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REDG 605: Adolescent Development, Learning, and Assessment

Student Learning (SL) and Classroom Management (CM) Plan Assignment

Context: The ways in which a teacher approaches his or her classroom (beliefs about student capabilities,
the teacher/student relationship, and behavior) affect the outcomes of the classroomi.e. academic
learning, social and emotional learning, etc.

Central Focus: Interns will reflect upon their own values, beliefs, and understandings gained from the
literature to develop a student learning and classroom management plan.

The table below can serve as a guide for your thinking about how you might approach your classroom
regarding SL and CM. Knowing that your beliefs, values, and understandings about SL and CM can and will
change, this document is intended to be a launching point for your planning and approach.

Philosophy: What do you believe about SL and CM?

What will it look like?: If a community member walked into your classroom, how would they
describe it?

Teacher Roles: What will you, as the teacher, do to influence SL and CM?

Student Roles: What will your students do to influence their own learning and management?

Curricular Roles: What role will your content area play in your classroom?

Physical Space Roles: How will your classroom be arranged? Will the arrangement change?

Other Aspects: What might be important to you, but missing from the list?
Student Learning (SL) Plan Classroom Management (CM) Plan

Philosophy: Student learning should be positive, Philosophy: Classroom management should be

encouraging, and fun. My classroom should be one implemented to reflect a positive and encouraging
that students feel they can learn and accomplish environment. Every student should feel like they
things. belong and that my classroom is a place where they
can be safe to learn.
What SL will look like in my classroom: Each student What CM will look like in my classroom: It will be
should feel that they are a valuable part of the community-based. The classroom is not the teacher
community. What they have to say and contribute is and the students, but all of us working and learning
important in valued. I think community is really together. The classroom should be a dynamic and
important, because it is something that is with us fun place, because I think that that makes learning
throughout our entire life, and it adds value and easier.
strengthens people more than they could on their
Teacher Roles: The teacher is the guide to the Teacher Roles: From a classroom management
content that they are learning. It is my job to teach perspective, I believe that a teacher is supposed to
and foster understanding of the content and its model responsibility, professionalism, integrity, and
relevance to the everyday lives of the student. A accountability. I set the standard through my own
positive attitude can accomplish a lot, and that is behavior. The teacher sets the routines and
what a teacher must have to aid student learning. I maintains rules and expectations. I also need to be
think that a teacher must also show students that understanding and caring towards my students,
they are a real person, and creating that common both practicing and modeling empathy but holding
bond helps build trust. Responding to a question them accountable at the same time.
that is asked with a question of my own can help
students learn the answer without me just telling
Student Roles: Every student will be given the Student Roles: Students will help create the
opportunity to learn and succeed. Being a member rules/expectations. I want to model democracy in
of their classroom community, students will work this, where some students might not like a rule that
together to learn. As we work our way through the others do like, but they need to learn that when a
school year, students will be able to learn more and majority reaches a consensus, that is how a society
better based on the foundation of what came before functions. I understand that not every student will
in the classroom; not only the lessons learned but not participate every day, but I hope to foster
also from their own successes in understanding. participation through the environment that I create.

Curricular Roles: The curriculum outlines what Curricular Roles: The curriculum is the foundation for
students will be learning. It should be used as a tool the journey that we will be taking. I want to make
for building understanding but not be used the content real and relatable, and to show how and
absolutely rigidly. There needs to be flexibility. why social studies enrich students lives and

Physical Space Roles: Classroom will be arranged in Physical Space Roles: I want desks to be aligned in a
a way that students will look into each others eyes way that students can see each other and look into
and faces. I want the room to be decorated and each others eyes, split down the middle and facing
colorful, but I need to be wary that it does not cause the middle aisle of the classroom. Classroom
distractions. rules/expectations will be displayed in a visible
space, and walls will be decorated in a way that
reflects my personality, but also the work/content
that forms the foundation of the class.

Other Aspects: Other Aspects:

Assessments and studying takes up more time Every minute is valuable, so even though I
than an actual class does, so they need to be want the classroom to be fun and enjoyable, I
developed and used in a way that encourages know that I will also need to be disciplined in
the student to buy-in to what they are learning my time management.
and beginning to understand. It has to show
that the subject matter is relevant to their