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Product Overview

High Efficiency Fans Low Noise Fans High Static Pressure Fans
High Airflow Fans Corrosion Resistant Fans
Multi-Wings rich tradition of unsurpassed quality & expertise
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made of engineered thermoplastics that our attention to detail defines arrive, and with Multi-Wing your
and die-cast aluminum. how we do business every day. solution is just a phone call away.
Multi-Wing America Were Your Fan Guys
The best Engineering and Service in the axial fan business
Multi-Wing America has been in NE Ohio
for two generations, and services North
America as part of the Multi-Wing
Group. The Multi-Wing Group is backed
by our global Research & Development
team, and has a worldwide presence
from Europe to Australia, Asia, Africa
and the Americas.

Multi-Wing products are known the

world over for their outstanding
performance and reliability, yet Multi-
Wing has been the leader in the axial
fan industry for decades based on one
simple principal: we dedicate full-time
engineering and customer service
staffs to address our customers
individual challenges every day.

In fact, Multi-Wing America has

expanded both our sales engineering
and customer service staffs, ensuring
our customers receive the highest
quality service to match the axial fans
theyve trusted since 1972. That extra
commitment to provide personalized
engineering and service translates into
unique benefits for Multi-Wing
Your sales engineer provides distinct
insight into your air-moving problems
You get a fan specifically engineered
for your application requirements
You can significantly reduce your
down time with our expedited service
Our Customer Service Department
can track your order in real time

With two generations of application and

product knowledge at your fingertips,
you can trust that your Multi-Wing
sales engineer will make the right fan
selection for your specific needs.

The entire Multi-Wing sales engineering

team specializes in analyzing your
requirements and optimizing a fan
solution. Whether your priority is noise,
efficiency, pressure or airflow: your Fan
Guy will build the right fan for the job.
You can find your Fan Guy by visiting
our website at
Fan Series Z
Profiles PMAX6
# Blades 5 - 16
Diameter 24.5" - 51"
Application Engine Cooling

PressureMAX Fan Blades High static pressure in a narrow profile

Features Common Applications

Generates up to 20% more static pressure Engine Cooling Fans
than standard airfoil blade profiles Construction Equipment Fans
Blade design is 5-7% more efficient than standard Radiator Fans
airfoil blade profiles, saving HP & fuel Emergency Vehicle, Bus and Motor Coach Fans
Narrow profile with zero blade deflection: Turf Maintenance Equipment Fans
ideal for Tier 4 applications Engine Power Unit Fans
Low-noise signature
Fan Series H Z W G
Profiles 1H, 4H 1Z, 2Z, 7Z 1W, 2W, 3W 1G
# Blades 3 - 14 3 - 16 3 - 13 3-8
Diameter 12" - 27" 16" - 40" 30" - 84" 60" - 99"
Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger
Engine Cooling Engine Cooling Engine Cooling

Reduce noise by as much as 7 dBA Sickle Fan Blades

Features Common Applications

Low-noise signature Cooling Tower Fans
High efficiency Condenser Fans
Maintain performance at lower speeds Radiator Fans
High solidity due to a large chord length Engine Cooling Fans
Standard and custom mountings Ventilation Fans
Customized to your exact specifications Refrigeration Fans
Fan Series Z W
Profiles TR7Z, TR8Z TR11W
# Blades 3 - 16 3 - 13
Diameter 12.8" - 46" 18.5" - 63"
Application Wood Drying Wood Drying
Ventilation Ventilation
Food Processing Food Processing

True Reversible Fan Blades High efficiency airfoil in both directions

Features Common Applications

High efficiency Wood-Drying/Kiln Fans
Equal airflow in both directions Ventilation Fans
High pressure Food Processing Fans
High airflow Brick Drying Fans
Customized to your exact specifications
Fan Series H Z W G
Profiles 2H, 3H 3ZL, 4Z, 5Z 5W, 6W, 7W, 9W 10G
# Blades 3 - 14 3 - 16 3 - 13 3-8
Diameter 7" - 29" 16" - 49" 32" - 84" 60" - 108"
Application Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger
Refrigeration Refrigeration Refrigeration Cooling Tower
Engine Cooling Engine Cooling Engine Cooling
Cooling Tower Cooling Tower Cooling Tower

