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The exploration is led with the plan to investigate the reaction of Muslim world
towards science in various times. The reaction of Muslim world is distinctive in
various times. Once in a while it is
positive at some point nonpartisan and at some point negative. The start of Islam
was a period in Muslim history which was completely given to Islamic convictions,
humankind, solidarity. Their sole design was to set up an Islamic domain. That period
in Muslim history can be considered as an impartial reaction. Around then they
neither worked for science nor did they conflict with science. In the wake of building
up Islamic realm, they began paying notice toward education. In education their
region of study was expressions as well as they began contemplating science as well.
Their reaction around then toward science is thought to be a positive one. Muslims
accomplishment around then are
innumerable. In science they prepped in every single field, whether it is Astronomy,
pharmaceutical, science, light, music, arithmetic, in short from expressions to theory
to science their execution was all-round. Move in Muslims minds and their mentality
toward science began
changing in medieval ages when west began its resurrection and Muslims saw start
of their downfall. The nation which once was anticipated as the decision class in
world totally lost their will at in sixteenth and seventeenth century. After their fall,
two or three time they found a way to recover what
they had lost by Muhammad Ali of Egypt and Ottoman Empire yet couldn't prevailing
in their endeavors. After these two there has been no show of will in Muslim social
orders toward science. They are
attempting to retreat to times of obscurity as opposed to contending with the world.
They appear to be cheerful
sticking to the past convictions as opposed to move with the pace of time. Indeed,
even our generally costly
colleges in Muslims world when arrange a class their point for course would be less
logical and more philosophical. Rather than working and indicating earnestness in
logical research we spend our assets on demonstrating Heaven, divine reward,
hellfire and jins.

Main body

The relationship amongst science and religion remained point for a considerable
length of time. There is dependably
strife amongst science and religion. They part their courses in the vast majority of
the circumstances. The exploration is
finished with the goal to discover the reaction of Muslim world toward science. The
Islamic history can be separated into three periods.
1. The period of initiation of Islam was completely designated toward human
convictions, solidarity,
deep sense of being and mankind. Early Muslims chipped away at only on figuring
out how to live,
step by step instructions to evacuate the indecencies of social orders and to bring
individuals on one genuine way. They centered
predominantly on expelling past accepts from psyches of individuals and moving
their brains
toward one and just genuine conviction. They took a shot at setting up Islamic
domain to secure
presence of Muslims.
2. In the medieval age after effectively setting up Islamic realm they began working
on instruction particularly science and building. There are noticeable names in the
history of Islam which are known all through the world due to their commitment
toward science. Their accomplishments were exceptionally refreshing until the begin
of cutting edge
period of science. Their work on science in that age has established framework for a
few fields of

science like polynomial math.

3. The present ages which is cutting edge age of man's history. In the time of current
In this report we have given look at the past however basically we focused on our
present day
Muslims quit paying regard to science as well as quit honing their own religion.
Rather than spreading instruction which was the center subject of Islam, a similar
devotee now
restricts the pattern.
Before we additionally continue toward Islamic world reaction we first will observe a
Is there any contention amongst science and religion when all is said in done and
between science
furthermore, Islam in particular?
Has religion ever gone about as help for its devotee to inspire them to advance
The motivation behind religious individuals by elevating and adding to science.
The primary question can be effortlessly replied by contemplating history and the
saints for
science. As per history specialists there is no persisting example of contention
between science
also, religion. The way of relationship amongst science and religion is very
at some point it is sure at some point it is negative and at some point it is unbiased.
One reason
for this is the applicable orders were organized in contrastingly before. In
the past the arrangement of science dislike now is. The science honed by
religious individuals in past was for the most part pseudoscience. The path in which
pseudoscience was
polished was more similar to religious convictions. I.e. Soothsaying.
In the past religion arranged philosophy itself in science. So if philosophy is science
remain no chance to get of contention amongst science and religion. The order was
finished in
century because of quick science progression.
The contention amongst science and Islam is not that much unmistakable like the
between different religions and science. On explanation behind this contention is
that there is no genuine
progression and improvement of science by Muslims with the goal that it can be
tested. The
other reason is that the main thrust of advancing science in Muslim people group
itself Islam.
Islam plainly or straightforwardly does not dismiss logical hypotheses. Islamic book
Quran was most certainly not

