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BEST 100
The top must see sights of the city!
100 Must see sights of Seoul
| Introducing Seoul | 006 013 Insadong 026 028 Yakhyeon Catholic church 043
014 Ssamzeigil 027 029 Bank of Korea Museum 043 Zone 3 071
Zone 1 009 015 Bukchon Hanok Village 028 030 Namdaemun Market 044 | Introduction | 072
| Introduction | 010 016 Samcheongdonggil 030 031 Myeongdong 046 052 Bukhansan (Mt.) 074
001 Gyeongbokgung (Palace) 012 017 Beautiful Tea Museum 032 032 A-Land 048 053 Taereung 075
002 Changdeokgung (Palace) 014 018 Jogyesa (Temple) 032 033 Myeongdong China Town 048 054 Dobongsan (Mt.) 076
003 Changdeokgung Garden 015 019 Buamdong 033 034 Namsangol Hanok Village 049 055 Manguri Park 076
004 Jongmyo (Royal Shrine) 016 020 Cheonggyecheon 034 035 Namsan Park 050 056 Seoul Forest 077
005 Changgyeonggung (Palace) 018 021 Daehakno 036 036 National Museum of Korea 051 057 Dongdaemun Fashion Town 078
006 Deoksugung (Palace) 020 022 Naksan Park 038 037 War Memorial of Korea 052 058 Seoul Folk Flea Market 080
007 Gyeonghuigung (Palace) 022 023 Myeongnyundang 039 038 Yongsan Park 052 059 Dapsimni Antique Shopping Mall 080
008 Seoul Museum of History 023 024 Hyehwadong Community Service Center 039 039 Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art 053 060 Hongneung Arboretum 081
009 Sungkok Art Museum 023 025 Jeongdonggil 040 040 Itaewon 054 061 Gilsangsa (Temple) 081
010 Seoul Plaza & 026 Seoul Metropolitan Museum of 041 Jungbu Market 056 062 Seoul Yangnyeongsi Market 082
Gwanghwamun Square 024 Art(SeMA) 041 042 Seoul Seonggwak (Fortress Wall) 056 063 Herb Medicine Museum 083
011 unhyeongung 025 027 Chongdong Theater & * Map | Bukchon Hanok Village, Insadong 057 064 Rock-Climbing Park at
012 Byeolgunggil 025 Nanta Theater 042 * Map | Samcheongdong, Itaewon 058 Eungbongsan (Mt.) 083
065 Old Houses of Literary People 084
066 Arirang Movie Street 085
Zone 2 059 067 Childrens Grand Park 086
| Introduction | 060
043 World Cup Park 062
044 Haneul Park 063
045 Hongik Univ. Area 064
046 Hongik Univ. Free Market 065
047 Sinchon 066 Zone 4 087
| Introduction | 088
048 Ewha Womans Univ. Area 067
049 Jeoldusan Catholic Martyrs Shrine 068 068 Hangang Park 090
050 Seodaemun Museum of 069 Prehistoric Settlement Site in Amsadong 091
070 Mongchontoseong (Earthen

Natural History 068
Fortification) 092
051 Seodaemun Prison History Hall 069
071 Olympic Park 093
*** Walking Tour 070
072 Lotte World 094
073 Yangjae Citizens Forest 095
074 Seoul Arts Center 096
075 Yangjae Flower Market Center 097
076 Yangjaecheon 097

077 Coex 098
078 LG Arts Center 099

079 POSCO Center 099
080 Bonsai Museum 100
081 National Digital Library 100
082 Museum of Korean Embroidery 101
083 Kimchi Museum 101
084 Apgujeong Rodeo Street 102
085 Cheongdamdong Fashion Street 104
086 Garosugil 106
Zone 5 113 087 Seorae Global Village 108
| Introduction | 114 088 Nonhyeon Furniture Street 108
094 Seonyudo Park
116 089 Seonjeongneung (Tomb) 109

095 Yeouido Saetgang Ecological Park 117
090 Bongeunsa (Temple) 109

096 Noryangjin Fisheries
 091 Maison Hermes Dosan Park 110
Wholesale Market 118 092 Space*C 110
097 63 Building 118 093 Nature Poem Building 111
098 Horim Museum
119 * Map | Apgujeong 111
099 Heojun Museum
119 * M ap | G arosugil, Cheongdamdong 112
100 Seoul Grand Park
*** Suburbs
*** Festivals in Seoul
Introducing Seoul! Tips for touring Seoul
Getting Here from Airport can reserve a taxi in Korean, English, to buy medicine. Cold medicine and
Airport limousine buses run from major Japanese and Chinese through its painkillers are over the counter.
SEOUL is... stops in Seoul including City Hall, website at or the 24/7 Samsung Medical Center 02)3410-0200
Formal Name | Seoul Metropolitan City Gwanghwamun, Seoul Train Station, call center in English and Japanese at Severance Hospital 02)361-6540
and Express Bus Terminal to Gimpo Intl 1644-2255 Asan Medical Center 1688-7575
Area | 605.27km (as of 2008)
Airport and Incheon Intl Airport. Bus fare Seoul Joongang Hospital 02)2224-3114
Population | 10,489,711 (as of end of June 2009) is appox. 15,000. Tourist Information Call 1330 Kangbuk Samsung Medical Center
Language | Korean & English It is about 60 km to Incheon Intl Airport If you need tourist information in Seoul, 02)723-2911
Religion | Buddhists 25%, Christians 25%, Other religions 50% Undeclared and about 20 km to Gimpo Intl Airport make a phone call at 1330. Korean, Hannamdong International Clinic
Power Voltage | 220V from downtown of Seoul. English, Japanese and Chinese service 02)790-0857
Airport Railroad provides a ride from available. Translation services are also Seoul Foreigners Clinic 02)2796-1871
Website |
Gimpo Intl Airport to Incheon Intl provided. Opens for 24 hours a day. St. Marys Hospital 02)590-1114
Airport. It takes 33 minutes for a fare of Seoul Nat's Univ. Hospital 02)760-2890
3,300. Gimpo Intl Airport is accessed Youth Hostel
by subway line 5. There are three youth hostels in Seoul: Useful Phone Numbers
Seoul Youth Hostel is closed to Namsan Crime 112
Business Hours (Mt.) and Myeongdong [02)319- Fire / Emergency 119

Story of Seoul Governmental Offices | 9 am to 6 pm

(Mon to Fri), Closed on weekend
Banks | 9 am to 4 pm (Mon to Fri),
1318], Dreamtel Youth Hostel is located
10-min drive from Gimpo Intl Airport
[02)-2667-0535], Seoul Olympic Youth
Medical Emergency 1339
Translation services for English,
Chinese and Japanese 00799
Closed on weekend Hostel is situated inside the picturesque Incheon Airport 1577-2600
The name of Seoul originates from the word soseon beol (elevated Restaurants & Retails | Commonly 11 Olympic Park [02)410-2114]. For further BBB (Free translation) 1588-5644
field), soseon ul (elevated fence). In Joseon Dynasty, it was called as am to around 9 pm (in cases, open till information, visit
2 to 3 am)
Hanseongbu, Hanyang and Gyeongdo, and as Gyeongseongbu un- Convenient Stores | GS25, FamilyMart, Cellular Phone Rental Seoul City Tour Bus
SEVEN ELEVEN You can hire a cellular phone at Incheon The shuttle bus service at
der the Japanese rule. It was after the independence on Aug 15, 1945 Intl Airport. Charges are 3,000 per Gwanghwamun gives an urban tour
National Holidays day with extra fees of 600 per minute for visitors. Korean, English, Japanese
when Seoul became its formal name. Seoul was promoted to the level January 1 Seolnal Holidays (Lunar for domestic calls and free for incoming and Chinese guides are available. With
of province in the government hierarchy in 1946 and was selected the New Years Day) calls. You must present your passport the city tour bus ticket, you can get a
March 1 (Independence Movement Day) and credit card for hiring. The charges can discount for the day at museums, art
seat of the capital in 1948 when the Republic of Korea formally was May 1 (Labor Day) Buddhas Birthday be paid with cash and credit card upon museums and performing centers.
(April 8 on Lunar Calendar) return of the handset. 02)777-6090,
announced. In 1949, Seoul became Seoul Metropolitan City as it is May 5 (Childrens Day) Routes
June 6 (Memorial Day) Han River Cruises Downtown circular course | 2 hours,
now. Afterwards, Seoul never stop developing itself into the next level

August 15 (Liberation Day) For those who view Seoul s river front, single deck bus
and hosted the 1988 Olympic Games and the 2002 FIFA World Cup Chuseok (August 15 on Lunar Calendar) the Han River Cruises will be a good Royal Palaces/Cheonggyecheon

October 3 (National Foundation Day) answer. The Cruise provides the one- course | one and half hour, Double-
Games, making its presence felt on the global map. December 25 (Christmas Day) way and round-trip tours. The travel time deck bus
and admission fees vary depending on Night Course | one and half hour,

Harboring the beautiful mountains like Bukhansan (Mt.) and Namsan Seoul City Pass+ the tour courses from 35 min to 90 min single- and double-deck buses
Seoul City Pass+ is a rechargeable card and 11,000 to 16,000. Operates Departure Point | In front of
(Mt.), Seoul lets the Han River freely flow at its center towards Sea of for locals and tourists. You can take the throughout the year. The exact operation Donghwa Duty Free at Gwanhwamun
Yellow. With the coveted natural scenery, eco-friendly Seoul consists transit system including buses and the hours should be checked at its website (Exit 6 of Gwanghwamun on subway
subway with the card. Also, you can use ( or through phone line 5)
of 432 dong (neighborhood) and 25 autonomous gu (district), 14 gu this card at T-money card affiliates shops calls. Contact numbers of each Pier Departure Time
and get discount at various cultural Yeouido 02)3271-6900, Jamsil 02)416- Single-deck bus Downtown circular
in north of the River and 11 gu in south of the River. Seoul accounts

and tourists facilities. The bus fares vary 8615, Yanghwa 02)2675-3535, Nanji course | First 9:00 / Last 19:00
for a meager 0.6% of the countrys territory, but contributes to a depending on its distances and transfer. 02)376-5858, Ttukseom 02)468-7104, (30-min interval) Night Course 20:00
To take an advantage of transfer discount, Jamdubong 02)322-5325. Double-deck bus Royal Palaces/

whopping 21 % of the countrys GDP and 50% of countrys finance. dont forget to touch on the screen with Cheonggyecheon course | First 10:00
the card when you get in and out of the Han River Water Taxi Service / Last 17:00 (1-hour interval) Night
Seoul is also the most visited city in Korea by foreign tourists as 74.5% vehicle alike. The Han River Water Taxis runs customers Course 20:00
You can get a 5 % discount for Seoul City to and from 11 ferry points along the Fares
of them made their footprints in Seoul as of 2008. Seoul is emerging Tour Bus with Seoul City Pass+. river, delivering Han River s beautiful Single-deck bus | one-day pass

as more of a global city as the number of foreign residents increased scenery in a comfortable and fast way of (Downtown circular course) Adults
International Taxi traveling. Computer services(between 10,000, Night course Adults 5,000
to 263,026 as of end of June 2009, a 3.06% growth from the previous The taxi service has been designated and Jamsil and Yeouido, one-way at 5,000) Double-deck bus | one-day pass

approved by Seoul City as the official and personal tours are provided. (Royal Palaces/Cheonggyecheon
year. international taxi system which offers Reservations are necessary through its course, allowed to freely get in and out
Seoul Best 100 introduces the top 100 attractions that you must visit tailored service to meet the various needs website at or a at each stop) Adults 12,000, Night
of foreign customers in Seoul. The drivers phone call at 1588-3960. course Adults 10,000
in Seoul. The selected 100 destinations are the living proof of Koreas are fluent in foreign languages with the No service | Monday (If holiday and
completion of the standard education Medical Services during the summer holiday season, in
history and culture. courses by the City government. You In most cases, you need prescriptions normal operation)
Zone 1
Reminiscent of a Majestic Kingdom,
First stop destinations
Jongno, Junggu, Yongsan
Zone 1
Zone 1

Gourmet Restaurants Deluxe

Gayarang | 02)797-4000 Hotel President | 02)753-3131

Gaya Lunch A (Lunch) 35,000 Seoul Sejong Hotel | 02)776-1811

7 00 m toward Namsan No 3 Tunnel from Seoul Royal Hotel | 02)771-4500

Exit 2 of Noksapyeong Station on subway Koreana Hotel | 02)730-9911

line 6 Hotel Capital | 02)792-1122

Gamrodang | 02)3210-3397 Pacific Hotel | 02)777-7811

S annamul Jinjisan 23,000 Best Western Premier Hotel Kukdo

S amcheong Police Box at Exit 1 of Anguk | 02)2266-1445

Station on subway line 3 Ramada Hotel & Suites Seoul Central

Gungnara Cold NoodleRice in soup | | 02)2119-8020

02)744-4701 First Class
A rcon Jelly 5,000, Cold Noodle 5,000 Hamilton | 02)794-0171

2 00 m toward Cheonggyecheon from Exit 4 Crown | 02)795-8224

of Changshin Station on subway line 6 Itaewon | 02)792-3111

Soshim | 02)734-4388 Jongno Crown | 02)3676-8000

B ibimbap 10,000, Mushroom stew Savoy Hotel | 02)776-2641

15,000 Bestwestern New Seoul |

1 -min walk toward Insadong from Exit 6 of 02)735-9071

Changshin Station on subway line 3 Rex | 02)752-3191

Merrily meander through history

Places to Eat Goryeo Samgyetang | 02)752-9376 PJ | 02)2266-2151
Nagwondong Rice Cake Alley | S amgyetang (Chicken broth with ginseng) New Kukje | 02)732-0161
Rice cake for royals was made in 12,000 Metro | 02)776-8221
Nakwondong due to its closeness to 5 0 m toward Chungjeongno from Exit 10 of Prince | 02)752-7111
The first places to visit in Seoul are in Jongnogu, Junggu and Yongsangu. They

Changgyeonggung. The traditional specialty City Hall Station on subway lines 12 Ibis Ambassador the Myengdong |
have kept the old town of Seoul very well. You can see the five royal palaces and has come down until far. 02)2270-3481
Jongmyo (Royal Shrine) which are the authentic Korean traditional architectures. Nagwondong Steamed Frogfish Alley | Astoria | 02)2268-7111
Insadong, Samcheongdong and Bukchon show how wonderfully the tradition and Located behind Nakwon Arcade at the Places to Stay Innostel
entrance of Insadong. Super Deluxe Doulos Hotel | 02)2266-2244
the modernity fit together. The large-scale traditional market, Namdaemun Market Cheongjindong Hangover Soup Alley | Grand Hyatt Seoul | 02)797-1234 Gogung Hotel | 02)741-3831
is just next to Myeongdong where upscale department stores settle down attracting After Independence from Japan, the first Westin Chosun | 02)771-0500 Biwonjang Guest House |
hangover soup house called Younghwaok Seoul Plaza | 02)771-2200 02)765-0670
global shoppers. The city of Seoul becomes a legend in your mind when you get lost

was opened. Cheongjinok, Heungginok, Hotel Lotte | 02)773-0819 Jongnowon Motel | 02)763-4249
amid streets filled with history and cultural fragrances and you would still feel happy. Ilmiok followed. Hotel Shilla | 02)2230-3134 Holiday Inn Korea | 02)3672-3113
Daehakno Food Alley | Around Hyehwa Millennium Seoul Hilton | Im Guest House | 02)747-3332
Station, road shops and restaurants cluster 02)753-7788 New Korea Hotel | 02)776-2266
Festivals ing festival, which was originated from the Like Bibimbap of Korea, the dance show and attract youngsters with its affordable Hotel Sofitel Ambassador | Namsan Park Hotel | 02)779-7941
Traditional Food Festival | A rare chance ancient Goryeo Dynasty, has been brought mixes various dances from hip-hop, jazz, prices and quality. 02)2275-1101 Youngbin Hotel | 02)2277-1141
to experience Korean traditional cuisine in. It opens at the 15th day of the New Year modern dance to break dance to appeal to
which came down to the royal family and according to the lunar calendar, the first full the audience. It made a mega hit at the 2008
the nobility. Enjoy the excellence and taste moon day, around Feb or early March of solar Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The theater re- One-day Tour (Starting at 10 oclock in the morning)
of Korean dishes. Opens in October each year. calendar. 02)2260-1095 served only for this show is located on the 1 Gyeongbokgung (palace) Samcheongdonggil (Lunch) Bukchon Hanok Village Insadong Dongdaemun Fashion Town (Dinner)
02)731-0412 Itaewon Grand Sale | Opens at the same 4th floor of Nakwon Arcade behind Tapgol 2 Gyeongbokgung Seodaemun Prison History Hall (Lunch) Inwangsan (Mt.) & Seoul Seonggwak (Fortress) Samcheongdonggil (Dinner)
Myeongdong Festival | Koreas popu- time with Hi Seoul Festival in May. Over Park at Jongno 2-ga. 02)3676-7616 Hongik Univ. Clubs Streets
lar shopping town, Myeongdong, throws its 1,000 shops participate on their own offering BABY | The latest upgraded version of Bal- 3 Changdeokgung (Palace)/Jongmyo (Royal Shrine) Bukchon Hanok Village (Lunch) Insadong Daehakno Seongbukdong Old Houses
festival in spring and fall. Offers various pro- a price discount for shoppers. 02)710-3114 lerina Who Loves B-boy, the first b-boy per- of Writers Sungshin Womens Univ. (Dinner)
gram such as a beauty pageant, folk games, formance in Aug 2009. BABY stands for Bat- 4 Changdeokgung/Jongmyo Sungshin Womens Univ. (Lunch) Seoul Yangnyeongsi Hongneung Dongdaemun (Dinner)
Korean traditional weddings and fashion tle B-boy. On the ink-and-wash painting- 5 Cheonggyecheon (Stream) Ewha Womans Univ. Shopping Stree (Lunch) Seodaemun Museum of Natural History Palgakjeong
shows. 02)2260-1095 Performances like backdrop, hip-hop meets with oriental (Pavilion) & Seoul Seonggwak (Fortress) Samcheongdonggil (Dinner)
First Full Moon Bridge Treading Festi- Sachoom(Dance, If Youre in Love) | music, which delivers pleasure and touching. 6 Bukhansan (Mt.) (Uidong) Doseonsa (Temple) Baegundae (836m) Down from the top (about 6-hour round trip, Recommended to
val | To celebrate the restoration of Gwang- Through the universal language of dance, a Performed at the exclusive theater in Hongik bring a lunch) 4.19 Memorial Park (Dinner)
tonggyo (Bridge), a traditional bridge tread- story of love and dream spreads on the stage. Univ. area. 02)323-5233
Zone 1


Since built in 1395, Gyeongbokgung
was the main seat of government
activity of the Joseon Dynasty, which
ruled Korea with Seoul as capital city
during the years 1392 to 1910. The
palace thrived but was devastated going
through tumultuous times of the
Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592 and
the Japanese colonial rule. The restora-
tion began in 1990 and revealed what it
is today. The arrangement of the palace
consists of official quarters, living quar-
ters and resting places. Along the cen-
tral axis upon which Gwanghwamun
stood was the nucleus of the palace
having the throne hall, reception all and
king and queens residences. Other
buildings stood asymmetrical, creating
unity and variance at the same time.

1 Sejongro Jongnogu
tip floats on a man-made lake across a man-made hill called small garden of elegance and beauty, Amisan, was built
Changing of the Guards Ceremony Take in the
5-min walk from Exit 5 of Gyeongbokgung Station on subway line 3 Mansesan. In summer, look at the shadow on the surface of with earth out of Gyeonghoeru pond. With intricate patterns
10-min walk from Exit 2 of Gwanghwamun Station on subway line 5 spectacle of the changing of the royal guard, a re-enactment
Mar to Oct 09:00-18:00 / Nov to Feb 09:00-17:00 held since 1996. The ceremony takes place daily from 10 am the pond and, in winter, a snowy and tranquil scenery. of phoenixes, birds, trees and flowers, the unusual hexago-
Adults (aged 19 to 64) 3,000, Minors (aged 7 to 18) 1,500 nal chimneys stand outside the builing to which they are to 3 pm on the hour. In July and winter times, the ceremony
Closed on Tuesday / Foreign language guide available
 is held in an informal way. Guardsmen in Joseon Dynasty Gwanghwamun The main gate of the palace. It has a connected through underground pathway.
costume are ready to take a photo with you afterwards for double-roofed pavilion over three arched openings set in a
Geunjeongjeon The Throne Hall, where the king grant- Sangchamui A royal morning assembly in Joseon Dynasty.
high stone foundation. The king used the central arch, while National Palace Museum of Korea A museum
ed audiences to officials, presided over large official function Higher-ranking officials were received in audience by a king the crown prince and officials entered through the open- dedicated to royal culture that infused the lives of Joseon
and met foreign envoys. Geunjeongjeon is the largest and and reported on state affairs. There enactment takes place at ings on either side. The gate pavillion housed a bell, which rulers and a very informative place for those who visit
most formal hall in the palace. The two-tier edifice stands on 11:30 am from April to June and from Sep to Nov except on announced the time of day. Outside Gwanghwamun ran Gyeongbokgung. The Museum is also divided into five sec-
a high platform reached by stone steps. There is a spacious Tuesday and Saturday. Yukjogeori, street of six ministries, home to major govern- tions: Royal Symbols and Records, Ancestral Rites, Palace
Royal Promenade To introduce the everyday life of
courtyard in front, where important events were held and royals, the re-enactment takes place at the same time with ment offices where todays Sejongno is. Architecture, Joseon Sciences and Royal Life. English,
corridors enclose it. There are small items inside with which Sangchamui, the royal morning assembly. You can see a king Chinese and Japanese guides offers daily. Opens from 9 am
the royal prayed for the happiness of his subjects. and his queen followed by court ladies, guards strolling in the Gangnyeongjeon The kings living quarters. to 6 pm on weekday. Closed on Monday. 02)3701-7500 /
royal residence. The arrangement of the 9 rooms is characterized by
Stone Statue Stone statue of real and imaginary animals
Gyeonghoeru Pavilion A pavilion located on a pond are hidden in Gyeongbokgung. Walk slowly and look closely at
ondol(heated-floor) rooms on the left and right with a wide
to the west of the living quarters. Built as a venue for feasts stone handrail of Woldae and Youngje Bridge and you will see wooden-floor space in the middle and a wide stone veranda The National Folk Museum of Korea The folklore
for foreign envoys, the king and his court officials. Banquet the signs of various animals from fowl, rat, rabbit, cow, snake, in front. The king lived in the central room. artifacts exhibited at this museum offer valuable insight into
floors were buttressed by the 48 stone columns decorated horse, tiger, sheep, monkey to imaginary animals of dragon, daily life. Opening hours are from 9 am to 6 pm in Mar to Oct,
with dragons and flowers. The higher ranking officials were oriental giraffe, Chinese phoenix, a tortoise intertwined with a Gyotaejeon The queens quarters connected to and to 5 pm in Nov to Feb. Closed on Tuesday and New Years
seated higher part of the three-tier floors. The pavilion Gangnyeongjeon Hall. Behind the building, an exclusive Day. 02)3704-3114 /

12 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 13

Zone 1


Changdeokgung was favored by the
Joseon monarchs since its construc-
tion in 1405, as it is definitely more
comfortable than the more formal
Gyeongbokgung, which was the actual
seat of government. Changdeokgung
gets its homey feel for having its build-
ings more harmoniously blended with
nature: lush scenery with various tow-
ers, pavilions, ponds, bridges, a stream
with waterfall. Through the tumultu-
ous times, it was burnt down several
times but the buildings have remained
largely intact over the six centuries.
Changdeokgung is designated by
UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage.

02)762-8261, 9513
2-71 Waryongdong Jongnogu
took over. Of the many buildings at Changdeokgung,
Seonjeongjeon is the one on which blue roof tiles were set.
Changdeokgung Garden
5-min walk from Exit 6 of Jongno 3-ga Station on subway lines 1 & 3 & 5
April to Sep 09:15-17:15 / Oct to Mar 15th 09:15-15:45 A perfect royal garden. This beauti- Buyongji The first garden welcomes when you get
Mar 16th to 31st 09:15-16:45
Adults (aged 19 to 64) 3,000, Minors (aged 7 to 18) 1,500 Daejojeon The queens quarters. After it was completely ful garden was nestled on a lower hill inside. Surrounding a square pond, several buildings stand.
Only 80-min guided tour available (unguided tour available on Thursday) /
 burnt down in 1917, Gyeongbokgungs Gyotaejeon was relo- between Changdeokgung and Chang-
Foreign language guide available at different hour of time. Advanced check-
out recommended cated to here and made over with western style of red carpet gyeonggung. Based on the four val- Yeonggyeongdang A 120-room tiled-roof house built
on the floor, corridor-like floors and glass window. The build- leys inside, there are four sections by the crown prince, Hyomyeong, in 1827. It is simple and
Injeongjeon The central building of Changdeokgung ing served as a backdrop for the last chaters of the Joseon of the garden: Buyongji, Aeryeonji, graceful with no colored patterns on it. It also divides into
where major governmental functions were held. On the Dynasty. Its annexed building Heungbokheon housed a royal the husbands quarters and the wifes. At every corner of
Gwanramji and Okryucheon. With
two-tier foundations, the 2-story building was established meeting which passed the Japanese Annexation in 1910 and the house, trees and oddly shaped stones are planted. Even
smallest touch of humans, the garden though it is a little bit troublesome, walk up to the behind
in a dignified but familiar way. The inside is sober with Joseons last emperor Sunjong passed away here.
no pillars nor dividing walls. Many of the kings of Joseon
makes most out of the nature for its of Seonhyangjae.
Dynasty were enthroned here, officially received his subject Nakseonjae The 24th Joseon King built this cluster of own sake.
each season and met foreign envoys. The surrounding build- palace buildings for his favorite concubine. The king read
tip Was the royal backyard only reserved for
ings looking like walls were the quarters for royal guards. or received guests at the central Nakseonjae building and
his concubine lived at Seokbokheon. Another building, the royal family? Absolutely not. Though the backyard of
Changdeokgung Garden Called as Forbidden Garden or Secret
Seonjeongjeon The kings regular office where he Suganjae was the residence of the kings mother. Without Garden, it hosted various events: Kings discussed academic
dealt with government affairs together with higher ranking colored patterns common on other royal buildings, matters with their subjects and wrote poems, the state
officials. The king summoned his subjects for a meeting to Nakseonjae looks simple and refined while its lattice strips examination was held, the martial demonstrations occurred,
discuss and decide on national matters. He also had academic and walls have unique patterns. Since the concubine, and the royal couple engaged in farming and rearing silkworms
on their own to serve as a model for subject. All these functions
seminars for studying classics. Later, it became smaller to members of royal descendants lived in Nakseonjae well into
occurred in and out of the buildings around Buyongji.
house all of these national functions and Huijeongdang the late 1980s.

