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Lesson Plan: Lara Siklaoui

The Seasons
Grade (s) Kindergarten
Subject(s) Language Arts
Length of Lesson Two 30-minute lesson
Lesson Recognizing and learning about different seasons is an
Overview/Rational important skill for young children. In this lesson, students
e will learn about the four seasons (fall, winter, spring,
summer). As students listen to the seasons song and learn
about the different seasons, they will understand how the
weather changes. Students will interact together to
indicate what season it is by looking at different types of
weather pictures. Students then demonstrate their
knowledge through an individual drawing exercise.
Curriculum With prompting and support, ask and answer questions
Framework/Standa about key details in a text.
rd Page 11
Reading Standards for Literature K-5
Learning - Students will be able to differentiate between different
Objectives types of weathers and what season they fall under.
- Students will memorize and learn the Seasons Song
by Pancake Manor.
- Students will work together to recognize which seasons
it is by looking at pictures.
- Students will draw themselves in their favorite season
Technology Uses In this lesson, a computer must be used to play the
Seasons Song:
- Students will sing along the song and will become
familiar with different types of seasons.
Materials - A computer
- Crayons
- Papers
- Marker
- Whiteboard
- Pictures of snow, rain, leaves, sun, wind.
Procedure 1. Ask students if they know about the four types of
2. Discuss the seasons with the children and explain how
the weather changes in each season.
3. The students will listen to the seasons song.
4. The four seasons will be written on the whiteboard.
5. A picture of snow, rain, leaves, sun, wind will be shown
to the class.
6. Ask students under which season does each picture fall

Lesson Plan: Lara Siklaoui
Skill Does Not Meet Progressing Meets Expectations (3) Score
Expectations towards
7. Tape the picture on the whiteboard where it belongs.
(1) Expectations
8. Pass out papers and crayons.
9. Explain(2)
to students that they need to draw themselves
Followed Student did Student Student followed and
in their favorite season.
Directions not listen or listened and listened to all of the
10. Draw an example on the board.
follow any of followed to requirements in the
11. Have students work individually on completing their
the some of the lesson.
drawing and coloring it.
requirements requirements
Assessment Students will be assessed based on:
in the lesson. in the lesson.
- The students understanding of the seasons by
Behavior Student did Student Student behaved very
collecting the drawings that were completed
not frequently well and was
demonstrate demonstrated respectful during class
any appropriate period.
appropriate behavior.
Identifies the Student Student Student identifies all
four seasons doesnt identifies of the seasons.
identify any of three or less
the seasons. seasons.

Illustrations Student does Student Student completes

not illustrate illustrates their drawing of
their favorite themselves in themselves in their
season or a their favorite favorite season.
drawing of season
themselves. however,
drawing is not
Weather Student is not Student Student is able to
Description able to describes the describe the type of
describe the type of weather in all of the
type of weather only four seasons.
weather in in two
any of the seasons.
Assignment Score:
Grading Rubric- Total Possible Points 20