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2) United States Patent sy a), ey ” 21) @ 6) @) ot) (32) 3) 69) Onion FOLDING KNIFE WITH SAFETY LOCK Inventor: Kenneth J. Onion, Kaneohe, Hi (US) Assignee: KAL Ld, Tualatin, OR (US) Notice: Subject wo any disclaimer, the tema of this patent is extended or adjust under 35 USC. 1540) by O days This patent is subject to a terminal die claimer Appl. No. 11463,232 Filed: Jun, 16, 2003, Prior Publication Data Us 2008/0088865 41 May 13, 2004 Related US. Application Data Continuation of application No. 09'904,194, filed on Jul 12, 2001, now Pat, No, 6,591,504, Int. , B68 102 us. CL 30/159; 30/160 Field of Classification Search 30/160, 300159, 158, 155, 161, 156, 197 ‘See application fle foe complete seach history. (200601) References Cited U.S, PATENT DOCUMENTS QROTS A SI8S9 Belcher St902 A 9186 Belcher 206910 A 4/1880 Fricheshuser US007340838B2 US 7,340,838 B2 *Mar. 11, 2008 (10) Patent No.: (45) Date of Paten 338251 AVIS Candle a S30792 A 12184 Nordlow 551082 A 121895 Shonnar eta. 52928 A V1806 Russ Sst A 41896 Bauer 577593 A 21807 Bronson Gna A—4.1898. Nell 16699 A 128K. Roctgers 749230 A —V1904 Severance T7358 A 121904 Weck 1199005. G1916 Sexly 315503 A 91919. Hghes (Continued) FOREIGN PATENT DOCUMENTS be ase 884 (Continued) OTHER PUBLICATIONS isl Docket fr Case #05. 0486-1, (Continued) Primary Examiner Hissei-Siv C. Payer (74) Attorney, Agent, or Firm—Seed IP Law Group PLLC on ABSTRACT A folding knife having a safety lock moveably mounted on ‘a hanlle ofthe knife. The safety lock may slide to a locking position to preveat the blade from opening out ofthe handle boy obstrcting the path of the blade as the blade is urged from a closed position to an open postion. The safety lock ‘also may slide away from the locking positon, in which the safety lock does not obstruct the path of the blade. 18 Claims, 4 Drawing Sheets US 7,340,838 B2 Page 2 US. PATENT DOCUMENTS D6 408 § 11996 Sesion oa 1310592 A 101919 Rasen SSona95 A 41996 Lemie 1387298 A 11/920 Haywood SSUISIO A 41996 Sessions ot a Taina A ‘a2 Shke pee eee 1440793 A 11908 Rasmasen en a a a S597 A 11996 Seber eal Lea ae S546660 A 81986 Sibert al Pee marae DuBTIG $9198 Keyl al ecaai emt ten 5581895 A 121986 Jett 1614949 A 1/1927 Filey. 5.596808 A Lake ota. Vyola A 21999 Brown barra § Hasan 178022 A 14930 Carman Sasast Pitan Uhinoat A GAS. 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Yaris pacasalt jae 4376084 A 10198 Closer Sissons i 4,802,279 A 2/1989 Rowe 138127 A saylor 4805303 A 2/1989 Gibbs 438,085 8 Onion SUAS & ening 88 BI Shen anyon A Bit 6276083 Chen son A Pocknana eamsn neon ‘ Walker 30x00 Mover a cae 6338431 Onion aad oa7s2 Onion iow A Witter a sgpanl & is soman cots 5,060,379 A Newly SAA a Sovzins & Baye esa sass ars Sissi A fais ca een Suunsat A Cole 6298331 Chen 0 A ‘hongon ot cans. Metin ta s Giese eamoa97 Lake ea 8 Thompson et al 6.553.671 Blanchard s Sunt Dar4609 Onion 5 Sosy 6574809 BL 62000 Meteny an oe 6591504 B2 72003 Onion n oe 722436 B2* $2004 Mois aoass A cote 6959494 82" LL2I05 Taylor 0189 a Rover 71107696 B2* 972M Linnea oon 30189 sarr0l A Cotes 2ooDOOIEO8D AI 12002 Glee et a SA0L796 4 Mailer Dooraisrao AL 102002 Cheng D348266 § Hasna 207016358 AL* 72007 Lake oi US 7,340,838 B2 Page 3 FOREIGN PATENT DOCUMENTS DE 20407 ise DE. ons 41961 FR 37 IDI9Is rR Tass T1988 rR Linn 49st rR asst? 101960 2 2.60800 S977 OTHER PUBLICATIONS ‘eyes J, “Knives Ponts of latrest Book Il", hook No, 634 of a limited eiton of 5.000, publish Sep. 1990, published by Weyer Intemational, Book Division, Toledo, OHprintd in Japan, 5 pas ‘Woyer Jet al: "Knives Point of Interest Book IV" ook No. 938 of alin eon of $000, published De. 1993, published by ‘Weyer ltratonal, Hook Division, Toledo, OF ined in USA, 7 pe. 