14 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 15

Zone 1

Jongmyo (Royal Shrine)
Jongmyo is the royal shrine to house the ancestral tablets of deceased Joseon ers. Starting with three rooms, it extended to the current
Dynasty kings and queens, a house for royal spirits. King Taejo began to build 16 rooms. Gongsindang is generally artless and unsophisti-
Jongmyo right after he founded the Joseon Dynasty and moved its capital to cated different from the royal shrine.
Hanyang, which is now Seoul. The construction was completed the following
Gongminwang Shrine The spirit tablets of the 31st
year in 1395. There are two great halls: Jeongjeon was supposed to enshrine
king of Goryeo, Gongminwang, and his queen are kept here
the previous 7 kings and their consorts of the then ruler: Afterwards, the tablets
along with the portraits of him and his horse. Why is it that
would move to Youngnyeongjeon for good. In the mid Joseon, the tablets of a Goryeo Kings spirit tablet was placed amongst those of
the great kings were allowed to be kept in Jeongjeon which became in need of Joseon Kings? King Taejo proclaimed, when he established
extension. As a result of that, Jeongjeon got larger and turned out as the longest Joseon Dynasty, that he should succeed Gongminwang.
wooden building in the world. Currently, 19 kings and 30 queens are enshrined
at Jeongjeon. In 1995, the Jongmyo royal shrine was designated a World Cultural Jongmyo Daeje Confucian rituals at the royal shrine which is called Jongmyo Jeryeak, a solemn and reserved
Heritage site by UNESCO. were performed with musicians, dancers and scholors 5 court music. Designated as UNESCOs Intangible Cultural
Jongmyos two great halls, Jeongjeon and Youngnyeongjeon, were built to times a year: once a season and in December. Through this, Property in 2001 and Masterpieces of the oral and Intangible
enshrine the ancestral tablets of deceased Jeseon Dynasty kings. the ruling monarch majestically showed legitimacy from the Heritage of Humanity in 2008.
deceased ancestors. Now the ritual is performed once a year
The halls are fronted by broad, stone yards to accommodate the orchestras, offici-
on the first Sunday of May. The rituals begin with reception tip
ants and attendants at the royal ancestral rites. These days, the rites are held only What are the iron rings nailed to the grounds?
of spirits, provide them with three rounds of drinks, partake
once a year, on the first Sunday in May. They are open to the public. They are for marquee. The ropes of marquee are trongly tied to
of sacrificial food and drink and let the spirits go away. At
the rings for fixing.
every turn, the designated dances and music are played,

155 Jongno Jongnogu
5-min walk from Exit 11 of Jongno 3-ga Station on subway line 1
5-min walk from Exit 8 of Jongno 3-ga Station on subway line 1
Mar to Oct 09:00-18:00 / Nov to Feb 09:30-17:30
Adults(aged 19 to 64) 3,000, Minors(aged 7 to 18) 1,500
Closed on Tuesday / Jongmyo ticket is accepted for Changgyeonggung entry.

Korean and foreign language guide available

Jeongjeon A royal shrine building. At the center, there

are 19 rooms enshrining the royal tablets and, at both ends,
two rooms are annexed. A long and perpendicular corridor
was built to the building. There is a 109-meter-wide yard in
front of the building with a road of god at the center. Unlike
the ordinary order for the living, west is regarded as a upper
seat for spirits. King Taejo was enshrined at the western tip.

Youngnyeongjeon A royal tablet stayed during the

times of seven successors at Jeongjeon and then moved to
Yeongnyeongjeon, which is smaller than Jeongjeon. It was
painted in red instead of the colored patterns. The elevated
central rooms are for the tablets of King Taejos commoner
ancestors who were afterwards respected as kings and

Gongsindang Kings and queens should be served by

their retainers. Gongsindang enshrined meritorious retain-

16 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 17

Zone 1

Changgyeonggung (Palace)
Built in 1418 for the living former queens and later extended to a regular palace
as new buildings were constructed. Together with Changdeokgung (Palace), it
was called East Palace. As other palaces of Joseon, it went through wars, upheav-
als, and conflagrations. In particular, it was turned into a zoo and botanical gar-
den by the Japanese. Since 1989, the palace has been fully restored to its former
glory. Like Changdeokgung, it arranged its 02)762-4868
buildings based on the natural topography. 2-1 Waryongdong Jongnogu
15-min walk from Exit 4 of Hyehwa Station on subway line 4
Honghwamun and Myeongjeongjeon, well- 09:00-18:00 / Winter 09:00-17:30
Weekend 09:00-19:00
kept during the tumultuous years, are regard- Adults (aged 19 to 64) 3,000, Minors (aged 7 to 18) 1,500
ed as the representatives of the 17th century C

 losed on Tuesday / Korean and foreign language guide
available, A comprehensive tour with Seoul National Science
buildings. Museum available.

Why is it that the pillars of Myeongjeongjeon are square since the kings quarters were supposed to have
round pillars? During the restoration work for Changdeokgung, carpenters carelessly built square pillars based on the cornerstones.
The then king decided to keep the wrong pillars not to waste resources.
A footbridge connects Changgyeonggung with Jongmyo, so you can cross over and see both for the price of one admission ticket. If
you take advantage of this, dont go too late in the afternoon: the footbridge is closed to traffic at 5 pm (4:30 pm in winter).
Why is it that only Changgyeonggung among Joseon palaces faces east? Changgyeonggung was built for queen mothers
whose residences should fact east by the rule.

Honghwamun (Gate) The main entry gate of Many of royal women gave birth and passed away here.
Changgyeonggung. Built as early as the palace was first Kings Jeongjo and Heonjon were born here and Queen
erected. Three pillars were set to buttress the three-room Inhyeongwanghu passed away here, too. As an ordinary per-
faade. On top of them, two-story roofs were placed son, royals left their memories at this building, for example
with wings swiftly elevated at the tips. It gives a solemn King Jeongjo hang a written letter thanking for his mothers
and strong feeling. Three ways out of the gate lead to labor when she gave birth to him.
Okcheongyo, Myeongjeongmun to Myeongjeongjeon. The
central way was reserved only for a king. Chundangji A pond situated east of Changgyeonggung.
It used to be a paddy rice field for a king. During the
Myeongjeongjeon The main hall of Japanese rule, it was transformed to two ponds surrounded
Changgyeonggung. At this stately building, major gov- by Japanese style gardening. The restoration work changed
ernmental functions were held and a group of retainers it to Korean traditional landscaping. There are various birds
welcomed the New Year. Like other palace buildings, the residents around the ponds.
single-story building was built on the two-tier foundations.
On the floor, baked bricks were placed and, at the center, the Punggidae Joseon Dynasty estimated the level of winds
seat of king was established. Behind the royal seat, a folded- from evaluating a long strip of flag called Punggi at the tip
screen with paintings of sun, moon and five peaks on it was of a pole. Punggidae is a foundation stone for the pole with
erected to show the kings majestic dignity. Punggi. The Punggidae in Changgyeonggung was made in
1732. On the 135 cm-tall octagonal pole, there is a hole in 11
Gyeongchunjeon The living quarters for queens cm diameter and 33 cm depth. Winds were evaluated in 24
or crown princess. It is neat and trim and looks feminine. directions and 8 intensities.

18 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 19

Zone 1

Deoksugung (Palace)
For sheer ease of access, you cant beat Deoksugung, located right
next to City Hall in the heart of modern downtown Seoul. At 6
pm, amid the bell sound from its neighboring Anglican Church of
Korea, the palace turns even more graceful. It was the main palace
during the Daehanjeguk period of late Joseon Dynasty. After the
Japanese Invasion of Korea burnt down all other palaces in Seoul,
the king took over the then residence of a crown prince to stay. The
next king Gwanghaegun promoted it to a status of palace nam-
ing as Gyungwungung in 1611. Gwanghaegun then moved to the
restored Changdeokgung leaving Gyungwungung as a secondary
one. Later, with the start of Daehanjeguk, Emperor Gojong chose
it as his main palace. When he stepped down from the throne, the
palace was renamed as the current
Deoksugung praying for his long life. 02)771-9951
58 Taepyeongno 2-ga Junggu
Deoksugung are embellished with 5-min walk from Exit 2 of City Hall Station on
subway line 1
spring cherry blossoms and yellow 5-min walk from Exit 12 of Jongno 3-ga Station on
subway line 2
gingko leaves in fall. Couples love to 09:00-21:00
Adults (aged 19 to 64) 1,000
walk around the stone palace walls Minors (aged 7 to 18) 500
enjoying the unique feel of the pal- C losed on Monday / Foreign language guide
available, Advance inquiry recommended for
ace. foreigners program

Daehanmun The main gate of Deoksugung facing Junghwajeon and its gate, Junghwamun, were designated National Treasure. Emperor Gojong passed away when he National Museum of Contemporary Art,
Seoul Plaza. Daehan literally means Hanyang becomes great as National Treasure. The stone steps leading to the hall are was 68 years old. Behind are a terraced garden, a brick-made Deoksugung One of the representative modern buildings
and signifies the Greatness of Daehanjeguk. During the road decorated with dragon motifs which were regarded as the gate and beautifully embellished chimneys. Deokhongjeon of Korea. Built in 1938 with the aim of art museum. It opened as
extension in 1971, Daehanmun was moved 33 meters back- symbol of emperor. was Gojongs reception hall with a chandelier inside and a branch of National Museum of Contemporary Art in Dec 1998
wards to the current point. Dont miss out on the changing After Daehanjeguk started under Emperors rule, the palace phoenix patterned colors outside. and offers exhibitions on Korean modern art. 02)2022-0600
of the guards ceremony in the front. could adopt dragon for its design unlike phoenix in the main
hall of other palaces. Likewise, the lettering of Manse (three Jeonggwanheon A pavilion in the garden looking over The Royal Guards Changing Ceremony The cer-
Junghwajeon The main throne hall which was the cheers) was inscribed on the wide jar which was put to drive the palace on the hill. It was designed by a Russian architect emony takes place three times a day in front of Daehanmun.
site of official courtesy calls by foreign envoys. Rebuilt in away fire ghosts, though manse had been only reserved A.I. Sabatin who mixed Korean and Western styles. The pil- The Royal guards in colorful costume moves elaborately
1906 as a single story building after it was flamed in 1904. for an empire. lars are wooden of which tops are decorated with blue and to capture bystanders eyes. It takes about 20 minutes for a
yellow dragons, bats and flower vases in a traditional way. round at 11 m, 2:30 pm and 3:30 pm.
Jeukjodang Area During the Japanese Invasion of Gojong received foreign envoys over coffee.
Korea, Jeukjodang was used as a temporary royal residence.
Dont miss out on the tablet of Jeukjodang. It was
Emperor Gojong was heartbroken when Jeukjodang was Seokjojeon A neoclassical complex of two grand build- written by King Gojong.
destroyed by the 1904 conflagration, as it had remained ings built between 1900 and 1910. The first western-style The 100-year-old horse chestnut tree is located behind
Seokjojeon. It was presented to King Gojong by a Dutch
perfectly intact since mid 15th century. The only remaining building in Joseon palaces. Gojong used Seokjojeon as his
two-tier building, Seokeodang, is simple and elegant with quarters and office. The main building faces south, and On Saturday, Jeonggwanheon is open to the public. Looking
no colored pattern. features a large pear blossom, an emblem of Daehanjeguk inside, you can imagine King Gojong enjoying coffee.
that begs comparisons to the Imperial Japanese emblem of If you have time, you can catch a glimpse of a troop of 44

Hamnyeongjeon & Deokhongjeon the era. After Gojongs death, it once used to be Japanese guards parading down the main street from Deoksugung at
11:20 am to Cheonggyecheon (Stream) to Bosingak(Belfly).
Hamnyeongjeon was the kings quarters designated as Paintings Museum.

20 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 21

Zone 1

Seoul Museum

of History
An excellent museum that highlights interesting fea-
tures of Seouls unique heritage, reflecting on the his-
tory and traditional culture of Seoul. The exhibition
room is divided into 4 zones: the capital of Joseon,
the lifestyle of Seoul citizens, the Culture of Seoul
and the Development of Seoul. Various programs
offered: Movie Day on each Wednesday on the 1st-
Gyeonghuigung (Palace) 007 fl auditorium, Gallery Talk on each Thursday served
with a professional, and a concert of Museum Night
Dasan Call 120
Gyeonghuigung was built in 1617 and Sungjeongjeon The main hall of Gyeonghuigung. on each Friday. Children are recommended to visit 2-1 Sinmunno 2-ga Jongnogu
300 m from Exit 8 of Seodaemun Station on
often referred to as West Palace, serv- Three Joseon kings ascended the throne at Sungjeongjeon. Education hall or Touch Museum where they are subway line 5
720 m from Exit 6 of Gyeongbokgung Station
ing as a secondary palace. At the height During the Japanese rule in 1926, it was sold to Jogyesa allowed to feel relics in person. on subway line 3
Mar to Oct 09:00-22:00 (Weekday), 10:00-
(Temple) and moved to Dongguk University Campus. The
of its usage, Gyeonghuigung included tip
(Weekend, Holidays) / Nov to Feb 09:00-21:00
current Sungjeongjeon on the site of Gyeonghuigung was
more than 100 halls, most of which Urban Model Hall shows the nature of Seoul and urban surroundings using (Weekday), 10:00-18:00 (Weekend, Holidays)
Free admission
restored based on the stone materials excavated in 2001. detailed models and the cutting-edge Information and technology. A huge model of
were burnt down in two separate con- Seoul , 1/1500 (21.5m14.5 m) of the real size, gives you an opportunity to look over C
losed on Monday, New Years Day and
flagrations, one during the 29th year of Heunghwamun The main gate of Gyeonghuigung. the entire Seoul at once. Designated days by its director
Foreign language guide available
the reign of King Sunjo (1829) and the The Japanese colonialists destroyed, sold or moved out
other during the 20th year of the reign buildings in Gyeonghuigung since it took over in 1910.
of King Gojong. The remaining halls
Sungkok Art Museum
Heunghwamun moved first to the south wall in 1915 and 009
were demolished during the Colonial then to Bakmunsa Shrine in 1932 which was built for the
period (1910-1945). Since 1985, sev- spirit of It Hirobumi, a powerful Japanese statesman. The
eral buildings including Sungjeongjeon Shilla Hotel took over Heunghwamun as its main gate since The residence of a tycoon was renovated to an art
Hall were restored. Gyeonghuigung is it was built at the site of Bakmusa Shrine. Heunghwamun museum. There are three exhibit halls and outdoor
was moved to the current location in 1988. sculpture park along with a souvenir shop and a caf.
very quiet and provides a good resting
place for tired tourists. Often times, The displayed artworks are various, but the museum
Seoam The odd-shaped rock behind Taeryeongjeon. puts its focus on the introduction of artworks which
Korean TV shows shoot here so, if
Since the rock poured water stream, King Sukjong named it
youre lucky, you can meet TV stars. appreciate the traditional emotions and esthetic senses
as Seoam meaning an auspicious rock. The king had his own
in a modern way. It covers every genre of art from
writing inscribed in the rock but, unfortunately, it has not
been come down. paintings, prints, to photography. The most rivet-
1-126 Shinmunno 2-ga Jongnogu ing place is the outdoor 02)737-7650
10-min walk from Exit 4 of Seodaemun Station on subway line 5
10-min walk from Exit 1 of Gwanghwamun Station on subway line 5 park where a wooden 1-101Sinmunno 2-ga Jongnogu
10-min walk from Exit 7 of
Weekday 09:00-18:00
Holiday 10:00-18:00 trail leads you to sculp- GwanghwamunStation on subway line 5
15-min walk from Exit 7 of Gyeongbokgung
Free admission
Closed on Monday & New Years Day
 tures. In the harmony of Station on subway line 3
Foreign language guide available Contact 02)724-0150
woods and artworks, you Thursday in April to Sep Thursday
would purify your eyes Adults 5,000, Students 3,000
Taekwondon Demonstration takes place for one and hearts. Closed on Monday

hour from 2:00 pm on Wednesday and Saturday at courtyard of
Gyeonghuigung. Also, drop-in Taekondo classes are offered for
foreigners where they learn basic Korean art of self-defense. Recommended are the cookies and a citron tea at the caf. With museum
02)3469-0132 / ticket, you can get a discount.

22 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 23

Zone 1

010 011
Seoul Plaza & Gwanghwamun Square unhyeongung
In the wake of 2002 FIFA World Cup, the plaza in front of Seoul City Hall unhyeongung is a grateful shelter for
returned to the hands of locals under the name of Seoul Plaza. The oval plaza is office workers in this neighborhood
fully covered with Kentucky blue grass the same with the ones in Seoul World which is crowded by building. During
Cup Stadium. It features a dancing floor fountain and 48 lights surrounding the the lunch time on weekdays, the palace
plaza. From spring to fall, it offers a cultural event at 7:30 till 9:10 in the evening. is open for free. Resting on the wide
For further information, visit its website. Gwanghwamun Square was reborn in flat bench in the sleepy afternoon, you
Aug 1, 2009 through a restoration work for its old street of six major ministries can easily escape from the hectic urban
of Joseon Dynasty. At the center of Sejongno, the plaza is 550 m long and 34 m life while you feel the touch of winds from the zelkova trees. It used to be the
wide. To mark Korean history, it features 2 cm-deep water ways at both sides and, private manor of Prince Regent Daewongun, the father of
on its east, 617 floor stones inscribed with major historical events since Joseon King Gojong, in the last days of Joseon Dynasty. Walking 114-10 Unnidong Jongnogu
50 m from Exit 4 of Anguk Station
Dynasty. On the other side, the west floor stones are vacant for future events. through the inside buildings, you can feel the tumultuous on subway line 3 300 m toward
Anguk Station from Exit 5 of
The Fountain 1223 surrounding the General Yis statue represents General Yis chapters of the modern history of Korea. Jongno 3-ga Station on subway
line 5
complete victory of 23 battles with only 12 warships. There are the re-enactment Nov to Mar 09:00-18:00
tip April to Oct 09:00-19:00
of street of six ministries, the urban culture square and the flower carpet. In the Unhyeonggung offers various events for free over the course of year. Entrance begins one Adults (aged 19 to 64) 3,000,
Minors (aged 7 to 18) 1,500,
underground path from the subway station to the Plaza, Haechi Madang has hour before the event starts. Check out in advance for the date and time. 02)766-9090 Free admission for 12:00-13:00
Unhyeonggung events include as follows: the re-enactment of the wedding ceremony of King (Tue to Fri)
been established as the symbol of Seoul. The two urban plazas provide locals and Gojong in April and October, a fusion performance of modernity and tradition in April, Joseon court Free admission for children aged
under 12 and those in Korean
visitors alike with a resting and communicating place. costume fashion show in May, the coronation of Emperor Gojong in October, Korean traditional costume
music and dance performances on Sunday in April to October. Closed on Monday
31 Taepyeongno 1-ga Junggu
Exits 5 & 6 of City Hall Station on subway lines 1 & 2/ Exits 1 & 8 of Euljiro 1-ga
Station on subway line 2
Exits 5 & 6 of Gwanghwamun Station on subway lines 5/ Exits 5 & 6 of
Jonggak Station on subway line 1
Entry to grass field prohibited on Monday.

The 480-m-long Byeolgunggil can

be easiest accessed from Exit 1 of
Anguk Station on line 3. This beauti-
ful trail has stone benches and simple
cafes for pedestrians. It takes hardly
more than one hour even to slowly
walk around. Most peculiar is the old
mansion of former president, Yoon
Bo-seon. Unfortunately, the 99-room
house is not open to the public.
Instead, you can go to the outhouse
of Andong Presbyterian Church,
Soheodang, which literally means a
house where people empty their mind
and chat with laughing. Soheodang
opens from 10
am to 5 pm on Byeolgunggil Angukdong Jongnogu
Exit 1 of Anguk Station on subway
Saturday. line 3

24 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 25

Zone 1

Insadong Insadong Cultural Festival During the most beautiful season of the year,
April and May, Insadong throws out a series of festivals. It offers various street
events including folk festival, parades and singing contest along with Korean folk
The face of Insadong cha- program.
nges three times a day. In
early morning, it is qui- Insa Art Center An art complex designed by world-class Jean Michel
et, in the afternoon, busy Wilmotte. With a wide glass and a central garden, the building creates a harmony
with group tourists from of tradtion and modernity, which is also represented by various exhibits. Free
overseas and, at night, admission. 02)736-1020
there are more people
who enjoy spending time Isae Outstanding with its displayed modern Hanbok, the Korean traditional
costume. Use natural dye and material in refined design. You can meet more
here. Recommended
comfortable and sophisticated Hanbok. 02)725-5154
to visit before 11 in the
morning, if you like the
tranquil surroundings.
Places to See Station on subway line 1 and up, Dinner full-course Korean meal
Totos Old Items | 02)725-1756  10:00-18:00 5,000
60,000 and up

The streets are filled with 10 -min walk from Exit 1 of Jongno 3-ga Seoncheon | 02)734-1970
shops selling antiques, old Station on subway line 1 Tucked in Hakgojae alley from Anguk

10:00-21:00 Admission 1,000 Station on subway line 3 11:30-15:00,

books, paintings, ceram-

Tongin Shop | 02)733-4867 Places to Eat 17:00-22:00 Full-course Korean meal

ics, and Hanbok, the Ko- 200 m from Exit 6 of Anguk Station on

Gogung | 02)776-3211 45,000, Barbequed beef 20,000
rean traditional costume, subway line 3 10:00-19:00
 Exit 6 of Anguk Station on subway line 3

Mingadaheon | 02)733-2966
Free admission 11:00-21:00 Jeonju bibimbap 10,000, A short walk from Kyungin Museum of
and exhibit halls. You can

Kyungin Museum of Fine Art | Bibimbap with octopus/in hot pot Fine Art 11:00-22:00 Lunch 18,000

take as much time as you 02)733-4448 10-min walk from Exit 3 of

8,000, Barbequed beef stew 12,000, and up, Dinner 55,000 and up, Steamed
please when there is ev- Jonggak Station on subway line 1 Jeonju-bibimbap course 23,000 bacon with oyster sauce 37,000
10:00-18:00 Closed on Lunar New Years Gung | 02)733-9240
erything which can pal-

Day and Chuseok Dure | 02)732-2919 Near The Coffee Bean behind Sudo

ate your senses, for in- Free admission

  Exit 6 of Anguk Station on subway line 3
 Pharmacy 11:00-22:00 Gaeseong

stance, traditional tea Mokin Museum | 02)722-5066 12:00-15:00, 18:00-22:00

dumpling stew large portion 38,000,
10-min walk from Exits 1 & 3 of Jonggak Lunch full-course Korean meal 20,000 Rice dumpling soup 7,000
houses, gourmet restau-

rants, and traditional item Insadong Cultural Center Walk 100 m along the byway across Ssamziegil,
shops. After sunset, every
tea table would be taken
you can find Insadong Cultural Center called Hongbogwan in Korean at a Korean tradi-
tional tile-roofed house. You can get a detailed map and tour information of Insadong.
Interpreters available. Free photo and development service. Free Internet access.
by those who know how
A unique point inside Insadong. According to its designer Choi Mun-gyu at
to build a bond between
Seoul Tourist Souvenir Shop Offers award-winning souvenirs at the Yonsei University, Ssamziegil is more like a way than a building, and the way
friends and families here,
contest hosted by Seoul City Government at 10 % price off. Various item from tra- shows how beautiful a person is. Ssamziegil is technically a 4-story building
a beauty of being at Insa-
ditional souvenirs, gifts, ornaments and IT items. Closed only on New Years Day, housing over 70 shops. However, when you walk inside, the building becomes a
dong. Even if you get lost
Lunar New Years Day and Chuseok. 02)3210-0328 labyrinth of sweet alleys. Instead of floor guide, it puts out a map for each floor
here, you would be more
named First Step Way, for instance. Opened in 2004, it is home to various shops
surprised to encounter Declaration of Independence Site At 194 Insadong, there is a stone offering paintings, crafts, living items, traditional
treasures hidden at every sign marking it as the center of Seoul built with granite in 1896. It used to be the
papers and ceramics. At the end of the way is a gar-
back alley. site of residence of Yi Wan-yong, a traitor who voluntarily cooperated for Japanese
den. With all the more lovable items decorating the
Annexation. At the 1919 Independence Movement, Korean representatives
Areas of Insadong, Gwanhundong and Anguk
announced independence of Korea here.
ways inside, like hand-writing signboards, well-kept
Intersection Jongnogu
10-min walk from Exits 4 & 5 of Jongno 3-ga flowers, eye-catching fosters, Ssamzeigil is surely
Station on subway line 1
5-min walk from Exits 1 & 6 of Anguk Station
Insadong Street Festival From Saturday afternoon till Sunday, Insadong No. 1 attraction in Insadong. No wonder people
on subway line 3
No vehicles allowed during Saturday 14:00-
streets are free from vehicles. No cars allowed from 2 pm to 10 pm on Saturday busy taking a memorable picture here. Close from
22:00, Sunday 10:00-22:00 and from 10 am to 10 pm on Sunday. Exit 6 of Anguk Station.

26 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 27

Zone 1

Hanok Halls A stay at Hanok will give a time machine travel

to ancient days of Korea. You can sleep on ondol, the Korean tradi-
tional heated floor and have a Korean breakfast. Woorijip Hanok
Hall 02)744-0536, Wandang Tea Hanok Hall 02)3675-9877, Seoul
Hanok Hall 02)745-0057, Bukchon Hanok Hall 02)743-8530, Anguk
Hanok Hall 02)736-8304, Rakgojae Hanok Hall 02)742-3410

Experience of Korean Tradition Black Bamboo Craft

02) 3676-7519 / Korean Food: traditional sweets and cookies,
drinks, wedding dishes, pastes, and pickles 02) 3675-3313 /Korean
Traditional Knot: Knotted items and natural dye 02) 739-6352,
011-729-9970 / Korean Traditional Culture: tea ceremony, how to
wear Hanbok, how to make Kimchi, Korean manner 02) 3673-0323

Packaged Ticket for Bukchon Museums It covers five

leading museums in this neighborhood: Gahoe Museum, Han
Sang Soo Embroidery Museum, Dongnip Knot Museum, Korean
Buddhist Art Museum, and Seoul Fowl Museum. Adults 10,000,
Children 5,000 Available at one of these five museums.

Places to See
Bukchon Hanok Village
Gahoe Museum | 02)741-0466 10:00-20:00 Closed on Monday

3,000, Students 2,000


Dongnip Knot Museum | 02)3673-2778 10:00-18:00 

From above, it seems as if the roofs blend in to form an undulating sea of black Closed on Monday 2,000

tile. From within, its an enchantingly Byzantine labyrinth of rustic stone and clay Korean Buddhist Art | 02)766-6000
walls, handsome wooden gates and private courtyards. Its a breathing reminder Mar to Nov 10:00-18:00, Oct ot Feb 10:00-17:00 (Entry is allowed one hour

before it closes) Closed on Sunday Adults and College Students 5,000,

that even in the heart of the urban jungle: the slower, simpler ways of old still live Children aged 4 and up & Students 3,000
on. Located between the Gyeongbokgung (Palace) and Changdeokgung (Palace),

the quaint neighborhood of Bukchon hangs on tenaciously to its traditional past Han Sang Soo Embroidery Museum | 02)744-1545 10:00-17:00

Closed on Monday 3000

with having 999 Hanok homes and offers a nice walking tour course. There Seoul Fowl Museum | 02)763-9995 10:00-18:00

are designated 5 historic sites, 3 natural monuments, 5 folk materials, 3 tangible Closed on Monday, Lunar New Years Day, and National holidays
properties, 1 cultural material and 3 registered Adults 3,000, Children 2,000

Bukchon Museum-Old Fragrance | 02)736-3957

cultural assets. Dont miss out on the old 02)3707-8388
Bukchon cultural center area, 105 Gyedong Jongnogu Mar to Oct 10:00-19:00, Nov to Feb 11:00-18:00 Closed on Monday

places with a story: a wash place near a well Area between Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung, near
Anguk Station
Adults 5,000, Teens 3,000

where housewives gathered for a chat and 10-min walk from Exit 3 of Anguk Station on subway line 3
09:30-12:30, 14:00-17:00, 19:00-21:30
Bona Museum for Korean traditional accessory | 02)732-6621
Tuesday to Saturday: 10:30-18:30, Sunday 12:00-18:00 Closed on Monday

Full Moon Well which was believed to pour

Closed on Sunday / Foreign language information call available Adults 5,000, Teens 4,000, Children 3,000

out magical water for having a baby boy. or booking through its website

28 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 29

Zone 1

Tibet Museum The museum shows how Tibetans live Samcheongdonggil. Inside the thick woods, clear water
and think. It creates a mysterious feeling like being in the flows offering a relaxing point for urbanites.
Himalaya. It displays over 1,300 items in garments, musi-
cal instruments and masks. The central theme is Tibetan World Jewellry Museum A specific museum only
Buddhism. Strongly recommended for those who have for jewelry from all over the world. It covers items from It
yearnings toward different cultures far away. covers items from the Europe, Africa and South America.
There are bracelets, necklaces, and rings totaling over
Samcheong Park The park is situated at the end of 1,000 pieces.

