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CANCER Ayurvedic Approach

I welcome all of you as a representative of the tradition of Arsha

Bharat, Which is the originator of the mysterious science of

Cancer has been regarded as one of the dangerous killer

disease in this era. Nature of this disease is, it is usually leads
to severe physical deformity and mental agony. In spite of
various developments in the medical system, Mortality rate due
to this disease is very high. The failure rate of treatment is also
high while dealing with the cancer. Hence the research in
Oncology has been extensive in every system of the medicine
with the purpose of eradicate this evil all together since the

ACHARYA SUSHRUTHA lived nearly 5000 Years ago and had

written number of books related to Ayurvedic medicine. He is
the first surgeon in the world who conducted extensive studies
on Cancer (Arbudha), has been describes in his various
Ayurveda tests.

Cancerous cells have the ability to spread from its

primary focus of lesion through lymphatic system and
circulatory channels of the body, is referred as Metastasis for
instance , in case of Intestinal cancer , the secondary lesion is
usually found in organs like Liver , Kidney, Prostate, Stomach ,
Lungs etc..

According to Ayurveda, human body has three functional

principles Vatha, Pitha and Kapha. Normally, if wound appears
in a particular path of the body, it heals automatically. Once the
healing process is completed, growth of the tissues and arteries
take place and restrict themselves in heal area alone and blend
with other surrounding tissues. But when there is abnormal
function of these three principles deals to abnormal
proliferation of tissues. These abnormal changes occur in the
form of Tumors .This may cause extensive destruction of cells
leading to ulceration.

According to ACHARY SUSHRUTHA , a large vegetation of

flesh that appear in the different part of body becomes slightly
painful, rounded , immovable and deep when DOSHAS are
elevated , this stage is called as CANCER (ARBUDA).


1st Stage:

In the first stage of cancer, the growth is usually in the form

of inflammation or Tumor. Such growth should always be
examined and investigated. The pathological investigation such
as biopsy and blood chemistry should be done to rule out the
malignancy. It should be treated immediately as per modern
surgical method or Chemotherapy (Agni Karma) and radiation
therapy (Kshara Karma) to prevent metastasis. It is advice to
follow anti-cancerous and immune-modulatory drugs to improve
General Health of the patient.

Treatment in Ayurveda: Is purely based on the three basic

principles that is Vatha, Pitha and Kapha. After Chemotherapy
and radiation therapy, the patient must take one month rest
with modern medication.

According to Ayurveda, all diseases are connected with

toxins so cancer is also due to toxins. Hence detoxification
treatment (Panchakarma) should be done, at this stage after
Panchakarma, The patient is advised to follow medicines as well
as diet as per the direction of Ayurvedic Doctors.

The Medicine Prescribed are:-

Varnadi Kwatham
Varnadi Gritham
Rasa Sindhooram
Gomoothra Hareethaki

Guggulu Thiktham Kshayam

Madhu Snuhirasayanam
Krishna Jeeraka kwatham
Madhu Snuhi Krishna Jeeraka Kwatham
Chanda Marutha Sindhooram
Rasagandhi Mezhik
Pancha Pashana Sindhooram
Nava Pashana Sindhooram
Thalaka Bhasmam
Curcumin Powder

These medicines are prescribed by the physician according to

the age, Physical status, part affected, lifestyle, Climate, habitat
of the patient and mature of the body.

2nd Stage:-
This stage is significant by the presence of color change and
bleeding. This stage is also treated with chemotherapy,
radiation therapy and surgery followed by the rasayana
treatment (Longitivity Treatment)
The rasayana treatment is very effective in second stage
associated with medicines mentioned above.
3rd Stage:-
In this stage, the cancerous wound become red granulated,
secondary lesion may appear in different organs. This stage is
incurable according to western medicine. Whereas Ayurveda
Treatment helps to some extent in this stage, however cure is
not assured 100%.

The Ayurvedic Medicine To Prevent Cancer

Brahma Rasayanam
Spices like Turmeric and Garlic
Fruits like Jack Fruit, Vegetables like Bittergaurd etc...
Green Tea
Black Cumin Seed Oil
Thulsi/Basil/Vilwam /Kudangal/ Karukapullu etc..

Cancer Causing Foods:-

Microwave Popcorn
Soya Bean oil with preservatives
Bacon Meat with Sodium
Processed Meat
Sucralose, Saccharine and other artificial sweeteners
Refined Sugar
Refined Carbohydrates
Hydrogenated Oil
Tobacco , Jerdha , Pawn , Gutka ,Hans and Snuff
Foods beneficial Against Cancer:-
Nuts containing proteins
Dairy Products
Olive oil
Peanuts oil
Fruits and Raw Vegetables
All grains , Vitamins and Minerals especially Vitamin A,C,E

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Dr.Franklin is an academically qualified physician, holding a
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the Bombay University. He retired as district medical officer in
the Ayurvedic System of Medicine from Government Service.
Post retirement he worked as physiotherapist for the Qatar
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