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No, 29/143,656 fled Jun. 18, 2001, the disclosures of which are hereby incorpo ‘ated by reference. The "194 application also elsims priority from and sa continvation-in-paet af U.S, patent application Ser. No. 09/750.235, fled Dec. 27,2000, now US. Pat No 6,427,334, which claims benefit of U.S. Provisional app cation No, 60/173,283 filed Dee. 28, 1999, The "194 app «ation also claims privity from and is contination-in-part ‘of US. patent application Ser. No. 09/501 183, filed Jun. 8, 2000, now U.S. Pat No. 6,378,214, whic claims benefit of US. Provisional Patent Application Ser. No. 60/138318, filed Jun. 9, 1999 and also claims priority from and is a contiauation-in-par of US. patent application Ser. No (00/483,075 filed Jn, 14, 2000, now US. Pat.No. 6,338,431, ‘which claims benefit of U.S. Provisional application No. 60V130;40, fled Apr 19, 1999, The disclosures of the "235, the "183, andthe 075 applications are hereby incorporated by reference. The ‘194 application also claims priority from and isa CIP of See. No. 08/483,075 filed Ja, 14, 2000 now US. Pat. No. 6.338.431, which claims benefit of Provisional, application No. 60/130,401, fled Apr. 19, 1999. BACKGROUND AND SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION ‘The present invention relates generally 10 knives, and ‘more particularly to fling pocket knife with a safety lock to hold a blade ofthe knife in a closed postion. The safety lock is moveably mounted on a handle of the knife and may slide toa locking positon, in which te safety lock prevents the blade from opening out of the handle by obstructing the path ofthe blade 2s the blade is urged from a closed position in the handle to an open postion out of the handle. The safety lock also may slide away from the locking postion, in which the safety lock does not obstruct the path of the blade so thatthe blade may freely move from the closed position to an open positon ‘This safety lock is particularly useful in knives having an assisted opening mechanism, such as those disclosed in US. Pat, Nos, 5,802,722, $815,927, and 6,145,202, the disclo- sures of Which are incorporated herein by reference, An ‘understanding of some pride locking mechanisms for knives also may be obtained from U.S. Pat. Nos. 1,189,005, 1,743, (022, 4,133,106, 4451,982, 4 947,552, 4974323, 4.979.301, $5,060,379, 5,092,045, 5,293,630, 5,647,129, and 5,822,866, the disclosures of which are incorporated herein by refer- Te advantages of the resent inveation will be undet- stood more readily aller a consideration ofthe drawings and the Detailed Description 8 BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 isan isometric view ofa knife according to one embodiment of the present invention, including a blade, a Jane, anda safety lok, with the blade show in solid lines. ina closed postion and in broken ines in an open postion, ‘and with the safety lock shown in solid lines in « locking 2 positon and in broken lines in an unlocked postion, with amows demonstrating possible movement ofthe blade and safety lock, FIG. 2s an exploded, isometric view ofthe kaif of FIG. 1 IG. 3 is an exploded, isometric view ofa portion ofthe knife of FIG. 1, taken along fine 3-3 of FIG. 2. FIG. 4 is a front view of the knife of FIG. 1 FIG. § isa top view of the knife of FIG. 1, FIG. 6 isa botiom view of the knife of FIG. 1 FIG. 7 isan end view of the knife of FIG. 1 FIG. 8 isa font view ofthe knife of FIG. 1 ina fully opened position DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION Refering to he drawings, and more specifically to FIG. 1 a folding knife 10 according to one embodiment of the present invention is shown, Knife 10 includes a handle 12 ‘and a blade I pivotally coupled to handle 12, as described in more detail below. Preferably, handle 12 is assembled from a first sie pioce 16 and a second side poco 18 that define a hollow region 20 for receiving blade 14 when blade 4s ina closed position relative to handle 12. This closed ‘or Folded position is shown in soid Hines in FIG. 1 ‘When blade 14 is inthe closed postion, a safety lock 22, ‘may slide along a path 24 to a locked position to prevent a distal end 26 of blade 14 from pivoting aut of handle 1210 an open postion. A solid arrow L, shows the prefered ‘movement of safety lock 22. Safety lock 22 may also slide to an unlocked position to allow blade 14 to pivot feely ‘berweea closed snd open positions as indicated by a dashed ao B, Blade 14 may further include a tang 28 witha protruding portion 30 located opposite distal end 26, and thumb stud 32, both elements useful in aiding @ user inthe opening of Jaife 10, as deserted in more detail below: Kaife 