Palgakjeong (Pavilion) If you roam around Samcheongdonggil area till dusk, come and visit Palgakjeong (Pavilion) at
Bugak Skyway. Walking up the Pavilion at the peak will give you a spectacle view of Seoul. In particular, the night view is unforgettable,
since lights from the buildings, streets and vehicles dance together creating a fantastic picturesque view. No mass transportation system
available. Take a taxi. 02)735-3092


Places to See Places to Eat

Samchongdonggil is a over 2 km-long road from Dongsipjagak (Pavilion) Owl Museum | 02)3210-2902 Samcheongdong Sujebi | 02)735-2965 cream sauce
10:00-19:00 Closed on Monday
 11:30-21:00 Sujebi in pot 6,000,

12,000, Tenderloin steak 29 ,000
to Samcheong Tunnel. From Dongsipjagak, you can walk along the wall 5,000

Glutinous sujebi potato pancake 7,000 Flora | 02)720-7009
of Gyeongbokgung (Palace) before the first three-way intersection where Tibet Museum | 02)735-8149 Seouls Second Best Restaurant | 11:30-15:00, 17:30-21:30 Cooks choice

Samcheongdong starts. Together with the tributary alleys, Samcheongdonggil 10:00-19:00 02)734-5302 12:00-22:00 Sweet red-

of pizza 17,500, Carbonara 14,000,
Open throughout the year bean congee Sipjeondaebotang Spaghetti vongole 14,000
multiplies. Tradition and modernity, art and technique and ideal and reality coex- Adults 5,000, Teens 3,000 5,500, Sweet rice drinkpersimmon
ist in Samcheongdonggil. You can find a modern wine bar inside a traditional punch 4,000
Korean house, Hanok, or a sophisticated gallery settled among houses. People World Jewellry Museum | 02)730-1610 Nunnamujip | 02)739-6742
11:00-17:30 Closed on Monday
11:00-21:30 Noodle with kimchi

in their mid-40s come here to remind of past days while younger couples spend 5,000

4,500, Barbequed beef Mung bean
romantic times. Visitors captivated by unfamiliar scenes and living residents here Toy Kino Museum | 02)723-2690 pancake 7,000, Pyeongyang dumpling
together produce dynamic but unique streets. Be prepare with more than a day for 13:00-19:30 Closed on Monday


Romanee Conti | 02)722-1633
looking around, since there are just too Jongnogu area Gaheodang, Samcheongdong Hwagaegil Shoe Street | 02)731-17229 12:00-01:00
many shops, galleries and museums. 10-min walk from Exits 1 & 2 & 3 of Anguk Station of subway line 3 Depending on each shop Free Admission
Open year-round Salmon spaghetti with

30 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 31

Zone 1

Beautiful Tea Museum Buamdong

When you walk into the tea museum Buamdong is a common

under the simple Hangeul tablet, you neighborhood on the slope
might be surprised finding a bright tea of Inwangsan (Mt.) Fa-
caf first. The caf is filled with sunlight mous for its beauty from
and changes several times a day over the old days, it has been nick-
course of sun. Tea museum is displayed named as Mug yedong
on one side of the caf offering various meaning paradise. While
tea sets around the tables. The museum Seoul has changed consid-
provides gallery, caf, and tea shop erably each day, Buamdong
spaces for tired shoppers and tourists. is an exception, changing
You can pick your cup of tea amongst at a snails pace. Thankfully,
over 100 tea leaves. Teas are served with Buamdong has kept intact
a stick of rounded green tea rice cake. the Koreans everyday liv-
ing from the 1970s till now.
193-1 Insadong Jongnogu You can meet with the old
10-min walk from Exit 3 of Jonggak Station on subway line 1
20-min walk from Exits 5 & 6 of Anguk Station on subway line 3 bath houses, barbers shops,
Free admission mom-and-pop stores, rice
mills along with galleries,
cafes and museums.
Jogyesa (Temple) Baeksasil Valley It used to house the villa of a famous Buamdong. Thanks to the severe limitation of development,
prime minister under King Gwanghaegun, Lee Hang-bok, it preserves the nature very well so you feel youre deep
Jogyesa (Tmeple) is most fascinating whose pen name was Baeksa. The valley is 1 km away from inside a secluded mountain area. Along the quiet valley,
in April. Upon the Day of Buddhas various plants settle and the clear stream is home to fish
Coming, it is fully covered with lotus which is known to only live the first-rated water. You might
lanterns which are lined to Jongno, become Alice in the Wonderland inside the tranquil woods
Insadong and Cheonggyecheon areas. in the busiest city of Seoul.
At the entrance, a 450 years old locust
tree welcomes Buddhists and visitors Whanki Museum In honor of the great artist Kim
alike. Behind the huge tree, the main Whan-ki who captivated Korean emotions with abstract
building of Jogyesa (Temple) is located. aesthetic senses, the museum was built and displays art-
works of modern Korean artists as well as the namesake 1st
Jogyesa (Temple) is the head temple of
generation abstract painter.
the Korean Buddhist Jogye Order. The
white pine tree beside the main hall is Club Espresso You can taste a gourmet coffee. The
over 500 years old. In 2010, Jogyesa owner used to run a coffee academy and roasts, grinds cof-
(Temple) will be marking its 100th fee beans on his own for his famous hand-drip coffee.
tip anniversary.
Upon Buddhas Birthday, the lotus lantern festival with
parade makes a spectacle to catch your eyes. Its tea house is Legend of Sticking Rock The name of Buam
well-known for its delicacies. 45 Gyeonjidong Jongnogu (meaning sticking rock) originated from a legend that a
10-min walk from Exit 2 of Jonggak Station on subway line 1
Foreigners information desk introduces the Korean
10-min walk from Exit 6 of Anguk Station on subway line 3
woman grinds a stone on Buchimbawi (Rock) until it sticks to
Buddhism to foreign tourists. You can get detailed information Opening hours vary according to the temples schedule calendar the rock and then she gives birth to a son. The rock disappeared
on experience programs such as temple stay. 02)732-5292 Temple Life for foreigners available with advance booking

when a wide road was constructed.

32 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 33

Zone 1

Waters from Namsan, Inwangsan and
Bugaksan (Mts.) gather together at the
center of Seoul called Cheonggyecheon
before it reaches at the Han River.
However, it did not have enough
water so, often times, it dried and over-
flowed. After the Korean War, a slum
town nestled along with both banks
of Cheonggyecheon. In 1955, it was
covered with earth and an elevated
road. In October 2005, the restora-
tion work brought it back to its old
days in a modern version. Along with
5.8 km stream, there are 22 bridges
and 9 fountains. Thanks to the revived
Cheonggyecheon, the urban tempera-
ture of Seoul drops by over 10% and
winds are being directed by the stream.
Cheonggyecheon Jongnogu
Accessible from many subway stations like City Hall, Gwanghwamun,
Jonggak, Euljiro 1-ga, Euljiro 3-ga, Euljiro 4-ga, Jongno 3-ga, Jongno 5-ga,
Dongdaemun, Dongdaemun Stadium

Cheonggye Plaza The starting point of Wall of Wishes The wall has been decorated with ordi-
Cheonggyecheon. The artistic sculpture at the entrance is nary peoples wishes. The wall is made with 20,000 tiles in
Spring by American pop artist Class Oldenberg, which is 10 10 inches on which people wrote and drew what they
based on the concept of Korean ceramics, costumes and the wished. Make time to read through: May love and be happy
full moon. all the time, Please love the environment. When you read
Stepping down to the stream, you would see Palseokdam others wishes, they become your wishes, too. It is located
Pond made with stones from every corner of Korea and between Hwanghakgyo (Bridge) and Biudanggyo (Bridge).
Byeokcheon (Wall Fountain) where water flows on the wall.
You can also see a miniature of Cheonggyecheon. Looking Banchado of King Jeongjo (Tile Painting)
closely at the miniature, you can plan how to look around. The great King Jeongjo frequently visited to the tomb of his
Offers Cheonggyecheon Cultural Festival on weekends dur- miserable father who had been suffocated in a box by his own
ing April to November. father. Banchado is a painting of the royal procession of bands,
guards, subjects and royal families. It was drewn by the then
Gwangtonggyo (Bridge) The old bridge is a living wit- most leading artists of Korea. Reprinted on the wall tiles here.
ness of Cheonggyecheon. As the earth bridge was swept away
due to the heavy rains, a stout bridge was built with stone pil- tip
lars from a queens tomb, according to a written story. During With its 2nd-rated clear water, Cheonggyecheon is

the restoration, the bridge was rebuilt based on the excavated home to the fish that lives only in unpolluted water. However,
the water is not for drinking.
and recovered from Changdeokgung and Tapgol Park.

34 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 35

Zone 1

Daehakno is home to small stages
which are simmering for 24 hours
a day with passion and challenges.
More than 100 little theaters never
stop running plays, concerts, musicals
and movies. Originally, liberal arts and
law departments of Seoul National
University used to be here. In 1965,
the University moved to Sillimdong
and Marronnier Park took over fol-
lowed by various cultural and arts
troupes. Daehakno is technically 1.1
km between Hyehwadong Rotar y
and Ewha Rotary but straddles on
Myeongnyundong, Yeonjidong,
Hyojedong, Dongsungdong and
Yeongeondong. The street plaza in
front of Arts Council Korea throws
various performances of concerts,
poetry readings, and plays.

Area of Myeongnyun 4-ga Jongnogu

Hyehwa Station on subway line 4

Arko Arts Theater A specialized performing hall Lock Museum The museum chooses iron for its theme Places to See dhte 20,000 (Lunch)
Marronnier Park | 02)731-0585  10,000 (Dinner),
built in 1981. It hosts Seoul Performing Arts Festival, Seoul and its building. Koreas leading architect Seung Hyo-sang
5-min walk from Exit 2 of Hyehwa

Guest Table dhte 16,000,
Drama Festival, and Seoul Performing Arts Festival for Young designed the building with a rusty iron on its faade and Station on subway line 4 Mother Table dhte 25,000
Audiences each year. Went through an extensive makeover let visitors get in through a key hole. Locks from home and Arko Art Center | 02)760-4525 Mocoji | 02)744-3128
in 2004 and turned out as a comfortable and closer hall to abroad are displayed on the 4th floor including over 300 Mar to Oct 10:00-19:00, Nov to
 18:00-06:00 Closed on National

arts lovers. 02)760-4840 / Korean traditional ones. There are a caf on the 1st floor and Feb10:00-18:00 holidays
No exhibitions in the mornings of
 Fowl feet 9,500, Fish ball soup

a gallery on the 2nd and 3rd floors. 1,000 discount avail-

Thursday and Friday before new 9,500, Pork hock 9,500
able for visitors of both caf and museum. 02)766-6494 / exhibition Saemaeul Restaurant | Free admission
 Open for 24 hrs

Robot Museum | 02)741-8861 Closed on National holidays

Museum of Korea Straw and Plants

10:00-19:00 Closed on Monday

 7-min Pork kimchi 5,000,

Handicraft Originally built in Cheongdamdong in 1993 8,000

Briquet barbequed beef 7,000,
and moved to Daehakno in 2001. The one and only straw Broiled dish with salt 7,000
museum in the world. There are 3,500 folk materials, 200 Sotdae Shabu Shabu |
instruments, 2,000 ancient Koran nails, 1,000 utensils used 02) 741-1357

in Korean memorial service, 200 sets of Korean traditional

Places to Eat 11:30-22:00 (Closed 15:00

Mother and a Guest in the ~17:00) Closed on Sunday

house doors and 100 toy tops from abroad. 02)743-8787 / Reception Room | 02)765-8200 Sotdae Shabu Shabu 17,000, 12:00-22:00 Sarang Table

Pancakes 8,000

36 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 37

Zone 1

Naksan Park Myeongnyun

022 023

If youre busy having fun at Daehakno,

Naksan Park would be too far or too
high to get. However, once you get The lecture hall of the highest
there, you never regret coming up. The educational institution of Joseon,
long stairway and the winding back Sungkyunkwan. Rebuilt in 1606,
alley will give you unforgettable scenery Myeongnyundang put two gingko
together with public art project works. trees to symbolize the Confucianism.
The densely stood street lights are the The Seokjeon Daeje is held twice a year tip
Take a shuttle bus at Exit 1 of Hyehwa Station on
unparalleled backdrop of night scene in in spring and fall here. The designated
tip Seoul. Naksan Park doesnt have to be Intangible Cultural Asset includes the
subway line 4. Its fare is 300 and runs at every 5 minutes.
Naksan(Mt.) is among the four mountains inside
Seoul with Namsan, Inwangsan, and Bugaksan (Mts.) called as Montmartre of Seoul, since it dance of 8 columns which is the only
From Naksan Park, you can walk along the 18 km-long Seoul 02)760-1472
Seonggwak (Fortress Wall) connecting the four mountains.
proves its unique beauty. Naksan Park conserved one of its own kind, close 53 Myeongnyun 3-gadong Jongnogu
15-min walk from Exit 4 of Hyehwa Station of subway line 4
In the middle of Naksan Park, a Field of Heungdeok tells a is worth being called Naksan. to the original, in the world. There are Free admission
story to worth knowing. Dont forget to find the introduction other buildings in Sungkyunkwan. Seowon Stay for foreigners available
sign at the small field.
It takes only 10 minutes for you to walk from Naksan Park to s an 2-10 Dongsungdong Jongnogu
the private residence of Rhee Seung-man, the first president of 10-min walk from Exit 2 of Hyehwa Station of subway line 4
Take No 03 bus at Exit 5 of Dongdaemun Station of subway line 1 and get off

Hyehwadong 024
Korea. With advance booking by a phone call, you can peek at at Naksan final stop
the frugal life of the late first lady Francesca theer.
Naksan Exhibit Hall 09:00-18:00

Community Service Center

Wuamgil Jongnogu
Toward Seongbuk-dong from Exit 4 of
Hyehwa Station of subway line 4

The Korean traditional house was built in 1930 and used to be the residence of
Koreas first woman doctor Han So-je. At the entrance twisted with pumpkin
vines, you meet with a tall gingko tree. Since there are no gates and porches,
anybody can walk in to take a rest in the small garden. Inside the window, civil
servants are busy doing there jobs just as in other community centers. The narrow
corridor displays various living items made of straw, though all of them are care-
lessly strewn. On top of these, small stone figures and wild flowers create warmth
in this otherwise sober place.

38 39
Zone 1

025 026
Jeongdonggil Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art
If you feel nothing after walking along
with 1.5 km-long Jeongdonggil, youd (SeMA)
Exits 11 & 12 of City Hall Station on subway line 2
Exit 5 of Seodaemun Station on subway line 5
Mar to Oct 10:00-21:00 (weekdays),
better try again after getting more 09:00-19:00 (weekend, holidays) Walking along the stone wall of Deoksugung
Nov to Feb 10:00-21:00 (weekday)
information about Jeongdonggil area. 10-min walk from City Hall Station on subway lines 1 & 2 / 5-min walk from 09:00-18:00 (weekend, holidays)/ Tue to Friday (Palace), you can take the left route at the three-way
Sedaemun Station on subway line 5 12:00-13:00 free entrance (except special exhibit)
It will take less than a half hour to walk intersection. Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art is
Closed on Monday and New Years Day
around. Once you get to know about the inside of the buildings and back alleys, a pleasant resting place for urban workers laboring
you will witness a whole different view here. Couples love to walk around the in the woods of high-rises, as it is always crowded
stone wall of Deoksugung (Palace) and, at the same time, anyone, who tries to by them during the lunch break. SeMA meets their
look at what happened in the past history here in Jeongdonggil area, might feel needs and opens their gates for free during weekday
sorry. Best time to visit here is late autumn when yellow gingko leaves cover the lunch time. One of the local art commentator Ban
pedestrian walks just like heavy snows do in winter. Yi-jeong said, SeMA is famous for the block-
buster exhibitions and it also offers a good
tip opportunity where you can appreci-
Namdo Restaurant at Jeongdonggil offers only one speacialty: chueotang, ground loach in hot bean paste soup. Located on
the right side of Chongdong Theater. The owner got rid of its phone, because there were too many phone calls to ask its location. ate the contemporary art at
affordable prices.
The faade of the
Old Russian Legation After his queen was murdered history. It was also a secret rendezvous of independence
by the Japanese agents, King Gojong sought shelter activists. The building is Koreas first western style of Christian
main building at
at Russian Legation. Currently, the 3-story steeple has buildings and is located at the center of Jeongdonggil. Seosomun is from
remained so far, overlooking Jeongdong Park. the former Supreme
Jungmyeongjeon The 2-story building beside the Cour t of K or ea
Chungdong First Methodist Church Chungdong Chongdong Theater used to be the reception hall where which was built in
First Methodist Church was started by an American King Gojong frequently met foreign envoys. The 1905 Eulsa the 1920s.
Methodist missionary H.G. Appenseller and became the cra- Treaty was signed here and Korea was declared a Japanese
dle of western education and culture in the modern Korean protectorate.

Art Shop & Cafeteria The 3-floor caf has two glass
walls. Looking through the wide glass, you can fully rest your
mind over a tea. At the art shop downstairs, you can see the
various art books and items with art prints on them.

Library There is a small library next to the main building

at Seosomun. It houses art books, photo books, various
periodicals, exhibition pamphlets, records and video materi-
als. If you want a calm and cozy place to feel the art, it is just
there for you.

Gyeonghuigung Annex / NamSeoul Annex

Gyeonghuigung Annex was built in 1994 celebrating the
600th anniversary of Seoul. NamSeoul Annex is located
near Sadang Station. It used to be Belgium Legation and
reopened as it is in 2004. The classical building is surrounded
by trees and an outdoor sculpture park, creating a tranquil
place in the busy Sadang area.

40 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 41

Zone 1


Catholic church
Yakhyeon Catholic church building is
Koreas first western-style church build-
ing since it was built in 1892. Though
the building looks ordinary and plain,
it held Koreas first ceremony of priest
ordination. The church is located on
the steep slope behind the fisher y
market of Jungnim. The name of
Yakhyeon originates from the old days
when there was a wide herbal medicine
field. The church is still surrounded
colorful flowers. Along the trail, there
are 14 Stations of the Cross. Across the
church, Seosomun Park is also a sacred 02)362-1891
10-min walk from Exit 1 of Seoul Station on subway line 1
ground where 44 Catholic saints were 10-min walk from Exit s 4 & 5 of Chungjeongno Station on subway line 2

Chongdong Theater & Nanta Theater

027 martyred.
Closed before and after the mass hour

If you want to enjoy a true Korean representative tip

Bank of Korea Museum
<Miso> and <Nanta> are the
performance, you should definitely visit Chongdong must-see program for group tourists
Theater or Nanta Theater. Chongdong Theater has from Japan and China. Dont forget
staged Miso for over 13 years, a love story which cov- to book in advance to make sure. Bank of Korea Museum is a currency museum where you can learn how cur-
ers Korean traditional performing arts from dances, Ticketing through online sites offers
price discounts. rencies changed over the course of time and see rare currencies from all over the
instrumental music, folk music, most famously, world. Plus, it displays interesting items like North Korean money and novel
to pansori. The popular show has attracted over Chongdong Theater equipment to detect and block counter-
500,000 locals and foreigners so far. Its neighbor- 02)751-1500
41 Jeongdonggil Junggu feiting. You can sit a chair in the hallway
ing Nanta Theater is also a popular cultural point at Closed
on Monday which was made with chopped 10,000
Jeongdong. Its exclusive 90-min comic show, Nanta Nanta Theater
02)739-8288 won bill, worth 139,120 US dollars
is about a kitchen and only adopts percussion rhythm Jeongdong Hall: 15-1 Jeongdong Junggu
Gangnam Hall: 86-1 Cheongdamdong (about 170 million Korean won). How
without one line of words. Gangnamgu would you feel sitting on money? The
themed exhibition Amazing Currency
Gildeulyeojigi A slow-food Zoo is based on the animals described
restaurant inside Chongdong Theater.
on coins and bills
It only adopts eco-friendly ingredients
across the world. For 02)759-4881
with no artificial condiments. You have Namdaemunno 3-ga

to be ready for a longer wait as the instance, Tuvalu, Junggu Inside Bank of

cook starts upon receiving orders. Its a sma l l is la n d of 10-min walk from Exit 7
of City Hall Station on
tip Polynesia, produced subway line 2
pastas and steaks has become famous At the Surprise Photo Shop, you can have your face on 10-min walk from Exit 7
through word-of-mouth. A cup of a bill. You can also weigh a 500-won million coins. Try a bag of a 1-dollar coin with of Euljiroipgu Station on
subway line 2
tea is 5,000 and up, and a pasta 10,000 won worth 300 million won (about 81,830 US dollars). blue ringed octopus 10:00-17:00
It is 28.8 kg. Free admission
13,000 and up. 02)319-7083 on it.

42 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 43

Zone 1

Namdaemun Market
Namdaemun Market is filled with all kinds of fun from
what to shop, eat, and see. From a wide variety of sell-
ing items for different prices and qualities, you never
fail to find what you have in mind. Even street vendors
offer rare items which give you a pleasant time to look
for. Between shopping, you can please your stomach
with unique snacks and specialties. Anywhere between
450,000 and 500,000 of visitors come here on a daily
basis. Namdaemun Market is most famous for garments,
especially, ladies one. On top of local retailers, its custom-
ers are from all over the world, South-east Asia, Americas
and European countries. According to a governmental
statistics in 2008, 46.5% of foreign tourists pay a visit to
Namdaemun Market. Seoul City Government has des-
ignated it as a tourist zone. Closed on Sunday.
49 Namchangdong Junggu
5-min walk from Exits 5 & 6 & 7 of Hoehyeon Station on subway line 4
 amdaemun Festival opens in September. For more information, visit its website.

Saerona Shopping Center Nicknamed as Camera Paradise. It offers

everything related cameras on its 1st floor. Sangdong Methodist Church, famous
for its engagement in the independence movement, is stationed.

Messa The largest shopping mall in Namdaemun Market. Inside the modern
building is a Korean traditional market, a pronoun of Namdaemun Market.

Imported Items Market Filled with rare and unique items across the
world. It varies from garments, food to small living items.

Namdaemun Snack Cart Alley

The alley is de facto a buffet restaurant for
ordinary people. It offers from light meals,
side dishes served with alcoholic bever-
ages to dissert.

Hairtail Restaurant Alley Over

30 years, it has been famous among
gourmets for serving excellent dishes.
Every restaurants at this alley has been on
air at least once. Hairtail is boiled down in
soy sauce with radishes and potatoes. The
proof of pudding is in the eating!

44 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 45

Zone 1

On a regular day, over 1,500,000
people pass through Myeongdong
which is full of shopping, youth,
fashion, eateries and cafes all the year
round. In this metropolitan area, you
dont feel any separation from the
global trend. Myeongdong is now a
global shopping mecca. Most out-
standingly, board signs here accept
foreign languages more and more. If
you havent been here for a long time,
you might be surprised at the large
flagship stores of globally popular
foreign and local brands. All the more
unique shops are stationed to create
vivacious streets. Foreigners love here
and even stay several days taken out
of their short itinerary. Myeongdong
has been designated as tourist zone by
Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Myeongdong Junggu
Euljiro 1-ga Station on subway line 2 / Myeongdong Station on subway
line 4

Jessi Newyork New arrivals at short intervals. The prices. 02)727-3300 / Spai The shoes shop provides all kinds of footwear from Eblin The lingerie shop serves women in their 20s and
unique display of show window captures passing tourists. rain boots to stiletto heels at affordable prices. The most 30s with its French style items. Elegant laces with graceful
The shop manager is ready to recommend decent items Zara A Spanish brand famous for its reasonable prices and popular item is rain boots. 02)775-2301 / www.spaimall. designs make the lingerie best wedding presents. 02) 319-
for you based on your body types. 02)774-5040 / www. fast-delivered designs. Recently, Zara Kids has been intro- com 0770 / duced in Korea. 02)752-0744 /

Forever 21 Releases new arrivals everyday. It covers Club Monaco It displays mono colored classic styles. Have you heard about Moving Tourist Center? Look for a person in a red vest with from information printed on it.
from colorful dresses to basic T-shirts and denims at cheaper The New York brand also opens an outlet in Myeongdong They are fluent in Japanese, Chinese or English and offer translation service and information about location and tourist attractions upon
your requests. 8-10 groups consisting of two specialists walk around Myeongdong and Namdaemun areas from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm
store and you can get a 40% discount. 02)777-1623 / www.
in order to help foreign tourists.

