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Introductory Item

Purpose Statement

It is my view that the portfolio is one of the most important features of the Diploma in

Education program. It documents teacher experiences prior to the program, as well as

experiences during the course of the program. It therefore acts as a record of continuing

professional development. I believe my portfolio will in fact highlight this professional

development; as it contains my reflections of students, me as a teacher, the teaching profession,

teaching and assessment strategies, and the importance of technology in teaching.

It is my intention, that by assembling a portfolio, my growth as a teacher can be

recognized. I have always considered myself to be enthusiastic in my profession, and as someone

who is always willing to improve my practices to benefit students. This portfolio therefore

demonstrates the progression of my beliefs, knowledge acquisition, and practice with the most

vital input of the Diploma in Education program.

Initial personal reflections of me as a teacher, the students, and the teaching profession

provide an in-detail point of view based on experience only in the teaching classroom. During

the course of the program, however, some of these views may have changed; demonstrating a

greater understanding of what is expected of me as a teacher, the manner in which I need to

approach and understand students, and what planning needs to be done for future self-

improvement in the profession.

Reflective journals on various teaching models, assessment strategies, and use of

technology also serve to highlight innovative methods that were previously unknown and not

utilized by me in the classroom. The journals demonstrate the principles involved in these

models, and how they assist in ensuring that learning outcomes are accomplished. By inserting

these articles in the portfolio, it made me more aware that models and strategies exist outside of

what is conventionally known; and that continuous reading and research can serve to improve

my understanding of, and techniques in, teaching. Lesson Plans and Unit Plans are also for key

components of the portfolio. These samples demonstrate an improvement from what was

previously done, and how lesson and unit plans ought to be.

Overall, the portfolio not only highlights professional development, but also acts a

platform for identifying goals, and the means by which these goals are attained. It identifies areas

of self-assessment, together with assessment of peers and mentors; all aimed at improving my

role as a teacher. The main purpose of assembling this portfolio therefore, was to create a forum

for assessing and improving own practice; and how these skills can be transferred to others

within the profession. In essence, it highlights the success of the Diploma in Education program

in strengthening my as an educator.