Save power while reducing noise Airfoil Fan Blades

Features Common Applications

High efficiency Refrigeration Fans
Low-noise signature Evaporator Fans
Low power consumption Ventilation Fans
Available in five blade materials Condenser Fans
Standard and custom mountings Engine Cooling Fans
Customized to your exact specifications Cooling Tower Fans
Fan Series M D W
Profiles 8M 8D 8W
# Blades 4 2 or 4 3 - 13
Diameter 10" - 20" 12" - 26" 24" - 65"
Application HVAC HVAC HVAC

Broad Paddle Fan Blades The answer for low-speed performance

Features Common Applications

Low-noise signature Condenser Fans
High airflow Cooling Tower Fans
Maintain performance at lower speeds Chiller Fans
High solidity due to a large chord length Ventilation Fans
Customized to your exact specifications Refrigeration Fans
Fan Series H Z W
Profiles 3H 2ZL, 3ZL, 4Z, 5Z 5W, 6W, 9W
Reversing TR7ZR, TR8ZR TR11W
# Blades 3 - 14 3 - 16 3 - 13
Diameter 7" - 29" 16" - 49" 36" - 77"
Application HVAC HVAC HVAC
Refrigeration Refrigeration Refrigeration
Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger

High efficiency at extreme temperatures Aluminum Fan Blades

Features Common Applications

Custom-engineered impellers Refrigeration Fans
High efficiency Evaporator Fans
Low-noise signature Ventilation Fans
Corrosion resistant Condenser Fans
Low power consumption Radiator Fans
Adjustable and fixed pitch Oil Cooler Fans
Fan Series H Z
Profiles 6H 6Z
# Blades 3 - 14 3 - 16
Diameter 7" - 29" 24" - 49"
Application Engine Cooling Engine Cooling

Increasing Arc Fan Blades High performance in challenging environments

Features Common Applications

Lightweight: Half the weight of steel Generator Fans
Lower moment of inertia means reduced Construction Equipment Fans
wear on fan drives Crane Fans
Hydraulic and clutch mounts available Emergency Vehicle, Bus and Motor Coach Fans
Customized to your exact specifications Turf Maintenance Equipment Fans
Engine Power Unit Fans
Optimized performance for high-volume projects One-Piece Molded Fans

A Multi-Wing one-piece molded fan is the ultimate in your specific requirements. We employ extensive testing
tailor-made, air-moving solutions. We start with an to determine the ideal configuration from our modular
in-depth discovery phase of every aspect of your blade profiles, before engineering the molds for your
application. We consider duty points, geometry, noise unique one-piece solution.
levels, operational and inlet conditions, balancing grade
Our one-piece fan customers have reduced noise by as
and numerous other variables.
much as 10 dBA; improved efficiency by 5%; and even
Then our R&D team uses the most advanced technology won awards for their energy efficient design using a
in the market to design each custom one-piece fan using Multi-Wing one-piece custom molded fan.
The Multi-Wing America Advantage
For more than 40 years, Multi-Wing America has manufactured custom
impellers for engine cooling, heat exchange, HVAC and refrigeration
applications. From our facility in Burton, Ohio just 30 miles east of Cleveland,
we produce almost half a million fans annually. This is how we do it.

Engineered Materials
At Multi-Wing we start with a design customized for your application, building each fan
from the highest quality components. High-strength, die-cast aluminum hubs are
combined with our high-efficiency blade profiles, which are molded in engineered
thermoplastics or die cast in aluminum. Machining, assembly, trimming and balancing
are performed to tight tolerances under controlled conditions to create the perfect fan
for your needs.

Unsurpassed Service
Multi-Wing combines superior engineering, outstanding customer service and an
unparalleled attention to detail in production to provide the best product in the
industrial fan business. From our Sales Engineers and Customer Service Department
to our Manufacturing and Shipping staffs, we will ensure that your custom fan
selection is built to perform and delivered when you need it. To achieve that, we offer:
Application expertise
Engineering support
Competitive pricing
Short lead times
Emergency production
ISO 9001 certification

Always first: Always best

Multi-Wings unsurpassed technical expertise in axial flow fan design is the foundation
of every fan we build. And we back up decades of experience and innovative R&D with
the best service, support and delivery time in the industry today.

Multi-Wing ideal for virtually any air-moving application. Copyright 2012 Multi-Wing America

P.O. Box 425 15030 Berkshire Industrial Parkway Burton, Ohio 44021
Toll Free: 800-311-8465 Phone: 440-834-9400 Fax: 440-834-0449
Web Site: E-Mail:

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