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CRITERIA Exceeds Expectations ( 5 ) Mid-HIGH (4.5) Meets Expectations Mid-LOW (2.

5) Does Not Meet

( 4-3 ) Expectations ( 2-1 )
Language -Control of a variety of -Evidence of control of -Errors occur in a -Frequent -Numerous grammatical
structures and idioms; variety of structures variety of structures. grammatical errors errors impede
Use and idioms, although a may occur even in
occasional errors may occur, -Text comprehensible, communication
but no pattern exists. few grammatical elementary -Text barely
but requires some
-Text readily errors may occur; structures, there comprehensible
interpretation from
comprehensible; requiring good to very good may be some
the reader. -Pervasive errors in
no interpretation on the part control of elementary redeeming features,
-May have errors in conventions of the
of the reader. structures. such as correct
conventions of the written language
-Excellent command of -Text comprehensible advanced structures.
written language (orthography,
conventions of the written requiring minimal -Text mostly
(orthography, sentence structure,
language (orthography, interpretation. comprehensible,
sentence structure, paragraphing and
sentence structure, -Conventions of the requiring minimal
paragraphing and punctuation) may
paragraphing, and written language are interpretation on the
punctuation). interfere with written
punctuation) generally correct part of the reader.
-75+% grammatical communication
-90+% grammatical -80/85% grammatical -Frequent errors in
accuracy -Less than 70% accuracy
accuracy accuracy conventions of the
-Register is generally -Minimal to no attention
-Register is highly -Register is written language
appropriate to register.
appropriate appropriate may be present.
-70% grammatical
-Register may be
Fluency -Series of sentences that are -Emerging variety of -Predominant use of -Complete yet -Generally incomplete
well organized and complete complete yet repetitive sentences. sentences. No or
cohesive sentences and repetitive sentences; Limited cohesive almost no cohesive
-Transition words used to some cohesive some cohesive devices found. devices
link sentences and devices. devices. - No transitions -Words or phrases only
make writing flow. -Some transitions -Few to no transition words
words make the words
writing somewhat flow.
Quality of -Detailed and accurate -Information is -Information given is -Information may be -Little or no information
Conten information. Ideas well generally generally limited or given. Information is
develop and well accurate. accurate, inaccurate very limited and
organized -Treatment of the topic although there -Treatment of the mainly inaccurate
-Treatment of the topic is is relevant and well may be some topic may be -Treatment of the topic is
relevant and thorough. developed. inaccuracy or lack irrelevant. irrelevant
-All information significantly -Synthesis of of precision. -There is little -There may be no
outweighs summary or mere information outweighs -Treatment of the topic synthesis of the synthesis of information.
quotation. summary or mere is generally information. -Extremely limited
-Rich, precise, idiomatic quotations. relevant -Somewhat vocabulary. Its use is
vocabulary, ease of -Considerable breadth -Summary or mere inadequate and/or inadequate and/or
expression of vocabulary. quotations of inaccurate use of inaccurate. Frequent
-Creative with few information may vocabulary. and/or constant
repetitions. outweigh synthesis -Little creativity. interference from
Sentences seem to the English
-Appropriate but basic
be repetitive. language.
vocabulary. May
contain occasional - Very little creativity. Use
interference from of translators.
the English Sentences are
language. repetitive.
- Some creativity with
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