10 may further include a displaceable lining portion 34 that may Jock blade 14 in filly extended position This is achieved by a bias that causes lining portion M4 to move iat the path of blade 14 once blade 14 has moved toa substantially open position, Closing blade 14 requires moving lining portion 34 ‘out of the path of blade 14. These features are further described in U.S. Pa Nos. 6.145.202 and 5 802,722. Referring to FIG. 2, the exploded view of knife 10 shows other typical elements of knife 10, Knife 10 includes a pivot pin 36 that allows blade 14 to pivot between open and closed positions and couples side pieces 16 and 18. Kafe 10 further includes a spacer 38 that couples sie pieces 16 and 18 and ‘ogee with sie pisces 16 and 18, forms hollow repion 20, for receiving blade 14, as described above Knife 10 may sill further include am assisted opening mechanism 40 that ads a user in opening knife 10. Assisted ‘opening mechanism 40 includes a bias element 42 that urges blade 14 toward the fally extended postion ance blade 14 thas been moveda certain distance B from the closed position ‘or past an equilibrium point. The bias clement 42 may also ‘be configured to urge the blade 14 toward the closed position hile the blade 14 between the equilibrium poiat and the closed position. Assisted opening mechanism 40 further includes an intemal plate 44 that, along with spacer 38, restricts the movement of one end of bias element 42, Bias clement 42 is configured to transmit forces between blade 14 and handle 12 and isa push od including books on each end, but alteratvely may be a plunger, exible cable, of other US 7,340,838 B2 3 suitable, foreeransmitting clement, Assisted opening mechanism 40 is described in detail in US. Pat Nos. 6,145,202 and 5,802,722. Asshown in greater detail in FIG. 2, distal end 26 of blade 14 ypically includes a point 46, but may include a blunt end or other tol head. As described above, tang 28 includes a portion 30 configured to protrude from handle 12. This allows a user to open blade 14 from the closed position by pushing protruding portion 30 hack into hollow region 20, thereby urging blade 14 past the equilibrium point of assisted opening mechanism 40, Blade If also may include a thumb stud 32 located on one or both sides of lade 14, hich allows a user to apply a force wo stud 32 fo extend blade 14, These features ate useful in one-handed assisted ‘opening deviees and safety lock 22 is particularly seful as safety precaution with these deviees. twill be understood that safety lock 22 may also be used for pocket tools and {knives that do not inchude assisted opening mechanisms. Rofering to FIGS. 2 and 3, safety lock 22 is mounted in 4 channel or slotted hole 48 located in handle 12. Slotted hole 48 preferably is located near distal end 26 of blade 14 Safety lock 22 is configured to obstruct the path of travel of Gistal end 26 of blade 14 when preveating bade extension, as deseribed above. Safety lock 22 preferably includes a bolt $0 configure to. ™ attach toa block o latch 82 dough slotted bole 48. Block 52 preferably includes a threaded hole $4 19 mate with bolt. 50, Block 52 typically is constructed of plastic or rubber ‘material to miaimize or prevent damage to blade 14 when bade 14 contacts block $2. As long as block 82 of safety Jock 22 is obstructing the path of blade 14 or limiting the movement of blade 14, safety lock 22 is operable in pre= venting the extension of blade 14 and is considered locked Safety lock 22 generally is positioned in one of two positions in slotted hole 48 on handle 12, Safety lock 22 is shown in several of the figures in dashed lines in an ‘unlocked or inoperable positin, in which the path of blade 14 is unobstructed. Safety lock 22 is shown in all of FIGS, 1-7 in solid lines in a locked or operable position that obstructs the path of blade 14 ‘The user may adjust safety lock 22 between locked and ‘unlocked postions by sling bol 80 along slowed bole 48, Safety lock 22 i held in a user-selected position by fiction. The tition may be adjusted by adjusting the tightness of bolt 80. Safety lock 22 may further include a washer 86 bprwoen the head of bolt §0 and handle 12 to enhance frictional comtat between handle 12 and