech-
is rapidly progressing, there are pressing calls for nology is a crucial element, enabling the smooth-
renewable energy sources (RES) and distributed ing of transient or intermittent loads, and allowing
power generation (DG). Global economic forces, downsizing of base load capacity for energy and
the search for successful business-excellence cost savings. Indeed, it is a prerequisite for using
models, changing policymaker attitudes, and new RES in remote locations and for increasing the pen-
consumer behaviors are driving the need for trans- etration of DG technologies, such as wind turbines,
formation in the power distribution industry. at reasonable economic and environmental cost.
ICT advances in power electronics, superconductiv-
We all realize that the background technology land- ity, and power line communications are considered
scape is undergoing a paradigm shift. RES, though necessary catalysts.

Global economic forces, the search for success-

ful business-excellence models, changing policy-
maker attitudes, and new consumer behaviors
are driving the need for transformation in the
power distribution industry.

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On one hand, the shale gas revolution is shaping that this investment will span 2,400 distribution
the U.S. markets. On the other, developing econo- companies and 260 million connected customers
mies are witnessing rapid enhancements in their (80% smart metered), drawing approximately
energy infrastructure through focused government- 2,700 TWh per year through power lines covering
sponsored programs. Europe is leading the RES, nearly 10 million kilometers.
DG, and combined heat and power (CHP) initia-
tives, fueled by policies designed to meet the objec- Across geographies, integrated models
tives of the Kyoto Protocol; liberalize the internal covering generation, transmission, and distribu-
electricity market; and improve energy efficiency, tion are becoming increasingly unbundled, fueling
security, and diversity. stronger competition and renewed focus on tra-
ditional operational excellence goals. Some of the
Despite the diversity in the electricity distribution top priorities include:
business across Europe, distribution system oper- Improved asset-related business processes
ators generally provide a very high level of reliability Technology investments that match consumer
and quality of supply to their customers. However, behaviors
decentralized and variable generation and new Reduced complexity in energy trading risks
loads, such as pluggable electric vehicles, require and balanced energy demand-side management
upgrades to aging infrastructure. Blackout risks (DSM)
are increasing, and subsidies for renewable gen- Integration of information, operational, and
eration are pushing up costs for customers early geospatial technologies
warnings of impending energy crises. Analysts Closer alignment with government-promoted
expect about a 400 billion investment by 2020 smart grids, RES, and DG, as well as other environ-
in power distribution across Europe. They predict mental compliances and regulatory measures

Electric power distribution companies like

yours are looking for deeper and sharper
insights into their customers, markets, and
operations, as well as the macroeconomic

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THE NEED TO TRANSFORM DATA INTO INSIGHT To achieve excellence, you must explore new
Electric power distribution companies like yours strategies, processes, and solutions. Intelligent
are looking for deeper and sharper insights into processes, along with smarter IT solutions, help
their customers, markets, and operations, as well support the drive to sustainable results. Defining
as the macroeconomic environment. This requires processes and making decisions based on real
the analysis of heterogeneous data across busi- facts and hard evidence help set your organization
ness and field systems and visualization against a on a path to operational excellence. The right soft-
backdrop of spatial frameworks to provide mean- ware can help power distribution companies achieve
ingful analysis. Yet this huge volume of data is often this integrated insight across all areas of the busi-
trapped in individual department silos throughout ness. What is needed is a comprehensive solution
the enterprise. With numerous disparate informa- that gathers and consolidates data from a variety of
tion technology (IT) as well as operational tech- sources and displays it in a timely and meaningful
nology (OT) software systems, changes to one way to the executives and decision makers respon-
system are often not adequately reflected in the sible for driving operational excellence. Better still
others. This disparate environment causes incon- is a solution that also correlates the information to
sistencies and often requires manual intervention key performance indicators (KPIs) and enables ana-
to be able to derive meaningful business informa- lytics that provide immediately actionable insight.
tion from the data.