Bean Pole Koreas leading preppy look brand famous for

Places to Eat
its bicycle logo. The Myeongdong store has a caf inside for Baekje Samgyetang | 02)776-3267 Myeongdong Pork Cutlet | 02)776-2455
tired customers. 02) 778-1973 / 10:00-22:00 02)776-5300 24 hrs Boiled rice in soup 6,000,

Abalone congee 12,000,

 11:00-21:30 Tenderloin 9,000,
 Hangover soup 7,000
Swarovski A globally famous jewelry shop which offers Samgyetang 12,000 Fish cutlet 8,000 Myeongso | 02)752-8620 10:00-22:30

Sandonggyoja | 02)778-4150 Hadonggwan | 02)776-5656 Seasoned rib W28,000, Rip soup 6,000
watches, jewelry, sculptures and dolls in crystal. It has

11:30-22:00 07:00-16:30 Beef-bone soup 10,000,

Myeongdonggyoja | 02)776-3424
opened a large shop in Myeongdong with a repair center. Boiled dumpling 4,500, Pork seasoned

Boiled beef 4,000 10:30-21:30 Chopped noodles 7,000,

02) 755-2030 / with five spices 18,000 Myeongdong Ttarogukbap | Dumpling 7,000

46 seoul best 100 47

Zone 1

A multi-shop based on European
vintage theme. On the each floor,
different items are displayed such as
garments, interior items and station-
ary and have you consume much
time to look around. The interior
style of each floor is not loud but
silently talks to shoppers and makes
them stop. You can find yourself
touch one of the displayed items
which look like a vintage item from
Europe or Japan, falling in love with
A-Land which means A Nature Takes a Land. 034
53-6 Myeongdong 2-ga Junggu
Namsangol Hanok Village
Take the subway ling 4 to Myeongdong Station and out through Exit 6. Make a left turn at Adidas Performance shop and go straight 100 m to three way intersection
10:00-22:30 The five well-preserved Hanok buildings, protected as folk data by the city gov-
ernment, were moved to here in 1998. The orginal residents of these houses
varied from the father-in-law of a king to a high-ranking military officer to a car-

Myeongdong China Town

033 penter so that visitors can easily recognize the differences according to the social
status. The Hanok village was properly developed with traditional house arrange-
ment and community facilities such as a pavilion and
Streets of Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China in Myeongdong are calm 02)2266-6923
a pond when the first five houses were relocated. For 84-1 Pildong 2-ga Junggu
and exotic. At every corner, you can see the lives of Chinese living in Korea for the 10-min walk from Exit 3 of Chungmuro Station on
visitors, folk play games and traditional dances are subway lines 3 & 4
last 100 years. Overseas Chinese Primary School is 100 years old at the center of Mar to Oct 09:00-22:00 / Nov to Feb 09:00-20:00
always served. There are also traditional craft and gift
this area. Around the school, the 150 m Closed on Tuesday / Foreign language guide
shops and traditional restaurants. available
-long street is home to many Chinese
shops: cookie shops, travel agencies,
House of Kings son-in-law, Park Young-hyo arrangement. You can see the typical house arrangement of
money exchanges, stamp shops, transla- Park Young-hyo was a very powerful politician and son-in- nobilitys house in Joseon period.
tors shops. You might feel the time is law of a king in late period of Joseon. His residence shows
frozen when youre in here amid old well the arrangement of a house of nobility, consisting of t Master Carpenter Yi Seung-ups House
facades and board signs. Dont forget he reception halls, the living quar- Yi Seung-up was the head carpen-
to try genuine Chinese cuisine here. ters and annex. The stone materi- ter when Gyeongbokgung was rebuilt
Cantonese food tangsuyuk is best als were cut at the right angle with in late Joseon Dynasty. Originally, the
served at Ilpumhyang[02)753-6928], unique patterns on, displaying splen- servants quarters surrounded the liv-
unforgettable sea food dishes at dors and dignity. ing quarters and the reception hall. The
Hoebanjang[02)776-7592], third- current house only keeps its main living
generation owner keeps its tradition
Maiden Home of Queen quarters and the reception hall. Though
Sunjeonghyo The last King Sun- the carpenters social status was less re-
at Gaehwa[02)776-0508], and
jongs queen had lived in this house spected in the strict hierarchical soci-
Sandonggyoja [02)778-4150] is for 13 years before she got married. ety of Joseon, Yi Seoung-up was very
famous for chewy dumpling. The original was too dilapidated to be skilled so he was chosen to build the
Myeongdong 2-ga Junggu relocated so the current building was palace. Look closely at the elaborate
5-min walk from Exit 5 of Myeongdong Station on subway line 4
reconstructed based on the original and unique style at the house.

seoul best 100 49

Zone 1

Namsan Park

Seouls largest park. It has been thickly

crowded with various trees and being
served as living lungs for locals. In 1897,
Japanese planted cherr y trees, the
national flower of Japan, and made
roads at Namsan(Mt.), celebrating the
Japanese stationing at the time of the
Japanese Invasion of Korea in the 16th
century. Afterwards, the park extended
to the current size of 2,900,000m2. It
houses various historical sites such as
Seoul Seonggwak (Fortress Wall) and
Warning Light Deck and cultural sites
such as libraries, National Theater of
Korea, and science museum. Residents
in Seoul can take these various advantages

National Museum of Korea

at Namsan (Mt.). 036
Namsan Ormi Elevator will give you an easy ride to Mt.
Namsan. Take subway line 4 to Myeongdong Station and get
Jangchung Section There are Jangchungdan (Shrine) out of Exit 4 to the memorial plaza of No 3 Tunnel. You can take
which is dedicated to patriots sacrificed against the Japanese
One of the six largest museums in the world with its vast 02)2077-9000
the glassed elevator for free. Inside the elevator, you can enjoy
Imperialists, the 15-century stone bridge, Supyogyo the view until you reach to the parking lot of Namsan Cable Car. amounts of size and displayed items. It is home to over 135,000 168-6 Yongsandong 6-ga
(Bridge) which was printed with markings to evaluate level relics and puts over 5,000 items on a permanents display in six 150 m from Exit 2 of Ichon
Station on subway line 4
of flood, the traditional archery field, Seokhojeong (Archery 02)3783-5900 categories, in 18 exhibit rooms. It first opened in 1945 when the TueThurFriday 09:00-18:00
WedSaturday 09:00-21:00
Range), and National Theater of Korea in this section of the
115 Sowolgil Hoehyeondong Junggu
Take No 0014, 402, or 02 buses from Exit 4 of Seoul Station on subway line 1 country became independent and stationed at Deoksugung and SunHoliday 09:00-19:00
park. It is also closed to Dongdaemun Shopping Town and and get off at Namsan Library stop.
Gyeongbokgung (Palace) before it was rebuilt in Yongsan in  Closed on Monday and New
Years Day
Seoul Folk Flea Market. 2005. Dont try to skim through it. You never resist the appeals Foreign Language Call
prime minister of Japan, and Hanok Village in these sections. from the nicely displayed relics which are silently talking to you. Advance booking and Walk-in
Yejang & Hoehyeon Sections There are Seoul Time The Namsan cable car to the peak departs here, easily acces- The time travel inside is never enough. You will be arrested by the gold crowns of
Capsule Plaza which was established to celebrate the 600th sible from Myeongdong and Chungmuro.
the Silla Kingdom, Goryeo celadon and Joseon paintings, to just name a few.
anniversary of Seoul, the ancient Chinese politician Zhuge
Liangs shrine, Memorial Hall of An Jung-geun who assassi- Hannam Section The outdoor botanical garden is quite
nated Ito Hirobumi, the Japanese Imperialist and four-time a scene. It was built on the site of foreigners houses on the Gold Crown & Belt The gold crown was excavated from Hwangnam Great Tomb in Gyeongju, southeast of Korea. It is in
slope of Namsan(Mt.). A wild flower bed is included. the shape of twigs and antler, a typical design of the Silla gold crown. The gold crown weighs 1 kg and the gold belt less. The
master pieces of the Silla Kingdom in terms of design and skill.
N Seoul Tower The steeple is 236.7 m high from the peak
of Namsan (Mt.). It was built in 1971 as a broadcasting tower Pensive Bodhisattva Commonly believed to be of Maitreya, the
and, with the extension of the observation deck, was open future Buddha. Gilt-bronze. National Treasure no. 83. The sculpture
to the public since 1980. The 4-story observation building is fascinatingly beautiful with its slight smile on the lip and naturally
houses a restaurant, a caf, and a wine bar. On its 4th floor, draped gown.
there is a rotating deck for a full view of Seoul. To the observa-
tion deck, you can take the high-speed elevator which shots Funique House & Rolling Ball Museum Funique House
you up 240 meter a minute. There is Teddy Bear Museum gives children a rare opportunity that they can touch and experience
[02)3489-8488] which shows the development story of Seoul odd items displayed on their own. With rolling balls, Rolling Ball
in Teddy Bears. 02)772-1616 / Museum develops the creativity and scientific sense among children.

50 51
Zone 1

War Memorial

of Korea 02)709-3139
8 Yongsandong 1-ga Yongsangu
Koreas one and only museum on war. Namyeong Station on subway line 1
5-min walk from Samgakji Station on subway line 4 / 10-min walk from

It displays over 9,000 items to reflect 09:00-18:00 (Entry allowed till 17:00)
Adults 3,000 Teens 2,000 Children 1,000
the past and learn how precious it is
Closed on Monday (if holiday, the following day after holiday)
to keep peace without war. There are Group discount available over 20 people

a total of 7 exhibition rooms as well as

the outdoor space to show tanks and You can be surprised to know that the virtual reality
combat planes which are allowed to of battle scene is available. At War Memorial of Korea, Korea
War Room is equipped with special effect which re-enacts the
take on and manipulate. In the memo- night battle scene. You can be terrified at the sound of bullet
rial room, displayed are the statues of and smell of gunpowder.
patriots who sacrificed themselves to Also, it displays over 208 kinds of the advanced weapons
from bullets to combat planes to tanks made in Korea.
protect Korea.
038 Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art
Yongsan Park If you have no car, take a taxi to Leeum on the slope of Hannamdong. It surely is
After you witness the horrors and realities of the modern war, its time to feel a trouble to get there, but it is definitely worth it. It is strongly recommended for
the peace at Yongsan Park. The former golf course for the US military base in those who would like to experience the essence of Korean traditional art in a short
Yongsan was renovated in 1992 as a wide park with 4 ponds, a grass field, and a amount of time, those who want to skim through the global art trend by looking at
total of 4 km long trail. If you dare to experience the nature in a unique way, try to representative paintings, and those who are interested in art museum buildings with
tread on Barefoot Park. You will feel refreshed after taking a good walk for a while. the architectural sense. The three buildings were the products of the world-class
architects, Mario Botta, Jean Nouvel and 02)2014-6901
5-min walk from Exit 1 of Seobinggo Station on central railway line / 5-min walk from Exit 2 of Ichon Station on subway line 4
Remment Koolhaas. Each building rep- 747-18 Hannamdong Yongsangu
10-min walk from Exit 1 of Hangangjin Station on subway line 6
Free Admission resents its theme and the futuristic sense Tue to Sun 10:30-18:00
Adults 10,000 Teens 8,000
for art. Please, make sure that you have
Closed on Monday, New Years Day and Chuseok

enough time to spend there beforehand. Foreign language guide available / Weekend 15:00 English guide available

A digital guide named Ddongtogi is available for further understanding of the displayed items at museum. Rental fee is 2,000
upon depositing of I.D. card. Junior High students and above are allowed to lease.
At Leeum Caf, you can use the data search service for in-depth information about the permanen t display, buildings, and the annex.
Leeum Highlight with the explanation of its docents is available at 10 am and 1:30 pm, twice a day. It takes one and half hour.

Antiques Without the artistic fame, the obscure potter Joong-sub, Park Suguen, Jang Wook-jin to Kim Whan-ki.
created the most beautiful ceramics in the past. Just looking Together with these, the contemporary foreign artists dis-
at these masterly pieces arrests you. play their jewel at Leeum.
Over 120 items of celadon, white porcelain, paintings,
calligraphic works, Buddhist artworks and metal crafts are Lobby & Outdoor Leeums popular two bronze spiders
displayed on the four floors. are the product of Louis Bourgeois titled Maman. The
real bench Eye Bench was made with granite stone from
Modern & Contemporary Art of Korea and Zimbabwe. Tatsuo Miyajimas Transcend Section was perma-
the World You can see the masterpieces of Koreas lead- nently installed in the entrance floor to have you think of
ing artists since 1910 from Nam-june Paik, Yi In-seong, Lee time and being.

52 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 53

Zone 1

The global village inside Seoul. It is
packed with foreigners from every
corner of the world throughout the
year. It used to be a small village of
public officials living quarters in Joseon
Dynasty. After the Korean War, shops
for American soldiers mushroomed,
which developed into a shopping and
tourists town for foreigners afterwards.
Half of the visitors here is foreigners so
the streets are exotic and colorful.
Area of Itaewon 1-dong Yongsangu
Itaewaon Station on subway line 6
Itaewon Grand Sale in May each year

Fun to browse the shops There are various shops

selling military items, Pakistani carpets, spangled dresses,
Hanbok, the Korean traditional costume, and big-sized gar-
ments. You dont have to buy something to enjoy the mood.
The prices vary and the May grand sale event offers a greet
shopping opportunity.
book. The list goes on and on from Korean pork bacon Places to Shop
SCARLET | Offers upscale antique furniture HARRODS | Offers various living items Hot-sauced rice cake with octopus
Global Kitchen If you try to taste all the specialties restaurants, Greek dishes in olive oil, Indian restaurants,
and living items from France, German, from wooden furniture to romantic-style 20,000
served in Itaewon, youd better get you a restaurant guide Mexican ones to Turkey restaurants with water tobacco. England, Austria and Denmark. fabrics. Santorini | 02)790-3474
02)792-0641 10:00-19:30
02) 793-5950 10:00-18:30
Sandwich and fries 12,000,

Itaewon Global Village Festival Opens between CHANBRE | The main items are the English Greek salad 14,000
September and October each year. The festival aims to DMZ | A military-specialized shop offering antique plates and candle stands. The Salam | 02)793-4323
reserve army outfits and steel helmets for flamboyant chandeliers and lights capture 11:00-23:00
harbor various foreign cultures in Korean surroundings. With German soldiers during WW2. the eyes of bystanders. Kebab 6,000 and up, Turkish pizza

the start of opening parade consisting of representatives 02)794-7930 10:00-22:00

02)3785-1315 11:00-19:00

6,000, Salam course 18,000
of all countries, the festival hosts traditional dances and BAUHAUS | The antique furniture shop Usmania | 02)798-7155
performances across the world. The food festival is held at provides Italian original items. 11:00-23:00
02)749-6339 10:30-19:00
Beef curry 18,000, Tanduri chicken

the same time to give a rare opportunity where you can

Guibin | The dress shop offers spangled 20,000
taste different dishes. stage dress gowns. All the garments are Moontaro | 02)796-7232
imported or handmade. 18:00-03:3
Islam Mosque The centripetal place for 1 million 02)793-5333 10:00-22:00
Nagasaki style seafood stew 15,000,

Korean muslim. The mosque is at the peak of a hill across Grilled skewer 25,000
the Hamilton Hotel. The both minarets and crescent sign DAEBOO | The 30-year-old popular Places to Eat
is peculiar. Inside the mosque, you can encounter the antique shop offering various items from Naris Home | 02)793-4860
whiskered men and hijab-worn women. The street in front other Asian countries. Open for 24 hrs
of the mosque to the so-called Dokkaebi market is lined
02)796-1128 11:00-19:00
Korean bacon 8,000, Soup with fermented soybeans 5,000

with offices and restaurants of Indians, Pakistanis, Turkeys
Sheba Carpet | Offers handmade carpets Baebulttukgi | 02)794-6782
and Egyptians. Accessed from Exit 3 of Itaewon Station on from Pakistan. 16:30-04:00 Fried chicken with hot

subway line 6. 02)793-6908 02)790-2003 10:00-22:00

sauce 25,000

54 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 55

Zone 1

Jungbu Market Bukchon Museum-Old Fragrance
Exit 6 of Anguk S

Beside Namdaemun Market, Jungbu Crow

Market is also regarded as the top tra- E-trust Dentists
ditional market among native Koreans. Hoseban
The 40-year-old market still preserves Angukseonwon
Bukchon Hanok Village G
the typical market scenery of old days Mara
Seoul Fowl Museum

and offers decent groceries at cheaper Han Sang Soo Embroidery Museum

prices attracting smart housewives Bukchon Hanok Village

everyday. Most famously, it offers best- Gahoedong Catholic Church Gahoe Museum

quality dried fish such as squids, dried Dongnip Knot Museum

filefish fillets, anchovies, yellow corbi- tip Gahoe Bldg.

Jungangtang (Bathhouse)

If you plan to buy dried laver and squids for gifts, try
nas, sea mustard and dried laver. Gyedong Church
Jungbu Market. It will be satisfactory in terms of price and K

quality. Korean Buddhist Art Museum Indu

02)2273-0006 139-11 Ojang-dong Junggu OKitchen


Bukchon Art Museum

Seoul Seonggwak (Fortress Wall)
Gahoedong Community Service Center

Exit 2 of Anguk Station on

subway line 3
Exit 6 of Anguk Station on st Cen
The fortress wall was built by the founder of Joseon, King Taejo. Right after the subway line 3 adon g Touri
Nor th Ins
designation of Seoul as its capital city,Bukchon
KingMuseum-Old Fragrance
Taejo started to build the fortress Baker
GS25 Crown
surrounding Seoul on the Bugaksan, Inwangsan, Namsan and Naksan (Mts.). B a kery
a n a A rt Spa
Crown G
The fortress was first established with untrimmed stones and later rebuilt with
E-trust Dentists
DooArt Gal Seonche o n
Yehad Hakgoja e Hane
well-cut stone for reinforcement. It had been considerably razed and demolished
Hoseban o u ri s t
g T enter To in
bang Bulga
ul Pun
a d o n ng
during the Japanese colonial days before it was restored recently to be brought Ins a ti on C To g il Osaeku
i H
Informogung S samzie yang
G u s e
back to its old glory. It is equipped with defense facility to protect Angukseonwonthe capital Old It
em Sudo Pharmacy
gin Ar
Totos Art Center Minga
Mara allery
against enemys attacks, for instance water gates which control theMuseum
Seoul Fowl amount of Insa
n g G
Gun g
n g d aw o n
gari S
pital Jeonto ery g Han
water volume, secret gates, and lower walls on which soldiers could attack the ong Ho s
sa Ga ll In s a d o n
Han Sang Soo Embroidery Museum Haeje eum In No 1 B
nGibb eonok
enemy. Nan u n e u
eon Sadon
g m y
Bukchon Hanok Village Guich u
& Nam Bokjip
Gahoe Museum Saram ure Insadong t
Gahoedong Catholic Church D orio
L e e g y i W
Shop on
Jilgye uimarujip
India D llery
Dongnip Knot Museum Little l on Ga
na Deokw ser Suites
Gahoe Bldg.
Jungangtang (Bathhouse)
g il TradittioStore unga F ra
Gyonpartmen newatne y
De Oh, Ja gjuyo subwa
Gyedong Church Paper h Gwan Jongno 3-goan direction
B a n k
N o 2 Branc Old Art st ati
Kimin a
f Kore eomo
k yang ngga
ank o ngmy Dong on on Sa
trial B Sado Sanch Nakw
Korean Buddhist Art Museum Indus
OKitchen Insadong Galler
y San
Gungyeon Insa K t Cente
In s adong
Bukchon Art Museum South adang
Gyerimseowon g Rive
r Insa M
Cheon South
Take a bus from Exit 2 of Anguk Station on subway line 3 and get off at Back Gate of Three Courses
Gahoedong to Service
Community Bugaksan
Center If you want to
on th e
Sungkyunkwan Univ. Take a 10-min walk to Waryong Park/ Churc
see the gate and fortress together, try to take a route dong
Take a bus from Exit 1 of Hyehwa Station on subway line 4 and get off at Myeongnyun Seung ose
3-ga-dong. Take a 10-min walk to Waryong Park Exit 2 of Anguk Station on
e o f Wild R
April to Oct 09:00-15:00 (Close 17:00) to Bugaksan.
subway There
line 3 are three routes to take. The course Villag l Park
Nov to Mar 10:00-15:00 (Close 17:00) Topgo
Free admission from Changuimun to Baegangmaru is very steep so, not
n subway line 1 Eleve Exit 3 of Jonggak Station of
to feel exhausted, try to take the courses starting from Seven ay line 1
Closed on Monday if holiday, the following Tuesday) / Must show I.D. Apply for entry at

S h o es Exit 1 of Jongno 3-ga Station of subw
website: Walk-in apply by individual, advance group apply and foreigners apply Malbawui(Horse Rock) or Sukjeongmun Information. Ku mkan

56 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 57


Samcheong Park


Owl Museum

KRAZE Burgers
Embassy of Vietnam

Gallery Young Seouls Second Best Restaurant
Post Office

Community Center

Samcheongdong Sujebi

Gallery Miyangheon


Toy Kino Museum

Gahoe Museum
Embassy of Brazil

National Museum of Korea Gallery Bing

Jeongdok Library

World Jewelry Museum


Tibet Museum Gahoe Community Center


Art Sonjae Center

Thai Suki Fashion 5

Itaewon Hotel Cheil Worldwide

Embassy of Belgium
La Volpaia Royal Antique
Embassy of Pakistan
Itaewon Fire Station

Holly Chow Smoky Saloon

Club Street

Moghul My Thai
Geckos Garden Salam
Zelen Panchos
KFC Korean Muslim Mosque

Loco Loca Hamilton Hotel


Burger King

My China Santorini

Geckos Taj Mahal

Neals Yard

Pattaya Bandolino Antiq


Le Saint-Ex ue

Outback Fur
All That Jazz nitu
re S
Bauhouse tree
Nike t
Adidas Itaewon Market

eon Sujis
g su Suimteo
y st
n dire

58 seoul best 100

Zone 2
Coveted Harmony of Naturalism & Youth

Seodaemun, Eunpyeong, Mapo

Naturalism and Youth in Full Bloom
Northwest of Seoul is young. The youngsters spend their time on creating cul-
ture, shopping and dancing in the vicinities of Hongik Univ., Sinchon and Ewha
Womans Univ. The eternal theme of these areas is passion. And, there is more.
Eco-friendly parks are just waiting for visitors. Haneul Park and World Cup Park Places to Eat
Zone 2
Places to Stay Hotel Queen | 02)312-2556
Andong | 02)3272-6465 Super Deluxe P.X | 02)365-2577
will give you a calm moment looking at the sunset. The previous urban landfill Kalguksi 7,000 70 meter away from
Grand Hilton Seoul | 02)3216-5656 Rim | 02)363-6443
got transformed into a park where you can think of environment and nature the left turn at Mapo Station from Exit 4 of Deluxe Boom | 02)392-5276
Aeogae Station on subway line 5 Best Western Premier Seoul Garden Touch | 02)364-5323
while resting yourself away from the hectic urban life.

Jangeorang | 02)333-1455 | 02)717-9441 Shic | 02)364-5067

Jangeorang Combo (Lunch) 15,000 First Class Plum | 02)364-2480
Festivals 02)392-3007 totaling over 500 retails. Turn right at 150 meter away toward Sinchon Hotel Seokyo | 02)333-7771 Lui | 02)365-8116
Pabal Festival | Pabal is an express Art Festival at Seodaemun Prison Streets of Sinchon (former from main gate of Hongik Univ. at Exit 6 of Second Class Namkyeong Hotel | 02)334-0053
messenger system of Joseon Dynasty. The History Hall | This art festival is the Myeongmulgeorigil) | It holds Hongik Univ. Station on subway line 2 Seoul Leisure Tourist Hotel | 02)358- Bobo Hetel | 02)324-0021
festival is the re-enactment of the previous product of celebrating ancestors patriotism Seodaemun-Sinchon Harmony Festival in Daseongchae | 02)354-9909 7800 Valentine | 02)719-9383
Pabal. Starting with Unification road and sacrifices for independence. Opens Oct each year. Sinchon area is a preferred Course Jin 35,000 5-min walk toward

Innostel Grand Prix Hotel | 02)719-9522
Pabal parade, the festival holds a Pabal every September. At the festival, mini- choice of shopping and having fun. Cheonggu Sacred Hospital at Exit 6 & 7 of Hotel D | 02)313-6872 Namkyeongjang Motel | 02)333-0071
market and a concert of autumn night. concerts, art performances and outdoor Han River Caf Street at Sangsudong Yeonsinnae Station on subway line 3 Royal Hote | 02)393-6450 Hotel M | 02)335-3434
The parade is 5 km long from Gupabal family movie festivals are offered for visitors. | Around Sangsudong, Mapogu, there are Chuncheon Makguksu | 02)353-7307 Noblesse | 02)365-2411 Montana Hotel | 02)703-8801
cascade to Eunpyeonggu Office Plaza, and 02)330-1412 cafes which provide Han River view. The Barley Rice Combo 10,000 Second
Crux | 02)312-5457 Santafe Hotel | 02)3272-4451
its procession follow the Unification road. night River view covers Bamseom (Islet) building toward Galhyeondong at Gusan Echae Hotel | 02)365-0801 Junheebin Hotel | 02)332-7771
Opens in every October. 02)351-6114 near the Seogangdaegyo, 63 Building in Intersection Merdian Hotel | 02)393-3990 Cheonggiwa Inn | 02)334-8042
Bongwonsa (Temple) Youngsanjae Unique Streets Yeouido, and lighted Han River bridges.
| Designated as No 50 national Intangible Streets of Ewha Womans Univ. | From Rodeo Street at Yeonsinnae | At this One-day Tour (Starting at 10 oclock in the morning)
Cultural Asset, Youngsanjae is a Buddhist the subway Ewha Womans Univ. Station to fashion outlet district, there are discount 1 World Cup Park Hongik Univ. Area (Lunch) Art Festival at Seodaemun Prison History Hall Sinchon (Dinner)
ritual ceremony which re-enacts the the main gate of the Univ. to the Sinchon stores toward Daejodong, and sports brand 2 Seoul Seonggwak (Fortress Wall) Art Festival at Seodaemun Prison History Hall (Lunch) Sinchon Hongik Univ. Area (Dinner)
Buddhas delivering a sermon. After the train station, the shopping district is filled and hiking equipment stores along the 3 Jeoldusan Catholic Martyrs Shrine Hongik Univ. Area (Lunch) Sinchon Seodaemun Museum of Natural History Seoul
ceremony, visitors are served with temple with garment shops, fashion accessory Unification road toward Bulgwang Station. Seonggwak (Fortress Wall) Ewha Womans Univ. Area (Dinner)
food. Held on May 5 on the lunar calendar. stores, hair salons, caf and restaurants,
Zone 2

World Cup Park
To commemorate New Millennium
and 2002 FIFA World Cup, Seoul
Metropolitan government built a park
where a huge landfill was situated.
Polluted water was treated, earth brought to cover the site, walls erected and toxic
gases sucked out. The result is a green eco-friendly park on over 3,400,000m2 site
with five theme park sections, ponds, fountains and plazas. It attracts close to 10
million people per year. Nearby World Cup Stadium, it can also suggests a resting
place for locals and tourists with nature and passion for sports.

Peace Park The representative park in World Cup Park. tip

Based on the theme of peace, the park harbors nature and If you fail to find accommodation or want to

Haneul Park
camp here, go to the Nanji camping site. Various camping
culture alike. Its pond attracts water of the Han River and
equipments available at rentals.
children splash into the water for fun surrounded by various Make a reservation by a phone call or at its website
water plants. The Forest of Hope was built by locals who Haneul Park shows how the World Cup Park was born out of landfill and became
planted trees on their own. At the World Cup Park Exhibit an eco-friendly park of now. It sits on the place where a huge garbage mountain used
Hall, you can be surprised at how the huge garbage moun- 02)300-5500 to be after it was covered with thick earth. Due to its highest location in the World
tain became a green park. 45-1 Nanjidogil Seongsandong Mapogu
10-min walk from Exit 1 of World Cup Stadium Station on subway line 6
10-min walk from Exit 8 of Mapogu Office Station on subway line 6
Cup Park, it has been called Haneul Park. Haneul
Themed Roads at World Cup Park There are three Park itself can holds three World Cup Stadiums in 02)300-5500
45-1 Nanjidogil Seongsandong Mapogu

themed roads at the park. The Metasequoia road boasts of

World Cup Stadium
its 190,000 m2 site. Just 15-min walk from the 25-min walk from Exit 1 of World Cup Stadium Station
on subway line 6
skyscrapers-like trees along an earthen way. Haneul Park Exit 1 & 2 of World Cup Stadium Station on subway line 6
entrance will allow you to have a wide view of 09:00-17:00

and Noeul Park are on the Nanji Beltway and show the
Opening hours vary at the World Cup Mall; foreign language service available
Namsan (Mt.), Yeouido and Bukhansan (Mt.). Opening hours vary depending on month of the year

elegant harmony of nature and artificial sculpture.
games. It is covered with green grass which grows well
World Cup Stadium The stadium holds as many as under the shadow and equipped with special lights just like Wind Generator Wind Generators are the proof that
64,000 audiences. As the main stadium for the 2002 FIFA natural sun lights and specially designed sound system. Haneul Park saves nature with the power of nature itself.
World Cup Korea/Japan, it held the opening ceremony and When the Korean soccer league opens, you can come here A wind generator produces 20 kW and the total power of
semi-finals between Korea and Germany among other and enjoy the quality game of soccer. 100 km generated here are used for street lights. They work
hard with no stops, since they are located on top of hill at

Haneul Stairway If youre in a hurry to get to the

top at the earliest, run through Haneul Stairway, which is
established in zigzags on the slope. Technically, you might
save about five minutes taking stairway to the top. However,
you will probably end up with spending more time on the
magnificent view of Seoul along the stairway.

Silver Grass Festival Opens in October each year. The

silver grass planted in the north has been sprawling and
turns yellow each autumn. At a fall night, you can enjoy the
night view of Seoul and the silver grass shaken by winds as
the park is open till 10 pm.

62 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 63

Zone 2

Ssamzie Space Ssamzie Space gave Hongik Univ. area an aura of art. The
cultural space consists of a gallery on the first to third floors and a studio for artists
on the fourth to sixth floors. On the second floor, there is a performing hall Ssam.

Heres Experiment Shop A unique theme caf which becomes an exhibit

hall for designers and a get-together place for musicians, publishing people and
film artists. 02)3141-2603

Soo Karaoke With a grand glass on its facade, the karaoke became a model
of its own kind. A fun place for yoursters with cutting-edge singing facilties.

Places to Have Fun FB 02)333-2701

Club | Envy 02)326-1726 Themed Cafe | Vinyl 02)322-4161
Scar 02)323-1886 Soundholic Cup & Plate 02)322-9050
02)3142-4023 Cubo 02)3143-7573 Sukar 02)334-5919 Kirakira 02)334-
Club Live & Live 02)336-9399 1090 Talkative Library 02)3142-9131

Hongik Univ. Area


What comes to your mind first when you think of

Hongik Univ. Free Market
Hongik Univ. area? Culture, youth, independent Dont get confused with flea market. Hongik Univ. Free Market is not the bazaar
bands, freedom, underground culture, live, clubs, where people trade antiques neglected at home. Free Market is an art market
trends, night meals, amateur, experiments, individual- where artists meet with the public and communicate 02)325-8553
ism, style, energy, communication, and diversity. The through their artworks. Artists show their unique style to Playground across the main gate of
Hongik Univ.
list never ends. With one word, you cant define what the audiences and the public appreciate and purchase the 10-min walk from Exit 5 of Hongik
Univ. Station on subway line 2
the area looks like. Even you cant choose one word to art. Since it opened in June 2002 for the first time, it now Second Saturday of Mar to Nov
represent this young and live street. Whats common in opens every Saturday and attracts ever more people.

all of these symbols might be freedom. Throughout

the year, people with their own version of time, style,
culture, and signs gather hear and overflow. The proof
of pudding is in the eating. Come and see!
Area between the Hongik Univ. Station and the main gate of Hongik Univ.