lock 22, Tris beloved that the disclosure set forth above encom: ‘passes multiple distin inventions with independent uit. While each of these inventions has been disclosed in its prefered form, the specific embodiments thereof as dis- closed and illustrated herein are not to be considered in a limiting sease as mmerous variations are possible. The subject matter of the inventions includes all novel and ‘non-abvious combinations and subcombinatons of the vari- ‘ous elements, features, functions andlor properties disclosed herein, Sinilary, where the claims recite “a” of “a fis” clement or the equivalent thereof, such claims should be ‘understood to include incorporation of one oF more such lemeats, neither eoguiring nor excluding two or more such clement, FIG. 8 shows the folding knife 10 in the open postion, with the socoad side pice 18 visible, the blade 14 comprises aback edge 66 and front ejge that includes a cuting edge (60 and the protruding portion 30. For reference purposes the bottom portion 62 of the knife, as viewed in figure 8, may 4 be refered othe fot or Font edge ofthe nil, while the top portion 64 may’ be refered 0 a he back or back edge othe ka. It is believed that the following claims particularly point 5 out cen combinations and sibsombinaions tht are dicted to one of th diseased inventions and ae novel and ton-obvows.Invetions embodied in other cosinains and subombintons of fst, fnctions, elements nor properties may be claimed thowgh ameniment of the proven! elms of presentation of new erin inthis of ‘ested application Such amended or new clin, whether ‘they are directed to a different invention or directed to the some invention, whotsr diferent, broader nowt ot sal in sope tothe original elms, ae lo eid as included within the subject matter ofthe ventions of the present disclosure. I chi 1A folding knife comprising a handle, 4 hols eon inthe andes 4 Bade operatively coupled the handle and configured tobe pivoted int the hollow region in closed pos ton, the blade inching prong porn a is Sia and posionedon te blade o extend hough the follow region and beyond a back side ofthe handle wen th Bade i inthe closed position and wo be oot ofthe low region and extending beyond fot side ofthe handle when the knife i in an pen poston, a say lek config to prevent th lade from moving oat ofthe hllow region ofthe hale nd a bins element operatively atic to the blade and configu toute blade toward an extended po tin ence the Bade has moved past an equim point ‘shoei the protaing prion is configured to be pushed into the hollow cegon urging the blade pst he eau iru point and tf the extended position 2. A Tldingknife, comprising a hen 4 blade having ont dean a back eget font ege extending length ofthe lade and incoting cating edge extending porn ofthe length threo, he blade teing coupled ata tng end there tote and and configured to ost, relative to the hale, between an open positon in which point end of the bled exends say from th handle and cloned postion in which at Test the cating edge of the Blade iy resived inthe tan, the blade further including a poring portion extending rom the fot edge of the Blade atthe tang end, the protrfing. portion sized and configured sich that, ‘shen the blade i inthe closed position, the proading portion protudes from a bak side of the handle t9 thin each ofa wer svhersnthe bck sd extendsin the login icon of the handle; and 2 bias element configured to bias the blade toward the open potion 3. The fon nie of claim 2 wherein he bits element isconfigred i isthe Ba toward he open poston one tho blades rosted fom the closed positon a wected distance toward the open positon 4 The foking aie of claim 3 whercin the bits clement 6 is configured obits the blade toward the closed poston vl the blade i ess tan the selected distance from he closed poston w 8 US 7,340,838 B2 5 8. The folding knife of claim 3 wherein the protreding portion ofthe blade is configured such tat, when the blade is in the closed position and the user pushes the protruding portion into the handle, the blade is rotated the selocted distance from the closed position. 