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cinema cine
movie (US), film pelcula
action film pelcula de accin
cartoon dibujos animados
comedy comedia
detective film pelcula de detectives
documentary film pelcula documental
educational film pelcula educativa
full-length film largometraje
horror film pelcula de terror
love story historia de amor
musical musical
romantic film pelcula romntica
science-fiction film pelcula de ciencia ficcin
short-length film cortometraje
silent film cine mudo
western pelcula del oeste
commercial publicidad
episode episodio, captulo

actor actor
actress actriz
cameraman camargrafo
cast elenco
cinema review crticas de cine
dialogue dilogo
director director
extras extras
film star estrella de pelculas
producer productor
role papel, rol
scene escena
screenwriter guionista
set plat
studio estudio de grabacin
subtitles subttulos
supporting actor actor secundario, de reparto
supporting cast reparto
supporting role papel secundario
titles ttulos

to go to the cinema (GB) ir al cine

to go to the movies (US) ir al cine
to rent a video/DVD alquilar un vdeo/DVD
to watch a video/DVD mirar un vdeo/DVD

Movies can be divided into several different genres. There are

exciting action movies with gun fights and car chases, and horror
movies that make us jump in our seats. There are comedies that make
us laugh, and dramas that make us cry. Sci-fi movies show us what the
future might be like, historical films tell us stories from the past,
and documentaries show us real people and events.

After watching a movie, you might want to ask questions like:

"Which character did you like the best?"

"What did you think of the plot?"

"Did you like the cast?"

"What was your favourite scene?"

action movie (noun): a movie with many exciting and violent scenes
- Our teenage boys love watching action movies.

cast (noun): all the actors and actresses in a movie or TV show - It had
a good cast, but the story wasn't very interesting.

character (noun): one of the people in a story - Harry likes movies with
lots of interesting and unusual characters.

cinema (noun): a place where movies are shown on a big screen - Let's
meet in front of the cinema just before the movie starts.

comedy (noun): a film with lots of funny scenes - Let's see a comedy
and have a good laugh.

director (noun): the person in charge of making a movie - The director

gets really angry when actors forget their lines.

documentary (noun): a film that's about real people, events or issues

- How can you eat junk food after seeing that documentary Super Size

drama (noun): a movie about realistic characters in dramatic situations

- Maria loves legal dramas with lots of courtroom scenes.
entertainment (noun): enjoyment from movies, concerts, TV shows,
etc. - Airlines offer plenty of entertainment on their flights these days.

family movie (noun): a movie that both children and adults can enjoy
- Which entertainment company made the family
movies Cinderella and 101 Dalmatians?

film (noun): another word for "movie" (also "motion picture") - This
year's Academy Award for Best Picture was won by a British film.

genre (noun): a kind or style of music, movie, TV show, painting, etc.

- For film class we had to compare movies from two different genres,
such as comedy and horror.

horror movie (noun): a movie that frightens and shocks people - If you
love horror movies, you've got to see Fright Night.

movie star (noun): a very popular movie actor or actress - Movie stars
earn millions of dollars every time they play a role.

plot (noun): the series of events that form the main story - It was a
good film, but the plot was difficult to follow at times.

scene (noun): a small part of a film - The opening scene showed a

young man leaving prison and walking to a bus stop.

sci-fi (or "science fiction") (noun): a genre with stories set in the
future or in outer space - Have you seen that sci-fi film Interstellar yet?

screen (noun): the flat surface that a movie is projected onto - Do you
like sitting at the back, or close to the screen?
Here is some vocabulary to describe different types of film and
some people connected with the cinema.
Types of film, using the word 'film':

A horror film: A film that scares you

A science fiction film (a sci-fi film): A film set in the future, or an
imaginary world and time
An action film: A film with lots of chases, violence and strong heroes

Types of film that don't need the word 'film' in the name:

A comedy: A film that makes you laugh.

A drama: A film about human relationships and life
A thriller: A film that keeps you excited

Detailed description of films using compound words:

A period drama: A drama set in a definite historical period

A romantic comedy (A rom com): A comedy that is also a love story
A psychological thriller: A thriller that has a lot of suspense and fear

Compound words with 'film':

A film review: A report about a film, usually with opinion

A film critic: A person who writes film reviews
A film premiere: The first time a film is shown in a country
A film star: A famous actor from films
A film-maker: A person who makes films: a film director
A film festival: A special event when many different films are shown
A film buff: Someone with a very detailed knowledge of films
A film-goer: Someone who regularly goes to the cinema


(That's/It's) not really my thing (informal):

I don't like it.