Clearly, Rolta OneView is an enterprise-class solution

that can bring significant benefits and savings to process
and power corporations.
Sid Snitkin, Vice President, ARC Advisory Group

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Introducing Rolta OneView
BREAKING DOWN THE BARRIERS TO With Rolta OneView, your management team can
OPERATIONAL AND BUSINESS EXCELLENCE access a single version of data from all systems
The Rolta OneView solution is an enterprise intel- that manage and operate the business. The soft-
ligence solution that enables role-based, actionable ware extracts key information from the functional
insight and correlated operational and business and operational systems in each business area and
intelligence (BI). Available from Rolta, an SAP soft- aggregates it to an industry-standard data model.
ware solution and technology partner, the solu-
tion has been developed by BI technology experts SOLUTION AT A GLANCE
working closely with power industry specialists Rolta OneView, along with SAP software, sup-
who have firsthand experience with the challenges ports the drive to operational excellence. The
of the electric power distribution industry. Rolta OneView software gathers data from vari-
ous asset and operations monitoring systems and
The data models and KPIs of Rolta OneView are devices, seamlessly interfacing with smart grids.
specific to the electric power distribution indus- It applies data to a preconfigured and integrated
try and have been built using Roltas deep domain data model, based upon accepted industry stan-
expertise. The software combines the core func- dards, and combines it with cross-functional KPIs
tionalities of information technology with engi- for the electric power distribution industry.
neering and geospatial information systems.
The solution enables management to view diverse
Rolta OneView breaks down the fundamental bar- functions as a fully integrated set of processes and
riers to achieving operational and business excel- KPIs spanning the whole enterprise, with actionable
lence, such as silos across operational networks, analytics and reporting. These capabilities allow
business networks, safety and sustainability net- executives to drive operational, reliability, and per-
works, and enterprise social networks. It provides formance improvements via corporate initiatives
a 360-degree view of the enterprise and touches such as balanced scorecards, Six Sigma initiatives,
the nerve center of all critical functions, quickly and total quality management.
adapting to existing systems, instilling best prac-
tices, and accelerating process improvement.

Rolta OneView breaks down the fundamental

barriers to achieving operational and business
excellence, such as silos across operational net-
works, business networks, safety and sustain-
ability networks, and enterprise social networks.

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The Rolta OneView solution includes three rapid- A COMPREHENSIVE AND SCALABLE SOLUTION
deployment solution modules that cover: ARCHITECTURE
Operational insights Rolta OneView fulfills the acute enterprise-wide
Asset insights need to harness legacy investments and creates an
Maintenance and reliability insights all-encompassing cross-functional BI and analytics
platform spanning the integration of IT with opera-
These modules combine SAP software and con- tional technology, with descriptive, real-time, spa-
tent with software and services from Rolta for a tial, Big Data, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.
preconfigured solution that enables sophisticated It leverages rapidly evolving technologies including
business intelligence capabilities. Rolta installs the cloud, social, and mobile that are fostering a par-
modules within a predetermined time, cost, and adigm shift in business environments. The solution
service scope and then verifies the integrity of the features full BI lifecycle components that leverage
information. The solution presents the assimilated synergistic world-class Rolta and SAP software
information in reports and dashboards designed frameworks to:
to meet the requirements of individual managers Discover data
based on their roles in your business. When some- Define the information landscape
thing requires attention, the software generates Establish the information model
alerts allowing managers to drill down through the Standardize and consolidate the information
data to identify root causes. platform
Integrate Big Data, cloud, social, and mobile
With access to this information, your company initiatives
can improve operations by identifying and cor- Analyze, predict, and deliver actionable insights
recting process problems, increasing the safety for business outcomes
of operations, and providing information about
current and future performance.

Rolta OneView features complex computation engines

that enable real-time and predictive analytics on Big
Data and is compatible with the SAP HANA platform
and predictive environments such as SAP Predictive
Analysis software.

2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved.

