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KNX Solutions

KNX Solutions


Energy Efficiency in Houses 2

Energy Efficiency in Industrial Buildings 3
Energy Efficiency in School Buildings 4
Energy Efficiency in sports halls 5
Smart Metering & Smart Building 6
Renewable Energy 7
Heating,Ventilation & Air Control (HVAC) 8
Safety & Surveillance 9
Sun Blind Control 10
Ambient Assisted Living 11
Elevator control 12
Kitchen control 13
Fire Alarm Systems 14
Gateways 15
IP Control 16
LED Control 17
Audio & Video Control 18
Telephone control 19
iPhoneControl 20
WLAN Control 21
Social Networks 22
Scenarios in a holiday paradise 23
An example for energy efficiency in Southern Europe 24
Excellent study atmosphere in desert campus 25
Highest level of efficiency for Singapores skyline 26
Pioneering building system technology
on Australias famous Surf Coast 27
Intelligence of stellar architecture 28
Factory recycles waste heat from production 29
KNX competence for Finland 30
Together with KNX on an eco journey 31
Bus technology ripe for the island 32
Intelligent control makes airport more efficient 33
Diploma with a global standard 34
The Smart Home on the curriculum 35

Solutions 1
KNX Solutions

Energy Efficiency in Houses

Task Implementation Different scenarios, according Smart metering consumption

The rising cost of energy to- Solutions for an average home: to the users needs will make users aware of
gether with a more careful use Lighting control (MECEL) with Monitoring for system over- wasted energy, allowing them
of energy have moved up on capacity for the control of the load to save energy and money.
our societys agenda. For this whole house in zones or as a Integrated thermostat for ea- The timer can be re-confi-
reason, we need new solutions group. sier use and control of HVAC gured to suit individual needs
for the optimization of energy HVAC control with KNX equipment in order to get the and can also be stopped at any
management something that (Intesis) capable of controlling best use time.
can be achieved by applying the any equipment on the market. Real-time monitoring and re-
KNX standard. Touch screens (JUNG and cording of data (temperature,
Zennio) will provide visual consumption of energy, water,
The Solution displays of the house. gas) providing a general
Where KNX systems are A GPRS module (Analasuslabs) overview of use and allowing
installed, the residents are will allow users to control the users to take further actions
informed about their current system when in the house or
energy consumption so that away from it.
they can use it in the most Smart Metering devices and By integrating all applications
economical way. When KNX is software (Multidomo Net- into one single KNX installation,
used to control and monitor the works) for metering the users have many options for easy
various domestic applications, consumption of energy, water, and comprehensive monitoring
total energy consumption will gas etc. with a control system that is
be reduced. Moreover, users intuitive to operate and use. In
can monitor their actual energy Features addition, there are the following
use on visual displays and have Dimming of lighting to suit advantages:
the opportunity to take action users needs The optic fiber sensors can Spain

in order to reduce their con- Optic fiber sensors for better be installed in any part of the
sumption as much as possible, night-time signaling house. info@userclubknx.es
whether they are at home or
away from it.

glass fibre

2 Solutions
KNX Solutions

Energy Efficiency in Industrial Buildings

Elektro Hieber from Schwab- detectors (ThebenHTS) and interior ventilation flaps are TV (German Technical
mnchen presents the KNX dimmers ensure that all ligh- opened so that excess heat is Inspection Association).
installation of a 5700 m fac- ting components are used used for heat recovery. Integration of existing fire
tory. 24 hour operations re- with maximum energy effici- Via temperature sensors, the protection concept for
quire artificial light for certain ency depending on presence KNX system controls the improved action in case of
periods and certain areas. The of personnel and daylight. installed radiant tube heaters fire.
ventilation depends on ma- Thanks to KNX, an emergen- used for Room heating. KNX Intelligent temperature ma-
chine activity, whereas waste cy lighting system approved binary input modules (ABB) nagement with recovering
heat is recovered for heating by TV (Technischer ber- pick up fault messages from of waste heat.
purposes. To achieve energy wachungs-Verein, German the building automation sys- Efficient ventilation accor-
efficiency and cost savings, Technical Inspection Associa- tem and from production. ding to the requirements of
the customer opted for smart tion) could be integrated into The messages are forwarded the respective production
building automation. the lighting installation. to a facility server from Gira process.
Ventilation flaps used as smo- where they can be displa- 3D visualisation for easier
Solution ke outlets, for heat dissipation yed and processed by the handling and control.
The KNX bus system allows and for additional air circulati- responsible staff. Set points,
the integration of components on are controlled via tempe- switching times and other Advantages
for the automation of lighting, rature sensors (Arcus-eds). parameters can be set via the Energy savings of 30% for
ventilation, heating and alert For this purpose, KNX de- password-protected access lighting. Required heating
management. Individual func- tects the number of machines point where they also can be energy cut by half because of
tions can be connected via the in operation via an M-Bus in- visualised. recovering waste heat from
network for central operation terface. The system uses diffe- production. Power consump-
and control. rent settings for summer and Technical Highlights tion of ventilation motors
winter operation. If the room Efficient lighting technology reduced to 70% compared to
Realisation temperature exceeds the set controlled according to cu- the not automated operation.
The complete lighting system point in summer, the interior stomer requirements. Yearly savings: About 50.000
consists out of 616 fluore- and exterior ventilation flaps Integrated emergency ligh- Euro in addition to other
scent lamps, controlled via are opened. In winter only the ting system approved by benefits, like higher efficiency.
DALI and KNX/DALI gate-
ways (Siemens). Presence

Elektro Hieber
Anton Hieber GmbH & Co.KG
Luitpoldstrae 10
86830 Schwabmnchen
Tel./Phone: 08232 9626-0
Fax: 08232 9626-20

Solutions 3
KNX Solutions

Energy Efficiency in School Buildings

Task comfort, economy and frost drive controls and opens/ current CO2 concentration is
Proposals are being sought for protection will be activated closes the windows displayed in a diagram. When
new construction and refur- automatically in accordance A KNX/Dali Gateway (Gira) the value changes, the window
bishment of school buildings. with the lesson and holiday controls the lighting, including opens slowly. For optimising
Functions to be covered are schedules. The rooms are ven- dimming function the ventilation functions it is
lighting, solar screening and tilated via electrically operated A movement sensor (Busch- possible to set the parameters
heating as well as, increasingly, windows. It is still possible to Jaeger) takes care of constant at the NV Comfort Panel. All
ventilation. An important ob- open the windows manually, lighting control and detecting consumption data in the rooms
jective of KNX automation but the KNX CO2 sensors the presence of people is displayed to suit educational
systems is energy efficiency, the will detect stale air levels and The Ambientomura (TCI) purposes.
local control of which is a par- activate automatic opening. For touch screen with visualiza-
education purposes, the energy tion software facilitates ope- Advantages
ticular priority during school
hours. It is intended that the consumption data is available ration and displays functions Energy efficiency through
energy conservation measures on the display system or on and data. KNX automation with ma-
are also demonstrated to the the internet. This includes the A radio transmitter and KNX nual operation a priority.
pupils for educational purposes. CO2 values as a result of the RF media coupler (Hager) can Automatic natural ventilation
ventilation function. be used to provide the data with the option of manual
Solution in refurbishment projects. ventilation when this is re-
Implementation In addition, there is a KNX quired due to rapidly changing
Lighting in the classrooms is
switched on and off manually, The following products are water meter (Arcus-EDS) requirements.
activating a movement sensor installed on the panel: which monitors the sanitary Educational format of infor-
with constant lighting control An Amun 760 (Theben) CO2 facilities for excessive use of mation to increase pupils
which will automatically switch sensor measures the CO2 water. energy awareness.
off the light after the lesson. concentration and current
temperature/humidity in the Functions
The KNX controls of the blinds
ensure precise screening with room The light is switched on at the
optimum daylight levels during Windowmaster NV Comfort start of lessons. The constant Ingenieurbro Beyer
lessons; when the room is not as the central unit for natural lighting control can be started Gebudesystemtechnik
ventilation uses measured up by shining an external lamp Dipl.-Ing., Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Dirk Beyer
occupied they will close for Liegnitzer Str. 10
cooling in the summer and data to calculate window (flashlight) at the sensor. A bus 24537 Neumnster, Germany
open up for solar gain in the control strategy button is used for manual dim- Phone: 04321 / 9938-0
Windowmaster Motorcon- ming, which will de-activate the Fax: 04321/9938-28
winter. For the heating sy- Mail: info@ing-beyer.de
stem, operating modes such as troller WEC 16M including constant lighting control. The www.ing-beyer.de

4 Solutions
KNX Solutions

Energy Efficiency in Sports Halls

Assignment Realisation Features Advantages

Energy use in sports halls for A CCTV dome camera sys- The lights are switched off The installation offers pos-
lighting, heating and venti- tem with KNX/IP interface automatically if the optical sibilities to save energy in
lation is considerably high. (by Dallmeier) surveys the sensor detects an empty sports halls.
This is because of the specific activity area for the presence sports hall and when this If the metering information is
architectural structures used of persons. The intensity of state continues for several saved, users of the hall can be
for these types of buildings. movement is irrelevant for minutes. On the panel, users charged according to energy
Users often forget to switch this process. If desired, the ca- are informed about the ener- consumed.
off the lights and in many cases mera can be used in order to gy consumed since the lighting As public awareness for en-
the ventilation is permanently prevent vandalism and hence was switched on last time. ergy efficiency is growing, the
running. Energy savings can be to alarm personnel. Optical sensors are suitable system offers a useful and very
achieved by using demand- The lighting system of the to control HVAC systems simple feature: the possibility
related controls. sports hall is manually swit- efficiently. They are able to to display current energy
ched on and off via a robust detect the number of persons consumption on a large public
Solution KNX panel with eight push with a sufficient accuracy screen.
Presence detectors are not buttons and LED display (by of approximately 80%. This Energy efficiency in sports
ideal in halls with heights up to GePro) located at the ent- information can be used to halls is increased when the
6-8 metres. Detection works rance. The default brightness see how many people are in number of persons is counted
well for clearly distinguishable setting is school sports (200 the hall and hence to set the and if the HVAC system is
movements, difficulties occur Lux). Energy actuators with HVAC controls accordingly. controlled accordingly. This
however for quieter activities current detection (by ABB) kind of functionality can also
such as yoga classes. The lights deliver metering data. Via a be very effective for training
could in cases like the latter touch panel in the control and seminar rooms.
be switched off unwantedly. room (by Gira), the brightness
The engineering company can be increased to 300 Lux
Beyer uses an optical sensor for training or 500 Lux for
to solve this problem. sport contests. Fan coil actu-
ators (by Theben) control the
HVAC devices.

