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Reflective Journal

Field Visit 1

Date: 23/09/16

Venue: Vishnu Boys Hindu College

Host: Devrani Narine-Gadar

During my time as a teacher at Vishnu Boys Hindu College, I have always had the

opportunity to observe other teachers hosting for the Diploma in Education program. The

preparation leading up to hosting appeared both time-consuming and a bit stressful; but on

the day, it was always well-executed. For the first field visit, I volunteered to host, and I

quickly began wondering thereafter: What did I get myself into? and Would I have

enough time to prepare all that needs to be done? The days leading up to the 23 rd of

September were in fact a bit stressful, but all in all, the hosting process occurred seamlessly.

Of course, it could not have been possible without the assistance of the many wonderful

teachers at VBHC that ensured it was a success.

Nine people in total made up our group, and it was definitely a pleasure having them at

my school. The session started off with breakfast, and this gave us all the opportunity to get

to know each other better, in a more relaxed setting. Being able to hear other peoples

experiences thus far really opened my eyes to the sacrifices so many teachers were making in

order to successfully complete the program. It gave me a greater appreciation for these

teachers and made me realize that I was not alone in the struggles of Dip. Ed.

Three teachers taught on that day: Mrs. Devika Narine-Ragoo, Mrs. Angela Ramjit-

Delochan, and I. These sessions were very informative as it made us all aware of the various

teaching strategies used in the classroom. We were able to learn from each other and provide

positive feedback, which reinforced that we were all on the right track of educating students.

The most helpful part of this field visit, however, was having our short-comings identified by

peers in the field, and receiving suggestions on improvement. The field visit was therefore

very successful in enhancing my awareness of what is expected of the teacher in the

classroom, and the various strategies that can be utilized to accomplish these goals.

Looking back now, I do not regret volunteering to host first. It was indeed a wonderful

experience, and forming new friendships was a bonus. My greatest gain was being able to

learn from my fellow teachers, and being able to leave the session with new ideas and

strategies that would be beneficial throughout my teaching career. One of the main highlights

of that day though, was recognizing that we have an excellent lecturer and guide in Dr.

Kalloo. She is both patient and understanding; and ensured that once the field visit was

complete, we all left more informed and better equipped for our subsequent classes. Knowing

that we have such an experienced and knowledgeable individual as our guide, reinforces that

we will all leave this program better than where we started.

You provided a good start to our journey, and it was beneficial in more ways than one

professionally and personally.