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Plan of Structured Activities for April 17-19, 2017

Time Objectives Activity Evaluation

6:30-6:35 To promote punctuality, spirituality and Morning Circle (Nurses Prayer, Singing of
am patriotism. the National Anthem, & Panatang
Makabayan oath).

6:36-6:43 To promote promptness and completeness of Checking of attendance and

am the paraphernalia. passing of requirements (Reading,
Drug Study, and Personal Data).
Checking of the completeness of
the paraphernalia including the

am En Route to the hospital

6:48-7:10 To note the census in the ward, record important Endorsement

am information of each patient, the previous and
current status of each patient, the procedures
due, and any other information to be endorsed
for the continuum of care to the patients.

7:11-7:14 To know who is the assigned patient of each Assigning of patients to the students and
am student; pre-conference (clarification of the
endorsement and reminders before the
To make clear of any missed information, for rounds).
the care to be done to the patient, during the

To prepare the students on what to do

during the rounds.

7:15-8:00 To check the condition of the patient as Rounds on each of the patients to be cared
am endorsed and perform initial assessment. for.

To check the condition of the patient if it fits

to the endorsement of the previous shift (this
may include the IVF, the procedures to be
done, and any pending laboratories).

8:01-8:10 To have a baseline data and/or to continuously Bedside Care which include cephalocaudal
am monitor the patient and to promote comfort and assessment, taking of vital signs of the
safety as well. patient, regulating the IVF and changing of

8:11-8:15 To let the other health care team be aware of the Plotting of Vital Signs in the Chart, Master
am patient's status. List and TPR sheet.

8:16-8:35 To prevent any missed drug administration and Checking the assigned patient's chart for
am medication error. due procedures and preparing due

8:36-9:30 To provide emotional support and spiritual care Interaction with the patient including giving
am to the patient. of health teachings.

9:31-11:29 To have an accurate documentation of the Checking of sample charting;

am care rendered to the patient during the shift.
Recitation of all medications to be
To avoid medication errors and to know the given to each patient assigned.
indication of the medications to the patients
11:00am-12:30pm LUNCH BREAK (30 minutes each student)

11:30- To continuously monitor the patient. Rechecking of Vital Signs;

To let the other health care team be aware Plotting of Vital Signs in the Chart,
of the patient's status. Master List and TPR sheet.

11:41am- To document the care done to the patient Transcribing the checked sample
1:00pm during the shift. charting on the patients chart.

1:01- To monitor the intake and output of the Sum and recording of the intake and
1:10pm patient. output.

To refer if there are any unusualities on the

intake and output.

1:11- To make sure there are no errors or Checking of the chart for any errors,
2:00pm missed/incomplete documentations. missed/incomplete documentation.

Continuation of transcribing and

closing of the charting.

2:01- To assess the student of what learnings they Post-conference

2:30pm gain from their assigned patients;
To know what are the experiences/struggles
that the student faced during their patient-

To evaluate what the student did in

promoting patient-care.