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Professional Growth Plan

Anthony J. Mandarino

Biological Science Student Teacher

First years teaching goals for science.

Specific goals How will goal Achievement Relevant- Time-Target

be measured level Alignment to date

best practices

I will keep a I will ask and I will keep a I will be

record of the provide a record of the working as
lessons I lesson and lesson plans I hard as I can in
teach. With teaching ability write and do the first year of
that data I will to help the my best to teaching. I
look at how students every become more start student
Planning and
the students step of the way. proficient with teaching Aug
understand the I want all of my the planning. I 2017. I will be
material. I will students to will work with a teacher on
change lessons succeed. I will mentors for Jan 2018 and
as needed for learn from guidance. I will start my
better scores these lessons to will diversify lifelong
on exams. become a better my teaching to learning of
teacher. reach as many education then.
students as

I will keep a With the The This is a first

journal for the procedures I procedures I year goal. The
class I teach. have the have will align learning of my
Classroom In the journal I students should with the management
will keep be comfortable schools social skills will
Environment records of howin class. They standards and continue to
my students will be able to our grow into the
act in class. If accomplish communities. future.
my students their learning The students
are engaged and succeed will be used to
and learning, with lessons. the

Classroom then exams Their exam environment
should reflect scores will and grow in
Environment good class reflect this. character.

I will work All students The material I will keep my

every closely have the ability of science can eyes open to
with my to achieve their be hard for my best
students to goals. I want to some to lessons the
make sure bring that out understand. I first year of
they of them. I want will work hard teaching. I will
understand all all of my to help them always keep
of the students to pass become better learning from
material. My and have the students. Give my mistakes
goal is to have confidence to them tools to and better my
all of my obtain their help them lessons for my
students with diplomas. study and students.
the confidence learn material
to pass this in class.
class. Exams
will be my
goal standard.

I will measure I have very The standard This is a goal

this with the high standards of the state from day one. I
students for myself. I will be used pride myself
attitude to my will always daily in my on being
teaching. If strive to make class. I will professional. I
the students my continue my will work hard
have respect professionalism practice on to make sure
for my grow over time. Teaching. I my
teaching and A lifelong will always administration
learn from me. learning strive for my is pleased with
I will feel that process of best my work.
I have done higher learning. professional
my job well. standards of
the district and

Five year goals

Specific How will Achievement Relevant- Time-
goals goal be level Alignment Target
measured to best date

By now my I will continue Through my Five years of

lesson plans with my learninglearning and practice and I
will flow about teaching practice of will still be
better and be to keep up the teaching I will learning as
set for high skills to plan andbecome a much as I can.
Planning and student scores. prepare for my good orator. I I am always
I will continue students. I have will up hold open to
Preparation my lesson plan high standards the schools suggestions
skills. With and will work and districts and will
time and hard to teach standards for continue my
society science to great teaching. learning of
changes, I will students at a I will work teaching now
too and make high level. hard to show and into the
sure students my support for future. I may
have a relevant the teaching be able to
lesson. process. attend more
classes on

My ability to My classes will The social This will be

have the have a good standards of happening
students grasp of the the school and within the
understanding material and our five year
my procedures have confidence community period of
Classroom should be in in their ability to will be time. I know I
place by now. Iunderstand noticeable in will always be
Environment will have a science. They students learning from
good class of will be in a good attitudes for experience
students position for good. The and growing
focusing on great grades. students will as a teacher. I
science and be look forward
loving it. comfortable to a lifelong
and ready to learning
learn. process.

Instruction My skills to My skills will I will still be After five

teach a lesson show to the striving for the years I expect
will be more other teachers best to have more
focused from and instructional schooling and

experience. I administration I practices I can instruction on
will have been work with. I will bring to the teaching. My
working very be keeping up class. My goal lessons will
Instruction hard to make on my is to become a reflect my
my lessons experience and teacher the ability to
educational learning to students can teach after
and fun. The achieve a level trust and learn five years and
respect and of good teaching from. I will look
grades of for my students. forward to
students will I want my many more
help me know instruction to years of
my goals were flow by now. learning how
met. to teach.

I will have the I will have set a My fellow In my fifth

respect of my very high teacher will year I will be
peers and standard for see that I am a more
district. I will myself. I will professional in comfortable
be seen as a feel good if my everything I in my
Professional teacher who fellow teachers do. My teaching
cares about his have respect and students will ability. I will
Responsibility students. I will kindness for me. respect the continue to
be still striving I will always attitude I bring improve my
to make my strive to achieve to the class skills in the
skills focused. a high standard and the respectfuture. My
My fellow of work ethic. I give them. I teaching skills
teachers will will have great will continue
let me know ethics and to grow for
how well I am professional enhanced
doing by this habits in class. learning.
time in my