It features powerful integration capabilities across existing geospatial technologies, to unleash power-
various types of systems from diverse vendors, ful spatially enabled BI and analytics in a business
through more than 60 out-of-the-box prebuilt context. Rolta OneView leverages geographic infor-
connectors (real-time, batch ETL, and correspond- mation systems (GIS), GPS, and rich visualization
ing work processes). It has prebuilt connectivity technologies to promote spatially enabled, discon-
to most business IT systems, including: nected work management with support on all pop-
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) ular mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, and
Enterprise asset management (EAM) Windows Mobile. Using Rolta OneView with SAP
Supply chain management (SCM) Mobile Platform, the SAP Afaria mobile device man-
Outage management systems (OMS) agement solution, SAP Workforce Performance
Incident management systems (IMS) Builder software, and the SAP Jam social software
Maintenance operations center (MOC) platform enables an electric power distribution
company to execute a wide variety of functions.
Rolta OneView also connects with OT systems These include:
such as data historians, supervisory control and Track and locate assets and faults
data acquisition (SCADA), and so on, allowing it Track customer locations and consumption data
to seamlessly interface with smart grid elements. Carry out the configuration management
IT and OT fusion becomes a reality. of assets including linear asset management
Plan geographic resource and optimize routes
Rolta OneView features complex computation Analyze the relationship between different visual
engines that enable real-time and predictive ana- layers for planning and failure prediction
lytics on Big Data and is compatible with the SAP Trigger business processes such as work orders
HANA platform and predictive environments such from the geospatial map itself
as SAP Predictive Analysis software. Rolta OneView
is geared to handle large volumes of data from struc- Prebuilt analytics deliver more than 300 industry-
tured, semistructured, and unstructured sources, specific KPIs, dashboards, and workflows. This gets
at a very high frequency of updates. customers up and running from day one, leverag-
ing Roltas core domain skills and the experience
Geospatial fusion allows close-knit integration accumulated by Roltas expert consultants over the
of popular map services from leading providers past two decades. Built-in analytics and KPIs include
such as Google and Microsoft, and customers reliability analytics, preventive maintenance com-
pliance, efficiency of operations, and many others.

2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved.

Your organization can pace its adoption of As the figure indicates, Rolta OneView features
pervasive business intelligence with the Rolta comprehensive analytic functionality that enables
OneView enterprise architecture. Built on the SAP historical, real-time, geospatial, Big Data, and pre-
BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform, dictive analytics on large and distributed data
the architecture has a robust, reliable, maintainable, sets on a single platform. For example, the soft-
and scalable foundation. The overall architecture, ware integrates with engineering design systems,
including performance analytics and real-time intel- enabling business users to assess assets more
ligence, is illustrated in the figure below. easily. They can interact with the plant model, view
operational parameters, and compare them with
their design parameters on a single dashboard.

Figure: Rolta OneView Solution Architecture

Information delivery

Rolta OnField
Dashboards Browser and Connected Consumer
Portals Collaboration workforce
and reports desktop apps mobile apps apps


SAP BusinessObjects solutions

Prebuilt analytics Industry-

Rolta advisor framework

Rolta managed services

workflows Workforce
Rich visualizations training

Industry knowledge model SAP HANA platform

iPerspective IT OT middleware

Integration platform
SAP Data Integrator, SAP
Computation platform Geospatial fusion Engineering fusion
Manufacturing Integration
and Intelligence

Data sources

Information technology Operational technology Graphic information Engineering design

systems systems systems systems

2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved.

SAP SOFTWARE POWERS THE PERFORMANCE SAP Solutions for Enterprise Information
Rolta OneView leverages various SAP software Management
solutions to connect to multiple data sources and SAP solutions for EIM focus on three data-related
consolidate the data. These include SAP solutions processes: data integration, data quality manage-
for enterprise information management (EIM), ment, and master data management.
the SAP HANA platform, and SAP Data Integrator
software. Each of these SAP solutions is specifi- Data integration software enables a faster way
cally designed to support the collection, analysis, for business users to access information locked
presentation, and integration of data to enable in your enterprise applications. It leverages a wide
process improvements as follows. range of data delivery options to integrate, repli-
cate, or migrate data from various data sources
into one consolidated view of the information.


Electric power distribution companies can struggle to move to the next level of automation because
of the infrastructure, volume, and handling of the huge quantities of data. For example, the state of
electricity transmissions through grids can be verified manually only monthly or quarterly, using sample
data. Or customers meter data can be read only once a month, just for billing purposes.

