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Coker 1

Ryan Coker

Prof Johnson

English 1311

20 September 2012

Holy Public Transportation, Batman!

The loud beeping of the heartbeat monitors permeated the cold hospital. The man awoke,

dazed and confused, What? Where am I?, he inquired to himself. He sat up, inspecting his

surroundings, examining the numerous electrodes and wires connected to his body. Not long

after awakening a man in a white jacket walked in, holding a clipboard Mr. Smith, the doctor

spoke, looking at the clipboard, Youre finally awake I see. Youve been out for a whole week,

how are you feeling? Mr. Smith? the man asked. Thats what it says, right here, Smith

comma John, you were hit by the city bus in front of the Wells Fargo on Hawthorne. The man

looked questioningly at the doctor Thats cant be right, my name is Bruce, Bruce Wayne, this

must be some sort of mistake. The doctor gave a little chuckle, Alright, Mr. Wayne, it looks

like we may need to keep you a bit longer. We wouldnt want you going out to fight the Joker in

your current state a look of shock and confusion spread across Bruces face. Your cellphone

and wallet are on the table next to Bruce interrupted What was that you said? The thing

about keeping you longer or the cellphone thing? Bruce was becoming irate, No, that other

thing. The thing about the Joker? Bruce slowly nodded his head. What would Batman be

without the Joker? the doctor joked. Bruce was silent. If you need anything just call a nurse, I

will be back later to check up on you.

Coker 2

This is bad, thought Bruce If this man knows my secret identity, who knows who else

could. Bruce jumped out of his hospital bed, removing the various wires and I.V.s the doctors

had hooked him up to. Grabbing his wallet and phone, he made a run for the window. Crashing

through it with technique and power that would put any football player to shame, he began to fall

to the ground below. As he plummeted to the ground from the first floor window, he prepared for

impact. Rolling off of the fall, he returned to his feet and bolted down the street. He ran with the

agility of an Olympian. He was finally brought to a halt with the realization that he did not

recognize any of the passing buildings or streets Ive lived here for my entire life and I have

never seen this part of Gotham. After taking a brief moment to examine his surroundings, he

opened up his wallet. To his surprise, atop his drivers license were the words State of North

Carolina, with the information of a man named John Smith, and the address of an apartment

located in Winston-Salem. I may find some answers at this address. He thought to himself.

Walking down the street, he began to search for a cab, receiving judging and confused

looks from others on the street. He finally found a single yellow cab and hailed it. Bruce

boarded the cab, handing the driver his license Take me to the address listed on there.

Whatever you say hoss, any particular reason you are wearing that? Bruce looked down at

himself and realized that he was still donning his hospital gown. Dont you question me.

Bruce commanded. Alright, dude, whatever. The cab traveled about 200 feet down the road

before stopping. Were here, the driver stated, thatll be 15 bucks. You cant be serious.

Yes I can. Pay up. Bruce made a noise with his mouth that sounded almost like a deflating

balloon as he reached for his wallet. He pulled out the money to pay the driver and located a key

with the apartment number written on it.

Coker 3

Several days later, Bruce had begun to adjust to his role as John Smith, coming to realize

that his new identity was an undercover way of tracking the Joker. A broadcast came across his

police radio A bank robbery is taking place at the Wells Fargo on Hawthorne; all available

officers please provide back up. Seeing his opportunity, Bruce suited up and entered his make-

shift batmobile, a black 1992 Honda Civic with tinted windows and a vinyl cover on the third

brake light, shaped like the bat symbol. Speeding through the streets of Winston-Salem, he

finally arrived at the bank. Disembarking from his car, he sprinted past the officers and into the


The robbers turned, and gazed in shock at the man that had just burst into the room.

Before they had time to react, the dark knight reached into his utility belt and drew a baseball,

pitched it at one of the robbers, beaning him right in the head and knocking him unconscious.

The other two robbers began to redirect their weapons at Batman, but before they could get a

lock on him he was off again, charging directly at the closest robber. He managed to fire one

shot, grazing Batmans helmet, before receiving a rib-shattering flying-kick to the torso. As the

robber lay on the ground, gasping for air, Batman shifted his focus to the third robber. Visibly

shaken, he began to flee, firing inaccurate shots while he ran, Batman in hot pursuit. The robber

made it as far as the curb before the fury of the caped crusader came crashing down upon him.

In the ensuing melee Bruces mask was torn from his face, and the robber regained control of his

gun. Standing over the downed Bruce, the robber angrily questioned John! What the hell do

you think youre doing!? Do I know you? Bruce inquired. What!? Of course you know me,

we were casing the bank two weeks ago together when you were hit by a freaking bus! When

did you get out of the hospital!? Was this your plan the whole time!? To set us up so you could

act out some weird childhood dream of being a superhero or something!? What are you even
Coker 4

wearing!? What does it look like? The Batsuit of course! Bruce claimed You put cardboard

triangles on the side of a ski mask and taped a paper bat to your shirt! What did you hope to

accomplish with all of this!? Darling, I dont answer to you, Bruce began, rolling back.

Hesprung off the ground, and prepared to drop kick his adversary. Im the goddamn Batman!

Bruces feet made contact with the mans pelvis, throwing him backward and onto the ground.

The police, who at this point had just been standing around doing nothing, surrounded the

downed robber. The other two are still inside. Bruce muttered as he limped away. A police

officer stopped him Who are you? Bruce took a deep breath I apparently have no idea. Bruce

boarded his car and drove off into the distance.