implied for science however for the convictions of individuals. This primary
wellspring of Islam can be

summed up as a book of signs not the book of science. There are however logical

guarantees in Quran yet that can be considered as by item. These cases or valid at

max yet at the same time some are dubious. I.e. thinking by heart, the idea of sky,

hypothesis of seasons changing depicted in Hadith which is "summer comes when


breaths out, winter comes when hellfire breaths in" and so on. On the off chance that
there are hundred percent claims

in Quran about science 80% of them are hundred percent right and demonstrated

by science. The staying 20% are seen disputable either wrong or to be

demonstrated ideal in later circumstances.

Another real clash amongst science and Islam is todays Darwin hypothesis of
No religious group has ever acknowledged this hypothesis because of the diverse
approach of

clarifying this world wonders. Islamic and all in all approach is about convictions

Darwin approach is thinking and logical.

Presently going to the second question, has religion ever gone about as a helper to

individuals to do best in science? The answer is "yes" in those cases in which

resistance can

be given and "no" in those cases in which there is zero resistance. A large portion of
researchers in

past were spurred by religion. For instance Johannes Kepler considered his

galactic work as heavenly acclaim. Correspondingly Robert Boyle considered

researchers as minister

of nature. Different researchers like Newton have seen his work as affirmation of

of heavenly powers "confidence in divinity".

Islam has by the by advanced a similar pattern and requested over and over to

the entire universe. Numerous a period Islam has moved our brains to regular
wonders and

requested to consider these basically. So unmistakably there is each support by


toward science

Presently going to the third question, the sole motivation behind Muslims researchers
to advance

what's more, create science was to change each metal into gold and to make
remedy water.
Indeed, even some European researchers had additionally these kind of objectives as
a top priority in regards to their own

convictions. In spite of the fact that science examine does not rely on upon individual
goals nonetheless

expectations can have impacts in long haul ages.

The inspiration one get from religion and one's own particular reason and excitement

two unique things. It can be watch that in spite of the inspiration given by Islam in

a few phases Muslims don't have much excitement for science.

There are four sorts of individuals in Islamic culture.

1. Some reject logical accomplishments all in all. They want to adhere to the old

molded lifestyles. They consider each headway in science a scheme

against Muslims. These individuals neither longing to learn science nor letting other

do as such.

2. A few people in Muslims society consider science and religion in a parallel.

They are of the view that both can come the way all the while.
3. Some feel that to contend with whatever is left of world we should need to lean

science over religion. They consider science as the best way to gain ground in

society and to convey edification to society.

4. The greater part of adherent are continually changing the clarification of religious

platitudes to match them up with the most recent logical accomplishments. They are

always making ground to demonstrate logical accomplishments from Quran. Some of

them think Quran is the main wellspring of logical learning.

Up till now Muslims were just clarifying social exercises on the premise of Islam. In
any case, now the

Islamization has extended its degree from social exercises to common wonders. It is

Islamic science. Long after medieval age is gone by and by we are getting
resurrection of the age.

We are Islamizing science frequently. Every one of the accomplishments of science

we always ascribe to

what is uncovered 1400 years prior. We are making religious philosophy a piece of
science once more. To contend

with west Muslims make their own particular science rendition to give a contrasting
option to world. Today's

Islamic researchers are in no position to acknowledge mainstream science on the

place where there is immaculate. Today's

Muslims researcher have a fabulous time and joke of science for instance in October
18 1887 general

Zia ul Haq initiated a meeting in Islamabad. This gathering was not the first of its

nature. Some couple of gatherings were held already in Karachi as well. The name of
gathering was logical supernatural occurrences of Quran and logical wonders of
mecca. Different Muslims

nations took an interest in this meeting. The principle theme they talked about in
point were taking after

on which those facial hair men had distributed formal papers as well.

The arrangement of drain in Quran (Chemical piece).

The maritime conduct in Quran.

Observation of flame.

Today these kind of thing must be found in Muslim world.

