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Lets move on to the anti-legalization sides argument on this matter.

But before that, according

to the most recent data available by World Drug Report 2016, here is a global trends
showing that an increase in the estimated number of people who use drugs from 2006-
2014. Here, it is estimated that a total of 247 million people between the ages of 15-64 years ,
used an illicit drug in 2014. That represents an increase of 1 million over the previous year.

Due to this gain, opposition side afraid that legalization of drug will increase consumption.
Legalization of drug will make the drug more affordable and accessible such as over-the-counter
drugs. Assuming that most people right now are having a hard time to obtain illicit drugs. Finding
a drug dealer, meet up in a remote area, anxious being ambush by the DEA(drug enforcement
administration), such inconveniences which will be gone once the drugs are finally legalized,
with the likely result of increased consumption.

Moreover, it will not only be accessible for addicts, previously casual users, and it will also for
those who were not previously users especially youths who are dying to try new things. To
support this argument, according to this graph of illicit drugs use by age in 2012 and 2013,
we can see that drugs use is highest among people in their late teens and twenties.
Move on to the next point which is related to the health problem. A person who abuses drugs
may not realize they have a problem until conspicuous effects of drug abuse are seen. Even
though different drug substance causes different negative impact on ones health, common
effects of drug abuse on the body include addiction and marijuana use can impact ones

The crucial issue here is addiction toward drugs, that drive ones desire to use the drug above
anything else. This psychological drug abuse can lead to changes in mood, arouse certain
emotions and changes your behavior such as aggressiveness, selfishness and even cause

Did I mention about death? Yeah, heroin kills. Recently Philip Seymour Hoffman, gifted
American actor, died because of heroin overdose. Also, Glee actor Cory Monteith, died in
Vancouver of an accidental overdose of heroin in October. If drugs were as legal as
alcohol, a lot more people would try drugs.

Also, I mentioned that marijuana can impacts ones memory. According to a new study Journal
of Alzheimers Disease, long-term marijuana use may reduce blood flow to the brain, specifically
the hippocampus. Compared to healthy participants, pot smokers displayed low blood
flow in the hippocampus, which is involved in storing long-term memory, including all
past experiences.

Next, Richar will explain more about arguments against drug legalization.