Sangsang Madang The 7-story cultural complex covers a variety of genres

from photography, comics, literature, independence movie, performance, and
design in its movie theater, performing hall, gallery and art market. The live hall
on the two basement levels hosts a standing performance. The caf on the sixth
floor give a relaxing moment with music sounds. Sangsang Madang is surely a
miniature of Hongik Univ. area.

Clubs Hongik Univ. area and its neighboring clubs are brothers and sisters. The
clubs are the source of youth. At the last Friday of the month, Club Day attracts
more patrons, since a 15,000 ticket allows you to get in 10 hip-hop and inde-
pendent music clubs.

64 seoul best 100 65

Zone 2

Sinchon Ewha Womans Univ. Area

Sinchon is the center of University streets in the northwest of Seoul. There are It is true that the shopping culture of Ewha Womans Univ. area has changed,
four major universities around Sinchon, Yonsei Univ., Ewha Womans Univ., since several large-scale shopping malls have been built here. Still, the beauty of
Sogang Univ. and Hongik Univ. No wonder Sinchon is synonymous with youth shopping at Ewha Womans Univ. area is in the back alleys. Shops set close to one
or universities. But, dont expect an academic surrounding here unless you go another, and offer various fashion items at affordable prices to appeal to young
inside the campuses of these universities. Outside their campuses, Sinchon pro- women. Shoppers here are mainly in their 20s. One more fun is there is a feast for
vides youngsters with spaces of culture, shopping, cafes and restaurants. Certainly, these young women from the street venders offering various snacks to nice res-
Sinchon is a resting area for busy youngsters. taurants. Those who want trendiest goods at affordable prices should come here.
Even their palates will be satisfied.
Areas of Changcheondong, Seodaemungu and Nogosandong, Mapogu
Sinchon Station on subway line 2
Areas of Daehyeondong, Seodaemungu and Bugahyeon 2-dong
5-min walk from Exit 2 of Ewha Womans Univ. Station on subway line 2

Ewha Womans University Museum Koreas first museum opened in

1969. In 1997, a newly-built building opened equipped with latest displaying
facilities. There are various sections such as diorama hall where many samples of
animal, plant, mineral, rock and fossil are in the re-enactment of natural ecology,
ecological section where you can observe living creatures, and movie hall. Opens
from 10 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. Closed on Sunday, Holidays and
Saturday during school vacation. 02)3277-3155

Sinchon Railwaly Station & Migliore The nostalgic Sinchon Railway

Station still stands where it has been. However, a newly-built train station is now
serving customers. The new train station houses Migliore, a large shopping mall,
and a multiplex movie theater.

Places to Shop and Eat skewer 7,000,

With KYO | A living accessory shop where Grilled sausage 2,000
you can meet Japanese goods. Mubultong | 02)313-0280
02)312-1898 12:00-21:00
11:00-22:00 Various teas 5,000

Ssing | Famous for its leather goods such Ciro Pizza | 02)312-7580 11:30-21:30
Yonsei Univ. Centennial Memorial Hall Kwanghyewon Kwanghyewon, Koreas first modern

as bags, wallets, and diaries. Mini pizza 2,000, House wine 2,500
Getting through the main gate of Yonsei Univ., you can hospital built in 1885, has been restored at History Yard 02)392-6909 12:00-21:00

Teo | 02)312-0511 12:00-22:00

easily find the Centennial Memorial Hall right on your side. of Yonsei. Over 120 years ago, H.N. Allen and O. R. Avison Singang | 02)363-2688 Grilled lamb
Rib 38,000, Luxury combo 35,000
Lectures and concerts are frequently held for both students introduced the modern Western medicine and Christianity to
and locals. Koreas largest museum is included with having Korea. In front of Severance Hospital and behind the Yonsei
a total of 140,000 relics in 10 exhibit rooms. Dont forget to Univ. Centennial Memorial Hall, Kwanghyewon looks like a
walk around the entire campus afterwards. well-kept garden.

Places to Eat
Sinchon Sujebi | 02)334-9252 Pyeongtaek Gobaksa Cold Noodle | Dongrae green-onion pancake 12,000,

Sujebi 4,000, Gimbap 1,500 02)392-7461 Makgeolli 6,000

Iki Pork cutlet | 02)3142-6875 Soup noodle 7,500, Mixed noodle Hyeongje Galbi | 02)365-0001
Sweet potato pork cutlet 7,500,

8,500 Korean beef rib 48,000, Raw beef

Kimchi roll pork cutlet 7,500 Sinchon Broiled Intestine | 25,000

Bodeuram Chicken | 02)313-5858 02)337-2640 Pork Skin | 02)313-0436
Chicken 13,000 Broiled intestine 10,000, Broiled Combo 14:00-04:00 Pork skin 2,500,

Mussel & Muggle | 02)324-5919 28,000 Chicken feet 3,000

Mussel grating 8,000, Mussel stew Dongrae Green-onion Pancake |
7,000 02)322-9483

66 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 67

Zone 2

Jeoldusan Catholic Seodaemun Prison History Hall
Martyrs Shrine 049 Take the subway line 3 to Dongnimmun Station of which Exit 3 leads you to
Seodaemun Prison History Hall. From the ticket box and the main gate all of
In the mid 19th centur y, many which were made with what it had been beforehand. The Seodaemun Prison was
Catholics sacrificed themselves to keep built in the late days of Daehanjeguk under pressure by the Japanese colonial-
their religious beliefs at Jeoldusan. ists and, for 80 years since then, witnessed the turbulences and sufferings which
Then the dominating Joseon Dynasty Koreans endured. It consists of 7 prison buildings with a watch tower, torture
beheaded over 10,000 Christians to chambers, an execution ground where Korean patriots of the independence
stop the spread of the Western be- movement were martyred.
liefs. Jeoldusan literally means a hill where peoples heads are cut off. Of the 103
Korean saints approved by the Roman Catholic Church, 28 saints were decapi-
tated at Jeoldusan. The Martyrs Shrine was built on the hill with a view of Han
River. There are a church and a museum and, on the basement, 28 saints are laid
in state. If youre a Catholic, go and see Yanghwajin afterwards.

Yanghwajin Foreign Missionary Cemetery 02)3142-4434

The foreigners-only cemetery has been since 1860. Totally, 10-min walk toward Han River from Exit 7 of Hapjeong
Station of subway line 2 & 6
over 570 foreigners are enshrined who entered into Korea in Free admission www.jeoldusan.or.k
the late Joseon, mostly as missionaries, and contributed a lot
on the fields of religion, education, the press, foreign policy, have them all, reads the epitaph of Ruby Kendric. Every
and medicine. If I had a thousand lives to give, Korea should single epitaph here will touch your heart.

Seodaemun Museum of
Natural History Independence Park & Independence Gate
Independence Park is located between Independence Gate
Children yell out a cheer at the sight of 9-meter-tall Acrocanthosaurus model and the exhibition rooms. In its green garden, Patriotic
at the entrance of the museum. The museum consists of a main hall, a special Martyrs Monument and Declaration of Independence
exhibition hall, and 3 permanent exhibits dealing with the Earth Environment, Monument are situated. Independence Gate was built with
Life Evolution, and Humans and Nature. An audio-visual room and virtual real- the donations of Independence Association in the late 19th
century and its area is now under construction for sanctuary.
ity corner that demonstrates 3rd dimensional animations are also available. The
childrens favorite is a museum where they can feel, hear and touch in person. A tip
The execution ground vividly reminds you of the
virtual reality hall is also popular where children experience what it is like to be in excruciating ordeals that Korean patriots went through. At the
the jungle or cliff. All the exhibits and entrance of the execution ground, there is a wailing poplar
descriptive writings are displayed at eye where death-row inmates dropped their last tear. The Japanese
wardens threw away the bodies of the patriots through
level of children. Outdoor park is good Sigumun, meaning a body gate, beside the execution ground.
for family picnic.
02)330-8899 02)360-8590
10-min bus ride from Sinchon Station of subway line 2 101 Hyeonjeodong Seodaemungu
5-min bus ride from Hongje Station of subway line 3 10-min walk from Exit 5 of Dongminmun Station of subway line 3
Mar to Oct 09:00-18:00 / Nov to Feb 09:00-17:00 Mar to Oct 09:30-18:00 / Nov to Feb 09:30-17:00
Adult 3,000 Teens 2,000 Children 1,000 Adult 1,500 Teens 1,000 Children 500
Closed on Monday (if holiday, the following Tuesday),
 Closed on Monday (if holiday, the following Tuesday), New Years Day, Lunar

Lunar New Years Day, Chuseok New Years Day, Chuseok / Foreign language tour available with one-week
Opening hour will be extended by one hour on Saturday and holiday advance booking by phone call

Walking Tour
Stroll Seoul's Scenic Streets
Walking Tour with Seoul Cultural Tour Interpreters Walking Tour with Seoul Cultural
Walking tour programs are offered in the five tour zones of Ancient Culture Tour Interpreters
Required to apply through Internet 3 days before the expected
Zone, Traditional Culture Zone, Modern Culture Zone, HistoryEcology tour date(5 days before the expected tour date for group tour)
Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese guides available

Restoration Zone, PastPresent Coexistence Zone. A group of 10 locals or less & Foreigners: 10 am, 2 pm

(weekdays)/10 am, 2 pm and 3 pm(weekend)

 A group of 20 or less for Gyeongbokgung, Jongmyo, &
Deoksugung Courses
EducationExhibit Hall of Seoul Intangible  Chinese guide on Monday, Thursday & Sunday
Ancient Culture Zone A group of 10 locals and more: 10 am, 2 pm(weekdays)
Cultural Asset Venue In front of the sign board at the starting point of each
AmsadongMongchontoseong Course 2 | 4 km for around 3 and half hours coarse
(Earthen Fortification) Course (excl. cultural experience time) Cost Free(Palace admission and cultural experience should be

Walking tour | 8.5 km for around 2 and half Unhyeongung (Noandang-Norakdang- paid individually 02)2171-2459
hours Yirodang) Bukchon Culture Center
Amsadong Prehistoric Settlement Site EducationExhibit Hall of Seoul Intangible
(Exhibition Hall-Straw House Site) (subway) Cultural Asset Lacquer Studio
Olympic ParkMongchontoseong (Earthen (Korean Figured Mat Studio) 31 Gahoe Biudanggyo Hwanghakgyo Seoul Folk
Fortification) Mongchon Museum of History Hanok Village World Jewellry Museum Flea Market
The course shows the long history and culture of Tibet Museum The Department of the This course covers Cheonggyecheons 8 beautiful
Seoul from the prehistoric ages to the period of Royal Family sites: Cheonggye Plaza, the restored stone bridge
the three kingdoms as well as the living style of The course will show you a neighborhood where of Gwangtonggyo, Banchado of King Jeongjo,
the Baekje people. there are still over 900 Hanok, Korean traditional Fashion Square, Historic Laundry site, Wall of Wishes,
houses. You can stay in a Hanok guesthouse, Haneulmulteo, Willow Wetland.
fully drenched with the unique cultural experi-
Traditional Culture Zone ences.
PastPresent Coexistence Zone
Course Modern Culture Zone Seoul SeonggwakNamsangol
Walking tour | 2 km for around 3 hours Hanok Village Course
Gyeongbokgung (Gwanghwamun- DeoksugungJeongdonggil Walking tour | 10.5 km for around 3 and half
Heungryemun-Geunjeongmun- Course hours
Geunjeongjeon-Sajeongjeon-Gyeongheoru- Walking tour | 1.4 km for around 2 hours Jangchungdan Park (Supyogyo,
Gangnyeongjeon-Gyotaejeon-Jagyeongjeon- Deoksugung (Daehanmun-Geumcheongyo- Jangchungdanbi) Seoul Seonggwak
Hyangwonjeong) Cheongwadaeapgil Junghwajeon-Seokeodang-Deokhongjeon- The National Theater of Korea
Hyojadong Sarangbang Hannyeongjeon-Jeonggwanheon- (shuttle bus) Smoke-signal Station site on
You can look around the 600-year-old main Jeukjodang-Junmyeongdang-Seokjojeon) NamsanN Seoul Tower (shuttle bus)
palace of Joseon Dynasty and Hyojadong Jungmyeongjeon Old Russia Legation- Namsangol Hanok Village
Sarangbang where displayed are the gifts to the Gyeonghuigung You can feel old and new at the same time over
former presidents by foreigners. From Deoksugung, the well-maintained trails, to the course from Supyogyo and Smoke-signal
scattered modern buildings, you can read what Station site on Namsan from Joseon Dynasty to
JongmyoChanggyeonggung the most turbulent times in Koreas modern his- National Theater of Korea and N Seoul Tower with
Course tory was like. advanced technology.
Walking tour | 2.7 km for around 2 and half
hours Choi Sun-u House Naksan SeonggwakEhwajang
Jongmyo (Oesammun-Mangmyoru- Walking tour | 4 km for around 3 hours Course
Gongminwang Shrine-Hyangdaecheong- Choi Sunu House Seoul Seonggwak Walking tour | 2.5 km for around 3 hours
Eosuksil-Jeonsacheong-Jeongjeon- Site of Seonjamdan Gilsangsa (Temple) Dongdaemun (Heunginjimun) Naksan
Youngnyeongjeon) Changgyeonggung House of Yi Jae-jun Simujang Seonggwak Biudang (Jajudongsam)
(Honghwamun-Okcheongyo- Suyeonsanbang (Old House Yi Tae-jun) Naksan Park (Observation deck) Naksan
Myeongjeongjeon-Munjeongjeon- The course gives you the opportunity to look Exhibition Hall Ehwajang
Sungmundang-Binyangmun-Haminjeong- around the hidden footprints of culture in the Take a walk from Dongdaemun to Naksan along
Hwangyeongjeon-Gyeongchunjeon- back alley of Seongbukdong. It is home to many the Fortress Wall. On the observation deck of
Tongmyeongjeon) residences of cultural figures. Naksan Park, you can have a full view of Seoul.
Jongmyo, registered as World Cultural Heritage in You can also visit the private residence of the first
1995, was the shrine where a king held a memo- Korean president.
rial service for his royal ancestors in Joseon period. HistoryEcology Restoration Zone
It is a very attractive walking tour together with its Han River Jeoldusan Catholic
neighboring Changgyeonggung. Cheonggyecheon Course Martyrs Shrine Course
Course 1 | 2.7 km for around 2 hours Walking tour | 3 km for around 2 and half hours
BukchonUnhyeongung Cheonggye Plaze Gwangtonggyo Mangwonjeong Han River
Course (Restored) Samilgyo (Insadong Yanghwanaru FerryJamdubong
Course 1 | 3.5 km for around 3 hours (excl. Jongno) Supyogyo-Saebyeokdari RelicJeoldusan Memorial Hall
cultural experience time) (KwangJang MarketBangsan Market) Yanghwajin Foreign Missionary Cemetery
Unhyeongung (Noandang-Norakdang- Ogansugyo (DongdaemunDongdaemun You can appreciate how the literary
Yirodang) Bukchon Culture Center - Fashion Town) circle of old Korea loved and enjoyed the arts at
Korean Buddhist Art Museum - Han Sang Course 2 | 2.3 km for around 2 and half hours Mangwonjeong and listen to the history and
Soo Embroidery Museum - Gahoe Museum Cheong Gye Cheon Museum Shanty Town functions of Han River.
Knot Studio Hanok Experience Hall Dumuldari Gosanjagyo Muhakgyo
Find Upscale Attractions
Zone 3
Gangbuk, Dobong, Nowon, Seongbuk, Dongdaemun,
Seongdong, Gwangjin, Jungnang
Bukhansan (Mt.) Trails
Course 1 (1 hr and 40 min)
Doseonsa (Temple) parking lot Ui Shelter
Insu Shelter Baegundae Shelter Wimun
Baegundae (summit)
Course 2 (2 hrs and 30 min)
Academy House Gucheon Valley Gucheon
Cascade Daedongmun Dongjangdae
Yongammun Wimun Baegundae
Course 3 (3 hrs)
Jeongneung Ticket Office Neokjeok Rock
Bogungmun Daedongmun
Yongammun Wimun Baegundae
Course 4 (3 hrs)
Bukak Park Tourist Hotel Dongnyeong

Zone 3
Cascade Ilseonsa (Temple) Daeseongmun
Bogungmun Daedongmun Yongammun
Wimun Baegundae
Course 5 (3 hrs and 40 min)

So Many Attractions, So Little Time

Wooi Elementary School Youngnak Prayer
Retreat Grave of Dr. Jo Byeong-ok Forked
road Sword Roak Ridge Daedongmun
Dongjangdae Yongammun Wimun
Northeast of Seoul is surrounded by mounts, creating the most picturesque scen- Course 6 (3 hrs and 40 min)
Entrance of Bugak Tunnel Youngbulsa
ery. Seoul Forest and Childrens Park are the gem of a busy town. Hongneung (Temple) Hyeongjebong Daeseongmun
Bogungmun Daedongmun Yongam-
Arboretum allows history and environment to coexist while Gilsangsa (Temple) Intersection from Dapsimni Samgeori First Class mun Wimun Baegundae
Course 7 (3 hrs and 50 min)
and Suyeonsanbang (caf) are filled with the fragrances of literary people. Dong- from Exit 4 of Dapsimni Station on subway H angang | 02)453-5131 Entrance of Gugi Tunnel Gugi Valley
daemun Fashion Town is fun to visit around the year. There are tons of attrac- line 5 Dongseoul | 02)455-1100 Daenammun Daeseongmun
Bogungmun Daedongmun Yongammun
Gammiok Selleontang | 02)2248-0445 Noblesse | 02)935-7161
tions which appeal to you so youd better hurry up from early in the morning. Selleongtang (stock soup of bone and Hotel Victoria | 02)986-2000
Wimun Baegundae
Course 8 (3 hrs and 50 min)
stew meat) 6,000 Gijang Academy House | Entrance of Gugi Tunnel Seunggasa (Temple)
50 m from Dapsimni Samgeori from 02)3399-7600 Samobawi Seunggabong Munsubong
Daenammun Daeseongmun
Festivals Places to Eat Exit 5 of Janghanpyeong Station on Gyeongnam Tourist Hotel | Bogungmun Daedongmun Yongam-
Dream City Seongdong Seoul Forest good harvest, was conducted once a year at Gangneungjip (Gwangjin Branch) | subway line 5 02)2247-2500 mun Wimun Baegundae
Course 9 (4 hrs)
Singing Festival | The only one singing Seonnongdan by Seonnong Community. It 02)447-3500 Second Class
Entrance of Jingwansa (Temple) Jingwansa
festival sponsored by local government developed into a larger event in 1992 and Woreok sashimi 37,000 and up City Palace | 02)2244-2222 (Temple) Bibong Samobawi
in Seoul covers the entire nation. It opens now is sponsored by Seoul government and 8-min walk toward intersection of Places to Stay Jeonpoong | 02)2292-3644 Seunggabong Daenammun
Daeseongmun Bogungmun
around Seongdong Locals Day of Sep 28 conducted by Dongdaemun Cultural Center Olympicdaegyo northern tip at Exit 2 of Super Deluxe Third Class Daedongmun Yongammun Wimun
each year. Starting from Wangsipri Singing and Seonnongje Conservation Committee. Guui Station on subway line 2 S heraton Grand Walkerhill | May Tourist Hotel | 02)493-1100 Baegundae
Contest in 1998, the Seongdong Singing A parade of a royal carriage, religious Toseong | 02)452-9992 02)453-0131 Amorex Tourist Hotel | 02)2292-7634 Course 10 (4 hrs and 20 min)
Bulgwang Middle School Hyangrimdam
Festival has become gateway for future ceremony and re-enactment of making Rice wrapped in greens with oriental W Seoul-Walkerhill | 02)465-2222 Innostel
Bibong Samobawi Seunggabong
singers. 02)2286-5114 seolleongtang, a Korean beef soup with rice, medicine 8,000 Deluxe Noblesse | 02)935-7161 Munsubong Daenammun Daeseongmun
Korean Traditional Medicine Festival are included. 02)2127-4710 Front of Seyang Apt Bldg No. 101 at Exit 1 Holiday Inn Seoul Seongbuk | Flower | 02)962-8251 Bogungmun Daedongmun
Yongammun Wimun Baegundae
| To celebrate the designation of traditional Achasan Goguryeo Festival | The of Gangbyeon Station on subway line 2 02)929-2000
drug market as an industrial zone, Seoul festival is to succeed Goguryeos history and Daedong Samgyetang | 02)2244-7145
Yangnyeongsi holds a cultural festival. At culture conserved at Achasan (Mt.). It was Samgyetang (chicken broth with ginseng)
One-day tour (Starting at 10 oclock in the morning)

the festival, 1,500 underprivileged locals chosen as the Koreas representing festival 11,000
1 Old Houses for Literary People Gilsangsa (Temple) Samcheonggak (Lunch) Arirang Movie Street Dapsimni Antique Shopping
are treated by Korean traditional doctors for in 2008. At the comprehensive festival, a 150 m toward Jeonnongdong Intersection Mall Dongdaemun Fashion Town (Dinner) Cheonggyecheon
free. Also, traditional medicine experience play themed from the famous love story of from Dapsimni Samgeori from Exit 4 of 2 Seoul Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Museum Dongdaemun Fashion Town (Lunch) Jungbu Market Seoul Forest
and oriental diet program will be offered. General Ondal and Princess Pyeongang in Dapsimni Station on subway line 5 Cheonggyecheon (Dinner)
02)2127-4710 Goguryeo is performed. Military arts that Tasty Seasons | 02)2217-8523 3 Bukhansan(Mt.) (Lunch) Dongdaemun Fashion Town (Dinner)
Seonnongdaeje | Since 1979, time are also re-enacted. Short-rib stew 15,000 4 Taereung Manguri Park (Lunch) Seoul Folk Flea Market Dongdaemun Fashion Town Cheonggyecheon (Dinner)
Seonnongdaeje, a religious ceremony for 10-min walk toward Jeonnongdong
Zone 3

Bukhansan (Mt.)
When is the best season for hiking at Bukhansan (Mt.)? Which course of trail is
the best way of enjoying the most picturesque scene at Bukhansan (Mt.)? Unfor-
tunately, there is no answer for these questions. Regardless of seasons and trails,
Bukhansan (Mt.) shows you the unique beautiful scenery at all times. That is why
locals continuously go hiking in different routes at different time of the year. It nev-
er fails to mesmerize you with its boastful and commanding scenery. The more
slowly, the longer, and the more often you go up there, the more openly Bukhansan
(Mt.) reveals itself to you. Bukhansan (Mt.) surely is the best mountain in Seoul.
It attracts over 5 million people per year. Its formal name is Samgaksan (Mt.) which
literally means three horns, pointing out the fact that the mountain consists of three
peaks of Baegunbong (836 m), Insubong (810 m) and Mangyeongbong (799 m).

Bukhansanseong (Fortress) This fortress is proof Take No 704 or 34 buses at Exit1 of Gupabal Station on subway line 3 and get
off at Bukhan Sanseong stop
of how strongly Korean ancestors fought against invaders.
Built in 132 in the Baekje Kingdom with earth, the fortress
went through the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592 and Hwagyesa (Temple) Built in 1522 under the Joseon
other rebellions before it was extended in 1711 as it is now. King Jungjong by Sinwol the Great Buddhist Priest. Its Main
The circumference of the fortress is 12.7 km. Hall was rebuilt in 1870, which is not large but shows very
well the architectural style of later years of Joseon Dynasty.
Doseonsa (Temple) The temple was built in 862
under the Shilla King Gyeongmun by its namesake National 4.19 Democratic Movement
monk Doseon. Later, it was extended in a great scale by Cemetery It was built in 1963 and, three years later, was 053
Cheongdam Monk. There is a stone-Buddha-statue Hall next
to the Main Buddha Hall which is believed to be carved by
officially designated as a democratic movement shine in
March 1993 as it is now. Many of the fallen patriots sacrificed Taereung
Doseon Monk. in the democratic movement rest in peace here.
Taereung is very much loved by school children each
spring and fall as a preferred school picnic point in
Korea. It is also familiar with its nearby Taereung
Training Center for National sports players. In fact,
Taereung is one of the 40 royal tombs of Joseon Dy-
nasty which were recorded as World Heritage in June
2009 by UNESCO. The royal tomb is for the sec-
ond wife of King Jungjong. Including Gangneung in
its neighborhood for the son of the second wife and
King Jungjong, King Myeongjong, and his wife, this
area is called Taegangneung (Tomb).
Gangneung Gangneung consists of twin tombs since the kings wife was bur-
ied afterwards. Amid its tranquil and beautiful surroundings, any pedestrians here 02)972-0370
223-19 Gongneungdong Nowongu
can enjoy the World Heritage. Gangneung is currently prohibited to the public. Take No 202 or 1225 buses at Exit of
Hwarangdae Station on subway line 6
Take No 1155 or 1156 at Exit 7 of Taereung
Station on subway line 7
Sindo & Eodo There are two levels of ways from the Red Gate to the pavilion Mar to Oct 09:00-18:30 / Nov to Feb 09:00-
inside in the tomb site. The left higher way is for the spirit of the dead king and the 17:30
right lower way for the living king. Closed on Monday

74 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 75

Seoul Forest

Just as London has Hyde Park, Seoul has Seoul Forest. On 02)460-2905
the wide range of land which can embrace 145 football 685 Seongsu1-ga 1-dong
fields, there are five theme parks with 420,000 trees and var- 20-min walk toward Eungbong
Bridge from Eungbong Station
ious wild animals. More importantly, Seoul Forest is being on Central railway
15-min walk from Exit 8 of
developed and flourished helped by the government, busi- Ttukseom Station on subway
line 2
Dobongsan (Mt.) nesses and citizens. Volunteers are weeding the lawn and
02)2298-1316 Open for 24 hours
1 0-min walk to ticket box from Exit 1 of Dobongsan Station on subway line 1 & 7 maintaining flower beds, for instance. As soon as you walk Open throughout the year,
Limited opening hours for
inside the park, the sea of greens will create a wild nature just ecology forest, car parks,
Dobongsan (Mt.) staggers between the on which course you take. It is over 739 convenience store, cycle rentals,
in front of your eyes. waterfront resting point
north of Seoul and Gyeonggido. Its meters above sea level.
beautiful ridge attracts more locals for
trekking, one of the favorite trekking Seouls fences, Buramsan & Suraksan (Mts.) tip
Buramsan (Mt.) is a rock mountain at the dividing line of eastern 3 hours trekking is recommended for visitors. However,
course in Seoul. The peaks such as Seon- without enough time, youd love to take the couples course
tip of Seoul and Gyeonggido. It is 508 meters above sea level,
inbong, Jaunbong, Manjangbong, Sin- rather lower, but just perfect for a day trekking thanks to the
consisting of outdoor sculpture park, an ecology forest and
a water front park. To take a shorter course, run on bicycle
seonbong are boasting of unique shapes small valleys, temples, cascades and streams. Suraksan (Mt.) sit following green ways just like a wind. Seoul Forest opens for
having clear water running between val- between northern tip of Seoul and Gyeonggido and spreads to 24 hours a day but the ecology forest section is closed at 8 pm
leys. The trekking takes from one and Buramsan (Mt.). With lower heights, its just for everybody and in the summer and 6 pm in the winter for animal protection.
half hour to 4 hours and a half depending offers a therapeutic forest.
Culture & Art Park Surrounding the forest trails and
lawns, bicycle tracks and skating park as well as open-air
stage are established for art lovers. Sculptures like Guardians
of Forest by Choi Woo-ram are contributing for cultural
Manguri Park values of the park. Childrens space are offered in various
playgrounds and loved very much by families.

The Park was first built in 1933 and, at Ecology Forest A theme park where humans meet with
once, it was home to more than 28,000 nature. Residents are 114 wild animals in 8 kinds such as
graves. Since 1973, new graves have deer, moose, mandarin ducks, and sea ducks.
been banned from being established
and, due to the governmental encour-
agement of moving-out of grave, it
now has only 17,000 graves. There is a
section for martyred independent ac-
tivists. A 4.7 km-long-trail has been es-
tablished for visitors. Currently, the
57-1 Mangudong Jungnanggu
park is a resting point for locals rath- 25-min walk to ticket box from Exit 2 or 3 of Sangbong Station on subway line 7
25-min walk to ticket box from Exit 1 or 2 of Myeonmok Station on subway line 7
er than a cemetery. On its trail, you can
view Namsan (Mt.) and the Han Riv- tip
er. No wonder the trail is called a way At the entrance, there are two ways waiting for you.
If you prefer an easy walking, take the right way. The gently
for meditation. At the traditional holi- gradual course will lead you to the hills after enough of warm-
days, many Koreans visit here to hold a up unlike the left steep way. There are lots of joggers and
memorial service for their ancestors, a walkers. Be prepared with drinking water for convenience,
though there is a water spring.
unique culture of filial duty of Korea.