Ingenieurbro Beyer
Dipl.-Ing., Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Dirk Beyer
Liegnitzer Str. 10
24537 Neumnster
Tel./Phone: 04321 / 9938-0
Fax: 04321/9938-28
Mail: info@ing-beyer.de

Solutions 5
KNX Solutions

Smart Metering & Smart Building

Task Implementation Water meter with KNX

KNX is a worldwide standard By connecting the sensing de- interface
for home and building control, vices to the KNX bus system Control of filling levels for
offering new products in the and linking this with the IP do- tanks (oil, water, liquids)
market of visualization and main it is possible to display and Evaluation of consumption
smart metering. The increasing process the respective data on data and display in diagrams
number of products by diffe- the touch panel. The software Display of consumption levels
rent KNX manufacturers in by Promoveo-Technology is - high, average, low - repre-
this market segment provides used to record and evaluate sented by red, yellow, green
a good variety of installation the data so that users can rea- Display of electricity tariff
options. In addition, it is in- dily see the consumption of the with the option of manually
tended to demonstrate the various media, i.e. electricity, connecting or disconnecting
option of installing active tariff water, gas, solar and heating in electrical equipment
management. the past and the consumption
can be extrapolated for the
Solution following week. To benefit The system represents a world-
The use of metering for electri- from different electricity wide standard and can be used
city, heat consumption, fill level tariffs, it is possible to use to display the consumption of
monitoring and water meters power-intensive equipment different types of energy in
with electronic data recording during the cheaper periods. buildings. The customers can
and storage facility ensures the In this way users of this tech- check their consumption data
safety of the system in case nology can react to tariffs as by pressing a button. The energy
of power failure. Complete they change and use them to management software can be
visualization of the data with their advantage. used to connect or discon-
integrated consumption display nect power-hungry equipment
and diagrams is available and Functions (washing machine, dishwasher
easy to configure. This solution Display of electricity tariff etc.) to benefit from cheaper
makes it possible to record and (cheap, expensive) tariff periods. KNX helps to
monitor the consumption of Heat consumption meter use energy more economically
each KNX unit connected to with KNX interface while enhancing comfort and
the system. Electricity meter (different security.
types of energy meters with
flexible IR-interface)

intelligentes Wohnen
Marco Koyne
Dipl.-Ing. (BA) Elektrotechnik
Duchrother Str. 38
12559 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)30 - 47 03 21 82
Fax.: +49 (0)30 - 47 03 21 83
Mail: info@koyne-system-elektronik.de

6 Solutions
KNX Solutions

Renewable Energy

Task management of technical It can record and store data Thorough and detailed in-
eSolar is a supervision and local/ and economical history for on a daily, monthly and annual formation on energy pro-
remote maintenance manage- maintenance purposes. basis for ten years and permits duction, its efficient use
ment system for photovoltaic graphical or table visualization and benefits and generated
Solution of this data. eSolar can, au- savings.
(fixed or solar tracking)plants.
& Implementation tonomously and automatically, Real-time information from
The system consists of low
energy consumption hardware, eSolar can communicate with supervise data and initiate sce- supervised plants for main-
installed in each photovoltaic the majority of commercially narios or scheduling depending tenance and properly timed
plant, which can universally available inverters through on events (dispatching of alarm interventions
acquire data. eSolar integrates RS232 or RS485 serial com- signals through e-mail or sms, Communication with home
a domotic engine that com- munication ports to acquire initiation of cleaning opera- and building automation
municates through the KNX the measured source. It can tions in case of dysfunctional systems is a strategic function
protocol. Web access to the also communicate with en- performance decrease, control enabling load management,
device is possible via LAN or ergy counters, tax counters of electric loads, generation creation of energy policies,
mobile networks like GPRS/ or net analyzers through its of production reports, start initiation of domotic sce-
UMTS. Installed in a control communication ports RS232 of scenarios and schedules narios, and an increase of
center, this server allows the or RS485 or impulsive out- depending on real-time com- building energy efficiency.
parallel monitoring of several puts to acquire the measured parison of energy production
plants. i.e. source. Through KNX, eSolar and plant load curves, signalling
real time monitoring of the can acquire data coming from and actuations start up in case
correct functioning of all different kind of commercially of theft attempt etc.).
components of a photovoltaic available sensors to realize the
necessary action (temperature Features & Advantages
periodically picking up data and other environmental pa- Guaranteed communication
coming from different plants rameters, automatic actuating with the majority of the com- Sinapsi s.r.l.
management of logging data system for cooling and clean- mercially available conversion Via Delle Querce, 11/13
06083 Bastia Umbra (PG), Italy
of several plants ing of photovoltaic modules, and energy counting systems, Phone: +39 075 801 04 73
comparative analysis of pro- photovoltaic tracking systems as well as with standard sen- Fax: +39 075 801 46 02
control, electric load manage- sors for the collection of mail: info@sinapsi-online.com
duction and performance of www.sinapsi-online.com
different plants ment etc.). environmental parameters.

Solutions 7
KNX Solutions

Heating, Ventilation & Air Control

Task Implementation Functions Advantages
The archives of a District The air quality values in the The visualization is used for KNX proves its strength parti-
Council require a central con- offices and archives are mea- central operation and provides cularly when it comes to com-
trol system as well as remote sured by sensors (Elsner) for technical personnel with the plex applications: simplified
control for its lighting, blind temperature, humidity and operating status and messages, installation, multiple benefits
and security systems and, in CO2 content. These values both internally and externally. for different applications and
particular for the heating, ven- are used by the IRSC (Zennio) Manual operation is possible flexibility regarding changes
tilation and air conditioning. air conditioning controller from remote locations as is in user programs. In addition,
Special focus is on maintaining to control the split air con- the receipt of messages by the system can be used for
the values for air quality and ditioning units and by the a mobile phone with inter- remote control where this is
those required under the KNX controller (Buderus) to net connection. Settings for required due to the location
Workplaces Directive. control the heating system. A lighting, air conditioning and of the properties.
KNX weather station supplies ventilation can be set auto-
Solution further data for the lighting, matically in accordance with
Beger and Sporleder produce the blind system etc., such the service schedule. Likewise,
a model presentation of the as precipitation, wind speed, when the lock system registers
KNX system implemented daylight levels and a DCF77 contact from the locking
EGB Falk Beger
by EGB. The equipment and time signal. A visualization bolts, the operating status, Intelligent solutions for residential
systems for sensors, actuators was selected for the central such as standby or comfort and commercial properties
operation and display of faults, temperature for the respec- 09633 Halsbrcke, Germany
and displays are provided by Phone: +49 3731 300 97 27
different KNX manufacturers. measured values, operational tive building area will be set www.egb-beger.de
The selection of these focused and switch status. This will also automatically. For monitoring
on optimum functionality and link the building functions and the air quality in the archives,
economy. In addition to KNX transmit the data, alarm and data for CO2, humidity and Sporleder
TP, the transmission medium fault messages to a facility ma- temperature are recorded and Elektro Technik GmbH
KNX RF is used. The central nagement system via intranet saved automatically. 30453 Hannover, Germany
Phone: +49 511 213 33 22
operation uses a visualization and the telephone network. www.wohnen-mit-funktionen.de
screen and touch panel. This system also makes it
possible to carry out remote
parameterization via the ETS.

8 Solutions
KNX Solutions

Safety & Surveillance

Task ple for additional security and the alarm system, motion flexible security concepts
Gepro, located in Stralsund, monitoring functions. A touch detectors will trigger an alarm can be put into practice with
offers practical applications display is used to visualize these when a person is detected or different functionalities, sensor
for a broad range of uses such functions. Additional operator a window contact is opened. A applications, alarm manage-
as offices, restaurants, hotels, devices for arming the alarm signal lamp is activated and an ment and user concepts. The
exhibitions, theatres, swimming system and for function displays alarm is passed on as an SMS to demonstrated bus installation
pools, sports complexes, zoos are realized as pushbutton a mobile telephone. When the components for KNX comply
etc. The installation demons- panels with LEDs (GePro): alarm system is disarmed, the with VDS (German notified
trates how security functions key-operated switches can also lighting can be switched on or body for accreditation of these
can be integrated into KNX be integrated. Peripheral com- off as usual via the pushbuttons. systems) and are available on
installations. A clear concept ponents such as binary inputs Motion detectors are used the market.
of use for commercial applica- (Theben), actuators (Zenio) for automatic switching, and
tions is of special importance dimmers and interfaces work the status of window contacts
to Gepro. invisibly in the background, can be used to display open
while a server-box provides the windows and to turn off heating
Implementation logics, show effects etc. radiators. Alarm functions of
A VDS burglar alarm (L240 smoke detectors and water
ABB) with a visible LCD user Functions detectors can be used for local
panel and an LED flashing Different functions can be display as well as for remote
beacon are central com- demonstrated. When arming alarms.
ponents of the installation. the circuit via a key-operated GePro Gesellschaft
Motion detectors (HTS) and switch, an acoustic signal is Advantages fr Prozetechnik mbH
Business manager:
window contacts are installed used as confirmation. LEDs One system for all applica- Dipl.-Ing Dirk Mller
to demonstrate how burglar display all functional statuses. tions. Components can be Heinrich-Heine-Ring 78
intrusion can be detected. Fire The switch used for arming used in multiple ways so that 18435 Stralsund, Germany
Phone: +49 (3831) 390055
alarms for KNX (Siemens) the circuit is also used as a synergies are realized and bus Fax: +49 (3831) 390024
and water detectors (Lingg & central on/off switch for the installations can be put to Mail: info@gepro-mv.de
Janke) are shown as an exam- lighting system. After arming additional use. Using KNX,

Solutions 9
KNX Solutions

Sun Blind Control

Task garding solar radiation, wind depending on the season: in

A sun-screening system in and rain throughout the day. summer the blinds will close
modern office buildings needs Movement sensors in the fully in order to avoid heat
to fulfill two functions: en- offices detect the presence of gain. In winter the louvres
suring comfort levels at the persons. Based on this data, open wide to allow solar gain.
workplace and at the same the software controls the solar
time enhancing the energy screening system, taking into Advantages
efficiency of the building. The account the suns current po- Through the automatic sun
presentation shows a model sition and angle of irradiation, tracking device for each indi-
of an installed system in an and any shadows cast by parts vidual faade, a comfortable
extensive building complex of the building. The blinds are workplace atmosphere is
with several floors, internal moved by conventional actua- achieved in all offices. Energy
courtyards and 2,500 solar tors. A visualization device is savings are achieved by redu-
screening sectors. available to assist operation. cing the use of artificial light, by
It is also possible to operate maximizing heat gain in winter
Solution the individual blinds manually. and minimizing energy used
In order to achieve the best for cooling in summer. The
possible screening results for Functions SunControlServer software is
daylight levels, cooling in sum- When the sun is shining the suitable for single family dwel-
mer and heat-gain in winter, blinds on the respective fa- lings and complex situations.
BMS selected KNX-based au- cades are activated to provide
tomatic solar tracking system. shade. This means that their
louvres are adjusted such that
Implementation daylight levels are optimized BMS Building Management
The equipment used for while avoiding glare. Artificial Frank Lenders
the sun blind control is the light is switched on via the Industriering Ost
47906 Kempen, Germany
SunControlServer by BMS. movement sensors when Phone: 02152-95989-0
A weather station with four required. If nobody is in the Fax: 02152-95989-1
centrally placed light level room, different commands Mail: Frank.lenders@bms-solutions.de
sensors provides data re- are transmitted to the drives,

10 Solutions
KNX Solutions

Ambient Assisted Living

Task activities. The KNX standard for activating the lighting, addition, the data from installed
The term ambient assisted is used because of its economy controlling the blinds and the sensors such as movement sen-
living refers to living with tech- and versatility. heating system. sors, operating equipment etc.,
nical support for older people. Presence sensors (ABB) switch can be used for the detection
The reason is that more and Implementation on the light automatically and of irregular patterns compared
more senior citizens wish to The displayed concept shows in addition provide information to the regular activities of the
continue living in their own examples of how one can up- about the presence of persons. person, indicating situations in
homes. grade existing homes using KNX The system is operated ma- which help may be required
For this reason, many corporate TP and KNX radio components nually via a 5-gang bus switch and alerting the respective care
landlords and private individuals in order to improve comfort and with temperature controller service or relatives.
modernize their properties not safety. In addition to the KNX (Gira) as well as via a mobile
just from the energy point of units, there is a mobile touch 12" senior touch display (TCI).
view, but also to make them display for visualization, which - The multi-functional button
senior-friendly. Cibeks pre- has been specially developed is the outcome of a design
sentation demonstrates how for older citizens. A design study carried out by Cibek in
ambient assisted living (AAL) study shows how one can use cooperation with Gira.
can be implemented with KNX. an iPod not only as a small, The following equipment is
mobile visualisation display, but in operation at the back of
Solution also as a multi-function switch the board: IP routers (ABB),
Cibek is involved in grant-aided for a senior-friendly operating voltage supply (Lingg&Janke),
projects researching technolo- concept, using a specially deve- Cibek Mini-Server, Cibek
gies that make it possible for loped screen. Gateway and a WLAN node
older people to live in their (for iPod).
own homes and offer safety Functions Cibek technology
in certain risk situations. The To demonstrate the functions Advantages + trading GmbH
Justus Liebig Str. 15
solution presented uses move- the board was equipped with: KNX functions can be imple- 67117 Limburgerhof, Germany
ment sensors for localization UP units with switch actuators, mented as part of refurbishment Phone: +49 (0) 6236 4796-31
Fax.: +49 (0) 6236 4796-39
as well as information from the blind actuators (Gira), KNX RF in order to support ambient as- E-Mail: info@cibek.de
use of buttons for detecting radio components (Siemens) sisted living for older people. In

