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22-A Queens Road Lahore Ph. # 9204842, PABX: 9204820-30
(Ext. 300) Fax: 9204843




Due by 11: AM on _25th April, 2017

Tender will be opened at 12:15 PM on 25th April, 2017

Tender shall remain valid for 120-days after opening date.

Name of Bidder ___________________________________________________

No. of Lump Sum Monthly

Name of Office Security Charges in Pak Rs.
Guards W/O Taxes etc.

duties In the area of jurisdiction of LESCO
1. licensed
(5-Districtis:, Kasur, Okara, Sheikhupura
Nakana and Lahore,

2|Pa ge
Security duties in three shifts i.e Morning, Evening and Night, at Field offices, including
weekly / guezetted holidays.

1. Persons provided by the Contractor will be only retired Armed forces personnel
disciplined security wise cleared skilled, competent, appropriately equipped and
uniformed (uniform arranged by contractor at his own cost). The uniform shall
be in conformity with LESCO approved sample/standard and shall have
LESCO monogram.
2. Contractor shall abide by LESCOs rules and regulations. He will abide by
Pakistan laws that may be applicable and enforced from time to time
concerning to this agreement.
3. LESCO shall have the right to inspect and test all services mentioned in this
agreement, to the extent practicable at all times during the terms of this
4. Licensed weapon will be provided to the Security Guards by the contractor.
5. All security guards shall be courteous at all times and follow instructions:-.
a. Arrive at the work site at least 15 mins before the start of official time,
equipped with weapon, necessary to complete the job. Ammunition will be
kept unloaded.
b. Be in clean and neat uniform.
6. All Contractor Security Staff shall NOT:
a. Smoke at the work site while on duty.
b. Arrive at the work site under the influence of alcohol or other prohibited
c. Drink alcoholic beverages on the job.
d. Indulge in discussions or arguments with other staff or customers.
e. Cause any disturbance in smooth operation of the office.
7. Contractor shall not assign or sublet this agreement or any part thereof or any
benefit or interest therein or there under, to any other Contractor.
8. The Security Guards of the Contractor, to be deputed by him who works in the
premises pursuant to this contract, shall be provided by the contractor in proper
uniform which should be neat and clean while on job. The Contractor shall
ensure that they behave polite, they will be paid wages by the Contractor and
he shall discharge all his legal obligation with regard to them.
9. Contractor Security Guards shall submit to a security check on entry and exit
from the premises. However this shall not discharge them from the
responsibility of any missing object cash or otherwise. If any person is caught
red handed in the process of stealing, the matter should immediately be
informed to the Contractors office who will take action accordingly; otherwise
the LESCO may take suitable legal action.
10. Contractor as well as his appointed staff / persons shall carry out such
instructions as may be issued from time to time by the authorized officers of
LESCO pursuant to the terms of this contract
11. The Uniforms as per LESCO specification shall be provided by the Contractor
in adequate quantity.

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12. The staff hired by the Contractor shall be all retired Armed forces personnel of
well repute and not involved into subversive activities or implicated in crime. A
certificate to this effect will be provided by contractor for every person
employed by him. He will declare their identification before entry into the
premises of the LESCO distinctive in uniform displaying I.D. Card of the
Contractor. The Bio Data and antecedents of these employees will be provided
to LESCO before their entry into the premises. He will notify hiring and firing of
the staff to LESCO well in time and provide immediate replacement.
13. LESCO will not be responsible for the death, electrocution, injury, invalidity
illness or other harmful condition if happens to the employee of the Contractor
during performance of security duties. The LESCO will not pay any sum in the
shape of compensation to the worker of Contractor. The Contractor will be
responsible to shift his worker in case of injury to medical aid at his own
sources and will complete all the obligations towards security guards at his
own. All the medical expenses will be borne by the contractor.
14. In case of death of any security guard provided by the company, all the
legalities and obligations lie with the security company.
15. Contractor will arrange his own transport to shift his staff and equipment from
the premises of LESCO.
16. That if, during the course of duty inside and outside the office/ building, any
article costly or important is found by the Security Guards of the Contractor, the
same shall be returned to concerned officer along with incident report.
17. Contractor undertakes to take action against his employees who are found
involved in theft, illegal activities misbehavior etc. The LESCO will be at liberty
to take lawful action against contractor as well as his employee on account of
above reasons.
18. In case of leave of any security guard provided by the company, the contractor
(security Company) will provide relief of the guard will in time.
19. All Security guards to be medically fit in category A
20. Age limit for guards is max 55-years

1. Payment will be made directly through crossed cheque on production of
invoice/bill on monthly basis by the contractor and the payment will be made
within 10-15 days of the submission of invoice through Chief Financial Officer
2. Contractor shall also be responsible to pay the salaries to its staff timely and
their salaries will not be associated with the payments of contractor.
3. This payment shall include any and all expenses of the Contractor incurred in
the performance of services under this agreement including:
4. Equipment and materials required for Security Guards
5. Pay, allowances, benefits and cesses / insurance, if applicable, of the staff
provided by the Contractor, social security, medical, death benefits etc;
6. Profit and tax liability of the Contractor.etc


1. This agreement shall take effect from the date of signing of contract and shall
be valid for a period of 01-year from the effective date. The same can be further

4|Pa ge
extended on same term and condition subject to satisfactory performance of
the security company or on mutual consent of both the parties.
2. This Agreement may be terminated by either party upon giving 30 days notice
in writing to the other party.
3. LESCO will not be bound to pay any compensation other than the monthly
duties justified.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein contained in this agreement nothing
herein shall apply if either party is prevented from discharging its (Duties) obligations
here under due to any act cause arising out of or related to any Act of God, Act of
State War, Riot, Civil Commotion, Terrorism, Strikes or Any Order issued by any
Government, Semi Government or Local Authorities.

