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Ousmane Fall

Professor Gregory

FRST 101

24 April 2017

Dialogue with the Chancellor

On March 16, 2017, I had the opportunity to attend the Chancellors Forum on how to

think Win-Win in our personal and professional lives. The purpose of this event was to not

only allow students to interact with the chancellor but to also recognize the benefits of having a

positive mindset in various aspects of life. During the event, Chancellor Martin shared numerous

suggestions on how we as students can maximize are resources at North Carolina A&T

University while also always having a positive attitude even when things seem as if they are not

in your favor.

There were a considerable number of things that made this forum enjoyable for me. First

off, Chancellor Martin portrayed himself as someone we can all relate to. It is often that people

of high stature can come off as condescending to those who are not of the same professional state

as them, but this was not the case and something that I honestly did not expect. Another aspect of

the forum that I enjoyed greatly was how the Chancellor was very inclusive of the audience with

his presentation. Many points presented required a response from the students in the audience.

This allowed us to freely converse with him.

One of my favorite concepts that I took away from this event was It is Easier to look

back in life then toward your future. This concept stuck with me because it is often that I found

myself focusing my thoughts on how much I feel as if I need to accomplish in life to be

successful. This forum allowed me that I should not always focus so much on trying to attain
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success, because eventually I will be able to comfortably look back on the hard work I put in

now. Another concept that I took away from the forum is the Abundance Mentality. I feel as if

we should all have this mentality to be successful, because we should all be genuinely happy for

the success of others. This event impacted my experience at the university significantly in that it

gave me a greater sense of respect for our chancellor and also empowered me to be a successful

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