Visualisation devices
Touch control

Push Window Shutter

Light Sockets
button contacts Roller shutter

Motion Push Window Shutter
temperature Light Sockets Heating
detector button contacts roller shutter

Solutions 11
KNX Solutions

Elevator Control

Assignment: Realisation: Functions: Advantages

It is common practice to The Cibek gateway is the The touch panel serves as a Comfortable and prestigi-
switch off the lights, to turn central control and manage- single access point for both ous operating concept for
down the heating and to cut ment unit. It is connected the KNX system and the ele- high-end single and multi-fa-
off the coffeemaker from the to the KNX installations of vator control. When calling mily houses and apartment
mains via a central control the individual flats, via KNX the elevator, users can select buildings.
when leaving the house. The IP. Movement detectors (by immediate arrival, arrival wi- No more elevator waiting
integration of an elevator Berker), pushbutton sensors thin five or ten minutes etc. times in the hallway.
control into this central ope- (by Gira), actuators (by ABB), The management system co- Co-ordination of the ele-
rating concept is a novelty. KNX radio components (by ordinates elevator calls from vator occupation/timing for
CIBEK presents their new Jung), a weather station and all flats in the house. all users.
KNX application Lift Con- a power supply (by Theben) If scenarios are used, users The system can also be
trol. build up the KNX environ- can see e.g. weather infor- used as a special solution
ment. A KNX audio actuator mation and the arrival time for car lifts in hillside or
(by WHD) is installed for of the elevator, lights can be terraced buildings, where
Solution: media control. A home ser- switched off and the heating inhabitants can park in front
The system integrator from ver is used as a communica- set point can be lowered of their flats.
Limburgerhof integrates the tion interface between KNX when calling the elevator, i.e. Customisation of the cen-
elevator control into a KNX and IP systems. KNX sys- activate the Leaving scena- tral operating control
system. This interface allows tem functions and elevator rio. When arriving at home, functions is nearly infinite.
users to call the elevator control functions can be ac- users can activate the Arri- Users can retrieve weather
from inside the flat and to cessed via a Gira touch panel val scenario via a hand-held information or calendar de-
receive status information from within each flat. A 3D KNX radio control: the lights tails, select music or quickly
about the elevator. An ele- visualisation software serves are switched on, the heating place an order.
gant feature of this solution as a common user interface, is set to comfort mode and
is that the elevator call can also for calls and images from music starts to play. Users
be integrated into scenarios, the IP video-com. can also select other custo-
like: Arrival and Leaving, mised functions together
etc. with the elevator call.

Cibek technology
+ trading GmbH
Justus Liebig Str. 15
67117 Limburgerhof
Tel.: +49 (0) 6236 4796-31
Fax.: +49 (0) 6236 4796-39
E-Mail: info@cibek.de

12 Solutions
KNX Solutions

Kitchen control

Task entire rooms instead of two- Functions Advantages

Intelligent buildings inte- dimensional floor plans. Icons Switching and controlling A high-end control center
grate high-level comfort, that can be used to directly of kitchen technology and that has been designed with
security and energy efficiency. control all connected kitchen kitchen appliances users in mind: it can be visu-
Requirements for central appliances show their current Temperature control and ally and functionally adapted
controls in kitchen technology status or value. set-point adjustment for to the specific requirements
should be equally high. EIB- connected refrigerators of kitchen users.
TECH presents a functional Switching and dimming of Ease of use for the whole
and versatile visualisation of The visualization application lighting family as well as access to
controls for all appliances is running on a touch panel Use of pre-set lighting sce- system functions for expe-
and systems in the kitchen device. Direct connection narios rienced users.
area. Its also great to look at! to the kitchen appliances Composition of lighting A great variety of design
A requirement for the user is integrated via a gateway scenarios with respective touch panels allows all KNX
interface: it should be easy to The entire KNX technology dimmer values users to find their own at-
understand and simple to use within the house or building Set-point adjustment and tractive control center.
for all members of the family. is integrated: Actuators for creation of temperature
switches, dimmers and blinds profiles for heating radia-
Solution etc. Controls for individual tors.
As a KNX service provider, rooms are installed as well as Documenting and querying
EIB-TECH offers a solution window contacts for multiple of weather data (wind, rain,
containing individually desi- uses: they allow turning off daylight)
gned visualizations that allow heating radiators when the Checking of windows and
integration of the entire kit- window is open, they are used doors
chen technology into KNX to check the window status Control of media systems
systems. A remarkable feature and they serve as a burglar etc. Helmut Lintschinger
of this KNX solution is a three- alarm. Lighting scenarios The visualization applica- Kugelspielweg 13
for selected lamps, dimmer 82346 Andechs, Germany
dimensional representation of tion gives users access to Phone: +49 (0)8152/99 89 907
floor plans, building elements values and blind statuses can internet functions such as Fax +49 (0)8152/99 89 908
and exterior views in the be combined and saved for weather service, schedules, info@eib-tech.com
visualization. Users can see later use. telephone calls, e-mail etc.

Solutions 13
KNX Solutions

Fire Alarm Systems

Assignment Realisation
Fire alarm systems work in- Reliability is the central re- visualisation system. In addi- or Alarm, together with
dependently. For easier main- quirement when integrating a tion to the features shown in the indication of the floor
tenance, status information, fire alarm system into a KNX the demo installation, status where the alarm is coming
information regarding system installation. For safe operati- messages from the following from, the fastest way to
faults and triggered alarms on, visualisation of status and functions/sub systems are the appliance giving the fire
these systems can be integra- alarms has to be monitored. often monitored in real-life alarm notification, the escape
ted into KNX systems. This A KNX switch actuator with projects: sprinkler systems, routes and the access for the
helps to reduce false alarms current detection (by ABB) emergency messages from fire brigade. An audio file
and to improve fire fighting. and a temperature sensor (by toilets for handicapped per- with emergency instructions
InstaVer Systems from The Zennio), ensures this. They sons, overvoltage, network is played.
Netherlands is very expe- detect the input current and supervision, fire protection And at the same time, the
rienced with KNX installa- the internal temperature of doors etc. KNX system automatically
tions in hotels, theatres, court the fire alarm panel. The sys- Functions: controls the following im-
buildings and police stations. tem also checks whether the Via the touch screen, sta- portant functions: granting
Their demonstration shows browser is still active. Faults tus information about fire access (e.g. opening cabinets),
how a fire alarm system can are indicated both visually and alarm notification appliances driving up blinds, shutting fire
be integrated. via an acoustic signal. and smoke detectors can resistant doors, switching
The OPC-Bridge consists be displayed graphically. Se- on lights and closing heating
Solution out of a rail-mounted OPC/ veral functions like: Pre- valves.
A NEN2535 certified fire KNX gateway (by TCI). Ful- alarm, Alarm and Test,
alarm system constitutes the filling a request from the are shown. Advantages
core of the installation. It fire brigade, additional KNX If a smoke detector triggers an Faster diagnose for the
contains an OPC server and push buttons are installed to alarm, the following informa- causes of each triggered
communicates with the KNX allow navigation within the tion is displayed: Pre-alarm alarm
bus via an OPC-Bridge Reduction of false alarms
application from NETxAU- to the fire brigade
TOMATION. Support for fire fighting
and evacuation
Easier maintenance for fire
alarm systems
Tests of fire alarm notifi-
cation appliances are kept
and the yearly rehearsal
can be displayed upon re-
As KNX covers all appli-
cation fields, synergies are
possible thanks to the mul-
tiple-usability of compon-
ents, which makes KNX
installations even more va-

InstaVer Systems BV
Lireweg 90
2153 PH, Nieuw Vennep
Tel.: +31 (252) 626633
Fax: +31 (252) 687664
E-Mail: info@instaver.nl
Web: www.evizion.nl

14 Solutions
KNX Solutions


HSEG - Ingenieurbro
fr Elektroplanung und
Assignment Dipl.-Ing. Holger Schult
Waidmanssweg 7
While KNX the basis is for special gateways for propri- how common gateways can 16548 Glienicke
home and building automation etary protocols can be used. be used together with KNX. Tel.: +49 33056 89632
The engineering company They have tried and tested all Fax.: +49 33056 89633
systems, proprietary systems Mail: info@hseg.eu
are frequently used for dedi- Holger Schult demonstrates these solutions.
cated functions. To realise a
consistent building manage-
ment system, it is important
to integrate these dedicated
functions into the KNX sys-
tem too. Advantages: no du-
plicate installations and ope-
rating units, consistent user
interfaces for all functions,
operating units in tune with
interior design requirements,
central visualisation functions
including error messages and
alarm management.

To achieve this, either com-
mon gateways as they are
available on the market or

Function area Manufacturer / Operation and Functions

Gateway visualisation via
KNX for
Lighting MDT DALI/KNX gateway DALI Control and dimming of DALI lighting from any manufacturer
Escape Routes System WAGO IPC with KNX/TP1 CANopen Communication with GEZE escape door control
terminator used as CAN Bus
HVAC systems Theben OT-Box OpenTherm Connects KNX to the OT Bus used for heating systems,
e.g. gas condensing boilers
Metering data recording bb-Steuerungstechnik M-Bus M-Bus Reading M-Bus meters from any manufacturer
Operating data and error messa- Generex Modbus RTU Modbus-RTU UPS monitoring e.g. by Whrle
ges Recording for UPS systems
(uninterruptible power supplies)
Electrical metering (current, WAGO Controller with Modbus-RTU Connection to Janitza and Socomec measurement
voltage) KNX/TP1 terminal and instruments
RS485 serial interface
Access controls systems RS485 Integration of the BlueChip lock system by Winkhaus
EnOcean radio technology Weinzierl Engineering EnOcean Connects the wireless radio system with KNX, in this
EnOcean Gateway particular case the sensors were from Thermokon
Automatisierung mit Standard WAGO Controller with BACnet All systems using the BACnet protocol, regardless of
BACnet KNX/TP1 terminal manufacturer
Ethernet Siemens IP-Router IP Web Applications

Solutions 15
KNX Solutions

IP Control

Task backbone and sub-distribution Central functions are enabled blinds, heating, ventilation and
The task scenario was the lines, using additional line cou- via coupling to the building air conditioning, is particularly
refurbishment of a commercial plers for distributing the signals control system (Desigo In- advantageous. The field bus
building (in this example, a bank). on the KNX system. sight) as well as central KNX allows the transfer of large
Applications include centralized visualization. quantities of data; this meets
Implementation the new requirements of bus
and decentralized control of
and functions Advantages systems used for the control
daylight-dependent lighting, tem-
perature and volume flow with Control of lighting in the public With the help of the sub-division and transmission of data for the
special focus on energy efficiency. areas via buttons and central into KNX domains and cross- purpose of energy and mainte-
Due to the large floor area of functions. linking via KNX IP networks, it nance management.
the tower block with a total of Control of lighting in the of- was possible to create a very
18 floors (five sub-floors, one fices with active constant light stable KNX system with redu-
mezzanine, ground floor, 11 up- control. ced (optimized) bus load while at
per floors) and the high number Decentralized individual room the same time improving stability
of data points to be processed temperature control in all and performance. With the help
(approx. 30,000) the building had offices (Jung room controller) of the high number of presence
to be sub-divided into several with target values provided by and movement sensors, the
KNX domains. Another aspect the building control system. KNX visualization and the buil-
is the technical implementation Valves (Oventrop) for heating ding control system link it was
of the customers security requi- and cooling ceilings are fitted possible to achieve additional
rements for certain areas. with analogue controls. reductions in operating costs.
Volume flow control in the An added benefit is the fact that
Solution offices in accordance with the sub-division allows parallel
Together with the designers, data provided by the building processing of the databases. The Jens Hoffmann / Rainer Strau
TAST Deutschland agreed on control system. The heating easy and economic installation Milwitzweg 3
of rooms is controlled via of the KNX bus in two-wire 99097 Erfurt, Germany
eight KNX domains which are Phone: +49 361 4171971
connected with each other via the flow control mechanism technology, together with the Fax: +49 361 4171972
glass fiber cables and media (air intake and air exhaust in almost unlimited technical pos- Mail: info@tast-deutschland.de
couplers. This created a KNX IP parallel). sibilities for control of lighting,

