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QUIZ #1 April 10, 2017

1. What happens to the cells when there is over firing of neurons?

2. Why is there hypoglycemia after a seizure?
3. A type of seizure that is common among children between 5 months- 6 years old.
4. Give at least 2 purposes of oral suctioning
6. How long is the interval every after suctioning?
7. How many % of oxygen does an ambubag render?
8. What is the maximum flow rate that a nasal cannula can render?
9. Give 2 indications for oxygen administration
11.-15. Give the 5 steps in the nursing process
1. Neuronal aggregation
2. Stress
3. Febrile seizure
4. To remove excess saliva or emesis form the oral cavity
To clear the upper airway of mucoid secretions
To promote adequate gas exchange
To prevent pneumonia and atelectasis
To relieve respiratory distress
6. 3-5 minutes
7. 100%
8. 5L/min.
9. Difficulty breathing
Respiratory compromise due to any cause
Circulatory compromise
Decreased level of consciousness
Sp02 of less than 90%
11.-15. ADPIE Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Interventions/Implementation, Evaluation