(Someone or something) doesn't do it for me (informal):

I don't like him/her/it. Lots of people think Tom Cruise is fantastic but he
doesn't really do it for me.
Describing films (Describiendo las pelculas)
El cine mudo = silent film
Un cortometraje = a short
Un drama = a drama
Un largometraje = a feature film
Una comedia = a comedy
Una pelcula = a movie, a film
Una pelcula blica / una pelcula de guerra = a war film
Una pelcula clsica = a classic movie
Una pelcula de artes marciales = a martial arts movie
Una pelcula de aventuras = an adventure movie
Una pelcula de ciencia ficcin = a science-fiction film
Una pelcula de dibujos animados = a cartoon
Una pelcula de espionaje = a spy film
Una pelcula de suspense / un thriller = a thriller
(The term thriller" has become, lately, very popular among Spanish speakers)

Una pelcula de terror / una pelcula de miedo = a horror movie

Una pelcula del oeste / una pelcula de vaqueros / un western = a western
Una pelcula documental = a documentary film
Una pelcula histrica = a historical film
Una pelcula musical / un musical = a musical movie
Una pelcula policaca = a detective film
Una pelcula romntica = a romance movie
Una tragicomedia = a tragicomedy

- Qu tipo de pelculas te gusta? (What kind of movies do you like?)

- Prefiero las pelculas de ciencia ficcin. (I prefer science-fiction movies.)
- De qu va esta pelcula? Or De qu trata esta pelcula? (What is this movie about?)
- Qu tipo de pelcula es esta? (What kind of movie is it?)
- Es una pelcula de terror. (It is a horror movie.)
- Me gustara ver una pelcula de aventuras. (I'd like to watch an adventure movie.)

At the Movies General Vocabulary (En el Cine Vocabulario

El acomodador usher
El actor actor
El actor secundario supporting actor
La actriz actress
La banda sonora soundtrack.
La butaca seat
El cine (local) movie theater, cinema
El cine de barrio local movie theater / cinema
Los crditos credits
La crtica de cine Movie review
El director director
La entrada (de cine) ticket
La escena scene
La estrella de cine movie star
El estudio studio
Los extras extras
El guionista screenwriter
El multicine multiscreen movie complex / cinema.
Las palomitas (de maz) popcorn
La pantalla screen
El papel (de cine) role
La pelcula movie, film
La pelicula doblada dubbed movie
La pelcula subtitulada subtitled movie
El preestreno preview
La primera sesin - matine
El productor producer
El reparto cast
La sesin (de cine) showing, performance
La sesin de tarde evening performance
La sesin de noche - last performance
Los subttulos subtitles
La taquilla box office

Going to the Movies More Expressions (Yendo al Cine Ms

These expressions cover the most common ones used to go to the movies and to buy the

- Por qu no vamos al cine? (Why don't we go to the movies?)

- Te apetece ir al cine? (Do you feel like going to the movies?
- Dnde est el cine? (Where is the movie theater located?)
- Est el cine muy lejos de aqu? (Is the movie theater very far from here?)
- He comprado dos entradas para esta pelcula. (I have bought two tickets for this film.)
- Cunto cuesta la entrada de cine? (How much does the ticket cost?)
- Dnde podemos comprar las entradas? (Where can we buy the tickets?)
- Yo pago las entradas. (I'll pay for the tickets.)
- Quedan butacas libres para esta pelcula? (Are there any seats left for this film?)
- Hay mucho gente. Tendremos que hacer cola para comprar las entradas. (There are
a lot of people. We'll have to wait in line to buy the tickets.)
- Quiero tres entradas, por favor. (I want three tickets, please.)
- A qu hora empieza la pelcula? (What time does the film start?)
- A qu hora termina la pelcula? (What time does the film finish?)
- Cunto dura la pelcula? (How long does the film last?)
- Antes de entrar, podemos comprar unas palomitas y unos refresco. (Before
entering, we can buy some popcorns and soda.
- Mi butaca es la H3. Puede ayudarme a encontrarla, por favor? (Hablando con el
acomodador). My seat number is H3. Can you please help me find it? (Talking to the usher).

Describing a Movie / Film. (Describiendo una Pelcula.)

So you watched the film and someone is asking you what do you think about it. Did you like
it? Was it interesting? You can find, below, how to express yourself and give your opinion.

- Te gust la pelcula? (Did you like the film?)

- Es una pelcula muy buena. (It is a very good movie.)
- Es una pelcula muy mala. (It is a very bad movie.)
- Es una pelcula para mayores de 18 aos. (It is a movie for people over 18 years old.)
- S, me gust mucho. (Yes, I really liked it.)
- No, no me gust. (No, I didn't like it.)
- Ya la haba visto. (I had already watched it.)
- Me parece una pelcula muy interesante. (I think it is a very interesting movie.)
- Es una pelcula con subttulos. (It is a subtitled movie.)
- De qu pas es? Es una pelcula espaola. (What country is it from? It is a Spanish
- El director de la pelcula es Amenbar. (The director of the film is Amenbar.)
- Me gust mucho el guin. (I really liked the script.)
- La pelcula era divertida. (The movie was funny.)
- La pelcula era aburrida. (The movie was boring.)
- El argumento era muy bueno. (The storyline was very good.)
- Volvera a verla una y otra vez. (I'd watch it again and again.)
- Fue una de las mejores actuaciones de Antonio Banderas. (It was one of Antonio
Banderas' best performances.)
- En cambio, la banda sonora era horrible. (On the other hand, the soundtrack was
- Quin es la actriz principal? (Who is the main actress?)
- La actriz principal es Ariadna Gil. (The main actress is Ariadna Gil.)