16 Solutions
KNX Solutions

LED Control

Task Implementation The system (installed in a verti- architecture and especially for
Modern LED technology allows The presentation will be rea- cal board) is accessed and con- residential and non-residential
for attractive lighting effects lized with the following KNX trolled either via a pushbutton buildings. One example is the
that can be used in shops, shop components: (Gira) or via a Comfort-Panel changing of color temperatures
windows, lobbies, bars or in the The universal dimming and (Busch-Jaeger). using simple LED strips. Users
home. This is a new task for KNX sequencing actuator for KNX will feel comfortable in this en-
Functions vironment, because the lighting
and system integrators. Color (Bilton) is used as a direct inter-
temperatures can be changed to face to the LEDs for switching Users can switch and dim the system provides optimum color
create different kinds of mood and dimming. lighting via the touch panel of this temperature, intensity and
lighting. The application de- A universal dimming and comfortable device and select effects.
monstrates how LED lamps can sequencing actuator for po- colors. Depending on the time
be activated and controlled via wer LEDs in the range of of day, they can pre-set different
special lighting control devices. 350/500/700mA (Bilton) is colours and color temperatures
used as a second actuator. This for the Nexus spotlight. A
Solution: device can activate individual presence detector is used to
Riwitec, an electrical installation colors as well as built-in RGB trigger different logic operations
company from Innsbruck, uses spots with LEDs. in order to change the colors
the new LED lighting technology Also, we will show how the when a person appears. Daylight
for KNX by Bilton. KNX sensors Nexus spot light for rails with brightness is also measured in
and controlling devices, as well an integrated KNX interface order to achieve an optimum
as LED strips, LED spots and can be used to create mood light intensity in interior rooms.
spot lights for rails are used to lighting. Color temperatures
demonstrate how easy it is to in the range between 2800 K
create lighting scenarios with and 7000 K can be switched or KNX allows integration of LED
LED lighting technology. dimmed with this device. lighting in a simple and intelligent Rene Rieck
A KNX presence detector way. There are solutions for Dorfstrasse 40
6122 Fritzens, Austria
(BEG) and a light sensor are numerous applications such as Mail: r.rieck@knx-forum.at
used for automation purposes. art galleries, museums, shops,

Solutions 17
KNX Solutions

Audio & Video Control

Task or projector would be used as the AMX visualization domain. Advantages

The control of audio and visual a display, which could also be Audio output is controlled via There is no need for additional
media is an interesting task for controlled by the KNX system. the integrated Russound audio control systems. The media
KNX. In an intelligent house, multi-room system. Both the controls are simply integrated
in which the electrical installa- Implementation AMX video components and into the KNX installation which
tion has already been carried A 17" touch screen element the Russound multi-room au- is already in place, making this
out with bus technology, it is (AMX) is used to show films dio components are perfectly functional solution even more
possible to activate music, news and videos. This can be opera- integrated into the KNX sy- economical and visually appea-
or video films in the respective ted via the KNX visualization, stem via KNX gateways. ling, as the operating elements
rooms. which can also be displayed. match the other parts of the
Another touch panel (Merten Functions electrical installation. Interfaces
Solution 7" KNX touch panel) is used as The installation of the diffe- for TV sets and media sources
The optical highlight of a an operating unit for controlling rent touch displays with their are readily available in the re-
virtual house should be a the media as well as the gene- respective surfaces shows the spective retail outlets.
monitor for showing films or ral KNX system for lighting, multiple options for operating
slides and playing videos etc. heating control and solar equipment with respect to
In order to show the function screening. Two loudspeakers technology, design and ope-
of a multi-room audio system, are used to simulate different rating comfort. The different
two rooms are simulated in rooms or audio zones. There brightness and volume con-
which different media can be are touch sensors for each trols, also available as a slide CA Brachtendorf
played. But it is also possible, different zone, indicating the controller, demonstrate the GmbH & Co. KG
Clemens A. Brachtendorf,
in party mode, to play the compatibility with the KNX sy- variety of operating options. Dipl.Ing.(FH)
same music in all rooms. The stem. Content such as pictures, In addition it is possible to ac- Weiherstrae 10
40219 Dsseldorf, Germany
system is centrally operated via videos and music are stored in tivate audio and video content Phone: +49 211 5580527
different touch panels or via bus digital form in an audio/video or to adjust the volume via Fax: +49 211 5580449
button in the individual rooms. media server and are activated conventional buttons or KNX Mail: brachtendorf@cab-ih.com
In home installations, a TV set via the KNX domain as well as bus buttons.

AMX Audio/Video
and visualisation display 15"
Display- or video layer
Mobotix IP-camera

Merten KNX Touch Panel 7"

Russound iPod Docking KNX - control elements
Busch-Jaeger Prion push button and player devices
Hager KNX-Schiefer push button

Russound Multiroom Audio

Multiroom - Audio

18 Solutions
KNX Solutions

Telephone Control

Assignment Realisation Features Advantages

To control building automa- The communication and au- Access to all building auto- Complete control for room
tion systems, intelligent user tomation solution CYTEL. mation functions including functions from operator desk-
interfaces are required. It is WAVE accesses the KNX bus KNX via client software top screens. Only one client
common practice to use se- via a KNX IP gateway. Apart and telephone software needed for building
parate systems for each func- from the usual functions of Efficient telephone system automation and communica-
tional area. GLT Planungsbro an enterprise class telephone including chat function, tion functions. One central
fr Gebudetechnik shows system, CYTEL.WAVE offers voice mail, video telephony system controls communi-
how all functional areas can a high-performance automati- and fax cation and automation. User
be integrated into one system, on service that can be freely Integration of surveillance concepts are flexible and open
all with low integration and configured via scripts. The cameras for later modification. The
administration costs, while system can be used to auto- Flexible automation func- software can be installed on
increasing performance and mate and control telephone tions various PCs. Significantly lo-
flexibility. and building functions. Extensive authorisation wer costs as only one system
The client software allows system: access rights can is needed.
Solution access: to building control be assigned on the level of
Members of staff use a client and telephone functions, to functions and group addres-
software in combination with surveillance cameras, to histo- ses
their telephone in order to ac- rical and energy consumption Interfaces for IP, ISDN,
cess the individually assigned data, from any office work- GSM, SIP
building automation functions. place. Log files are sent to an SQL
This allows them to open or Additionally: building automa- server for later statistical
close blinds, change the room tion functions can be assigned analysis
temperature or to switch and to telephone buttons.
dim light. The client software
can also be used as communi-
cation means in combination
with a headset.

GLT-Plan Planungsbro
fr Gebudetechnik
Markus Schwarz,
Zum Seebhl 30
78315 Radolfzell
Tel.: 07732 / 9409408
Fax.: 07732 / 9409409
Mail: info@gltplan.de
Web: www.gltplan.de

Solutions 19
KNX Solutions


Task via a WLAN connection as lighting systems, heatings latency times that occur in
Realization of a KNX control into the local cable-based and blinds) via wall-mounted web-based solutions. When
for iPhone, iPod Touch and network. Processing and controls and mobile devices. integrating media technology,
iPad communication with KNX Audio and video controls this is a decisive advantage.
installations is realised via are also integrated. A touch This solution offers an easy
Solution: the m..myhome controller. panel is used as a central entry into the world of home
ibs intelligent building services This technology uses KNX control, allowing access to and building automation at a
gmbh presents a solution that IP. The controller can handle KNX functions and to the truly competitive price. The
uses standard KNX compon- up to 50 KNX addresses at a world of digital media such system includes a 10" touch
ents for all home and building time. A variety of protocols as TV and audio. The inte- panel of the latest generation.
applications. The application is can be adapted, therefore gration of an iPod Touch as a
based on the m..remote visua- the system can also be used fixed wall control will also be
lisation software in connection for complex media controls demonstrated. This solution
with the new m..myhome and allows integration of all is especially useful for hotels.
server. internal functions available in The wireless integration offers
the world of KNX. The built-in both maximum flexibility and
Implementation: scripting engine makes it easy maximum functionality.
m..remote Client is a freely to initiate complex command ibs intelligent building
configurable visualization sequences. Advantages services gmbh
INHOUSE Dortmund, Ebene 3
software for iPhone, iPod The advantages of this solu- Rosemeyerstrasse 14
Touch and iPad. The GUIs can tion are undisputed. Being 44139 Dortmund, Germany
Functions Phone: +49 (0) 231 476425-60
be created in a special editor a so-called native App, the Fax: +49 (0) 231 476425-89
and will then be loaded to the Users can access typical m..remote visualisation offers m.eudenbach@mac.com
end device. Mobile devices functions of advanced home speedy access times. This http://www.mremote.de (im Aufbau)
communicate with the system and building automation (such system helps to avoid typical

20 Solutions
KNX Solutions

WLAN Control

Task available on the bus. This Functions ware the ProKNX gateway
Systems for media technology great feature of KNX was Apart from simple switching and a media remote control
and building automation are used in the development of actions, users can set lighting are all you need. You can easily
becoming ever more complex. freely configurable software scenarios and save them in integrate media devices and a
Installers are increasingly con- for media remote control and the actuators according to variety of other components
fronted with data processing enables server-less central the KNX specification. These and control them via wireless
tasks. A minimalist solution is control, monitoring and data scenarios can be combined access. Installers can create
called for, that allows users recording. with macros for the control of or retrofit KNX installations
to create and monitor light media technology, e.g. to shut with this technology without
and shadow without a ser- Implementation the blinds or roller shutters knowledge of a programming
ver, using a simple remote The image shows a remote and to dim the lights when a language.
control from their armchair. control for media access film starts.
Also, they should be able to that communicates with the There are controls for indi-
create lighting scenarios and bus via a WLAN router and vidual rooms, and operating
to switch HVAC appliances the ProKNX gateway. The statuses can be switched via
or security functions. The communication objects of integrated timers. Tempera-
possibility of ETS paramete- the gateway are allocated to ture and energy values are
rization via WLAN is also a group addresses via ETS in saved every hour and can be
requirement. the usual way. An editor is displayed as a linear chart for
provided free of charge that the past week.
Solution allows the combination of the
Decentralization is a definite components used in a home Advantages
Dipl. Ing. Univ Christian Kiefel
strength of the KNX bus: Wi- via icons. Also, it allows for The configuration shown here 180, imp. du Baou
thout a central computer all the configuration of media can be used for an intuitive 06560 Valbonne, France
home data such as switching devices. control of the entire house Phone: +33 6 07 50 25 06
status and temperatures are without any additional hard-