The aftereffects of Islamic science are as mind blowing as Islamic science itself.

Dr Mohammad Mutallib, a teacher in Alazhar college of Egypt distributed a paper. He

said in the paper that all mountains on earth are for the holding up the earth. He

appeared in the paper that if there were no mountains the earth would have been
exceptionally flimsy. It

would not give anyone a chance to stroll on its surface. The report additionally said
that it is expected to the

mountains that we are pulled around earth. Here this educator overlooks the
essential physical law

clarifying the gravity impact. As indicated by Newton if there should arise an

occurrence of earth the impact of gravity it

more noteworthy on a body than the divergent compel. On the off chance that it
dislike so we as a whole would have been a

isolate space rocket cruising in the space. The point here is not that mountains have

criticalness or impact on earth life, it can be a decent representation however not

the truth that

mountains resemble nails on earth.

Also another paper by Egyptian from the Scientific marvel of Quran took a shot at
the shells
utilized for the slaughtering of those jinn who misfortune to taboo parts of paradise.
In this report

he said that God utilizes exhaust copper shells to execute them.

Today we as a whole realize that copper is not any more utilized by weapon
enterprises. It implies God is utilizing

old innovation.

In universal class on Quran and Science composed in 1986 by Pakistan relationship


researchers Dr Arshad Beg clarified "Lip service" in a way nobody can set out to
clarify. He

planned fraud in a condition which can be utilized to discover bad faith in a general
public. He utilize

the similarity of polarizing strengths on particles with the compel of society on

people. On the

premise of his figuring western culture has fraud estimation of 22 while Spain and
Portugal have

14 each. Pakistan have zero esteem!

Clarifying tricks, philosophical riddles, myths are our standard at this point. There are

more like these religious clarifications to nature in our social orders. The diagrams in
informative supplements

obviously demonstrate what our genuine reaction to science is in this time of

science. These charts if

seen by some strange man will consider a specialist for every one of these
researchers. Our crazy

reaction does not stop here. In October 2015 a class was orchestrated in one of
Pakistan's ideal

foundations, the COMSAT establish in Islamabad. The title of the workshop was "jinn
and dark
enchantment". The workshop was gone to by many individuals. In the class the
moderator Zia ul

Haq, attempted to clarify three sorts of concealed animals. Additionally

demonstrating jinn and dark enchantment he

gave intriguing contentions. He told the group of onlookers that if there is no jinn or
dark enchantment then

why Hollywood is putting a huge number of dollars with sickening apprehension

motion pictures? From his contentions it can be

come about that every one of the zombies are no more fiction yet a genuine part.
The accompanying diagrams in

informative supplements clarifies the scientific relationship of sawab (awesome

reward) and the

numerical type of life after death.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Islamic world flopped pitiably to recover what they had lost. Muslims are caught
totally in

medievalism. They are continually dismissing new thoughts while holding fast
immovably to old. It was definitely not

our hardship. It was not a direct result of military thrashings. It was the aftereffect of
the move in viewpoint

what's more, the states of mind. Around 700 years prior what we had lost we have
not done any genuine exertion of

recuperation with the exception of Muhammad Ali of Egypt and Ottoman Empire.
Muslims are beating around the

shrub disregarding the main problems. Science is common it can't resemble other
regardless. The

secularism does not imply that it will give last decision about presence of
otherworldly strengths
yet, it means that science does not rely on upon any profound clarification and

power to clarify characteristic wonder. Perceptions, tests, rationale are the main

judges which will choose what is correct and what isn't right. There is no confinement
on researchers

for what they must be however they should acknowledge laws of nature as science
does not require any law

from outside to clarify nature. The best way to recover science in Islamic world is
that we

must need to surrender our no logical religion clarification of nature. The science we
made in

Islamic world which is known as Islamic science is only a joke before science

groups. Clarifying revival, damnation, paradise, demonstrating Makkah a novel place


science, demonstrating Satan with science are not going to help us through present
day cutting edge

science. Financing and assets likewise matter however when we see individuals
having all assets

accessible playing out every one of these goofs on numerous occasions we feel need
of move in our psyches.