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Devrani Narine-Gadar Student ID: 04740401

Assignment 2: Letter to Self

Dear Devrani Narine-Gadar

As I engage on this nine-month journey entitled the Diploma in Education (Dip. Ed.), I am

overwhelmed with a variety of questions ranging from Why am I returning to school after eight

years? to Will I be able to successfully complete this while raising a two-year old? In the

midst of the initial panic, though, it occurred to me that I now have the ability to make an even

greater impact on the lives of the children I interact with. This is my opportunity to push beyond

my comfort zone and improve my teaching skills; and I intend to embrace and appreciate every

aspect of it.

I teach at Vishnu Boys Hindu College; and here the Administration never forces, but rather

encourages their teachers to pursue the course of study as a means of self-improvement. There is

also a large umbrella of support for those entering the programme from all colleagues. Those

teachers that have completed the Dip. Ed. always share only positive and encouraging

experiences of the programme; and it was through these conversations, I quickly realized I still

have a lot to learn. I needed to do this not only for me, but for the benefit of my students.

Considering this, together with the support from both Administration and teachers, the decision

to pursue the programme was a fairly easy one.

As such, it was always my intention, that upon completion of the programme, I would be able to

overcome some of the challenges I face in the classroom. One such challenge is developing

strategies to convince students to embrace Science as an essential tool in their everyday life. My

biggest challenge, however, is effectively completing the curriculum and ensuring all students

fully understand all topics covered.

Devrani Narine-Gadar Student ID: 04740401

Apart from the challenges I face in the classroom, I am aware there are challenges I may face

while doing the programme. It is my understanding that the programme is very intense, not so

much so with the assignments and deadlines, but rather in having to juggle these with an already

saturated workload. I do believe, however, that the support I will receive from those at my work

will make the journey an easy one. The biggest hurdle I do foresee, on the other hand, is

continuing to be the always present wife and mother, and not having to neglect a second with my

family. I think this is my biggest fear. It will be unfair, though, to not admit how blessed I am to

have a supportive husband, parents, and in-laws. They all understand the importance of

completing this programme, but more so, the value I place on family. So I am confident that with

their support, I will not be drawn away from family, but rather be pulled even closer to them.

All in all, I do think this programme will have a positive impact on my growth and development,

not just as a teacher, but also a mother. I believe that apart from enhancing my teaching, it will

also improve my organizational skills, and teach me to be a more patient and understanding

individual. With all things considered, I do hope that upon completion of the Diploma in

Education I will be able to overcome current hurdles, as well as the unforeseen ones. Teaching is

the profession I chose as a life-career, and I hope that this journey is one that will make me

become the definition of what a teacher is meant to be.


An Enthusiastic Dip. Ed. Student

Devrani Narine-Gadar Student ID: 04740401

A young family and Dip Ed are quite a challenge, but you seemed to have made it work.. I hope it

really did help you to manage your real classroom needs.