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The Council of Factions

The Consortium The Draconites
- Leaders of the Zenithian factions - Woke Zenith colonists, fled Zenith, returned as Warrior Philosophers
- Run Coriolis Space Station - Operate in cells, size of organisation unknown, HQ unknown
- Multiple member companies (eg Foundation, Bulletin, Colonial Agency) - Advanced technology
- Security - The Legion, Corilois Guard, Special Branch - Worship the Lady of Tears

The Free League The Church of the Icons

- Consists of numerous 'workers' via paid membership - Introduced by cultists from the First Horizon
- Strong in outer reaches - Doctrine - deny duality of Icons, all evil is within man
- Actively recruiting Plebians - Circle of Seekers (mystics) - skillful negotiators (low profile)
- Paramilitary arm - Night Hands - Missionaries

The Legion Ahlam's Temple

- Firstcome, but considered Zenithian due to many ties - Teachings of Ahlam applied to art, dance, music, politics, judicial theory
- Large fleet, centered around 2 flagships, nuerous secret bases - Famous cortesan academies, graduates employed by all factions
- Consist of numerous mercenary groups - Black Lotus - (ninth art) pleasure of death
- Strict mission codes, breach of which can lead to execution - Ancient technologies - allow sharing of memories/experiences

The Syndicate The Order of the Pariah

- Ilegal shadow of the consortium - On Coriolis - samaritans, running hospitals, orphanages, med school etc
- All criminal activites except slavery and faction tech smuggling - Outside Coriolis - atrocities of war, martyrs, merciless in combat
- Five main families - Worship The Judge, possess advanced biotechnology (adaptive armour)
- Other criminal groups exist outsied syndicate - Home system Zalos - currently closed to traffic

The Zenithian Hegemony The Nomad Federation

- Descendants of Captain of the Zenith. Purebloods/bloodlines of crew - Collection of nomaic fleets - largest fleet in the horizon
- Split - Hegemonists (elitist/unforgiving), NeoZenithians (co-operative) - Multiple factions, lots of infighting, changes in power
- Hegemonists - Secret Police, NeoZenithians - Judicators - Growing faction
- Based on Kua at The Monument. Have their own fleet - Requested seat on council

The Emissaries (observer status)

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