By leveraging leading-edge technology such as the SAP HANA platform, the Big Data enablement
with Rolta OneView provides the power to process huge volumes of data at a very high speed. For
example, with the smart grid units, data can be monitored for grid locations minute by minute and
can be stored in the database for further analysis. Such analysis could support detection of losses
such as thefts or other problems. Another example is related to smart meters, where Rolta OneView
enables the processing of huge volumes of data from the meters of millions of customers at regular
frequency. With social media integration, Rolta OneView analyzes market sentiments and supports
corrective actions, especially in deregulated markets where there is typically more freedom to respond.
Such enablement also supports the impact analysis of planned and unplanned downtimes on a com-
munity or consumers, helping to manage customer satisfaction.

Roltas solution provides the integrated insights using the GIS-enabled location analytics, grid, and
meter data patterns, enabling the real-time monitoring of the quality of the electricity shown on the
map with real-time representation. Companies can achieve higher returns by reducing their costs
while improving customer satisfaction.

2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved.

Data quality management software helps increase Improve the efficiency of loading large volumes
confidence in the validity of integrated data by of data into SAP HANA
strengthening qualification processes. Access a variety of data sources, both structured
and unstructured
Master data management software helps consoli- Enable enterprise-class data integration
date, cleanse, and synchronize master data that performance
is resident in your multiple disparate solutions. It
addresses both enterprise-wide and application- INTEGRATION OF ROLTA ONEVIEW AND
centric scenarios and supports improvement pro- SAP SOFTWARE
cesses, governance, and decision making all vital Large amounts of data from a variety of data
to achieving operational excellence. sources can be fed into Rolta OneView for analysis.
Data integration and cleansing functionalities that
SAP HANA Platform are inherent in SAP solutions for EIM facilitate this
SAP HANA is a modern platform for real-time ana- process. Rolta OneView has been engineered for
lytics and applications. It enables organizations use with SAP HANA to handle Big Data and enable
to analyze business operations based on a large lightning-fast analytics. The software exploits the
volume and variety of detailed data in real time. use of technologies, such as in-memory computing,
Deployments of SAP applications on SAP HANA columnar databases, analytical visualization, and
have shown that business users can act on sub- query optimization, that SAP HANA utilizes.
second system response times. This opens the
door to application possibilities that may not yet SAP solutions are a major source of data for the
have been imagined, such as whats possible when Rolta OneView modules, so there are many inte-
combining operational data with detailed analytics gration points between Rolta OneView and SAP
using Rolta OneView. software. The data resides in various applications
such as the SAP ERP application, where data can
SAP Data Integrator be found to support numerous processes, opera-
SAP Data Integrator software allows organizations tions, and applications including:
to extract, transform, and load any type of data from The SAP Enterprise Asset Management solution
applications, databases, and other data stores, at Planning, quality management, financials, and
any frequency. With SAP Data Integrator, you can: controlling software in SAP ERP
Integrate data from any data source for a The SAP ERP Human Capital Management
more complete view of enterprise information solution
Share timely, integrated, and trusted data across
the enterprise

Rolta OneView has been engineered for

use with SAP HANA to handle Big Data
and enable lightning-fast analytics.

2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved.

Further data sources include (but are not restricted You can further enhance the insight gained from
to) the following: these analytics by including additional non-SAP data
SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management in the analysis. For example, data from data histo-
application for incidents and emissions data rians, smart grid elements, digital control systems,
Cloud solutions from SuccessFactors, an SAP geospatial systems, and engineering design sys-
company, for human resource information tems can be married with the SAP data to provide
SAP Risk Management application for risk deeper insights into current operational conditions.
exposures Further, bringing these software solutions together
SAP Recycling Administration application for within SAP Jam enables collaboration. Ideas and
accurate tracking of packaging, covered products, solutions to problems can be shared and discussed
and batteries before being implemented.
SAP Work Clearance Management application
for data related to operational risks and mitigating Such structured and well-planned initiatives based
factors on Rolta OneView and SAP technologies allow
SAP Management of Change application for you to leverage meter data analytics based on auto-
data related to the control and monitoring of mated meter infrastructure (AMI), using regular
operational changes frequent updates about temperature, consumption,
conservation voltage regulation (CVR), and so on.
Data from these SAP solutions provides a strong In addition, you can leverage intelligent end devices,
foundation for the analytics enabled by Rolta robust communication systems, IT-OT-geospatial
OneView. systems integration, and historic or real-time
predictive analytics for grid optimization.