Solutions 21
KNX Solutions

Social Networks

Assignment Realisation Features

Intelligent Buildings in Social The panel shows basic func- The primary use of this of data diary can be kept:
Networks. The requirement tions of modern building system is to show the pos- How much energy did my
is to automatically transmit automation systems: a room sibilities of social networks house consume? Who rang
system faults, alarms, video- controller by Jung serves in combination with smart at what time the doorbell?
intercom images and orders as a central operational buildings. For example be- What kind of malfunctions
for different services via control for presence-de- verages can be ordered at occurred during a particular
social networks. pendant functions, room the supplier with a simple period in time?
temperature, lighting and push of a button. Alarms are Persons who need assistance
Solution service requests via social transmitted together with an can make their data available
A suitable gateway is needed networks. A motion detec- up-to-date camera image, if a to a group of people they
in order to connect a KNX tor by Busch-Jaeger is used motion detector triggers an trust. This even allows the
system with diverse social for presence detection and event when the owners are integration of several types
networks such as Facebook, a webcam serves to monitor not at home. Also current of services.
Twitter and Prowl. This is the room. Actuators and an metering data is transmitted
where NOMOS Box, the IP router (by Siemens and via the social network.
new IBS product, comes into ABB) are the system com-
play. The new multi-protocol ponents used here. Various Advantages
gateway/server is the first of Apple products are used The use of social networks
its kind and supports up to 25 to control the devices and offers many advantages: the-
different protocols. It offers to visualise data. They are se services are free of charge
bidirectional access from connected to the HTML5 and allow users to manage
and to KNX. Interoperability server via a Wifi network. A the transmission of data and
of the different protocols 15 display is used to show the access to systems. There
is ensured. Apart from the the applications Facebook are client applications availa-
gateway functionality, the account. The NOMOS Box ble for nearly all platform
NOMOS Box also provides as central device evaluates all that allow users to access
an HTML5 server that can be KNX events and transmits social networks. If a resi-
used to visualise data from messages to social networks dential building has its own
different platforms. where appropriate. Facebook account, a kind

ibs intelligent building

services gmbh
Michael Eudenbach
Rosemeyerstr. 14
44139 Dortmund
Tel.: +49 231 476 425 60
E-Mail: m.eudenbach@mac.com

22 Solutions
KNX Solutions

Scenarios in a holiday paradise

Comfort and efficiency by coupling KNX with the hotel management system

outside areas. Depending on Benefits provided by KNX in

time programs, brightness and this project
hotel management, the light Demand-based control for
scenes create light moods, more efficient energy use
Increased comfort
ensure safety on the paths and for the guests
illuminate the architecture. Improved service
The media control for music Safety using alarm scenarios
in all areas is controlled via Energy management
Simplified control and operation
KNX audio actuators. Decentralised remote
Energy efficiency is an impor- maintenance from any
tant topic: the fan coil con- stationary and mobile PC
Flexibility for modifications
trollers are interlocked with Staff workload is reduced
door and window contacts to
prevent energy loss. An en- Technical refinements
ergy management system for Coupling with the
hotel management system
Stylish waterfall: To prevent a gust of wind from blowing the water in the wrong cooling devices, heat pumps All different kinds of scenarios
direction, a KNX weather station switches off the pump when the wind is too and household appliances for lighting, air conditioning,
helps to save gas, water and emergency operation, security
electricity and prevents peak Control of the complete
La Marquise on the Greek Energy management loads from being exceeded. If audio system
holiday island of Rhodes reduces load peaks emergency power is activated Doubling of the possible group
shows how economic and via a generator, an intelligent addresses through second ETS3
convenient hotel manage- Working together with the logic distinguishes between
ment can be implemented hotel management, the system loads that are important for Companies involved
with KNX. The luxury resort integrator has implemented operation and those that are Building owner
spanning an area of 12 hec- numerous functions for the less important and switches AETEK.AE Hotel
La Marquise,
tares looks like a stylish hotel well-being and safety of the them on or off accordingly. Rhodes, Greece
village with bungalows, guests, for energy efficiency Fault signals and technical Architect
green areas and pools. The and for the smooth operation monitoring are likewise ba- Afoi Chatzikonstantinou OE &
buildings with luxury rooms, of the hotel. The interaction sed on KNX. The display is Neos Rythmos, Rhodes
suites, restaurants, bars etc. of the hotel management sys- carried out via a visualisation Electrical Engineers
Prousaloglou Pantelis-Konstan-
are fitted with highly mo- tem and KNX was developed on the workstation PC or on tinos & SIA O.E, Smart Building
dern building technology. with IPAS GmbH. The guests the move using a tablet PC or Solutions, Rhodes
The guests already profit can combine their favourite mobile phone. Mechanical engineer
from it on arrival: the key lighting, climate and media The comprehensive topology V & D Varouxsakis, Ionia, Athens
System integrator
card not only opens the entertainment themselves was implemented with IP Prousaloglou Pantelis
door but also activates a and store them as individual routers and fibre optic tech-
room scenario for lighting, scenes. The key card provides nology. Area of application
air conditioning, TV, hot the hotel service with impor- Some details of the project: Hotel
water, alarm management tant information, for example 8,934 devices and 47,720 Functions
and information. The KNX when the room is occupied, group addresses with 124,179 Lighting
installation, which was built when it can be cleaned or address assignments. Heating, ventilation,
by Prousaloglou Pantelis- when guests do not want to air conditioning
Alarm systems
Konstantinos & SIA OE be disturbed. If the card holder Technical monitoring
was presented with the signals that the room is empty, Energy management
International Award for Eu- the lights are switched off and Audio/video
rope and supports comfort, air conditioning devices are Visualisation
Interfaces to other systems
security, hotel service and switched from comfort to Remote monitoring/control
energy efficiency through economy mode.
applications for lighting, sun Pre-programmed light scenes Scope
protection, air conditioning, are also available in public areas Number of KNX devices: 8934,
Siemens, IPAS GmbH etc.
audio/video, alarm systems such as the lobby, the bar or
and monitoring. the dining room, as well as the

Solutions 23
KNX Solutions

An example for energy efficiency in Southern Europe

At the Metal Foundation in the Spanish city of Avils (Asturias),
KNX controls and regulates the lighting, sun protection and air conditioning

such as brightness and wind Benefits provided by KNX in

force, room temperature, this project
presence signals, sun position Energy-saving control of the
lighting systems
and points of the compass. Efficient and convenient
Even the louvre angles are set individual room control
automatically. Sun protection supports the
ambience in the room
The KNX individual room Energy management
controller also saves energy Central control
whether it is for heating or Technical monitoring
cooling. The setpoint values, Visual perception of
advanced KNX training
whether comfort or standby, Flexible for optimisation and
are set independently of the changes in use
layout. The interlocking of the
With its energy-efficient building technology, the headquarters of the foundation Technical refinements
control circuits with window
have the chance to become one of the first NZEB (Near Zero Energy Buildings) Constant lighting control
in Spain contacts prevents loss of heat for room lighting
or cold. KNX communicates Preventative and corrective
with the HVAC system to maintenance through current
The Metal Foundation in The 150 lighting circuits of the adapt the generation of heat Temperature control
Asturias on the Costa Verde interior lighting are controlled or cold to the requirements of communicates with the
is one of the first educatio- via KNX. Constant lighting the room. The KNX terminal HVAC system
nal establishments to offer controllers which take into of a Wago IP controller is used Wago IP controller as
interface between KNX
KNX training in Spain. It is account the level of daylight as an interface and integrates and other systems
only logical that the new are implemented in rooms other systems such as BAC- Blind control dependent on
headquarters of the chari- with large windows and they net, MOD-BUS, DALI and meteorological data and
solar position
table foundation in Avils are therefore extremely effi- Enocean. Fault signals via email
should be fitted with the bus cient. Presence detectors also With the KNX intruder
system. Since its opening in provide economic lighting on alarm system, signals from Companies involved
2012, training rooms and demand. In spite of this, it is presence detectors and win- Building owner, Planning
Fundacin Metal Asturias, Avils
laboratories are housed on possible to switch the light dow contacts are used to (www.fundacionmetal.org)
the 3,000 square metres of on manually via a push button trigger the alarm and activate KNX System Integrator
floor space. The versatility when it is economically reaso- the surveillance cameras. An KNX system integration:
of KNX for efficiency, com- nable. An astro time switch en- energy management system, Doerco Ingenieria, Gijon,
fort, security and control sures that the exterior lighting which is organised via an
should be illustrated by the is automatically switched on eibPort module, processes Area of application
building automation system. at dusk, is switched off during consumption data. The inter- Educational institution
The building technology the night and then switched on face to the BMS increases the
emphasises the foundations again at dawn. level of security in the event
commitment to new techno- The blinds in front of the of an alarm and technical mo- HVAC
logies for sustainability and training rooms and offices are nitoring supports the system Shading
environmental protection. used for anti-glare protection maintenance. Fault signals can Alarm systems
Technical monitoring
The project was supported and support the energy effi- be sent via email. Four touch Energy management
by industry partners both ciency of the building. They screens are installed for the Visualisation
in an advisory and physical keep the building cool in the central control and operation Interfaces
capacity. The engineering summer and let the suns of the KNX functions. There
office DOERCO in Gijon warmth into the rooms during is also a central control point Number of KNX devices: 340,
was presented with the KNX the winter. This intelligent with a visualisation screen ABB, b.a.b.-technologie GmbH,
Award International Award control is based on a Heliome- from which you can access Jung, Schneider, Siemens, Somfy,
for Europe for its successful tric software and receives the the entire building technology. Mobotix, Wago etc.
system integration. data from weather stations, 330.000 euros

24 Solutions
KNX Solutions

Excellent study atmosphere in desert campus

In Saudi Arabias university for women, building system technology
controlled by KNX enables the university to operate efficiently

The air conditioning is made climate control a further con-

more efficient by the sun pro- tribution to increase building
tection which is an important efficiency which is a mandatory
factor for operating costs and requirement for the Princess
environmental protection. Noura University due to the
LEED standards (Leadership
Partition control divides in Energy and Environmental
room functions Design).

The bus installation for the

lighting control in the 3- to
4-storey university buildings Benefits provided by KNX in
this project
is divided into zones, with a Sophisticated sun
The campus of the Princess Noura University for Women is impressive due to distribution of the correspon- protection systems
its size, architecture, comprehensive teaching programme, social facilities and
due to its highly modern building system technology ding switch actuators, dimming Energy-efficient lighting control
actuators and other KNX de- Support for the
air conditioning
vices. Presence-dependent and Automation with individual
The Princess Noura Bint Systems (MTTS), was pre- daylight-dependent controllers possibilities for operation
Abdul Rahman University in sented with the Internatio- or constant lighting controllers Convenient scene control
Central monitoring, operation
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is the nal Award for Asia for this ensure efficient lighting in class- and optimisation
largest and probably the most project. rooms, laboratories, offices, Flexible system for changes
modern university for women toilets etc. Manual operation is and extensions
in the world. The teaching Sun protection supports possible via bus push buttons. Technical refinements
and research establishment the air conditioning During presentations in the Automatic shading with
incorporates faculties for lecture halls and classrooms for option of manual operation
health, humanities, art, lan- Strong sunlight and tempera- example, it is possible to simply Presence-dependent and day-
light-dependent lighting control
guages, geography, history tures over 45 degrees Celsius call up brightness values for the Constant lighting control
and Islamic studies. The as is usual in desert regions lighting and to set the darkness Retrievable scenes for
campus covers 800 hectares require reliable sun protec- level via scene buttons (bus push projection mode
and has been conceived as tion or shading technology button or media control). The Automatic partition
wall control
an independent district. It for the large glass fronts of technical refinements of the sys- Communication with campus
has space for 40,000 female the building. A comfortable tem include intelligent partition management
students and 12,000 emplo- atmosphere in the lecture wall controllers. If the large lec- Interfaces to BMS and to
AMX media control
yees and includes a library, halls, seminar rooms, offices ture rooms are divided into two
a university clinic, research and in areas such as the library rooms, the room functions for Companies involved
centres, halls of residence, and cafeteria is a prerequisite lighting, shading and operation Services Engineers,
social facilities such as kin- for the efficient operation of are automatically divided into Electrical Engineers,
dergartens, schools, mosques the university. Thousands of two independent units. KNX System Integrator
Modern Times Technical
and even its own automatic blinds not only protect against KNX MT-701 panels are used Systems (MTTS),
rail system. The installation glare but also prevent the for local central operation such www.mtts.com
with its impressive and stylish high levels of solar heat from as emergency lighting functions.
Area of application
architecture began opera- penetrating the building. The They also make logic, time
tions in 2012. blind drive mechanisms on all switch and scene functions
The best features of the com- four facades of the building are available. A visualisation of the Functions
plex can also be seen in the controlled via a KNX weather central operation, monitoring Lighting, Sun protection system,
building system technology. station (Somfy AS-513) depen- and control of the entire KNX Heating, ventilation, air condition-
ing, Technical monitoring, Energy
The KNX building system dent on the current position installation was implemented management, Audio /video, Visu-
technology ensures efficient and intensity of the sun. The with the NETxAutomation alisation, Interfaces
lighting and air conditioning option to set the blind and the software. KNX is also able to
and provides protection louvre positions manually via communicate with the campus
Number of KNX devices: 6550,
against sun and heat in all a bus push button meets any management system via a KNX ABB, Gira, Somfy etc.
the university buildings. The individual requirements. These BACnet gateway. The presence Costs
system integrator of the settings are reset to automatic status in the individual rooms is 3,200,000 US dollars
extensive KNX installation, mode via presence detectors used for occupant-dependent
Modern Times Technical when people leave the room. setpoint adjustment of the

