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SEFL Sahara Energy Filed Limited

Sahara Groups upstream division comprises a number of affiliates whose mission is to acquire, explore, appraise
and develop commercial oil and gas assets in established basins and emerging frontiers in Africa. Affiliates include
Sahara Energy Field, Enageed Resources, Sahara Energy Exploration and Production among others. Their core
businesses create shareholder value by oil and gas reserves and production growth but they also contribute to socio-
economic development where they operate. Through partnerships with employees, local communities, contractors
and other stakeholders Saharas affiliates help create and develop sustainable interventions.
Since starting operations in 2004, Sahara has grown its upstreamportfolio, building a strong foundation in a number
of West African basins. Today,through its upstream companies (see table below) Saharanow participates withon
and/or offshore equity interests in Nigerian, Ghanaian and Ivorian assets,some of which it also operates.

Country Asset Location Company Interest Operator

Nigeria OPL 274 Onshore W Enageed Resources Ltd 100% ?

Niger Delta

Nigeria OPL 284 Offshoredeep Sahara Energy Exploration 45% ?

water & Production Ltd (SEEPL)

Nigeria OPL 286 Offshoredeep 26%


Nigeria Tsekelewu Marginal Onshore W Sahara Energy Field Ltd 51% ?

Field (OML 40) Niger Delta (SEFL)

Ghana SWCTP Offshore shallow Sahara Energy Fields 90% ?

water Ghana Ltd (SEFGL)

Ivory CI-500 Offshore shallow Sahara Energy Fields BVI 35%

Coast water

Ivory CI-502 Offshoredeep Sahara Energy Fields BVI 20%

Coast water

Sahara affiliate Enageed Resource Ltd,operates onshore Nigerian OPL 274 where it holds 100% equity. In June
2014, Enageed passed themillion man-hours milestone without lost time injury (LTI) after completing two3D seismic
surveys in OPL 274 of 126 and 500 square km.
Enageed raised the bar higher, completing a successful three-well drilling and testing campaign in OPL 274. The Oki-
Oziengbe S4 appraisal well was drilled directionally to depths of nearly 12,520 md with over a kilometer of horizontal
offset between well head and total depth. The well discovered oil, gas or condensate in 13 pay zones with net pay
count of 211 The Oki-Oziengbe S5 appraisal well was also drilled directionally, to depths of nearly 12,873 md and
with a kilometer of horizontal offset between well head and total depth. The wells discovered oil, gas or condensate in
as many as 15 pay zones with a net pay count of 298.
Two drill stem tests performed on the S4 appraisal flowed at a combined flow rate in excess of 5600 bbls oil per day.
The exploration well Oluegi-1 drilled a previously untested fault block 2.7 km north of the Oki-Oziengbe field,
discovering 110 net pay oil in five new pay zones before reaching total depth at 14,887 md.
Enageed is now completing engineering tie-in to existing facilities, allowing first oil production to begin from Oki-
Oziengbe S4 and S5 wells. Two pay zones in each well are being connected via flow lines to the Oziengbe S flow
station some 3 km away. There oil, gas and water can be separated. First oil is expected in 2H14.
Enageed is preparing another multi-well drilling campaign closer to the Atlantic coast,in the western part of OPL 274
license and in the Tsekelewu marginal field of OML 40 and at two to four wells are under development. Drilling there
will require use of a swamp rig.
The OPL 274 exploration programme recorded a number of firsts for Sahara Group. Enageed acquired its first
onshore 3D seismic data, drilled its first onshore wells, made its first appraisal and first oil discovery and tested first
oil production at rates in excess of 5600bbls per day. In addition, the three wells were drilled back-to-back in just ten
months, from a common location with a minimal environmental footprint and all three wells found commercial
The successful onshore drilling campaign portends a bright future for Sahara of sustained reserves growth following
first production. Certified 2P reserves in Oki-Oziengbe South field were doubled as a result of the three well drilling
program and the new discovery made at Oluegi-1 will become commercial once new pipeline capacity is developed.
Sahara continues reviewing new ventures opportunities and upstream acquisition across Africa to fuel the growthof its
upstream portfolio. Opportunities reviewswere completed in the past year in Angola, Gabon, Ghana, Ivory Coast,
Sudan, South Sudan, Rwanda and Tanzania among others and Sahara was a finalist in both the Shell and Chevron
asset auctions in Nigeria in 2013 and 2014.