76 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 77

Zone 3

17-2 Euljiro 6-ga Junggu
Connected from Exit 14 of
Dongdaemun Stadium Station on
subway line 2,4 & 7
Exit 8 of Dongdaemun Station on
subway line 1 & 4
Tourist Office (In front of Cerestar)

Open throughout the year,
Foreign language tours
02)2236-9135 / Foreigner
shopping help 02)2254-1674

Dongdaemun Fashion Town

Places to Shop
Doota | Famous for refreshing spaces and putting them on the different floors. At the other places in Korea. Tourists pick for
convenient shopping line, Doota offers department store, shoppers can purchase shopping spot. It operates wholesale and
The large-scale fashion shopping malls are situated at Dongdaemun area. As well various sports wear and young designers brand goods at lower prices than other retail together so that, at night, there are
as the skyscrapers like Doota and Migliore which are packed with fashion shops, fashions at affordable prices. Foreign department stores. more items.
exchange available. 02)2048-4800 Behind Doota from Exit 02)2238-4352 Back alley beside
even street venders sell trendiest fashion accessories here. At Dongdaemun, you

02)3398-3114 Exit 14 of Dongdaemun

14 of Dongdaemun Stadium Station on Dongdaemun Stadium site
can buy fabrics and subsidiary materials for garments. Dongdaemun is surely the Stadium Station on subway line 2 & 4 & 7 subway line 2 & 4 & 7 21:00- 17:00

place where shoppers can purchase anything related to clothing. One irresistible 10:30-05:00 10:30- 05:00
advantage of Dongdaemun Market is this place offers the highest grade quality

HELLO APM | It offers mostly garments Dongdaemun Market | It is a huge

materials at reasonable prices in fast-changing design which represents the hottest designed by young professionals. In fabrics market consisting of three buildings.
global trend. This is well-known among foreigners, too. At daytime, the market is particular, the 8th floor is called Storage For shoppers who wants their own way of
and creates a cute and charming shopping fashion style, it offers various fabrics and
overflowing with tourists looking for best products at affordable prices. At night,
space. subsidiary materials.
rural shop owners are busy purchasing newest fashion products for their own cus- 02)6388-1114 Exit 14 of Dongdaemun
02)2262-0114 Exit 9 of Dongdaemun

tomers in their local town. Stadium Station on subway line 2 & 4 & 7 Station on subway line 1 & 4
10:30- 05:00 08:00-18:00
Migliore | It offers different items each Jeilpyunghwa Market | It only serves as
floor according to smart organization and wholesaler market but, at daytime, accepts
boasts of a whole variety of selling items. retail customers, too. It offers quality
First-generation of Dongdaemun Large- products and, in particular, provides hand-
scale shopping mall. At the outdoor stage made shoes and fashion accessories at
on the 1st floor, it serves customers with affordable prices on the basement.
performances and events. 02)2252-6744 In front of Gwanghee

02)3393-2802 Exit 14 of Dongdaemun

Fashion Mall at Dongdaemun Stadium site
Stadium Station on subway line 2 & 4 & 7 21:00- 17:00
10:30- 05:00 Gwanghee Fashion Mall | On the
Cerestar | It divides a department second floor, shoppers can have quality
store section and bonded goods section, leather goods for lower prices than any

78 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 79

Zone 3

Seoul Folk Flea Market Hongneung Arboretum

Koreas largest flea market. Shop owners sell the second-hand goods which they It is Koreas first arboretum. Established in 1922, the arboretum took over the
gathered with efforts from everywhere. Here are the selling items: camera, walk- site of the royal tomb of the last empress of Joseon Dynasty. It grows over 20,000
man, record player, LP record, golf and angling equipments, military glasses, an- domestic trees in 2,000 species along with over 4,000 samples. It takes more than
tique ornament and wall clock. Though a day if you wish to look around every corner of the Arboretum, since there are 8
they are old and second-hand ones, sections, swamp section, herb plant garden and subtropical garden. The Arbore-
they work wonder because they went tum puts its focus on research rather than display and there are not many visitors
through repairs with precision. since it opens for public only on Sunday. With limited opening hours, it preserves
the ecological system at it should be. Walking along the forest trails, feel the Ko-
Foreigners Flea Market Foreigners are throwing
rean nature with your five senses.
this flea market. They take the old and useless items out for
new owners. Oftentimes, they offer rare items which they Memorial Museum of King Sejong the Great
brought from their faraway home town. It plans to open on The memorial hall was established in honor of King Sejong,
Sep 26, and Oct 4 2009. one of the wisest monarchs in the Korean history. It is next to
Hongneung Arboretum, therefore, if you visit one of the two,
109-5 Sinseoldong Dongdaemungu dont forget to have a tour of the other. King Sejong encour-
10-min walk from Exit 9 of Sinseoldong Station on subway line 1
Mar to Oct 10:00-20:00 / Nov to Feb 10:00-19:00 aged his subjects to create Hangeul, the Korean alphabet
Closed on second & fourth Tuesday of the month
 and all the related materials are kept in this memorial space.
Haesigye (Sundial), rain gauge and musical instruments
improved by King Sejong are also displayed.

Dapsimni Antique Shopping Mall
207 Cheongnyangri 2-dong Dongdaemungu
10-min bus ride from Exit 1 of Cheongnyangri Station on subway line 1
20-min walk from Exit 1 of Hoegi Station on subway line 1
7-min walk from Exit 3 of Korea Univ. Station on subway line 6
Mar to Oct 10:00 ~ 17:00 / Nov to Feb 10:00 ~ 16:00
Free admission
The Antique Shopping Mall is 20 years old. It naturally developed as the scattered
Open for public on Sunday/ Open for group visitors on training for weekdays

antique shops began to come here one by one. The Market looks like an ordinary
building from outside. Once you get in, you will find over 150 shops just waiting
for customers. They display various items from dolls, silver ornamental daggers,

Gilsangsa (Temple)
glasses to lamps. Also, larger items like stone mortars, stone statues and chests sit
along with smaller counterparts. Prices vary but skillful haggling might give you a
price off. Go for it! In the 1960s to 1970s, politicians and generals in Korea had a secret meeting to
Janganpyeong Antique Shops If you fail to find deal with political matters at yojeong, high-class Korean-style restaurant. Gilsangsa
something you wish to buy at Dapsimni Antique Shopping (Temple) was established in 1995 at the site of a famous yojeong, Daewongak (Pa-
Mall, go visit Janganpyeong Antique Shops, a block away vilion). With the shorter history, the temple took the lead in civic movement and
from Dapsimni. Shops look alike but, with a closer look, you charity works for the poor. With advance booking, visitors can take part in the
can find something unique and rare. weekend temple stay. It has a branch in Paris, France.

tip tip
Shops close at 6 pm and this neighborhood is a little Gilsangsa (Temple) is a backdrop of a miserable love
chaotic. Pick up early. story of a young poet and a pretty gisaeng. Get to know of the
story and read the poem by the poet.

02)2246-6120 / 02)2213-6708
Surroundings of 530961 Dapsimnidong Dongdaemungu 02)3672-5945~6
2-min walk from Exit 1 of Dapsimni Station on subway line 5 323 Seongbuk2-dong Seongbukgu
5-min walk from Exit 4 Shuttle van from Exit 6 of Hansung Univ. Station on subway line 4
Closed on Sunday Temple Stay on last Saturday of the month 15:00 - Sunday15:00

80 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 81

Zone 3

062 063
Seoul Yangnyeongsi Market Herb Medicine Museum
The market is specialized in medicinal herb materials for Korean traditional Herb Medicine Museum displays documents on
medical treatment. It trades 70 % of domestic herb medicine. Since 1960, herb herbal medicine materials. The Korean traditional
medicine merchants has begun to gather here and formed a specialized market. way of medicine thinks of a humans body as a small
As the herb medicine distribution center, Seoul Yangnyeongsi Market is home to universe and deals with disease based on that assump-
over 1,000 businesses regarding prescription, sales of herbal medicine and oriental tion. It has passed a long time since the introduction
medical treatment. Following the year-round smell of brewing herbal medicine, of western medicine, but the oriental medicine is
you will never miss where the market is. still thriving with the trust of patients. The museum
displays the materials of the influential figures in the
Korean traditional medicine, equipment for herb pro-
Herbal Medicine Festival To spread the excellent
efficacy of herbal medicine, the Herbal Medicine Festival
cessing and needed medicinal facilities to help visitors
has been held every fall since 1995. Various experience further understand the herbal medicine. If you try
programs are offered, for instance, herbal material speed
B2 Donguibogam Tower, 787 Yongdudong
to read each one of the displayed herbs and their ef-
cutting contest and herbal medicine tea and food sampling. Dongdaemungu
3-min walk from Exit 3 of Jegi Station on
ficacies, you might be very knowledgeable about the
A big parade is accompanied for visitors where the royal subway line 1 / 7-min walk from Exit 9 of
Yongdu Station on subway line 2
field. At herbal medicine room, visitors get diagnosed
doctors and nurses are participating in this re-enactment Mar to Oct 10:00-18:00
Nov to Feb 10:00-17:00
with the herbal medicine principles and decided for
procession. During the festival, herbal medicine materials
Closed on Monday, New Years Day, Lunar New
his own physical constitution. Free admission.
are on sale. Years Day, Chuseok

tip 02)969-4793~4
Korean herbal medicine including ginseng is famous Jegidong and Yongdudong Dongdaemungu
5-min walk from Exit 2 of Jegi Station on subway line 1
for its excellent efficacy. Chinese herbs are on the shelves, too. 09:00-19:00
Dont forget to check out the origination label. It will be more

Rock-Climbing Park at
fun to pay a visit at the Herb Medicine Museum for detailed
Closed on Sunday & Holidays (some shops open)
information about herbs first before going to the market.

Eungbongsan (Mt.)
The park opened in 1999 at the site of quarry. For
decades of years, the site was exposed and neglected
in its ugly way. Now, it was reborn as a theme park
which offers spaces for walk and sports. The paled
slope turned into a climbing course with the help of
professionals. Visitors have access to artificial rock,
contest rock and natural rock for climbing with their
own choice. For those who want to immerse them-
selves into expreriences during their course of travel,
Eungbongsan (Mt.) Climbing Site is a must-visit.
Thorough preparation and equipment are necessary.
After sweating a lot, you would love to sit down at
the octagonal pavilion at Eungbongsan (Mt.) and
look around the 02)2290-7323
Han River for 269-4 Eungbongdong Seongdonggu
10-min walk from Eungbong Station on central railway
refreshment. 10:00-21:00
Free admission
Free rentals & climbing lesson/Accident insurance fee 10,000

82 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 83

Zone 3

065 066
Old Houses of Literary People Arirang Movie Street
Old houses where famous writers lived are scattered at Seongbukdong area. Koreas first modern movie Arirang became the theme of the street between
These houses were usually built in the early 20th century and are still harboring Donamdong and Jeongneung. Directed by Na Un-gyu, Arirang put out the
the scent of old traditional Korean house, Hanok. These antique houses are rather young under the Japanese colonial rule on the screen and tried to evoke national-
smaller and less decorated, creating simplicity and warmth. At every corner, writ- ism. Na Un-gyu and his Arirang are the cornerstone of the flourishing movie in-
ers touch might have left on the trees, a house well, a votive picture, walls and dustry in contemporary Korea led by Im Kwon-tak, Park Chan-uk, Hong Sang-
chimneys. Walk slowly inside with hands clasped behind the back just like the way su. Walking along the street where the last scene of Arirang was shot would give
old writers do and try to hear what they speak to us. You might lead to getting you an opportunity to learn about how the Korean movie industry was started
the picture of the writer and his own literary world. At your departure, you feel and developed.
like reading Korean literary writings.

Amid Movie Fosters to the Screens When you step outside of subway line
4 Sungshin Womens Univ. station and walk toward Jeongneung, you would witness
a sea of movie advertising fosters, confirming this is the street of movie. From Exit
5, there are Korean movie fosters while there are overseas movie fosters from Exit 6.
These 166 fosters were made during the year of 1926 when Arirang was first released
to the year 2000.

Arirang Cine Center The movie theater consists of three screens with having
from 125 seats to 173 seats. Situated at the end of the movie street, it offers a nice and
calm opportunity to enjoy the latest movie release. Originally, it was planned to be
an art movie theater but later came to cover all genres of cultural programs including
musicals and concerts. On the first exhibit
Arirang Cine Center 02)3291-3950
room, you can see the movie clips of Arirang Information Library 02)3291-4990
538-98 Ariranggil Donamdong Seongbukgu
awards-winning movies. On the 4rh floor, 10-min walk from Exit 6 of Sungshin Womens
Univ. Station on subway line 4
there is Arirang Media Center with private Arirang Cine Center (
Arirang Information Library (
editorial office and recording room.

Simwoojang Suyeonsanbang

Simujang One of the greatest poet and independence Choi Sunu House This used to be the house of Choi
movement, Han Yong-un built this house in 1933. Simujang Sun-u who once was a director of National Museum of
literally means a house where you look for a genuine your- Korea. The house was built in 1920 and it looks like a hollow
self. The original owner left behind Koreas most beautiful square. The late director was very interested in the Korean
poems and fought hard until his death for Koreas indepen- beauty and, when it comes to the house, everything from
dence. 02)920-3051 stone figures to the trees at the backyard are very Korean.
Once it was in danger to be demolished. Civic groups con-
Suyeonsanbang It used to be the house of novelist ducted a fund-raiser campaign and, with the success of the
Yi Tae-jun who dominated the domestic art and cultural campaign, the house has survived. 02)3675-3401
worlds in the 1930s. He wrote Crow, Moonlit night which
create futile feeling and let us reflect on ourselves in a calm House of Yi Jae-jun The house of novelist Yi Jae-jun
way. The structure evokes a sweet and charming feeling in a who bought a vacation home built in the 1920s by a picked
wide open yard. Currently, the grand daughter of the writer fish merchant. The house consists of the main house and ser-
runs a caf for customers. 02)764-1736 vants quarters. The well and old trees in the yard show the
beauty of Hanok, Korean traditional house. 02)920-3051

84 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 85

Zone 3

Childrens Grand Park
Opened on May 5, 1973, celebrating Childrens Day, the Childrens Grand Park
continue to improve itself, recently investing 14,500,000 US dollars (17,900
million Korean won) for renovation from Sep 2007 to reopen on the 2009 Chil-
drens Day. Among the recently introduced, music fountain, parrot village and
sea animal hall are attracting more visitors. The music fountain is located at the
main gate and dancing freely to the tune of melody. There are over 800 parrots in
the parrot village where you can walk in and feed them on your own. The dance
of parrots will create a spectacle.
The sea animal hall is home to
white bears, seals and otters. It is
a 2-story aquarium of which large
acrylic window glasses will allow
visitors to witness the water lives
of sea animals. Over 12 million
people visit on a yearly basis. Free
Exit 4 of Achasan Station on subway line 5
Exit 1of Childrens Grand Park Station on subway line 7
Free admission

86 seoul best 100

Zone 4
Modern Face, South of Han River Area

Gangdong, Songpa, Gangnam, Seocho

Zone 4
Trendsetter Central Places to Eat
Geumbat | 02)488-1980
Beef rib with rice cake combo 18,000
from Exit 5 of Samseong Station on sub-
way line 2
Barley Rice in April | 02)540-5292

COEX Intercontinental | 02)555-5656
Park Hyatt Seoul | 02)2016-1241
Lotte Hotel World | 02)419-7000
You can be sure that Seoul stands shoulder to shoulder with the worlds great- In front of the back gate of Oruyn Church Barley Rice 7,000 First Class
est cities when you are in Gangnam. Apgujeong Rodeo Street, Cheongdam Fash- across Korea National Sport University at Toward Nonhyeondong from Exit 2 of Youngdong | 02)542-0112
Exit 3 of Dunchon Station on subway line 5 Apgujeong Station on subway line 3 Samjeong | 02)557-1221
ion Street and Garosugil are always witnessing the latest trends which will dom- Beokje Galbi | 02)415-5522 Samjeong Blowfish Restaurant | Sunshine | 02)541-1818
inate Seoul. Besides the fashion trends, Gangnam area is the de facto center of Pyeongyang Cold Noodle 10,000 02)3447-3030 Greengrass | 02)555-7575
economy and culture. You can easily find cultural complexes to enjoy a variety of Exit 4 of Bangi Station on subway line 5 Dadaki 6,000 Popgreen | 02)544-6623
Haneuldam | 02)421-6631 Exit 14 of Cheongdam Station on subway Blue Pearl | 02)3015-7777
cultural performances and exhibitions: LG Arts Center, POSCO Center, Mai- Suboksang 28,000 line 7 Ibis Seoul | 02)3454-1101
son Hermes Dosan Park, Space*C, Nature Poem Building, just to name a few. 10-minute walk toward Bangi Samgeori Tria | 02)553-2471
There are also historic sites close to locals, for instance Amsadong Prehistoric Site, from Exit 1 of Jamsil Station on subway Centro | 02)3486-6000
line 2 & 8 Places to Stay Lake | 02)422-1001
1,000-year old Bongeunsa (Temple), World Heritage Seonjeongneung. Gourmet Home | 02)568-4594 Super Deluxe California | 02)401-4763
Broiled rib with citron sauce 35,000 J W Marriott Hotel Seoul | 02)6282- Second Class
500 m toward Samseong Station from Exit 6262 Friend | 02)521-7111
Festivals Seokchondong Ancient Baekje-era Stone spring annually, suggesting different and 1 of Seolleung Station on subway line 2 Ritz-Carlton Seoul | 02) 3451-8135 Hilltop | 02)540-3456
Gangnam Dance Festival | Very popular Mound Tombs and Bangidong Ancient colorful programs like walking along cherry Daejanggeum (Samsung Branch) | Renaissance Seoul | 02)555-0501 Dynasty | 02)540-3042
international event in Gangnam. Dance- Baekje-era Tombs. Must see Baekje cultur- blossoms, music stage, music concert and 02)562-5972 Grand Intercontinental Seoul | New Hilltop | 02)540-1121
oriented outdoor festival for three days al experience, Baekje folk performance, traditional arts performances. 02)410-3410 Buan Table dhte 25,000 02)559-5656 Jamsil | 02)421-2761
at the second week of October each year. Baekje fashion show and Baekje & B-boys. Gangdong Prehistoric Cultural Festi- 200m toward Cheongdam Intersection Imperial Palace | 02)3440-8000 Garack | 02)400-6641
Regardless of genres, ages, sexes, and 02)2104-1925 val | As one of the Seouls representing
nationalities, all dance-lovers will be Cherry Blossoms Festival at Seokchon local cultural events, this festival captures One-day Tour (Starting at 10 oclock in the morning)
absolutely welcomed. 02)2104-1925 Lake | As a flamboyant spring event, the the Neolithic Period and presents events 1 Amsadong Prehistoric Settlement Site Mongchontoseong (Earthen Fortification) (Lunch) Olympic Park Lotte World (Dinner)
Hanseong Baekje Cultural Festi- festival was originally designed to contrib- reproducing the prehistoric cultures some 2 Yangjae Citizens Forest Seoul Arts Center (Lunch) Museum of Korean Embroidery Kimchi Museum COEX (Dinner)
val | Songpagu holds the festival, since it ute to the local development and meet the 6,000 years ago. You can taste and experi- 3 Seonjeongneung (Tumb) Bongeunsa (Temple) Garosugil (Lunch) Nature Poem Building Apgujeong Rodeo Street
harbors historic sites of the Baekje Kingdom cultural needs for locals and, at the same ence what it is like to live in the primitive Cheongdamdong Fashion Street (Dinner)
such as Pungnaptoseong (Mud Rampart), time, has been attracting more tourists. It ages. Opens on the second Friday of October 4 National Digital Library Seorae Global Village (Lunch) Hangang Park Garosugil Apgujeong Rodeo Street (Dinner)
Mongchontoseong (Earthen Fortification), opens in sync with the cherry blossoms in each year. 02)480-1410
Zone 4

068 069
Hangang Park Prehistoric Settlement Site in Amsadong
Locals love to enjoy sports and recreations here with their family and friends. This settlement site are based on straw houses in the Neolithic age. The 1925 del-
From the east to the west of Seoul, there are a total of 12 riverside park sections uge uncovered pieces of earthenware and stoneware, revealing this major prehis-
along the Han River, totaling 40 km in length. You can easily access to the Park to toric site. Until 1984, a series of excavation research reconstructed the way how
play any kind of sports, since the Park is equipped with trails, bike lanes and all the people lived on hunting and gathering in this
sports facilities for soccer, swimming, volleyball, basket ball, tennis, badminton, neighborhood more than three thousands 02)3426-3857
155 Amsadong Gangdonggu
wind surfing, water skiing, and angling. years ago. Currently, the excavated site has 10-minute walk from Exit 4 of Amsa Station of Subway Line 8
09:30-17:30(06:00-09:00 for free)
Just walking with the winds from the tip been covered with earth and replicas of straw Admission fee: 500 for adults, 300 for children and teens
To get Hangang Park Banpo section, get off the
river would definitely be fun to relax. houses were built for visitors. wing day is closed.)/ Foreign language tour provided.
subway at the Express Bus Terminal stop, and take exit 3 to get
02)591-5943 (Banpo Information Center)
on Bus 8401 which runs from The War Memorial and Central
No 8401 Shuttle bus at Exits 3 & 4 & 8 of Express Bus Terminal Station on City at Express Bus Terminal. Just 10 minute-drive will take you
subway lines 3 & 7 there. Please, check out on its websites first, since there are
20-min walk from Exits 1 & 8 of Dongjak Station on subway line 4
No 8401 Shuttle bus at Exits13 of Samgakji Station on subway line 4 different events and functions depending on the time of the
No 8401 Shuttle bus at Exits 4 of Noksapyeong Station on subway line 6 month and year.

Moonlight Rainbow Fountain & Seoraeseom Han River and Namsan (Mt.). First and second floors are
(Island) Hangang Park Banpo section is 7.2 km long with elevators and steps. The multi-floored caf has also exhibi-
having the Banpodaegyo at its center and attracts more visi- tion spaces and observation deck. Upon its opening, 10 local
tors than other park sections. Moonlight Rainbow Fountain buses make a stop on the Hannamdaegyo for visitors conve-
is designed to spew in rainbow color at the both ends of the nience: Bus Nos. 470, 420, 472, 407, 408, 144, 142, 402, 140,
1,140 m-long Banpodaegyo, making it the longest bridge 471. Drinks 2,500 to 6,000 / Opening hours 11:00 to
fountain in the world, according to the Guinness Book of 24:00 (23:00 during winter) / 02)511-7345
Records. Seoraeseom provides wide flower beds and boasts
of magnificent scenery in all seasons of the year. If you are Open air swimming pool & SUPIA You can have
seeing someone, you definitely take your date to the flower fun at outdoor swimming pools from June to August in
lanes which will melt down her heart. Ttukseom, Yeouido, Gangnaru, Mangwon, Jamwon and
Jamsil section. In particular, Ttukseom and Yeouido swim-
Caf Rainbow The first caf opened at Han River bridges. ming pools went through a makeover and became a year-
Situated at the southern tip of Hannamdaegyo, the 4-story round water theme park, SUPIA. Also, Han River Renaissance
Caf Rainbow provides the best observation point for the Project will open new parks in Yeouido, Ttukseom and Nanji. Straw House Totally, 20 sites of straw houses were Baekje are displayed, too.
uncovered. The length of the house seems as large as 6
meters and its depth about 1 meter. Most of them are round Prehistoric Festival Runs for three days from the
but some are squares. Judging from the sites, residents second Friday of October each year. You can experience
might have made a fire at the center and put a post for sup- the primitive way of life and Korean traditional arts events
porting the roofs. Imagine what the straw houses that time together with modern arts occasions. Started in 1996 and is
look like and check it out when you walk into the replicas of getting popular each year.
straw house.

Primitive Life Exhibition Hall The original sites

and relics of the uncovered straw houses are displayed in
this exhibit room. Specially treated for preservation are
eight dwelling sites and one storage pit. Relics such as stone
hatchet and fishnet weight are naturally strewn around
them, vividly evoking prehistoric way of life. Relics from the
different earth layer of the Bronze Age and the Kingdom of

90 seoul best 100 91

Zone 4

070 071
Mongchontoseong (Earthen Fortification) Olympic Park
This earthen fortress was built in the early 3rd century when the three kingdoms To commemorate the 1986 Asian Games and the 1988 tip
Olympic Park is also
fiercely fought each other to gain total control of the Korean peninsula. The Baekje Olympic Games held in Seoul, the Games site became a
one of the most popular places
Kingdom needed to establish a fortress to protect its capital city. It raised earth and memorial park. Surrounding Mongchontoseong (Earth- for couples. You can rent a cycle
trimmed the slant of 45 m-tall hills to put a wall which totaled 2.7 km in length. A en Fortification), the wide park is home to the whole va- designed for a couple and run
river on one side and a wooden fence on the other barred enemies from getting in. riety of sports arenas for swimming, gymnastics, fencing, through to Mongchontoseong
(Earthen Fortification) to take a
Inside the fortress, a residential area was situated, judging from the sites of straw cycling, weightlifting and an art museum. Also, locals can rest under a big tree.
houses and underground storage on the layered foundations. Earthenware and easily enjoy their choice of sports such as jogging, golf,
weapons excavated here are the proof of how the Baekje people 02)424-5138
basket ball and yoga here. Once you get in the park, you 02)410-1111
426 Olympicro Jamsildong Songpagu
lived in the past. Long trails, thick pine woods and a small lake 88-3 Oryundong
can play any kind of sports. There are many trails between Exit 3 of Olympic Park Station on
subway line 5
were built for visitors who are the de facto current-day own- 15-min walk from Exit 3
of Olympic Park Station on
its squares, hills and a lake for joggers and cyclists. If you 06:00-22:00
Haneol Square & Peace Plaza
er of the fortress, since they frequently visit here while enjoying subway line 5 & 8
would like to know about Seoul Olympics more, you can 05:30-22:00
walking. visit the Olympic Museum.