Solutions 25
KNX Solutions

Highest level of efficiency for Singapores skyline

In the twin-tower development Asia Square, KNX supports climate protection,
comfort, safety and technical service

on fully automatically in the Benefits provided by KNX in

event of a fire. All the KNX this project
functions can be supervised Versatile functionality,
from a central location via large number of components
Flexible for optimisation
the Lighting Control and and modifications
Management System (LCMS) Energy-efficient lighting
developed by Yumetronics. High technical comfort
The recording of the opera- Access rights for tenants
Central technical monitoring
ting hours of the luminaires Multiple use of
and the evaluation of loads the presence signals
contribute to rapid servicing, Security through coupling
with the BMS
efficient building maintenance Supports economic efficiency
and optimisation of the energy and sustainability
Technical refinements
The visualisation (ABB) also
Light Control and
offers individual users the Management System (LCMS)
option of creating their own Supports systems such as
switching programs using DALI or 1-10V
Monitoring of luminaires
access rights e.g. according to and operating hours
The towers are over 220 metres high and were presented working hours, occupancy etc. Access rights for tenants
with the coveted Green Mark Platinum Award
Remote control via the internet Coupling with IBMS and
is also possible. emergency lighting
Prewarning in event of
Singapores skyline con- has also an important role. Coupling the lift control with a master reset
tinues to grow not only The KNX control solutions an authorisation card is one of
in height but also in the integrated by Yumetronics the technical refinements. It Companies involved
number of skyscrapers. Pte Ltd in the lighting, tech- also activates the lighting on the Building owner
MGPA, www.mgpa.com
Amongst the newest of tho- nical monitoring and energy floor on which the lift arrives.
Electrical Engineers and KNX
se completed are the Asia management functions have All the parties involved in the System Integrator
Square Twin Towers near therefore earned the In- project profit from the KNX Youmetronics Pte Ltd,
the Marina Bay financial ternational Award for Asia installation, since planning secu- Stanley Yeo, Singapore
centre. On the 43-46 floors, according to the KNX jury. rity and system flexibility were Area of application
there is a luxurious 280 room key factors at the project design Hotels, offices, retail, culture
hotel, 190,000 square metre Tenants can create stage. The LCMS saves the
office space, an extensive their own switching building owner and the tenants Functions
sales floor for boutiques and programs energy and labour costs. Con- Lighting
Technical monitoring
a public podium for cultural trol functions can simply be Energy management
events. Global companies Over 90 percent of the lighting adapted when the room use Visualisation
such as Citi Bank, Julius Br, in the buildings is efficiently changes while the guests and Interfaces to other systems
Remote monitoring/control
Bank Sarasin, Lloyds, Goo- controlled via KNX. Presence employees enjoy comfortable
gle, Marsh and McLennan detectors, brightness sensors, lighting conditions. To meet Scope
Companies amongst others timer programs and schedules personal preferences and to Number of KNX devices: 4200,
have moved in here. The two ensure that lighting circuits are adapt when the working day is ABB, Theben etc.
Towers I + II are currently only switched on when they extended, room functions can Costs
2,500,000 US dollars
among the 10 highest in the are required and are dimmed simply be operated manually,
metropolis. down during daylight wit- even directly on the worksta-
The buildings received hout any loss of comfort or tion PC. Prewarning functions
the highest accolade with convenience. such as the lights flashing pre-
the Green Mark Platinum The level of safety is also vent the building from being
Award, a coveted title for increased by the KNX appli- plunged into sudden darkness
environmental and sustai- cations. The presence signals when there is a master reset.
nable building. One of the from the staircase area are The climate protection also
priorities was the produc- therefore used for monitoring profits from the reduction in
tion of solar electricity and in connection with the IBMS. the carbon footprint due to
biodiesel as well as water The coupling also enables the lower energy consumption and
efficiency. Energy-saving lighting in the escape and eva- no longer burning time of the
building system technology cuation routes to be switched luminaire.

26 Solutions
KNX Solutions

Pioneering building system technology

on Australias famous Surf Coast
KNX integrates all the functions for
efficient control and central energy management
Benefits provided by KNX in
Building blocks for the this project
Green Building certifi- Energy-efficient control of the
cate building technology
Integration of all functions
for central management
mySmart CTI integrated all the Smart metering for energy
features of KNX in order to loads, water consumption and
implement the efficient lighting regenerative energy sources
control system including: lighting Presentation of loads and en-
ergy gain via a 40" LCD display
sensors and dimmers which Monitoring and fault signals
ensure a consistent level of Remote access for service and
brightness with optimum use maintenance
of daylight, presence detectors Technical refinements
provide lighting according to Merging of different functions
demand. The floodlights on the for central management
Environmental protection and sustainability are valued highly on the Surf Coast. playing field are switched on and Coupling of the media control
The efficient building system technology with KNX meets this requirement with retrieval of lightscenes
off via brightness sensors depen- Arming of the security techno-
ding on the time that they are logy triggers lighting functions
With its spectacular scenery and innovative idea for used. Unnecessary burn times
Companies involved
and ideal surfing conditions, Australia this was one of are thereby avoided.
Building owner
the Surf Coast in Victoria, the reasons that the system KNX push buttons and control- Surf Coast Shire Council, Torquay,
Australia attracts tourists integrator Peter Garrett of lers also ensure that convenient Australia
from all over the world with mySmart CTI decided on manual operation can be carried KNX System Integrator
its nature reserves. The Surf the versatile global stan- out. Peter Garrett, mySmartCTI,
North Ryde, Australia
Coast Civic Building began dard. It is not only possible Ventilation systems and in-
operations in 2011 in the to control all the lighting dividual heating devices can Area of application
small township of Torquay and monitoring functions, also be controlled via KNX, Public building
at the gateway to the Great as well as, the energy and partly automatically and partly
Ocean Road. It is a modern water consumption via a 40" manually. They can thus be
community centre for sport, LCD display in the building included in the central control Heating, ventilation
culture and communication. foyer but also to visualise system. The following functions Technical monitoring
During the implementati- the energy gains of the wind are integrated in the energy Energy management
on, the builder Surf Coast power and photovoltaic management system: lighting Visualisation
Shire Council placed great systems which belong to the control, shutters and blinds Interfaces to other systems
importance on environmen- complex. This presentation control, energy monitoring, Remote monitoring/control
tal protection and energy has public appeal and em- consumption display and smart
efficiency. phasises the environmental- metering for renewable energy. Number of KNX devices: 279,
This is also shown in the ly friendly building concept. To achieve the highest possible ABB, Hager etc.
building system technology The impressive KNX instal- level of efficiency, hydraulic sys- Costs
which is controlled efficient- lation was presented with tems such as rain water pumps 130,000 Australian dollars
ly via KNX. The integration the International Award and solar hot water pumps
of a wide variety of functions for Africa, America and are monitored, flow rates are
in a central system is a new Australia. measured and temperatures are
controlled via KNX.
The interface to the AMX sis. The central management is
media technology is one of the based on the NETxAutomation
highlights of the installation. By Voyager software which also
coupling the audio and video enables remote servicing on
system with the KNX lighting the PC. Last and by no means
control, relevant lightscenes least, is the KNX technology
can be called up during events. which controls the building
These scenes can be created efficiently and has contributed
individually by the user via the to its certification as a 5-star
visualisation system. A 42" LCD Green Building. At mySmart
display has been installed in the CTI, they are proud to have
foyer for the public display of been instrumental in building
the energy currents and analy- this world class facility.

Solutions 27
KNX Solutions

Intelligence of stellar architecture

Integrated into a sustainable building concept with KNX modules

the 3000 lights has its own Benefits provided by KNX in

presence detector. The light this project
sources can be easily assigned Increased energy efficiency
through intelligent functions
with the specially developed Comfortable working condi-
Codesys program when there tions due to optimum shading
are changes in use. Bus push Individual operation of lights and
blinds in the offices
buttons have been equipped Central functions for lighting,
with the flexible system Gira sun protection and room tem-
ITS30. Smart sensors, which perature
Light moods for events thanks
match the dcor, control the to scene control
ceiling cooling fans. Consistent and uniform
The lighting in the corridors, installation
staircases, underground car Flexible for changes in use
parks and outdoor areas is Technical refinements
also controlled automatically. Complex blind control accord-
Freely definable KNX light scenes contribute to the success of the events held
in the 2500 square metre atrium. In the conference area, sce- ing to time, solar radiation,
narios with blackout, lighting shadows and wind strength
Constant lighting control for ef-
and projectors can be called ficient lighting
High levels of daylight, glass Sun protection desi- up via the media technology. High level of flexibility due to
building materials and an gned using a model By coupling the intruder and presence detection per lamp
Special supplementary program
imposing architectural de- fire alarm system, the lighting for assignment of the lights
sign from the star architects The blind control in building is automatically switched on Coupling of intruder and fire
"Ingehoven Architects" complexes is very important. and blinds are raised in the alarm systems
characterise the new head- Possible wind influences, event of an alarm. Coupling with the BMS
quarters of the HDI Gerling seasonal positions of the sun, KNX panels have been instal- Companies involved
property insurance group shadows, reflections and ther- led in areas where operating Building owner
in Hannover. Spread over mal discharge have therefore functions are more frequent, Ampega Gerling, Hannover
five floors and covering an already been simulated and such as the restaurant, the (www.ampegagerling.de)
area of 75,000 square me- calculated during the plan- canteen, the kitchen and Architect
Ingenhoven Architects,
tres, 2000 employees have ning phase using a model. A conference rooms. Important Dsseldorf,
a modern, ecological and complex blind control system KNX functions are monitored, (www.ingenhovenarchitects.com)
ergonomic place to work. was developed on this basis controlled and influenced via Electrical installer and KNX
The sustainable building with KNX, SMI and Ventus a central building management System Integrator
Bauer Elektroanlagen GmbH
concept is guided by the Digisonic sun protection. The software. To do so, 4,500 data Halle (www.bauer-netz.de)
DGNB gold standard and shading functions depend on a points have been processed via
links minimum consumption time program, solar radiation, the KNX OPC server Net- Area of application
of energy and resources with shadows and wind strength. 70 X-Automation. The topology Administration building
greater convenience of use. wind monitoring points have of the KNX installation is Functions
In addition to triple glazing, been installed to take into organised via Wago KNX Lighting
thermal insulation and the account different wind condi- IP controllers which also Sun protection
production of regenerative tions of the facades. Finally, the provide interfaces to other Cooling
Alarm systems
energy, the lighting and automatic louvre adjustment systems with corresponding Technical monitoring
blinds controlled by KNX is guarantees optimum use of terminals. Energy management
an important part of the en- external brightness. The em- Media technology
ergy efficiency throughout ployees are also able to ope- Interfaces to other systems
the system. The company rate their blinds themselves
charged with the project via bus push buttons. Scope
implementation, Bauer The presence- and brightness- Number of KNX devices: 1793,
Gira, Siemens, etc.
Elektroanlagen GmbH Hal- dependent lighting control via
le, was presented with the KNX and DALI is also efficient. 800,000 euros
KNX National Award for The high level of flexibility
Germany for this unusual of the lighting installation is
project. impressive, whereby each of