Sahara Gas
Sahara Gas Limited Company was established to operate fully in the Gas Sector. The company is engaged in a
variety of business activities ranging from the acquisition of preferred stakes in gas projects to the marketing and sale
of gas products, including Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Liquefied Petroleum gas (LPG), and Condensates (Natural
Gas Liquids- NGL).
Sahara Gas is highly committed to developing the domestic gas markets. It holds strategic stakes in the LNG sector
with access to international gas markets and regasification facilities. Sahara Gas partnered with Sempra LNG to form
a JV which secured 2.5% equity in the Olokola LNG (OKLNG) Project in Ogun State, Nigeria, and 3% equity in the
Brass LNG Project in Bayelsa State, Nigeria.
Sahara Gas is also very actively involved in the Nigerian Gas Master Plan Project through strategic investment in the
West Niger Delta (WND) Central Gas Processing Facilities (CPF) Project.
Domestically, the company operates a 1000MT LPG storage, truck loading and bottling depot in Calabar, Nigeria;
which is being upgraded to a 2500MT facility. In addition to its spot cargoes, the company operates the following term

Delivered Ex-Ship Domestic LPG contracts from NLNG

A 1-year contract to lift 14,000MT of OSO Domestic LPG on behalf of NNPC through the NNPC/Mobil Joint
Venture since 2008

A 2-years contract to lift NGLs on behalf of NNPC through the NNPC/Mobil Joint Venture since 2005

As the first indigenous company to partake in the successful lifting of OSO NGL, Sahara Gas has been involved for
over six years in the NNPC/Mobil Joint Venture, paving the way for other Nigerian establishments to follow

Sahara Bulk Storage

The main business of Sahara Bulk Storage Facilities is developing and operating state-of-the-art Bulk Liquid
Storage. The company is ISO 9001.2008 certified. It guarantees that all products received at its facilities comply with
international standards such as:

API (American Petroleum Institute)

ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials)

IP (Institute of Petroleum)
JIG (Joint Inspection Group) on Guidelines for Aviation Fuel Quality Control

The company has a robust foot print in West Africa with a significant presence in Nigeria, Ghana and recently, Ivory
Coast. All its facilities are specifically designed for the storage of all types of petroleum products and chemicals.
With storage facilities at key seaports and airports in West Africa, the company maintains a healthy stock of refined
products for Major Oil Companies and Airlines. From these locations, the company facilitates distribution to end-users
through barges, road tankers and aviation fuel bowsers.

Sahara Energy Resources Limited

Sahara Energy Resource Limited, established in 1996 as the first Sahara Group Company, is primarily focused on
the sourcing, supply and trading of high quality, refined petroleum products to meet the energy needs of a dynamic
and technologically advancing world. The company has over the years, grown to become a formidable player in the
global energy market, servicing a wide range of customers spread across several continents.

With a dedicated and talented Management Team, Trade, Operations, Finance, Trade Finance, Business
Development/Marketing and Risk Management Units, the company is able to identify supply and demand
opportunities through an in-depth understanding of the regional and global energy markets. Sahara Energy Resource
Limited takes pride in the effective management and synchronization of different Units to properly analyze and
mitigate the risk of doing business in identified markets, thereby producing maximum operational efficiency and

The companys strength and sustained success lies in its ingrained culture of excellence, dynamism, exceptional
relationship management and compliance with global best practices

So Aviation

So Aviation Limited, a subsidiary of the Sahara Group is a major supplier of Jet A-1 fuel and is one of the fastest
growing indigenous companies in the Nigerian downstream sector.

