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Future Industry Leaders Programme 2016/17


94% of delegates recorded an

of delegates recorded an
ORGANISATION 88% increase in awareness of
how they can positively
increase in awareness of the INDIVIDUAL impact organisational &
impact their leadership industry challenges
behaviours have on others IMPACT

Scottish Enterprise commissioned and part funded the Oil & Gas: Future Industry Leaders Programme (FILP)
in response to the Leadership for Change Agenda of the Energy Jobs Taskforce (EJTF). We are delivering a
unique cross-supply-chain programme consisting of a 3 day/3 night residential leadership retreat, reinforced
by three 1-1 Leadership Coaching sessions and consolidated by a Leadership Learning Circle to embed new
leadership behaviours across the industry and create collaborative cohorts and potential subsequent

The Journey
Bringing change to the
industry is such a big
challenge but the
programme has
demonstrated that this
needs to start with myself
and then just sowing small
seeds of change. This
seems more manageable
and its easier to see how
RETREAT this will be eective

The Retreat
3 day programme at
The retreat allows people a very eective
a world class venue
and unique opportunity in a tranquil setting
to raise and realise self-awareness and
organisational / industry awareness

General Manager, Premier Hytemp

In this industry we rarely stop and
contemplate what we are doing, how we are
doing it and the impact of our actions. It has
been very powerful to stop and reflect on
A great, valuable
ourselves and our leadership styles
course which provides
Performance Manager, Nexen insightful information
whilst not overloading
After many failed attempts at self-reflection, this is the you. Also a great way
first time I have truly reflected and created tangible to meet others from
actions to improve myself as a leader dierent areas of the
Senior Project Manager, Petrofac industry to share
This has been a great opportunity to switch
o the mobile and spend some time evaluating Senior Legal Advisor,
who I am, who I want to be as a leader and
committing to making the changes
Supply Chain Lead, Wood Group
It has been well worth taking time out from my busy schedule to
spend the time learning, self-reflecting, meeting and learning from
other delegates and interacting with some influential business
leaders to improve my leadership skills and to be able to have a
positive impact on the future of the industry
Subsurface Manager, Chevron
I have a number of specific positive actions

The Coaching
that I have already begun putting into

3 Leadership Coaching
It makes you think, more aware, helps you understand
small steps make a dierence and to continue

Sessions post retreat It helped to enforce and maintain focus areas and
has been a prompt to move in the right direction and
make changes as required

Has helped me stop and think about how I am approaching situations. I can
only control my own behaviour. Coaching has been a very helpful follow on so
that the techniques learned at the residential course are tailored to me

I was initially sceptical of how coaching The one to one sessions with a leadership
would work but after the very first coach have proved to be critical in the ongoing
session the improvement could be seen. journey post the retreat

I was more confident in my leadership

skills and approached situations with
The coaching sessions have been excellent. Extremely

tailored to myself and great to know everything

discussed is confidential

The coaching sessions allowed the FILP experience to fully

anchor into day to day routine and maintained the focus on
the challenge I had identified and allowed me to follow
through to successful conclusion

Provided excellent support and

challenged my way of thinking

The coaching sessions have really helped me

realise how important it is to take regular time
out of work related tasks to actually think and
reflect on the big picture

Empowered me to make personal changes in my work

life that have resulted in positive outcomes

The Learning Circle & End of Programme Feedback

One of the key messages of the The external speakers and
FILP has been fantastic
The course has given course was to be yourself this other attendees have helped
at making me aware of
me new tools to try and has been very helpful shape my leadership style
the impact I have
new perspective Plenty of time on the retreat and subsequent
What seemed like a
I believe I am now coaching sessions allowed me to focus on Personally I feel more
huge change now
more confident in what I felt my company need in order to confident in my leadership
seems more
myself as a leader achieve long term success style now

I believe I am now more confident in myself as

The course has made me think about how small a leader and I see this now as one of my
changes can have an impact and these may be more strengths
sustainable than larger changes FILP has definitely helped me understand
that positive mindset and positive steps
I have become more aware of how I act and react can lead to a longer sustainable change
in certain situations and the impact that can have
on others. I now have tools to try and control my
reactions and tailor them where appropriate. I The programme has helped me understand
have also started challenging certain decisions that others are very like minded. The people I
within the organisation to try and alter others met have already collaborated with my own
perceptions of some stances we are taking company to make positive changes

I have been much more open

I am being more proactive in and inclusive on strategic
identifying industry issues and decisions. Acknowledging that
requesting for these to be a group can be more powerful
discussed via O&GUK forums than just myself

I have learned that having an authentic

FILP pushed me to consider myself as a leader leadership style can have positive results.
and has led me to improving my various functions I often now stick with my own gut feeling
as a leader within the company and I hope the when decision making rather than
wider industry in the future thinking back to what previous
management teams would have done