28 Solutions
KNX Solutions

Factory recycles waste heat from production

KNX automates ventilation, lighting and heating in industrial company

KNX control of the ventilation Benefits provided by KNX in

flaps communicates with the this project
fire alarm system so that they Economical and comfortable
lighting (savings up to 70%)
open automatically as a flue Good indoor climate due to
in the event of a fire. Finally, temperature-controlled
a weather station monitors ventilation
the flap control and protects Low heating costs through
heat gain in the winter
against rain and storms. Central visualisation in a
The waste heat of the produc- clear 3D environment
tion plants incurs heat gain: Users can set parameters and
setpoint values themselves
KNX temperature controllers Technical fault signals and
control the heat removal so central monitoring
that it is either conducted over Remote operation via Internet
the roof or inside. The heating Technical refinements
system itself, consisting of dark Complex control for
The new factory has production plants, warehouses and offices on its 5700 emitters, is controlled fully electrically operated ventilation
square metres site.
automatically via KNX. flaps and windows
Control of the waste heat from
A facility server with a corre- industrial production
sponding 3D visualisation acts Technical monitoring with
An industrial installation by factory runs 306 days a year as a control point. Remote integration of fault signals from
Anton Hieber GmbH & Co round the clock. So that the access using a smart phone the energy supply and
production plants
Elektroanlagen AG shows lighting need not to always be or tablet PC is thus also Integrated emergency lighting
how a ventilation system can switched on at full brightness possible. The server collects
be controlled efficiently with with over 600 fluorescent all the KNX fault signals, for Companies involved
KNX in addition to the usual lamps, KNX automatically example from the transformer Building owner
Ritter GmbH, Schwabmnchen,
functions. At Ritter GmbH in regulates the light intensity in station, compensation system, www.ritter-online.de
Schwabmnchen, a manuf- connection with DALI. Pre- overvoltage monitoring, lifting Planning
acturer of plastic cartridge sence detectors keep watch system, air pressure monito- Hermann Wiedemann,
systems, considerable levels simultaneously, so that the ring etc. and relays important Ritter GmbH
of waste heat accumulate light is only switched on when signals. Consumption values Electrical Engineers,
KNX System Integrator
when producing the ca- people are present. A saving are also evaluated here. Anton Hieber GmbH & Co
stings. Ventilation functions effect of up to 70 percent is The automated suction of ozo- Elektroanlagen KG,
in the new factory building achieved. The sophisticated ne from the printing machines Schwabmnchen,
are controlled via KNX, ventilation control brings and harmful gases from the
so that the room remains further savings and even an washing plant are among the Area of application
pleasantly cool in the sum- energy gain. Ventilation flaps technical refinements of the Industry
mer while the residual heat in the skylights exterior KNX system.
helps to heat the room in the and interior flaps as well as The system integrator points
winter. The presence- and openings for additional air in to a significantly smaller energy Heating, ventilation
daylight-dependent lighting the side windows are opened footprint: Due to the tempe- Technical monitoring
control is also efficient. The and closed dependent on rature-dependent ventilation Energy management
energy saving achieved and the temperature. While the and use of waste heat, the use Interfaces
the short-term return of in- extracted air is discharged of fossil fuels can almost com- Remote monitoring/control
vestment were amongst the over large areas during the pletely be avoided. Including
factors which impressed the summer, the ventilation in the lighting and the ventilation, Scope
Number of KNX devices: 120,
KNX jury for the National the winter is limited to the this means around 280 tonnes ABB, Arcus-eds, Gira, Merten,
Award for Germany. smaller interior flaps. This less CO2 or 50,310 euros lower Siemens, Theben
The production in the new prevents the building from operating costs per year. Costs
cooling down rapidly. The 600,000 euros

Solutions 29
KNX Solutions

KNX competence for Finland

Members of the KNX national group successfully
stand up for information and training

KNX experts in Finland and Companies involved

certainly no market for KNX Tampereen Ammattikorkeakoulu,
components. The system for Shk-ja teleurakoitsijaliitto
STUL ry/KNX Finland ry.
home and building automation
was generally unknown. Those
that did choose this worldwide,
standardised building auto-
mation system were directed
to training courses abroad in graduates were able to receive
another language or had to their certificate. Meanwhile
teach themselves about the there are seven trained KNX
installation of KNX system tutors and three KNX schools
and ETS. on offer. At a nationwide tour
Finnish electrical installers across Finland with a KNX
should have the opportunity introduction and trade fair
to earn the KNX partner appearances, there were over
certification in their own 300 participants. There is also
The association of Finnish electrical installers STUL organises KNX basic courses language. The group set the basic information available in
for the electrical trade. following goals under the Finnish. An increase in acti-
coordination of tutor Veijo vities is requested and the
Piikkil: publishing the KNX National Group of Finland has
With the award KNX in- Impetus for the building handbook in Finnish, founding therefore set further goals for
troduction in a new coun- automation market certified training schools and 2012. As a consequence of the
try, three KNX project training Finnish certified KNX development of competence
applicants shared the prize When the National Group tutors. Collaboration with the in the market, people and
for the successful launch of of Finland was founded in association of Finnish electrical companies involved, can count
the KNX system in Finland: 2008, the companies Tampe- installers was also sought and on a strong impetus across the
Tampereen Ammattikorke- reen Ammattikorkeakoulu, proved to be very successful. entire supply chain of building
akoulu, Shk-ja teleurako- Shk-ja teleurakoitsijaliitto Their commitment has paid automation, from manufactu-
itsijaliitto and STUL ry/KNX and STUL ry/KNX Finland ry off: by the end of 2011, 600 rers and suppliers of KNX pro-
Finland ry. The submitted were involved. At that time, handbooks were sold in ducts, to planning engineers
project describes how Fin- there was no official KNX Finnish and 16 basic courses and electrical installations to
land has been introduced to training centre or competent had been held. More than 100 service organisations.
KNX applications through
seminars, training courses,
exhibitions and conferences.
These activities were the ba-
sis for developing the KNX
market in this Scandinavian
country. The targeted acti-
vities were presented with
the Publicity Award by the
KNX jury.

Training courses in the Tamk training centre

30 Solutions
KNX Solutions

Together with KNX on an eco journey

Intelligent functions make motor yacht comfortable and safe

the load accordingly in full Benefits provided by KNX in

mode or economy mode. A this project
particular feature is a specially Central visualisation of all the
developed interface bet- functions of KNX and onboard
ween KNX and the onboard Scene control for
electronics NMEA and the LED effect lighting
machine protocol CAN bus. Time programs
Energy and load management
This enables all the nautical Economical calculation of boat
ship data to be visualised and trips via the KNX server
evaluated via the KNX server. Voice output and voice control
Smoke detector monitoring
Faults and operating states are Leakage monitoring
detected quickly. This includes Window and door monitoring
sophisticated functions such as Operating, fault and alarm
the weather display or storm signals
Weather station for
warnings with a wake-up weather warnings
Proficient on the high seas. Stainless steel designer push buttons in the cockpit
function which make life on Remote maintenance
while the actuator technology is protected in the distribution board in the hull
board comfortable and safe.
Technical refinements
The determination of the
Interface to onboard
KNX gives you many good Nautical data speed for an environmentally electronics and machine pro-
ideas. Why not enhance the on the touch screen friendly boat trip is calculated tocol
sophisticated technology of by the KNX server using exi-
Companies involved
a yacht with KNX electrical In the evening, the lights sting data about the engine and
KNX System Integrator
installation? Many high- switch on automatically. Light its consumption and is also Marco Labahn, eibmarkt.com
quality components in terms scenes ensure an atmospheric dependent on wind, waves GmbH, Plauen
of functionality and design ambience which is appropriate and loads.
are available. At eibmarkt. on a luxury yacht. In night A monitor from Pro Face, with Area of application
Motor yacht
com GmbH, they considered mode, discretely placed LED Elvis visualisation software, has
this idea and automated luminaires show the safe route been certified for use on yacht Functions
the electrotechnology of to the bathroom or the deck. functions as a control unit. Lighting
a sports yacht with KNX They are automatically swit- Presence detectors take on Air conditioning
Alarm systems
and integrated many new ched on and off by presence multiple functions for lighting Technical monitoring
functions for increased sensors on the floor area. control and the alarm system. Load management
comfort and safety. After In addition to the usual func- Internet, music control, fault Multimedia
two years of planning and tions, such as lighting, room signals are integrated, as Visualisation
Interfaces to other systems
eight months of system inte- temperature control, media well as smoke detectors and Remote monitoring
gration, the global standard control, monitoring func- water sensors. Large push
became fit for the high seas. tions and load management, buttons and the versatile Scope
After all, harsh conditions great importance was placed room controller from Jung in Number of KNX devices: 91
Different manufacturers
such as salty air, vibrations, on small details. Automatic stainless steel were chosen Costs
humidity, heat and cold blackout and cleaning de- for the operation. Actuators 95,000 euros
also had to be taken into tection are integrated in the with current detection supply
account. This extraordinary touch panel which prevents data for the load management.
project with the apt name of disruptive brightness and bad 91 KNX devices in total are
"Konnexa 42" impressed the operation. Signals which are installed whose function has
jury and was presented with of vital significance, such as been accepted by the SeeBG
the KNX Special Award. water ingress, are reported (ship safety). The "Konnexa
throughout the ship via voice 42" project is currently an
output. Load management dis- approved exhibition and trai-
tinguishes between electricity ning yacht which can inspire
from onshore or from the both imitators and interested
onboard battery and controls yacht owners.

Solutions 31
KNX Solutions

Bus technology ripe for the island

In the luxury Cretan resort, extensive KNX installation
ensures comfort and efficiency

Benefits provided by KNX in

this project
Automatic lighting control
Lights can be switched and
dimmed individually
Integration of heating, ventila-
tion and air conditioning
Increased comfort for guests
Efficient room management
Energy saving through time
programs and automatic
setpoint reduction
Central operation of individual
areas via touch screens
Monitoring of technical faults
Remote maintenance

Landscape and technology: KNX scenarios conjure up light moods in the evening Technical refinements
Scenarios can be modified or
overridden via access rights
Integration of the
Crystal clear water, pano- Remote maintenance Via a KNX visualisation screen, media technology
Simple operation for guests
ramic view, immaculate from the mainland the employees at the reception with a service function and
beaches, sun all year round, desk are able to control all the central OFF switch
mild climate the 5-star Time programs, brightness functions on the hotel premi- Possible coupling with hotel
management, comfort opera-
luxury beach resort Gran sensors, scenarios and logic ses and remain informed about tion with iPad, central BMS
Meli & Luxus Villas Daios functions, control the interior, the occupation status of each Networking via IP routers
Cove in Agios Nikolaos in exterior and architectural ligh- room and the requirements of Routing with OPC server for
remote maintenance
the north east of the Greek ting. In the conference rooms, the guests regarding the room
island of Crete scores on all blackout blinds, screens, service. Five touch screens Companies involved
these points. And so much projectors, lifts and dimming are used for the control and Building owner
more: 300 rooms, suites and functions are integrated in operation of the individual Daios Cove Crete,
villas, their own swimming scenarios. Even in the rooms, areas such as the swimming www.daioscovecrete.com
pools, charming gardens suites and villas, the ventilati- pool (spa), the restaurants, KNX System Integrator
etc. The resort, which has on, the heating and the air con- the reception desk and the Triantafillidis,
been built in the tradition ditioning devices are activated conference rooms. Two fur- www.automationsystems.gr
of Cretan villages, is also automatically. Once the guests ther monitors are responsible
Area of application:
at the peak of technology. check in, they are greeted with for managing general hotel Luxury hotel, holiday resort
20,000 light sources create a pleasant light mode. They can functions.
light moods at night-time, of course specify the lighting in Functional reliability is achie- Functions:
set scenes in guest accom- the room themselves via push ved with a separate bus Lighting
Heating, ventilation,
modation and ensure that buttons. Automatic mode is voltage supply per guest unit. air conditioning
the paths are safe. The reactivated once the guests Malfunctions are displayed on a Technical monitoring
lighting and other functions leave the room, triggered by visualisation screen and can be Energy management
are controlled automatical- a master OFF button or by quickly rectified. The problem Audio/video
ly and efficiently via KNX. reception. The superfluous of the topology is solved using Interfaces to other systems
The great challenge for the sockets are also switched IP routers, which are linked Remote monitoring/control
system integrator Automa- off. It is convenient feature together via a fast fibre optic
tionsystems Triantafillidis, for the guests that they can network for KNX and TCP/
Number of KNX devices: 6728,
was the enormous scope signal at the touch of a button IP. One of the technical refine- various manufacturers
of the resort, which covers that they do not want to be ments of the KNX installation Costs
30 hectares and has almost disturbed, or that the room is that the entire installation 1,700,000 euros
6800 bus devices, divided can be cleaned. There is even can be maintained remotely
on 300 lines, 32 areas and a plan for the 11 villas whose via VPN using an OPC server
a kilometre long fibre optic guests will be able to operate by the system integrator which
network. The solution that their room functions on the is located 900 km away, in
was implemented impressed move using an iPad. Thessaloniki.
the KNX jury who presented
it with the Special Award.