The companys focus is the procurement of quality aviation fuel and ensuring optimum customer service delivery with
the goal of guaranteeing customer satisfaction and profitability. These core values have earned the company its
reputation as a reliable and customer-focused marketer in the industry.

So Aviation operates out of Nigerias three major international and domestic airports with one of the largest storage
capacities and an increasing fleet of world class standard bowsers. As part of its continuous drive towards safety, So
Aviation has installed Jet Gard (A new filtration system) on all her bowsers and introduced the use of firefighting
trucks in all operating airports.

As a leading marketer of Aviation fuel, the company has an increasing client database with both domestic and
international airlines and has an exclusive fuelling portfolio for the Nigerian Presidential Air Fleet.

In line with the companys vision to expand across the African region, So Aviation has commenced operations in
Ghana and has future plans to set up in other African countries. And in terms of breaking boundaries, So Aviation
boasts the first female bowser operator in Africa on her team.

So Energy
So Energy is the downstream, retail operation arm of the group. It is responsible for the management and operation
of dealer and company managed petrol stations.

So Energy introduces to each marketplace a new model of innovative stations. This model centers on combining
striking architectural designs that are distinctly African yet modern, as well as contemporary services designed to
meet a wide range of refueling needs for all customers.

In line with the companys vision of being the provider of choice wherever energy is consumed, So Energy has begun
an aggressive drive to establish a regional network of retail stations and now has operations in Nigeria, Ghana and
Ivory Coast.

Sahara Farms

In line with Sahara Groups vision for renewable and sustainable energy, the mission of Sahara Farms is to develop
viable and sustainable agro-products and also play a leading role in the development of alternative and environment
friendly sources of energy. Sahara Farms will partner with farmers and local communities in order to develop self-
sustaining and commercially viable projects within the communities.

The partnership will be based on the adoption and implementation of a Farm-to-Market value chain approach that
ensures that the farms are self-sustaining, provide sources of income for the local farmers and generate organic
growth in and around the communities.

Sahara Power
KEPCO Energy Resource Limited (KERL)

Owns a 70% stake in Egbin Thermal Power Plant located in Lagos, Nigeria, with current generating capacity
of 1, 320MW and planned expansion to 2640MW

Assets acquired from the Government of Nigeria

Egbin is Nigerias largest thermal power generation asset

New Electricity Distribution Company (NEDC)

Owns a 60% stake in Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company, which is Nigerias largest power distributor.
Delivered 2, 077GWh of power to 556, 843 in 2010.

Ikeja Disco is responsible for distributing electricity in the districts of Ikeja, Ogba, Ikotun, Shomolu,
Akonwonjo, Ipaja, Ojodu, Ikorodu, Odogunyan, Oshodi and Abule-Egba within Lagos State, Nigeria

NG Power HPS

Owns a 70% stake First Independent Power Ltd which comprises four power plants: Afam I & II 360MW,
Eleme-75MW, Omoku-150MW and Trans Amadi I & II 136MW located in Rivers State, Nigeria.

Prior to the acquisition, Sahara Power via its subsidiary, NG Power was the Operations & Maintenance
contractor for the Trans-Amadi and Omoku power plants.
Sivc was established in 2013 by Sahara Group to pursue opportunities that arise from the infrastructural deficit and
decay that has beset emerging economies in the world, beginning with Africa. Sahara, as a highly entrepreneurial
conglomerate, has grown since its founding in 1996 to become a US$12bn (by turnover) company and has earned
the reputation of being one of the largest in oil & gas, energy and real estate in West Africa.
Sivc currently invests in areas that not only catalyze economic and social development in the region, but also provide
vast and significant financial returns to investors. We are also positioning ourselves to invest in innovative ventures
that have potential for scale and significant returns. We focus on infrastructure and are sector agnostic. However, we
are currently developing and implementing infrastructure projects in Oil and Gas, Utility Concessions, Industrial
Parks, Real Estate, Hospitality, Agriculture, Healthcare and specialty Government-backed projects.