Gain the insight needed to strengthen

profit margins, identify operational prob-
lems, improve the safety of operations,
and attain greater clarity about current
and future performance.

2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved.

Gaining the Benefits in Less Time
with Rapid Deployment
GET UP AND RUNNING FASTER AND MORE availability and safety, and reduced energy and
EFFICIENTLY maintenance costs, while tracking and coordinat-
To help companies quickly realize the benefits ing operations and inventory for better customer
of comprehensive business insight, Rolta has service levels.
created three rapid-deployment solution (RDS)
modules of the Rolta OneView solution: Rolta OneView RDS for operational insights
Rolta OneView RDS for operational insights helps companies:
Rolta OneView RDS for asset insights Gain visibility into distribution operations
Rolta OneView RDS for maintenance and Support optimized network planning to improve
reliability insights quality of distribution reliability
Lower operational costs and improve utilization
The modules effectively combine SAP software Monitor in real time to minimize losses
and content with Rolta software and services. They Enhance outage management strategies
are preconfigured solutions that deliver sophisti- Achieve predictable performance
cated BI functionalities quickly and affordably
in each area of operation. Rolta OneView RDS for asset insights helps
Rolta installs the rapid-deployment modules within Analyze and manage underperforming assets
a predetermined time frame, cost, and service Minimize asset downtime
scope. Each Rolta OneView RDS module integrates Analyze asset performance and compare with
SAP and non-SAP data sources and, when used engineering data and design documents
with the SAP HANA platform, provides operational Gain locational intelligence for an asset
data insight previously unavailable due to an enter- Increase asset utilization and reliability
prises vast data volumes. The average time frame Improve asset cost analysis and reduce cost
for a typical deployment is 12 weeks or less. This of ownership
can help electric power distribution companies
lower the cost of implementation and speed the Rolta OneView RDS for maintenance and
time to value while retaining the flexibility to extend reliability insights helps companies:
the solution, if required. Maximize asset availability
Minimize unplanned maintenance
The Rolta OneView RDS modules help you lever- Improve field maintenance compliance
age your technology investments for a consolidated Optimize cost of ownership
view of SAP and non-SAP operational systems as Achieve predictable performance and improve
well as your enterprise IT systems. They support reliability
operational benefits in the areas of increased asset Attain higher workforce utilization

2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved.

All the rapid-deployment modules can be imple- BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY TODAY
mented separately or in any combination, depend- Accelerate your journey toward achieving opera-
ing on the area of focus you desire. tional excellence with Rolta OneView. By improv-
ing your ability to analyze enterprise-wide data, the
While the potential business benefits are dependent solution supports better and faster decisions to
on the modules that have been installed and imple- help you improve operational processes and perfor-
mented, Rolta has observed the following benefits mance. Gain the insight needed to strengthen profit
based on various deployments of Rolta OneView: margins, identify operational problems, improve
Improvement in asset efficiency of 5% to 15% the safety of operations, and attain greater clarity
Increase in asset availability of 3% to 5% about current and future performance. With Rolta
Increase in savings with improved reliability OneView and SAP software, you can improve the
project performance of 2% to 10% synergy across people, technology, and business
Decrease in operational costs of 15% to 25% processes to help your enterprise realize the full
Reduction in downtime of 5% to 10% benefits of operational excellence.
Improvement in schedule adherence of 15%
to 30% For Further Information
Increase in specification throughput of 10% To learn more about how Rolta OneView and SAP
to 15% software can help your business achieve operational
excellence, visit Rolta at or SAP at


Case Study: A Power Transmission Company in the U.S.

Business need: Operational intelligence for enhancing cross-functional monitoring of key performance
data and responding faster to business situations

Rolta OneView solution:

Safety, financial insights, reliability, maintenance and infrastructure, encroachment management, and
mitigation of impact of outages on customers
Aggregation, correlation, and contextualizing of key operational data

Business benefits:
Improved timeliness and visibility of operational data
Better budget planning
Better workforce planning and issue resolution
Work culture and process improvements
Compliance with regulatory requirements

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