6. folding knife, comprising: ‘handle; 4 blade coupled to the handle and configured 10 rotate berween anopen postion anda closed position, relative Wo the handle, the blade including a protruding portion extending from a font edge of the blade and adjacent to acuting edge ofthe blade, wherein the cutting edge extends along portion ofthe front edge of the blade protratng portion extending beyond the handle when the blade isin dhe open a the closed positions; and 4 spring operatively coupled beoween the bale ad the blade and configured tobias the blade towand the open position. 7. The knife of claim 6 wherein the spring is configured to bias the blade toward the open position when te bade is rotated from the closed position pat an equilibrium point 8. The knife of claim 7 wherein the spring is configured to bias the blade toward the closed postion while te blade {s between the equilibrium point and the closed position, 9. pocket knife having a blade with a tang and acuting, ‘edge extending along a portion ofa front edge of the bade ‘and handle into which the blade pivots about a pivot for storage, comprising: ‘a channel inthe handle that receives the blade in a closed position ‘an opening extending through back of the handle between the pivot and the channel; 4 protruding potion of the tang extending from the foat ‘edge ofthe blade that is sized tobe accessible from the ‘opening in the back of the handle wien the blade is sored inthe clsed position and to be positioned out of the channel and extending beyond font ofthe handle ‘when the knife is in an open positon; and spring operatively connected between the blade andthe handle to force the blade to pivot toward the open Position when the protruding portion of the tang is pushes through the opening int the back ofthe handle 10. The pocket knife dooording to elim 9 wherein the protruding portion extends through the opening inthe handle ‘when the blade is inthe closed position, 11 The pocket knife according to claim 9 wherein the spring forces the blade to pivot towand then open position 6 ‘when the blade is positioned at an acute angle greater than 4 predefined acute angle with respect tothe handle 12. The pocket kuife socording to claim 11 wherein the protruding portion, the opening and the spring are mutually 5 amanged s0 that a user can pivot the blade to at last the predefined acute angle by pressing the protruding portion Ahrough the opening 13. The pocket knife sovording to claim 11 wherein the spring does not exert a pivoting force on the blade toward the open position when the blade is positioned at less than the predefined seute angle, 14. The pocket knife acoording to claim 9 wherein the spring exe's a pivoting force on the blade directed toward the closed position when the blade is positioned at an acute angle less than the predefined seue ange 15. The pocket knife according to claim 9 including @ flocking mechanism that resins the blade in the closed position. 16. A spring-assisted pocket knife comprising ‘thane having evo side plates attached together so as (0 provide a channel therein: ‘blade pivotally connected to an end ofthe handle by a pivot pin and having a cutting edge extending a portion ofa front edge of the blade and housed in the chaane! in a closed position; 1 spring that farther connects the blade to the bane and is configured to provide a sping fore that urges the blade to pivot about the pin with respect to the handle toward an open position; and ‘an exposed portion of an oversized tang of the blade extending fom the fram edge of the bade und coatig- tured to receive pushing force that urges the blade to pivot about the pin until the spring commences to urge the blade t pivot toward the open positon. 17. The spring-assisted pocket knife according to claim 16 ‘wherein the pushing force urges the blade to pivot in a lection opposite to that ofthe spring force when the blade is positioned at an angle with respect tothe closed position that is less than predetermined acute angle 18. The spring-asisted pocket knife aoconding to claim 16 ‘wherein the exposed portion is exposed suficientlythrowgh the chanoe! so thatthe pushing force can pivot the blade past 4 predetermined acute angle with respect to the closed positon so that the spring force causes the blade to pivot 45 through an obtuse angle to the open postion, 8