Mongchon Museum of History If you fail to find of History also display documents regarding the old capital of Seoul Olympic Museum You can view the entire of love, peace and unison. Walking slowly through the mas-
Mongchontoseong (Earthen Fortification) among green hills, the Baekje Kingdom and various relics from the Fortress site such process of the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games from the fierce terpieces of the park will give you a globetrotting feel.
you would like to visit Mongchon Museum of History first. It as earthenware with the Chinese Qin Dynasty coin printed on it. bidding war, preparation efforts, and records to the opening
helps you understand the structure of the Fortress with display- and closing ceremonies. The chances are you will probably
ing its miniature before you look around in person. The Museum Stand-alone Chinese Juniper Mongchon literally make a stop at the booths where the movie clips of the Seoul
means the village of dreams. With that in mind, the hills of Olympic Games stars are screening and commemorative
Mongchontoseong (Earthen Fortification) become dim in coins, medals and unique souvenirs from the participating
anybodys eye. The wide grass turf would remind you of the countries are displayed. Ride Movie Theater suggests eight
European wild field. Among this sea of green grass, stands 13-min documentaries on Olympic Games.
alone a Chinese juniper called as stand-alone tree, movie-star
tree, or outcast tree. The seemingly lonely tree is the popular Sculpture Park Olympic Park displays more than 200
background for photo lovers. In spring, the yellow rape blos- pieces of sculpture and 8 large-scale artworks, making it
soms and the green barley create picturesque spaces. There is one of the top 5 sculpture parks in the world. The chosen
also a legally protected centuries-year-old ginkgo. artworks are from all over the world and capture the themes

92 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 93

Zone 4

Lotte World

A multi-purpose complex including der the colorful lights. The department

theme park, department store, shop- store and the shopping mall offer de-
ping mall, sports center, movie theater cent products for cheaper prices and at-
and hotel. The building sucks in peo- tract customers around the year. The
ple in droves, but, once you get in here, year-round ice rink is also popular. 02)575-3895
236 Yangjae2dong Seochogu
it hardly is crowded as you might ex- Take a bus bound for Seongnam
at Exit 7 of Yangjae Station on
pect with its huge area of 580,000m2. tip subway line 3 and get off at
Citizens Woods / Take a bus at
As the Korean TV shows got popular overseas, more
The pick of youngsters is of course foreigners visit the film sites in Korea. The mural paintings of
Exit 6 of Gangnam Station on
subway line 2 and get off at
Lotte World Adventure, the theme Lotte World are attracting fans of a popular TV show, Stairway
Citizens Woods

park of adventure and mystery. Opened To Heaven, who whish to win love. Patriot Yun Bonggil
in 1989, it boasts of unparalleled fa- 02)578-3388
236 Yangjaedong Seochogu
cilities and size in the world. The mo- 02)411-2000
40-1 Jamsildong Songpagu
Take a bus bound for Yangjae
Flower Market at Exit 7 of
ment you walk in, you will witness peo- Connected to Exit 4 of Jamsil Station on subway line 2
Yangjae Station on subway line
3 and get off at AT Center
ple exclaiming with admiration un- Flower Market and walk 5
From April to October 10:00-
From November to March
Closed on New Years & Korean
Thanksgiving holidays
Adults: 1,000, Children300

Yangjae Citizens Forest


When you step inside the urban woods, you tip

promptly understand why woods are essen- Though Yangjae Citizens, Forest are a
popular resting place for locals, it remembers
tial for urbanites. Woods are the lungs of a the sorry pages of Korean history. It is home to
city. Yangjae Citizens Forest are made of 70 several monuments for volunteer soldiers at the
kinds of trees such as pines, zelkovas, maples, time of Korean War, victims of the bombing of
a Korean Air flight in 1987 by the North Korean
and Korean white pines, all of which are com- terrorist attack, and victims of the collapse of a
mon in Korea. Walking through the woods department store in 1995.
will boost you with its amazing therapeutic ef-
fect. The woods are well maintained and students love here to learn about flora
and fauna. In its section 3, Yangjae Cultural Art Park provides outdoor perform-
ing hall, sculptures and grass square. Most popular is a trail with metasequoias, the
wedding couples no 1 photo site. A local traveler has nicknamed the park as the
Seokchon Lake It is 210,000 m2 large and 4.5 m deep. of the Koreas famous relics and historic buildings which secret garden of Citizens Forest.
It was made with natural stones and earth to contribute to were established with precision with the professional con-
its surrounding ecosystem. With the trails and shelters, it sultations. You can take a look at the history of Korea from
has become a preferred picnic place for families. Though it is the Old Stone Age to the Japanese colonial time through Patriot Yun Bonggil Memorial The 3-story memo- nery, belongings of Mr. Yun. On the second floor, you
situated in a crowed shopping area, the lake itself is unbe- models and dioramas as well as miniature. It holds a special rial is a historic place which shows the entire life story of Yun can witness how the Korean independence movement
lievably calm and serene. event for Koreas traditional art performances and suggests Bonggil, an Koreas activist who sacrificed himself for Koreas proceeded through the over 120 displayed pictures. Exiled
opportunities where you can experience Koreas folk games independence from the Japanese rule. in Manchuria, independent activists struggled and suffered
Lotte World Folk Museum It displays the miniatures in person. On the first-floor exhibit room, there are books, statio- until death.

94 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 95

Zone 4

074 075
Seoul Arts Center Yangjae Flower
Seoul Arts Center is truly the most powerful tip
cultural site in modern Korea. It hosts more You can visit Korean Traditional
Market Center
Performing Arts Museum. Just 5-minute walk
than 1,500 art performances and 2 million au- from Seoul Arts Center will take you there. As One of the best places for people look-
diences per year. Besides the several performing the one and only museum of its own kind, ing for flower heaven in reality. From
halls, it also has museums. On the foot of Um- the Museum will show you what the Korean the moment when you walk in, the fra-
traditional music with the 450 displayed musical
yeonsan (Mt.), the representing Opera House, instruments, rare books, and video materials. The grances of all flowers will arrest you
looking like the Korean traditional hat, consists National Center for Korean Traditional Performing and comfort you, if you are tired. Well-
of the Opera Theater with 2,500 seats, Towol Arts holds a performance every Saturday for groomed flower blossoms are just
audiences. A class ticket 10,000, B class ticket
Theater, and Jayu Theater as well as an elegant 8,000 waiting for new masters. Situated in a
lobby and a gift shop. The front square is very 92,562 m-large area, the market is orig-
much loved by locals, providing a variety of performances throughout the year. tip inally a whole sale market but there are
You can have decent flowers at 30-50 % off the retail
Please, check out first at its website for year-round performances. price at Yangjae Flower Market Center. Also, it has everything retailers, too. On the underground lev-
from flowers to all kinds of landscaping materials. There are el, you can buy horticulture materials,
horticulture classes for adults and children alike.
aquariums, birds and garden trees, too.
700 Seochodong Seochogu 02)579-8100
Take No 17 local shuttle bus at Exit 1 of 232 Yangjaedong Seochogu
Bangbae Station on subway line 2 and get Take buses bound for Seongnam/Gacheon at Exit 3 of Yangjae Station on subway line 3 and get off at Yangjae Flower Market Center
off at Seoul Arts Center/ Take Arts Center
shuttle bus at Exit 5 of Nambu Bus Terminal Opening hours vary for each shop. Please, check out first at its website.

Station on subway line 3

Korean Traditional Performing Arts

2364 Nambu Beltway Seochodong
Take 07, 15 or 17 buses at Exit 1 of Bangbae
Station on subway line 2 and get off at
Raemian Art Hill and walk 5 minutes.
Yangjaecheon is always crowded with families on picnic, cyclists, couples, joggers
Closed on Mondays & New Years Day
and walkers along its 15.6 km stream. The tributary of the Han River originates
National Center for Korean Traditional
Performing Arts
from southeast part of Gwanaksan (Mt.) to Gwacheonsi to Gangnam. It was not
Permanent Saturday Performances
Foreign Language Service (English) /
what it is like today until the 1955 to 2000 restoration work. It transformed itself
Foreigners are welcomed for participation
with advance booking.
from the smelly stream to a living stream where fauna flourishes in rich surround-
ings of ecosystem. Some of locals even grow rice and harvest it in fall. There are 8
unique bridges and enjoy the different beauty of each one of them.
Hangaram Art Museum & Hangaram Design It consists of mountain range fountain, traditional Korean tip
There are cafes and wine bars on the bank between
Museum These two museums face each other and hat fountain, orchid fountain, crane wing fountain, fog foun-
Youngdonggyo 1 (Bridge) and Youngdonggyo 2 (Bridge)
host a series of exhibitions regarding Korean modern art. tain, ballet foutain, etc., which are created in the images of
with metasequoias trails, which is the most popular section of
Its neighboring Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum is the only traditional Korean paintings. The installed 56 pumps supply Yangjaecheon. Parents with children would like to visit nature
calligraphy-specific museum in the world and boasts of the water to 825 nozzels set to music rhythm. About 15 songs gallery and ecosystem gallery near Youngdonggyo 5 (Bridge) and
Koreas very best calligraphy artworks. Never miss it. per round are played and the music list is changed weekly, Daechigyo (Bridge).Hangnyeoul eco-park is also recommended.
providing more than 400 songs per year.
World Music Fountain Opened in Oct. 2002, the 02)2104-2180
426 Hakdongro Gangnamgu
World Music Fountain of Seoul Arts Center (Culture Plaza) is Umyeon Pond and Woods Trail Fresh air and bird Dogok Station on subway line 3Bundang line-Samsung Tower Palace-
Youngdong 4 bridge entrance
the best place for people to want to look for a resting place chirps will clear out your soul in the Outdoor Areas, which Gaepodong Station on subway Bundang line- Woosung Apt-Stairway
in the city. It presents magnificent spectacles with various never stop being crowded early in the morning with people Damosan Entrance Station on subway Bundang line Daechi Apt- Youngdong
fountains movement set to the excellent music selected by doing exercises and filling up their containers with mineral 6 bridge entrance
Hakyeoul Station on subway line 3-Ssangyong Apt-Daechi bridge entrance
world music specialists and added colorful lights after dark. water from Umyeonsan (Mt.)

96 seoul best 100 97

Zone 4

077 078
COEX LG Arts Center
What comes first into your mind when LG Arts Center is a cultural asylum
you hear COEX? It is all different: Connected to Samsung subway station, COEX among the thick woods of skyscrapers
Exhibition Center, Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention, ASEM
shopping mall, exhibit hall, convention in Yeoksamdong business area. With
Tower and Trade Tower. The top-notch international hotels
place, and aquarium. COEX includes are ready to welcome visitors home and abroad. Large- over 1,100 seats, its Sangam Hall is
all. Children accompanying mothers scale shopping malls are just next to COEX and Korea City Air most preferred by local musicians be-
never forget the amazing aquarium, Terminal connected also for travelers conveniences. cause of its unparalleled sound system.
and youngsters always remember and In fact, LG invested 52.3 million dollars
revisit the all tasty restaurants where they have fun with (65 billion Korean won) to establish
159 Samsungdong Gangnamgu
Connected to Exit 5 & 6 of Samsung Station
friends. Art lovers vividly remind themselves of the world-class performing center with the

on subway line 2
Please, visit for
art exhibitions. The convention place of COEX keeps cutting-edge sound system and stage.
opening hours and various sales promotions
and coupons for each section / foreign
its reputation for major functions. One common fact:
language information (02)551-0114, 1201 COEX is the memory generator for everybody. Connected to Exit 7 of Yeoksam Station on subway line 2
Closed on Weekends and Holidays (Open for scheduled events)

POSCO Center
It is not difficult to find POSCO Cen- 02)3457-0114
5-min walk from Exit 1 of Seonneung Station on subway line 2 / Exit 4 of
ter at Teheranro, the busy business dis- Samseong Station on subway line 2
trict of Seoul, since its twin towers are
shining like glasses. Dont get discour-
aged by the immense structure and
walk inside of the building. From the
start with Flowering Structure-Ama-
bel by Frank Stella on its facade, you
can find yourself enjoying the cultur-
al surroundings in the building. POS-
CO suggests a pamphlet and you can
check out the story behind the 9-me-
Aquarium Koreas largest aquarium with the scale of 40 COEX Mall It caters to everybodys taste and pick, since ter-tall and 30-ton-heavy Amabel. Also,
water tanks, 130 breeding tanks, and more than 40,000 fish it is home to more than 260 shops, the largest underground
you can see the artworks of the famous
in 2,300 tons of water in display. Opened in March in 2000, shopping mall in Asia. The fashion multi-square appeals
Nam June Paik. There is the Art Mu-
it provides unique experiences for visitors. It boasts of six youngsters with having young casual, unisex casual, jeans,
themed sections of the Incan easy-wear, and fashion accessories. You can have an easy
seum on the second floor. Through its
Empire, the Amazon Adventure, access from the Hyundai Department Store. There are also website, you can get a free ticket for the
the world oceans, the Sea over 100 restaurants and snack bars. The length of the mall monthly concerts. Thanks to its gallery,
Kingdom, the Touch Pool and is as long as 663 m. The multiplex movie theater releases POSCO beautifies its steel image and
the Mystery of Deep Sea. newest films. comes closer to customers.

98 seoul best 100 99

Zone 4

080 082
Bonsai Museum Museum of Korean Embroidery
Just as Mother Nature itself, Bonsai The elegant museum shows how much delicate and exquisite the old Koreans
Museum never closes nor accepts ad- were through the traditional garments. Koreans were not shy when it comes to
mission fees. There are 12,000 potted displaying their embroidery skills on their fashion accessories and gowns. Kore-
plants displayed on the slope of Umy- ans embroidered in Buddhists and Taoists themes praying for happiness, success
eonsan (Mt.). People become speech- and long lives. Judging from the displayed living items with embroidery on them
less in front of the miniature of Moth- 02)515-5114~6
such as thimbles, garment ornaments, cutlery cases, and boxes,
er Nature itself. Here are the tips by the 4th Fl. Nonhyeondong
even ordinary housewives were great artists in their own way of
Museum on how to look around: first, 5-min walk from Exit 10 of
Hakdong Station on subway
making everyday life beautiful. If you come here, dont forget
bonsai should look natural: secondly, line 7
to k at more than 100 wrapping cloths in all colors and em-
imagine scenic view and old beautiful
Closed weekends and
broidery. The museum also displays National treasure embroi-
trees when you look at bonsai: third, holidays deries.
try to appreciate each part of the tree 577-0001~3
focusing aesthetic value of bonsai: lastly, 205-6 Woomyundong Seochogu
Take No 18 or 19 local shuttle buses at Exit 7 of Yangjae Station on subway line 3
look at how well the bonsai and its pot 09:00-19:00 (March to October) 12:00~19:00 (Sundays)
09:00~17:00 (November to February) 12:00~17:00 (Sundays)
go together.

National Digital Library
Seoul has no book stores older than a century but there is a storage house for
centuries-old information. The National Library of Korea opened its Digital Li-
brary in May 2009. Supported with 96.6 million US dollars (120 billion Kore-
an won), the Digital branch provides 10 million academic data, 3,400 profession-

Kimchi Museum
al data including policy materials and connection to overseas libraries such as Li- 083
brary of Congress in the U.S. Users can take a seat for up to three hours a day
in the 252-seat reading room. In stu-
If youre a Kimchi lover, Kimchi Mu- 02)6002-6456
dios, visitors can edit their own mov- B2nd Fl. COEX Mall Samseongdong Gangnamgu
seum is a must-visit place in Korea. It Exit 6 of Samseong Station on subway line 2
ie and music clips. Four movie theaters 10:00-17:00 (Tue through Sat) / 13:00-17:00 (Sun)
shows everything about Kimchi, its his- Adults 3,000, Teens 2,000, Children 1,000
are equipped with 250,000 films. The
tory and how to make kimchi. You can
physically challenged are recommended
even taste all the different kimchi from
visiting the help desk for convenience.
each part of Korea. You can peek at the
Reservation needed for digital reading
Koreans smartest way of storing kim-
room, seminar room, movie theater,
chi in its tradition. Though the muse-
UCC studios.
um says it will take half an hour but be
664 Banporo Seochogu
prepared with enough free time be-
15-min walk from Exit 6 of Seocho Station on subway line 2/10-min walk
from Exit 5 of Express Bus Terminal Station on subway line 7
cause you wouldnt feel the passage of
time when you get there having fun.
National Digital Libary
English and Japanese guides provided.
Tuesday through Sunday
Pamphlets in Korean, English, Japanese
Closed on Holidays except Sundays and Mondays and Chinese available.

Zone 4

Apgujeong Rodeo Street
If you want to read the latest trend in and West wings, and the former is frequently called luxury
Seoul, you definitely come to here. If goods store. Its exterior is eye-catching, making the build-
you wish to know what Korean fashion ing a local landmark.
leaders look like, miss the coffee which
Symbol Tower The tower stands at the entrance of Ro-
you tasted in New York and crave for
deo Street across Galleria Department Store. It signifies the
lasagna you loved in Italy, then Apgu- great leap toward culture and advance. Behind the tow-
jeong is the answer for you. Apgujeong er, there are tons of designers brand stores from home and
passes for the Koreas fashion mecca abroad. Customers never fail to find what they want, since
with no doubt. When you sit down at a these stores vary from the casual shops to the top-notch
terraced caf facing the streets, you can popular brand flagship stores, with prices being 10,000
easily find out the current trends in Ko- for simple cotton shirts up to 1 million for luxury shirts.
rea regarding fashion, living, and even
food. Vanessa Bruno Outlet This outlet store is directly
managed by the brands head office. Among fashion leaders,
Vanessa Bruno is popular for its classical design at all times.
In February and June, the shop suggests items once spon-
sored for stars with 50 % up to 70 % price off. It also offers
fashion accessories for affordable prices. 02)542-5402

Dining Caf Muimui Local entertainment stars fre-

quent Muimui which means second to none. There is a caf
on the first floor providing Italian foods and a terraced snack
bar on the second floor for simple Korean snacks. Located
behind the Apgujeong Cinecity theater. 02)515-3981

662-5 Apgujeong 2dong Gangnamgu

20-min walk from Apgujeong Station on subway line 3

Origination of Apgujeong Han Myeong-hoe, a Places to Eat

powerful politician under King Sejo of Joseon Dynasty, built Ttebuzzang | 02)517-0997
a pavilion on the riverbank for his retiring years outside Pork neck 10,000
the secular society and named it Apgujeong which literally Asahi Orien Beer Restaurant |
means pavilion of seagull and hill. It was also his pen name. 02)6409-5865
Now, Apgujeong is synonymous with fashion and it is of- 16:00-02:00 Asahi draft regular 5,800,

ten called Rodeo Street. Rodeo is the very western and wild Combo Dish 38,000
Ganghodong 678 | 02)540-6678
sports from America showing how strong you are on the 11:30-04:00 Pork belly 10,000,

back of jumping horses and cows. In the early 1990s, Apgu- Brisket deckle 25,000,
jeong looked up to the Rodeo Drive of Bevery Hills in Ameri- Rip eye 43,000
ca and became home to youngsters armored with new per- Mandujip | 02)544-3710
12:00-21:00 Dumpling soup 8,000

Green-gram pancake 14,000
Dumpling stew 35,000 Bibimbap 5,000 Samwon Garden | 02)548-3030
Galleria Department Store Galleria Department Dure Noodles | 02)3444-1421 Miltop | 02)547-6800 11:40-22:00 Roast beef 25,000,

Store is near Apgujeong Rodeo Street and it is safe to say 10:00-23:00 Dure noodle mixed with
10:30-21:00 Iced dessert with milk and

Marinated barbecue rib 30,000, Sirloin
that the store is the fashion mecca in Korea. It consists of East vegetables and red pepper sauce 5,000, adzuki-bean 6,000 47,000

102 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 103

Zone 4

Fashion Street
The globally popular brands such as Prada,
Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Gucci, and Hermes
are all flocked together here, making Cheong-
damdong a preferred shopping district for up-
scale shoppers. More temptingly, these design-
ers houses open its flagship stores to come clos-
DAILY PROJECT The store is full of unique items which
er to the market, providing all their product
makes you all the way different from others. This fashion
lines. Anything in Cheongdamdong looks just
complex includes caf, multi-shop, and exhibition room.
like a work of art from bags, shoes, garments, to It throws a flea market each first and third Sunday of the
watches in their elegant show cases. Shoppers, month on the 1st-floor garden. 02)3218-4075 / 11:00-20:30
however, might wonder whether these are the /
product of the best craftsmen or they are worth
the prohibitively higher price tag. Its your call.
Cheongdam literally means clear pond.

Exit 2 of Apgujeong Station on subway line 3/ Exit 8 of Cheongdam Station on subway line 7
Opening hours vary for each store.
Different promotions offered from each store.

10 CORSO COMO The store is the Korean branch of Milan customers because it offers new products for much lower Places to Eat
Sushimoto | 02)514-1812 12:00-15:00, 18:00-01:00

10 Corso Como and offers 106 selected fashion, 80 beauty prices than Japan. 02)3446-8074 / 11:00-20:00 / www. 12:00-15:00, 18:00-22:00
 Lunch Combo 15,000 and up, Dinner Combo

and over 50 living brands for customers. The style-leading Lunch Combo 35,000, Sashimi 45,000

25,000 and up, Curry crab 55,000
store shows a living magazine for customers. 02)3018-1010 Yangmani | 02)542-9263 Mi Piace | 02)516-6317
/ 11:00-20:00 / KOON A 1st generation of Cheongdamdong multi-shops. Open for 24 hrs
 12:00-15:00, 18:00-22:00

Cold kimchi noodle 5,000, Lunch Special 27,000 and up, Appetizer

It is still one of the favorite shopping points for local TV and

Intestine barbeque 25,000 Combo 25,000 and up, Wooni pasta 19,500
MUI Designers brand like Givenchy, Linvin, and Chloe are movie stars. Very convenient to look around since mens Korea House | 02)3443-2121 Once In A Blue Moon | 02)549-5490
dominating here and you can get these luxury items at and womens sections are on the same floor. 02)517-4504 12:00-22:00

30 % off during season-off sale. It is getting more overseas / 10:30-20:00 Octopus Soup 20,000, Roast abalone with A la carte 40,000 and up,
bean paste 7,000 Course 65,000 and up
Nomadic Bistro Tani | 02)3446-9982 Seasons II | 02)517-0905
BOONTHESHOP The building was designed a renowned 12:00-15:00, 18:00-02:00
 11:30-15:00, 17:00-23:00

architect and consists of four floors. On the second floor of Salad 18,000, A la carte 20,000,
 Salad 15,000 and up,

shoes section, you can meet all of the fancy shoes from the Steak 30,000 and up Main dish 20,000 and up,
globally popular shoe designers like Christian Louboutin, CASA del VINO | 02)542-8003 Sashimi Combo 100,000

Grill H | 02)3446-5547
Roger Vivier, and Nicholas Kirkwood. 02)542-8006 / 10:30-
Hangover rayeon for two 20,000,
 2:00-15:00, 18:00-22:00

19:00 (Weekdays), 12:00-19:00 (Sunday)/ Spainish Patas 15,000 and up Steak 38,000 and up, Park | 02)512-6333 Korean Food 38,000

104 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 105

Zone 4

The 700 m-long treelined street evokes
a relaxing moment for pedestrians.
Walking slowly along the street, you
would see each one of the unique shops
and caf here. They seem to speak to
the pedestrians. In autumn, the yellow
leaves of the gingko trees give the street
even more warmth while Garosugil at-
tracts many people to make their un-
forgettable memories through out the
year. Cafes are at the every corner of
the street and restaurants are irresistible
meeting places for gourmets. Galleries
embellish the street with culture.

Sinsadong Gangnamgu
10-min walk from Exit 8 of Sinsa Station on subway line 3
15-min walk from Exit 8 of Sinsa Station on subway line 3

TIME & STYLE On top of the fashion items, the shop MARKET LIBERTY It is filled with unique vintage items 103 It offers various fashion accessories. 103 Baby section SANGWOO The shop offers simple and modern dresses.
offers paintings, furniture, ornaments and aroma items for from the Europe. Local TV starts frequent the shop 070- deals with baby garments and accessories. 02)511-5661 / This designers shop has been serving for customers for five
customers in a cultural space. It runs a caf, too. 02)6497- 7582-8243 / at Bloom & Goute alley / 13:00-21:00 /www. 50 m toward Apgujeong from Sinsadong Garosugil / 10:00- years. 02)516-3549 / Across Bloom & Goute in the middle of
8838 / Back alley of Namil Realty Office at Garosugil / 23:00 / Sinsadong Garosugil / 10:30-22:00
THE LIVING FACTORY The shop provides self-made
DAR:1 Customers love the ballerina-like dresses and vin- unique living items. You cant buy them from any other Places to Eat
tage fashion accessories at the shop. Handmade items are places. 02)542-0012 / 2F of next-door bldg of Art & Dream Spain Club | 02)515-1118 18,000 and up, Spaghetti 15,000
11:30-14:30, 17:30-03:00

Cheongsoo Bokguk | 02)541-1513
very popular. 02)3442-4534 / 2F of blue gate house at back at the entrance of Garosugil at Exit 8 of Shinsa subway sta-
Amon 27,000, Paella 12,000,
 Open for 24 hrs Puffer soup 25,000,

alley of Look & Me / 11:30-21:30 tion / 11:00-23:00 / See food marinated salad 14,000 Blowfish soup 11,000, Combo 20,000
Casa Bonita | 02)517-2678 Nongoljip | 02)549-9930
MOGOOL You can meet various millineries created by 12:00-15:00 , 17:00-24:00 (Weekdays),
 Open for 24 hrs

12:00-24:00 (Weekends) Cream pasta

Galbi 11,000, Diaphragm 13,000,
ambitious and young hat designers. Custom-made and
16,000 and up, Tartine 12,000 and up, Fast-fermented bean paste 5,000
alteration accepted. 02)3445-6264 / 1F in the middle of Mushroom rip eye steak 28,000 Kaffee Strasse | 02)512-7776
Garosugil / Modern Babsang | 02)546-6782 07:30-01:30 Coffee & Tea

11:30-22:00 Pork bossam 15,000,

Woori Gangsan | 02)541-0773
DAMI The shop offers unique jewelry made with natural Korean beef stew 10,000, Tteok galbi 10:30-21:30 Sigol bapsang 6,000

10,000 Buccella | 02)517-7339

stones at affordable prices. Customers can order their own
Ristorante Piu | 02)510-5555 Shrimp baguette 7,500,

jewelry. 02)518-8620 / Unit #2 542-6 Sinsadong / 11:30- 12:00-15:00, 17:00-24:00 Pizza

Beef tenderloin sandwich 7,500

Zone 4

Seorae 087 Seonjeongneung


Global Village This historic site is very familiar to

locals as a school picnic point. Now,
Seorae Global Village, also the site became a UNESCO World
known as Little France, orig- Heritage Site. It is the royal tomb of
inates its name from the native King Seongjong of Joseon Dynasty. In
seori grass. It is a little trou- a hectic and crowded Gangnam area, tip
blesome to get there by mass this tranquil place is a jewel for tired The jewel of a royal tomb is the tomb itself. Look
transportation system but it is urbanites who definitely need a peace- around the tomb and find the 12-fold stone folding screen
worth it. When you walk into symbolizing directions around the tomb. On the stone screen,
ful shelter. The site is a place where there are paintings and letters signifying the 2-hour blocks
the Village, you would step on the pedestrian blocks colored in the French em- living people meet the dead and the of time in each day in the oriental way of thinking. To better
blem, Tricolor. Starting from the relocation of the French school here, the Vil- present meets with the past. This royal understand how a royal tomb is established, you wish to read
lage became a global town. It is common to witness road signs in Korean and carefully the stone figures around the tomb.
tomb is very commanding but offers
French together. The playground hosts French families who take their kid af- time to relay for modern-day citizens. 02)568-1291
ter school and have fun in everyday life. At the calm and quiet street, French Today, it is frequented by children on 7 Seolleungaraegil Gangnamgu
5-min walk from Exit 8 of Seolleung Station on subway line 2
restaurants, organic food shops, wine Bangbaebondong and Banpodong Seochogu a picnic, dating couples, office work- 06:00-21:00 (March through October)
06:30-21:00 (November through February)
shops and bakeries are packed and you Take No 13 bus at Exit 1 of Chongshin Univ. Station on subway line 4 & 7,
10-min walk from Exit 6 of Express Bus Terminal Station on subway line 7 ers who take a break and seniors who Adults 1,000 Children 500
dont want to miss them.  The French Village (Small France in Korea)
enjoy their past time. Closed on Monday / Guided Tours Only at 11 AM and 4 PM Reserve in advance

Nonhyeon Furniture Street Bongeunsa (Temple)

088 090

Nonhyeon Furniture Street spreads between Nonhyeon Station and Hakdong When you feel to be in a tranquil mountain temple at
Station. More than 70 furniture shops have been here over 30 years along the the heart of busy Gangnam, you should go to Bonge-
850-meter-long street. The street was designated as Furniture Street by the unsa (Temple). The Temple used to be the largest one
government. The shops eagerly sponsor TV dramas for advertising effect. You in Seoul in Joseon Dynasty era and still boasts of its
can easily find any kind of furniture from furniture for newly-wed couples, authority. It is believed that Gyeonseongsa (Temple)
handicraft furniture, lacquer- built in the Silla Kingdom was the origination of Bon-
ware furniture, kitchen furni- geunsa (Temple). Today, many Buddhists frequent
ture, office furniture to interi- here with their hands flat together as if in prayer. Bon-
or items in classic, antique and geunsa (Temple) offers various programs for visitors
modern styles from home and such as temple stay, temple life.
abroad. It is recommended to
appreciate the Korean tradi- tip
A short-term experience program opens for foreigners
tional lacquerware furniture every Thursday. You can sign up on the spot. This program
in the backdrop of the very offers temple tours, making lotus blossom, tea ceremony
demonstration, meditation and time with monks in English.
modern imported furniture
73 Samsungdong Gangnamgu
Connected to Exits 1 & 8 of Nonhyeon Station on subway line 7 10-min walk from Exit 6 of Samseong Station on subway line 2
Connected to Exits 5 & 6 of Hakdong Station on subway line 7 15-min walk from Exit 2 of Cheongdam Station on subway line 7
10-min walk from Exit 3 of Sinsa Station on subway line 3
09:00-20:00 F
 oreign Language Information (English Website for Temple Stay) Reserve in advance for Temple Stay and Temple Life Experience

108 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 109

Zone 4

091 093
Maison Hermes Dosan Park Nature Poem Building
I shop, therefore I am, says Barbara Kruger, a renowned feminist pho- This 6-story tower is home to some 20 galleries. No wonder that it is called as
tographer. If she visited Maison Hermes Dosan Park, she might be surprised gallery tower. Opera Gallery on the 1st floor is the Seoul branch of French
confirming that the shopping is a way of obtaining identification and an ef- Opera Gallery, the eighth branch in the world. 02)546-7955

fort to meet the cultural needs. Maison Hermes Dosan Park is not only to One of the top three galleries in German, Michael Nature Poem Bldg 8-7 Cheongdamdong
sell products to customers, but also to provide fresh cultures. Maison Hermes Schultz Gallery, opened its branch in this building 20-min walk from Exit 9 of Cheongdam Station
on subway line 7
Dosan Park is the fourth Hermes Flagship Store in the world. The first and and it was the first time ever that Korea attracted a  Opening hours vary for each gallery

second floors of the Park are boutiques and the rest consists of gallery, museum foreign gallery. Michael Schultz introduces mod-
and book caf. The golden exterior looks commanding and, with an in-depth ern paintings and sculptures of Koreans and Europe-
looking, it gives you a warmth from the dividing bars patterns originated from ans. Judging from the fact the two foreign gal-
the Korean traditional houses. There is a courtyard inside. The caf and mu- leries in Korea nestle down in this Building,
seum are on the basement and, this Cheongdamdong district is the driving
after shopping, you would love force of Korean art market. The 3rd floor
these places. The gallery Atelier is home to domestic galleries like Park Ry-
Hermes is certainly a must-visit. usook Gallery, Gallery Mi, and Gallery 2.
Gallery C Fine Art are sponsored by five
630-26 Sinsadong Gangnamgu galleries and boasts of rather spacious
52-min walk from Exit 1 of Sinsa Station on subway line 3
10:30-19:30 exhibit room. You might need leg-
Gallery closed on Wednesday; Museum closed on third Wednesday
 work looking around but it surely is
of the month
worth doing it.