32 Solutions
KNX Solutions

Intelligent control makes airport more efficient

Terminal II, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, equipped with KNX

adaptation of the brightness Benefits provided by KNX in

level can be achieved. Halo- this project
gen metal discharge lamps are Energy-efficient lighting control
for over 6,000 lighting circuits
switched on or off via two Energy saving through the use
brightness thresholds which of daylight and time- and
are automatically adapted to date-dependent control
the seasons with a high or low Individual areas can be illumi-
nated precisely according to the
level of sunlight. Lighting circuits flight schedule
are also switched dependent on Adapted, comfortable lighting
the flight schedule. To do so, the conditions
Safety through coupling the
KNX control communicates workplace lighting and
with the management system emergency lighting with
via an OPC server. The bright- the fire alarm system
ness level is reduced in areas Simple installation, secure in-
vestment, extendable system
that are less frequented taking Evaluation of the energy con-
The control system takes into account natural daylight to implement efficient
lighting into account the departure or sumption via a central visualisa-
the arrival of the flights. Unne- tion unit
cessary energy consumption Technical refinements
In China, the aeroplane is It was already evident during is particularly avoided in the Precise adaptation of the bright-
experiencing a rapid incre- the planning phase of the pro- period between 21:00 and 8:00. ness level in the window area
ase in use as a fast means ject that the annual energy costs The time- and date-dependent using external sensors
Modification of the brightness
of travel and transport. in Terminal II for the lighting controllers are further energy- setpoint values according to the
Hongqiao airport, located in alone amount to hundreds of saving functions. Lights are seasons with strong or weak
the conurbation of Shanghai million yuan. A more efficient switched on or off according to sunlight
Communication with the flight
with 25 million inhabitants, use of energy with the help the working days, holidays and schedule via OPC server
was extended by a second of intelligent controllers was time-dependent use. A central Evaluation of the energy
runway and a second ter- therefore called for. These control point was implemented consumption via a central visu-
minal to meet this demand. controllers should provide a using visualisation with the alisation unit
Since 2010, the Shanghai comfortable level of brightness, Elvis software and therefore, Companies involved
Hongqiao International which takes into account the all the lighting functions can be Building owner
Airport can handle 300,000 daylight streaming in through operated and monitored from Shanghai Airport Authority
flights and 40 million airline the glass surfaces and switches here. Time programs can also Services Engineers,
passengers per year. Termi- on only the artificial lighting be modified, setpoint values can Electrical Engineers,
KNX System Integrator
nal II, with a main building when it is required. KNX has be adjusted and loads can be Shanghai Longchuang
and boarding corridors with already proven itself as a stan- evaluated. The extensive instal- Automation Control
distances of 1.8 and 0.5 dardised system that is suitable lation is divided into five areas System Co., Ltd
kilometres, is designed for for large airports all over the to provide a better overview. Area of application
30 million passengers. This world. The KNX Technology The consumption data is regu- Airport
tremendous scale indicates Team of Siemens Building larly transferred to the control
the extensive lighting system Technologies in China lent unit. Trends in consumption are Functions
with approximately 6,000 their support to the companies displayed in graphs which are Lighting
Energy management
lighting circuits and their en- carrying out the installation. then used for energy optimi- Visualisation
ergy consumption. Installing The extensive system required sation. Longchuang concludes Interfaces to other systems
an energy-efficient control more than 3,000 KNX devices that KNX has proved itself in
system represented a con- distributed across 60 KNX this project to be an efficient,
Number of KNX devices: 3000,
siderable and interesting lines to be installed, configured reliable and extendable system: Siemens
challenge for the company and commissioned. Interior All the requirements of an in- Costs
Shanghai Longchuang Auto- and exterior lighting sensors telligent lighting control system 600,000 euros
mation Control System Co. undertake central functions for efficient energy use could
Ltd. The perfect solution as well as logic controllers be met. An evaluation of the
to this difficult task was which achieve optimum lighting energy consumption shows
presented with the Energy conditions with efficient use that an investment in KNX
Efficiency Award 2012 by of energy. By using external automation will payback in
KNX. sensors for the waiting areas three to five years.
near the windows, an exact

Solutions 33
KNX Solutions

Diploma with a global standard

Study proves that building automation with KNX is worthwhile

Pilot, evaluation and optimi- Main points of the thesis

Recording of the classrooms
sation calculations. The aim Calculation of the
was to calculate the savings energy savings
potential and the payback Additional costs through KNX
period of the investments. In Economic calculations
Integral concept for all
addition to the installation of the building services
KNX components, a Jung Fa-
cility Pilot is used for building Companies involved
management with the option Building owner
BIG Bundesimmobilien-
of remote monitoring. This gesellschaft m.b.H. Austria
reduces the control expen- Planing and
diture of the facility manager system integration
as shown by the example Department of
Electrical Engineering,
of window monitoring. The Ing. Gerhard Hinterhofer
following were also evaluated:
Design of the new school centre: The study recommends the KNX worldwide
standard for building technology
the use of an integrated KNX/ Area of application
DALI lighting control system School
with emergency lighting and Functions
The thesis of two students siderable cost savings can evacuation route lighting, a Lighting
at the St. Plten polytechnic be predicted. The study by blind control system with Heating
in Lower Austria is not only Lukas Thallauer and Harald a central weather station, Monitoring
Energy management
the successful conclusion Zeller, under the supervision control functions based on Audio/video
of their studies, but also a of their tutors Ing. Gerhard the classroom occupation Visualisation
study of the school centre Hinterhofer and DI Gunter from the timetable, reduction Interfaces to other systems
Remote monitoring/control
building project. Using a Speer, was presented with in the room temperature by
sample class, the electrical the Young Award. activating the standby mode Scope
engineers tested which ener- via presence sensors. The Number of KNX devices: 10
gy saving potentials can be Recommendations requirements for thermal en- Costs
achieved at different levels to the school centre ergy are sent to the primary 4000 euros
of the building automation. control.
The focus lay on the indi- The Department of Electrical The study sees benefits
vidual room control with Engineering has been running through a reduction in the fire
KNX. The result: there is a a KNX training centre for load as a result of an optimised
30 percent saving in thermal several years, where future electrical installation with in-
energy compared to circuit technicians can obtain the co- creased flexibility for changes
control. If the window moni- veted certificate. It is apparent in use and optimisation of the
toring is also interlinked with that the concept study is based functions.
the heating valves, a saving on the worldwide applied stan- The achieved result speaks
of 38 percent can be achie- dard. It incorporates room oc- for itself, particularly due to
ved. If you transfer the result cupancy, window monitoring, the heating functions with
to the entire school centre weather conditions, recording associated weather influences,
with 200 classrooms, con- of data with the Jung Facility room occupancy and window
states. It is therefore possible
for any investments to be paid
back within five years. In ad-
dition, the study recommends
that the new school centre
should implement the lighting
control including emergency
and evacuation route lighting,
blind control, several terminals
for the building management
system as well as media control
in the ballroom with KNX.

Design of the new school centre:

34 Solutions
KNX Solutions

The Smart Home on the curriculum

Convert theory into practice with KNX

Benefits provided by KNX in

Creative ideas for load this project
management Promotes awareness
of efficient energy
Halogen spotlights as well as consumption
Students can convert their
switching and dimming actu- theoretical knowledge into
ators simulate the lighting in practice
an apartment. Further lamps Realisation of creative ideas due
with a capacity up to 5 kW to versatile functionality
Product functions well and
and sockets represent all types is technically sound
of loads. A small roller blind Visualisation and interfaces
with an electric drive and its to other systems
Support for scientific research
actuator represents the blind through KNX Association
control system. The integra-
tion of household appliances Technical refinements
On the KNX test stand, the students can configure and test functions with ETS in home automation can be Self-developed KNX
as they would do in a house charging post
practised using the tumble Integration of miele@home and
dryer and washing machine EHZ
installed with miele@home- Detailed visualisation of the
This is how the house of KNX applications play a major Technology. Energy loads energy consumption and energy
the future will function: the role in converting theoretical including standby loads are Interfaces to SMA reducer box
building system observes knowledge about Smart Grid determined, evaluated and re- and SMA PV backup system
constantly the energy re- and Smart Metering into presented via energy actuators Load management based on
Smart Metering and Smart Grid
quirement in each circuits, practical awareness. A test and delta meters. This is carried
the energy produced by the stand in the laboratory of the out with a visualisation via a Functions
photovoltaic system, which college simulates the technical Busch-Jaeger comfort panel, Lighting
is compared with the time functions of a complete house, which also links miele@home Blind control
Heating, ventilation,
variable electricity tariff including the generation of and the electronic household air conditioning
of the network provider solar energy. The students meters. Meter readings can be Energy management
and controls the loads so can develop practical methods visualised via a flush-mounted Visualisation
Interfaces to other systems
that they are as energy- based on their theoretical sub- Busch-Jaeger display connected Remote monitoring/control
efficient and cost-effective ject matter. They get to know via KNX RF. An interface to the
as possible. The Darmstadt ETS and how bus devices are KNX Eisbr software enables Scope
University of Technology configured and installations are detailed control intervention Number of KNX devices: 50,
ABB, Busch-Jaeger etc.
has adopted this in its cur- commissioned. As these types and the export of measured va-
riculum. of activities are good for the lues to a computer for research 10,000 euros
further development of building purposes. Remote operation
automation, the idea and the with an iPad is also possible.
implementation was presented It is the task of the student to
with the KNX Young Award. link installations with useful which is defined by the net-
functions and to implement work provider VNB HSE. Via
a load management system. interfaces to the SMA inverters,
This results in sophisticated the infeed can be reduced or
solutions being implemented. the battery discharge can be
KNX links the electrical loads controlled.
of the lighting, the sockets, the When choosing to incorpo-
household appliances and a rate KNX in the curriculum,
self-developed KNX charging the system was praised for
post for an electric vehicle its function and installation.
with the photovoltaic system. According to the organizer,
With sufficient excess energy, Lutz Steiner, The fact that
household appliances or vehicle KNX Association provides
charging can be activated auto- support and suggestions within
matically. On the other hand, the framework of a scientific
the loads are adapted to the membership, is also a benefit
time variable electricity tariff compared to other systems.
The touch screens on the test stands indicate whether the load management
functions are as required

Solutions 35
The worldwide STANDARD for home and building control
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