A cultural complex run by Coreana Map
Cosmetic. The tour starts from the
cosmetics museum on the 5th and 6th Apgujeong
floors, then to the cafe on the1st floor
before the basement gallery. The 3rd
and 4th floors provide a skin clinic. Apgujeong Community Center
Gujeong Junior High Hanyang 4th Apt
Hanyang 1st Apt
Keumkang Shopping Center

To get cosmetic museum, take the

Hanyang 2nd Apt

Miltop LG Fashion Building Apgujeong 2-dong Community Center Cheongdam High School
Vanessa Bruno
elevator beside the information desk. Hyundai Department Store
Popgreen Hotel
Mieum Hosan Hospital
All Day Brunch
Galleria Department Store
Cheongdam Elementary School

Galleria Department Store

The museum is full of natural sunlight Apgujeong St.

Ganghodong 678 Mandujip
Starbucks Sushi Gongbang Kim Jong Hak Production
KFC LG Fashion
SM Entertainment

and just looks like a woman beaming

Mister Pizza Gramercy Kitchen Trad Bldg
London Eye Votre
Gujeong Catholic Church The Steak House Princess Hotel Asahi Orien
Tasty Boulevard

with her makeup. The museum boasts Gana Hanbok

Somang Church
Ttebuzzang Schadheli

Miel Gung D Gallery

of over 200 cosmetic items. In the

The Crab House CGV Apgujeong Space*C
Caf Mazia
Seraon Holdings
Chang Chicken Rib Dosan Park Muimui

past, women made themselves each

Magpie Park
Dure Noodles Gorilla In The Kitchen Sponge House
Ethiopian Embassy
makeup materials and items. The tra-
Hyundai Motors Seomi & Tuus
Barley of Sea Pink Spoon Coffee Bean Tribeca
Burger King
Lee Jeong Sik Fashion

ditional cosmetic containers are also

Samwon Bldg. Cinecity
Shinsa Myeonok Pizza Hut
Shinsa Gingko Park Seoul Records Horim Arts Center

beautiful and interesting. On the 6th Hi-Mart

Digital Media Contents Center
Outback Hana Bank
Jeongil Bd.
Chengdam Human Star Ville
Nam Seoul Bldg.

floor, there are over 100 traditional 02)547-9177 Jeongil Bd. Cheongdamgol

627-8 Sinsadong Gangnamgu

materials for make up. The 1st-fl caf 10-min walk from Exit 3 of Apgujeong Station on subway line 3
April to Oct 10:00-19:00 / Nov to Mar 10:00-18:00
is already famous among locals.

110 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 111


Shinsa-dong Community Center

Han Sun Rye Wooriok

Dongon Plaza Galleria Department
Dongbang Realty
Rosa Gangnam Gopchang Kim Jong Hak


Shinhan Bank 103

La Fiesta T
Shingu Elementary
Caf Luca Coffee Bean Co

You & Me

Dado Gellery Mogul


Rumi Market Liberty

EYE 11
Bloom & Goute Once In A Blue
Alpha Model

Garosugil Bo
Seven Eleven Goshen

Seven Eleven
Boon the Shop

Time &
Style Daily Project


The Living Factory Seven Eleven

Exit 8 of Sinsa St. on subway line 3

Line 3 Sinsa St. Exit 8 Ristorante Piu

Galleria Department Store
Kim Jong Hak Production
Yoo Art Space
Casa del Vino
SM Entertainment
Trad Building GyuhapChongseo

Coffee Grunaru Hishen Joy Toto

Couples Therapy Who
Seraon Holdings Tutto Bene
Antonio Coffee Mihak Park
Once In A Blue Moon Xian
Bigeumdo Nori Opera Gallery

Bon Posto Maruhugu Seasons
Goshen Changa Bldg.
Seomi & Tuus
Boon the Shop Grill H
Mi Piace
Ethiopian Embassy
SK Gas Station
Daily Project


Cheongdam Human Star Ville

112 seoul best 100

Zone 5
Everyday Fun & Romance

Gangseo, Yangcheon, Guro, Yeongdeungpo,

Dongjak, Geumcheon, Gwanak
Enjoy Seoul at a leisurely Pace
In the 1970s and 1980s, Korea was busy developing its economy to get in
the ranks advanced countries. The manufacturing plants of southwenst Seoul
contributed much to the economic drive at the time. Now, an IT center has
replaced the plant sites and once a polluted river became Yeouido Saetgang
Zone 5
Places to Eat Places to Stay
ceremony twice a year to conserve the ever- Nakwon (Mayfield) | 02)2660-9010 Super Deluxe
Ecological Park. The water purification facility evolved into a romantic urban disappearing Korean traditional culture. Korean beef rip eye 48,000 Mayfield Hotel | 02)6090-9000
park, Seonyudo Park. The landmark 63 Building glows in the sunset alongside 02)2600-6076 Exit 4 of Songjeong Station on subway line 5 Deluxe
the Han River. The largest fish market, Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market, Gyeomjae Art Festival | One of Mirak Bokjip | 02)3662-3535 Best Western Niagara | 02)3664-2233
the greatest artists in Joseon Dynasty, Boiled blowfish with togu 35,000 Novotel Ambassador Doksan |
is a thriving, vivid market. All of these welcome those who visit there to see the Jeongseon whose pen name is Gyeomjae Exit 1 of Deungchon Station on subway 02)838-1101
hidden attractiveness of Seoul. is in the memory of Koreans vividly. To line 9 Lexington | 02)6670-7001
succeed and develop his esthetic ethos, his Bongraejeong | 02)2660-9020 Courtyard By Marriott | 02)2638-3000
namesake festival is being held in May each Rice hash cooked in a stone pot and First Class
year sponsored by Seoul government at seasoned beef in width 33,000 Yeouido | 02)782-0121
Gangseogu where the artist spend much Exit 4 of Songjeong Station on subway line 5 Seven River West | 02)2691-0071
time during his life. Major events are sketch Suraganjeong | 02)3663-3500 River Park | 02)3665-3000
Festivals ensue such as mounted policemen shows, movement. 02)820-1258 contest and Art contest based on Gyeomjae Sura Korean-style raw beef 30,000 Green World | 02)2653-1999
Royal Azalea Festival at Gwanaksan street dances, inline shows, magic shows, Totem Pole Festival at style. 02)2600-6076 3-story Korean-style building, 50 meters Second Class
(Mt.) | Opens in April and May when royal mimes and face paintings. At night, special Jangseongbaegi | King Jeongjo Yeongdeungpo Dano Festival | At the away from Exit 5 of Yangcheon Hyanggyo Air Port | 02)2662-1113
azalea blossoms. Following the opening lights embellish cherry blossoms even more. of Joseon Dynasty ordered to build a fifth of the fifth month of the year according Station on subway line 9 New Regent | 02)2694-3111
ceremony, Gwanak sacrifice is performed 02)2670-3114 Jangseong, Korean traditional totem to the lunar calendar, Dano Festival is held Songrimga | 02)2066-6000 Sherma | 02)2672-3535
for the success of the festival. Various events Memorial Service for Six Loyalists | Six pole, here while the King took a break at Yeongdeungpo Park. At the festival, Wellbeing Combo 10,000 Innostel
ensue such as a composition contest, a ancestral tables for loyalists who threw out on his way to the tomb of his father who traditional seasonal customs of Korea are Next to Guro Fire Station, 10-min walk M Hotel | 02)783-2271
singing contest, community programs, a rehabilitation movement for the abdicated was suffocated to death by his own father, re-enacted and various cultural event ensue toward Youngdeongpo from Yeouido Ben Hur Hotel | 02)783-2233
hiking event etc. 02)880-3395 King Danjong of Joseon Dynasty and got King Youngjo. The site became called for the friendship and amity of locals and F Hotel | 02)2675-7436
Spring Blossom at Han River Yeouido | hanged are kept in a shrine at Uijeolsa Jangseungbaegi. Currently, the Jangseung visitors alike. 02)2670-3114 L Hotel | 02)2675-1982
On top of 1,641 cherries, 87,859 trees of Temple. On Oct 9 each year, a memorial Festival is flourishing for unison of locals.
azalea, forsythia, royal azalea and bridal service is held at the temple. At the eve 02)820-1258
wreath blossom in the spring, creating a of the service, various cultural functions Seokjeondaeje at Spring and Fall One-day Tour (Starting at 10 oclock in the morning)
heaven of spring flowers. To celebrate this, are performed such as Salpuri dance, the | Seokjeondaeje is a great ceremony in
1 Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market 63 Building (Lunch) Heojun Museum Seonyudo Park (Dinner)
an opening concert, a global folk festival, Korean traditional percussion quartet, the honor of Confucius at the Confucian 2 Yeouido Saetgang Ecological Park 63 Building (Lunch) Horim Museum Seonyudo Park (Dinner)
extreme sports events, and fireworks are Pansori, or a traditional Korean narrative shrine. The only left Confucian temple in 3 Heojun Museum Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market (Lunch) Seoul Grand Park (Dinner)
held. Also, various street performances song, the re-enactment of the rehabilitation Seoul, Yangcheon Hyanggyo holds this
Seonyudo Park Garden of Green Pole Behind
the Design Seoul Gallery, the Garden of
Green Pole is a popular photo point. In
Seonyudo is an island on the Han winter, the poles are bare and, at night,
River and the entire space of the island they wear a colorful light. The most
consists of a park. The previous water shining moment is summer time when
treatment facility was made over to an the poles are surrounded by thick
ecology park, getting nicknamed as green leaves. You wouldnt recognize
water park. On the 110,407 m-wide that used to be an underground facil-
site, water-purification section, water ity of water treatment. The poles in
order emit tranquility and calmness
plants garden, and water playground
tip are established for observation of vari-
in the peaceful surroundings created
Day and night at Seonyudo Park are different. At
by birches.
daytime, the park is calm and less busy, just like its concept of ous plants and eco-friendly surround-
water and ecology park. At night, it vividly flowers in colorful
lights. Opens until midnight.
ings. From Seonyudo, you can get a Seonyugyo (Bridge) At the
nice and close view of Han River and observation deck between Seonyudo
the sky westward looks mesmerizing. and Seonyugyo(Bridge), you will
700 Nodeulgil Youngdeungpogu
10-min bus ride from Exit 1 & 4 of Dangsan Station on subway line 2
If youre on you own, you might be definitely feel free just like a flying bird.
10-min bus ride from Exit 2 & 6 of Hapjeong Station on subway line 2 & 6
Opening hours 09:00-18:00 (galleries and exhibit rooms)
lonely among the couples having fun You can have an immense view cover-
No cycles allowed.
 with digital cameras in their hands. ing green field under you feet, Han
River, and World Cup Park. The bridge
Four Themed Sections Along with the several trails, stairway-like water tanks grow water plants and visitors can connects to Yangpyeongdong with its
each section flows, creating a unique surrounding from the have a closer look. Water plants garden is a water paradise 120-meter-long arch. The basic design
way it combines with water. Walking along with water, you of plants. The garden of time is a recycled space of a water was made by France and Seoul city
would follow water treatment facility, water playground treatment facility. Walk slowly along with water to fully feel government.At night, the bridge is
and water plants garden all the way to the water tanks. The the surroundings. beautiful in all kinds of lights.

Yeouido Saetgang Ecological Park
At the Yeouido Saetgang Ecological Park, there are no snack kiosks and street
lights. It is a small consideration just for Mother Nature herself. Thanks to this,
the park is home to many animals and
Dasan call 120
plants since it was built in 1997. At the Yeouidodong, Youngdeungpogu
5-min walk from Exit 4 of Saetgang Station on subway line 9
center of Seoul, you can be surprised
by the living creatures.
A yellow sparrow hawk designated as
Natural monument in Korea settles
here. Fresh-water fish and amphibians
are its neighbors. To have a closer look,
you can go to the observation floor
which opens year round except for par-
tial closeness during the breeding time.
Nearby is Yeouido Park. Walk along
with 6 km-long trail to hear the sound
of nature.

seoul best 100 117

Zone 5

096 098
Noryangjin Horim Museum
Fisheries Horim Museum was relocated to Sillimdong in
1999. The 2-story building hosts 4 permanent
Wholesale Market exhibit rooms and an organized exhibit room
together with outdoor exhibit space, seminar
With not enough money at your disposal, you room, caf and gift shop. It boasts of various
still have a great feast of sashimi and fish stew Korean traditional relics such as over 3,000 earth-
here at Noryangjin Fisheries Market. Amid enware, and 4,000 ceramics including 1,100 cela-
fishy surroundings, you would feel youre don porcelain, 2,100 white porcelain, 500 grayish-
somewhere at a port. Noryangjin Fisheries blue-powdered celadon and 300 others. On top of
Wholesale Market is the largest of its own these, over 2,000 paintings and books, 600 metal
in Korea for the last 76 years and has always crafts and 400 others are there. Of the total 10,000
been close to ordinary people. It has every Horim Art Center Shinsa Branch
relics displayed in Horim, 54
fish from anchovy to shark. The 24-hour- are designated as National 02)858-2500, 38c
55 Namseoulgil Gwanakgu
open market is living and vivid so you can treasure. Each year, the Museum holds a permanent exhibit 10:00-17:00
Adult 4,000 Students 2,000
witness the way how ordinary Koreans are and a special exhibit for visitors. It opened its Gangnam
Closed on Sunday, New Years
leading their lives. branch in June 2009. The Horim Art Center at Sinsadong, Day,
Lunar New Years Day,

Gangnamgu, consists of a15-story office building looking Shinsa Branch

overpass at Noryangjin Station on subway line 1 like immense earthenware with comb teeth pattern on it, a 02)541-3240
651-23 Sinsadong
5-story of museum building and commercial facilities. Gangnamgu

097 099
63 Building 02)789-5114
60 Yeouidodong, Youngdeungpogu
Exit 6 of Daebang Station on subway line 1/ Exit 4 of Yeouinaru Station on
subway line 5
Heojun Museum 02)3661-8686
26-5 Gayang2dong Gangseogu
10-min bus ride from Exit 3 of
Balsan Station on subway line 5
Free shuttle bus at Exit 5 of Yeouido Station on subway line 5 10:00-18:00 (Mar to Oct),
The building has been one of the most 63 Sky Art (Observation Art Museum) 10:00-24:00 The Heojun Museum first opened on March 23, 2005 in 10:00-17:00 (Weekends)
63 Sea World (Aquarium) 10:00-22:00 10:00-17:00 (Nov to Feb)
famous Seouls landmarks together 63 I-Max Movie Theater 10:10-21:00 honor of academic accomplishments and charitable deeds of Adult 800 Student 500
63 Sky Art: Adult 10,000 Teens 9,000 Children 8,000
with Han River excursion ship and still 63 Sea World Adult 15,000 Teens 13,000 Children 11,000 the renowned medical scientist, Heo Jun, of the middle cen- Closed on Monday

63 I-Max Movie Theater Adult W8,000 Teens 7,500 Children 6,500 Free admission: Second and
is. Sky observation deck and 63 Sea Triple Ticket (63 Sky Art + 63 Sea World + 63 I-Max Movie Theater) tury of Joseon Dynasty. The reason that Heojun Museum is fourth Saturday of the month,
63 Sky Art: Adult 26,000 Teens 23,000 Children 20,000 Childrens Day, Lunar New Years
World aquarium are popular among situated here at Gayangdong is the great doctor completed Day Holidays, Chuseok, March 1,
Aug 15, Oct 3
Donguibogam, which is often noted as the defining text of
families and couples. If you wish to Traditional Korean medicine, at Heogabawi (Rock), which
embrace Seoul, get to 63 Building. At are located beside the museum. The museum is composed
the Sky observation deck, you can see a of the Heojun Memorial Hall, a Herb and Medicine Room,
small version of Seoul and feel a shot in a Medical Supply Room, an Experience Hall, and two floors
the arm. of a Neuiweon (government-run medicinal office during
the Joseon Dynasty) and an oriental medicine clinic. On the
rooftop, there is a sky garden which is connected to Herbal
63 Wax Museum It displays over 70 real-size wax mod-
els of famous people. All of the mock-ups are the products
Medicine Park where there are the mysterious medicine
of foreign masters such as Mazsaki Satoru. You can take a plants documented in Donguibogam. From another herbal
photo with a wax model. Adults 14,000, Teens 13,000, medicine park toward outside the museum, you can get
Children 12,000, Double and triple tickets are available Heojun Park where Heogabawi (Rock) is sat, a final stop of
02)789-6363 / the museum tour.

118 seoul best 100 119

Zone 5

The theme park a zoo and various rides together with
a world-class water park, Caribbean Bay. Also, there
are an accommodation Home Bridge, Koreas largest
racing track Speed Way, and a cultural haven Ho Am
Art Museum, all of which differentiate the amuse- 031)320-5000
310 Jeondaeri, Pogokeup Cheoingu Yonginsi
ment park from others. Colorful parades and beauti- Gyeonggido Samsung Everland
Take No 5800 bus at Gangbyeon or Jamsil
ful fireworks are provided to please visitors ears and Stations on subway line 52
Take No 5002 bus at WhoRU store from Exit 6 of
eyes. Romantic rose gardens and a safari are another Gangnam Station on subway line 2
For further route information, contact at its
fun. Please check out its website for further informa- website.
09:30-22:00 (subject to specific dates)
tion. Dont forget to get a guide in several languages Day Pass: Adult 35,000 Chlidren 26,000
at the entrance.
Seoul Grand Park (Seoul Zoo)
It takes only 35 minutes from the
subway line 2 City Hall Station to the
Heyri Artvalley
Near the thinking woods section in the therapeutic
line 4 Seoul Grand Park Station. Seoul forest, a 450-meter-long trail is offered for bare feet. Treading Heyri originates from the Korean traditional farm
is a nice city to have a zoo with thick on the yellow earth with bare feet will give you a refreshment. song heyri sound in this Paju area. In this art village,
woods in its vicinity. There are a total over 300 painters, musicians, writers and architects
of 3,048 animals in 366 species. You
02)500-7882 settle down with enthusiasm. The artists dreaming of
Exit 1 of Seoul Grand Park Station on subway line 4

can enjoy a dolphin show which never Zoo a beautiful village of culture and art got together and
fails to surprise children. The animals
09:00-19:00 (April to Sep) / 09:00-18:00 (Oct to Mar) designed here just right for creation, display, perfor-
Adult 3,000 Teen 2,000 Children 1,000
here are managed in 75 breeding Open throughout the year mance and education, allowing artists themselves to
farms organized a principle hinted by a freely enjoy their inspiration. A must-visit for art-lov- 031)946-8551

world map and called at Africa House, Eurasia House, South and North House ers. Look at its website for various day programs such Heyri Tanhyeonmyeon Pajusi Gyeonggido
Take No 2200 bus at Exit 2 of Hapjeong Station

and Australia House. Its botanical garden is huge with having 36,610 plants in as experiences for making ceramics, natural dying and on subway line 2 & 6
The bus runs every 15 minute.

tropical, subtropical, cactus, and ferns sections. You might need more than a day glass-making.

to look around the entire space. A packaged ticket including admission fees for
6,000 will allow visitors to the dolphin show and themed gardens.

Therapeutic Woods The Therapeutic Woods in the near Seoul Grand Park, you would need another tour plan to
natural forest at Cheonggyesan (Mt.) is home to more than look at the inside and outside of the Museum. Outside is a A vivid symbol of the separation of the Korean pen-
470 kinds of plants and 35 birds such as pheasant, Chinese sculpture park. On weekends, take a shuttle bus for W1,000 insula. According to the armistice of Korean War in
scops owl and woodpecker, a perfect school for nature. The to evade a traffic jam. If you return art museum ticket, you 1952, both the south and the north went back 2 km
trail is 8 km long in 4 sections and it takes 50 min up to 3 would get refund of the shuttle bus fare. 02)2188-6000 / from the Military Demarcation Line, creating DMZ
hours to take a walk there. There are also 11 themed courses in between. You can feel and see how much painful
for visitors.
the Korean war and its aftermath are here, looking
Seoul Land Koreas first-ever theme park. It consists of
at the confronting guns and arms from both ends.
National Museum of Contemporary Art, World Plaza, Adventure Land, Fantasy Land, Tomorrow Land 031)953-4744

Korea The one and only national art museum, National and Samcheon Land. Each year, flower festivals of tulips
The DMZ has been blocked for the last 50 years and Tours open on Monday to Friday. Closed on
statutory holidays
Museum of Contemporary Art of Korea suggests for visitors and cherry blossoms are held. For more information, please become the world treasure of wild animals. There are
 ours available for those aged 10 and up,
an opportunity to appreciate the modern and contemporary check out at its website. 02)509-6000 / www.seoulland. observation deck and Joint Security Area where sol- required to bring ID card
Foreigners : International Culture Service Club
art of Korea and the global art trend. Though it is located diers from the both are stationed. 02)399-2698,

120 seoul best 100 seoul best 100 121

Festival in Seoul 

Festivals continue
Detailed information about the festivals will come out
around the opening time. Please, make sure to check out
first at its website.

Hi Seoul Festival | Since 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/

Japan, Seoul has held Hi Seoul Festival
around May each year in the honor of World
Cup Games. It is very popular among locals
and overseas tourists. Each year, the festival
puts a different face depending on the
surroundings of the year. The programs are
located at several points of Seoul including
the five royal palaces in town. Eateries and
spectacles are fascinating. 02)3290-7150 /

Seoul Lotus Lantern Festival | Buddhists liken the ever-flaming lotus lanterns with good deeds. That is why
Buddhists light a lotus lantern around Buddhist Birthday each year to celebrate. To turn this Buddhist
festival into a more general event, Seoul government has a lotus lantern parade around April or May from
Dongdaemun to Jogyesa (Temple). Along with the parade, various programs such as Buddhism culture, get-
together event and lotus lantern making are waiting for participants. 02)2011-1744 /

Seoul Fringe Festival | Outside the mainstream culture, young artists who are free from the existing principles and
restrictions voluntarily organize to celebrate their own idea of arts. These cultural guerrillas gather at Hongik
Univ. Area and show all kinds of arts and cultures such as installation art, exhibition, paintings, performances,
mimes, music and dances. 02)325-8150 /

Seoul Drum Festival | Upon the sound of a drum, the world comes to Seoul around October or November. Various
overseas musicians and local professionals are invited to this percussion festival. As times go by, the level of
performances are improved in terms of artistic value and professionalism, and the festival became a unique
festival of Seoul. 02)734-1459 /

Seoul Design Olympiad 2009 | A special design festival is held in the entire of Soul each year. It is designed to
rediscover, share and ultimately enhance the value of design through high-standard conferences and various
exhibitions. Seoul Design Olymic began in 2008 for the first time, and, this year, it will be held from Oct 9 to 29.
02)3705-0064 /

Seoul Gugak Festival | This seasonal festival is always with locals at any time of the year. To introduce the Korean tra-
ditional music, Gugak, to tourists, the festival offers various programs often together with modern version of
music. Fusion Gugak, Gugak Childrens songs, sound track, dances and beat box are poached to season the tra-
ditional music which might be unfamiliar to first-time listners. 02)2171-2573 /

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Seoul Tourists Information

Gwanghwamun |  09:00-22:00
At Donghwa Duty Free, 215 Sejongno 1-ga Jongnogu
Dongdaemun |  9:00-22:00
At the plaza in front of Good Morning Shopping Mall,
18-21 Euljiro 6-ga, Junggu
Gimpo Intl Airport |  09:00-21:00
Next to Gate 2 on the 1st-fl lobby,
157 Gonghangdong, Gangseogu
Itaewon |  09:00-22:00
Inside Itaewon Subway Station, 127 Itaewondong Yongsangu
Namdaemun Market |  09:00-18:00
50 m away from Exit 5 of Hoehyeon Station on subway line 4,
49 Namchangdong Junggu
Jamsil |  10:00-19:00
At the underground fountain at Lotte World at Jamsil Station on subway line
2, 27 Jamsil 5dong Songpagu
Samilgyo (Bridge) |  09:00-22:00
On the pedestrian walk in front of Samil Bldg,
10-2 Gwancheoldong Jongnogu
Hongik Univ. |  12:00-22:00
On Hongdae street, 349-1 Seogyodong, Mapogu
COEX |  08:30-18:00
SEOUL BEST 100 East Gate Information Desk, 159 Samseongdong Gangnamgu
Global Center |  09:00-18:00
Date of Issue | Sep. 2009
Publishing Organization |
3F Press Center, 25 Taepyeongno 1-ga Junggu
Seoul Metropolitan Government Seoul Folk Flea Market |  10:00-19:00
Publisher | Oh Se-hoon, Mayor of Seoul
Publishing Department | Between 1st fl and 2nd fl inside Seoul Folk Flea Market,
Tourism Secretary of Seoul Metropolitan
109-5 Sinseoldong Dongdaemungu
Government / 02)2171-2464
Planning & Supervision |
Myeongdong Tourist Information Center |  10:30-22:00
Seoul Tourism Organization 02)3789-7961
5 F of M Plaza Bldg, 31-1
Production | JoongAng M&B
Editor | Yi Na-kyeong, Choi Jong-hoon Myeongdong 2-ga Junggu
Translation | Park Mira Incheon Intl Airport |  06:00-22:00
Research | Park Jae-young, Park Jong-min, 032)743-3270
Eo Hwan-hee, Rhee Yoo-bin In front of Gate D at arrivals, Incheon Intl Airport,
Design | the INN graphics firm Unseodong Junggu Incheon
Photographer | A1 Studio Seoul Global Center | 1688-0120
Illustrator | Oh Ji-hye Seoul Traffic Information Center | 120
Website | Tourist Information | 1330

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