1. Conditional Bids / Rates will not be entertained / accepted.
2. Bid submission / Tender opening date & timings shall be observed strictly.
3. Cartel / pool rates are strictly prohibited. The firms found involved in collusive
practice shall be dealt under PPRA Rules / PEPCO/LESCO instructions
4. LESCO reserves the right to scrap this tender as per PPRA rules, 2004
(amended to date) and invite fresh tender or to take any decision as deemed fit
5. Bids deviating from any terms and conditions of this tender will be treated as
6. This tender is governed by PPRA, Rule -2004 amended to date.


1. Only one lump sum rate should be quoted for supply of security services
(valid for 120-days) without involving any foreign exchange element. The rate
shall be quoted for entire locations and the bidders are not allowed to quote
for partial location.
2. In case any amount is quoted in words and figures and there is a discrepancy
in the amounts quoted in words and figures, the amount quoted in words will
be taken as final.
3. The price excludes the present duties & taxes or as per prevailing rates. In
case however the present duties and taxes are increased or new taxes/duties
are imposed by the Government on, during the currency of the contract, the
same will be paid extra on production of documentary evidence. In case of
decrease in duties / taxes by Government the prices will be decreased
4. The Contract shall remain enforced for a period of one year from the date of
its issuance and further extendable on same terms and conditions if agreed
by both the parties.
5. Bidders shall submit Bids, which comply with the Bidding Document (two
copies). Alternative Bids will not be considered.
5|Pa ge
6. The competent authority reserves the right to accept or reject any or all offers
under prevailing PPRA rules. The offer received incomplete or not in
accordance with the terms and conditions / specifications as laid down in the
tender document will not be entertained. Bid offered is likely to be ignored if;
a. The bid is unsigned.
b. It is received after the time and date fixed for its receipt.
c. Offer is ambiguous or conditional.
d. The offer is from a firm blacklisted by PEPCO/WAPDA/DISCOs or any
other Government Organization, has remained in litigation with any
Government Organization or is defaulter in any previous order and/or
e. The offer is unsolicited.
7. In order to be considered, the tender must be accompanied by bid security
equal to 2% of the total amount quoted by a bidder valid for 120-days after the
date of tender opening in the form of Bank Draft or Pay Order drawn on a
schedule Bank of Pakistan or in lieu thereof a Bank / Bid Guarantee issued by
a Schedule Bank of Pakistan on the specified Performa. In case, the tender
withdraws his tender / offer during the period of tender validity or successful
tender fails to furnish the required Performance Security or sign the Contract
Agreement/ Acknowledgment of the Purchase Order, the amount of Bid Bond
/ Tender Security will be forfeited in favour of LESCO. The Bid Security from
any Insurance Company will not be acceptable in any case and Bid will be
liable for rejection. The bid security may be forfeited if a bidder;
a. withdraws its bid during the period of bid validity specified by the bidder on
the bid form, or
b. does not accept the correction of error, or
c. fails to sign the contract in accordance with the clause of bidding
document, or
d. fails to furnish performance security in accordance with clause of contract
after issue of LOI
8. The successful Bider will submit written acceptance of LOI along with
performance Bond as per clause-H (8) of this document within seven days of
issuance of LOI.
9. Bid Guarantee & Performance Bond be furnished on Non judicial Stamp
Paper of value Rs 100/-. However, WAPDA Bonds, as security in lieu of
tender/bid guarantee/earnest money or performance bond as per procedure in
vogue, are also acceptable
10. Tenders submitted through Telex, Telegraph, FAX or E-Mail shall not be
considered. After opening the tender if it is established that the bidders have
quoted a Single price then LESCO reserves the right either to scrap the
tender and invite fresh tender or to take any decision as deemed fit for
11. In case any equipment or fixture is damaged by the contractor staff it should
be replaced with the same or superior compatible equipment or fixture by the
contractor. A clear written commitment to this effect must be made.
12. On expiry or termination of Contract the contractor will hand over the
equipment / other material (if supplied by the department) to the department /
new Vendor in working condition with original or higher specifications.
13. All rights reserved by LESCO

6|Pa ge

1. If at any point of time, it is found that the bidder has made a statement or
declaration which is factually incorrect, LESCO reserves the right to debar the
bidder from bidding prospectively for a period to be decided by LESCO and
take any other action as may be deemed necessary.
2. LESCO reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids without assigning
any reasons. Bids may be accepted or rejected in total or in any part thereof.
3. LESCO shall have the right to cancel the tender process at any time without
assigning any reason, prior to finalization of the bidding process. Without
thereby incurring any liability to the affected bidder or bidders. Reasons for
cancellation will be determined and declared by LESCO at its sole discretion.
4. The decision of LESCO in all matters will be final and binding on all bidders
participating in this bid.
5. LESCO reserve the right to modify the bidding documents at any time prior to
the deadline for submission of bids, on the request of the prospective bidders
for any clarification or at its own initiative, for any reason. This amendment
shall constitute part of the biding documents. In order to afford the prospective
bidders a reasonable time to take the amendments into account in preparing
its bid, LESCO may at its discretion extend the deadline.


The complete offer in duplicate (Original & one Copy) should be filled as under:
1. The bids will be received on 25th April, 2017 at 11:00 am, at Room No G-8,
Ground Floor office of Dy. Manager Security LESCO Ltd., 22-A Queens Road,
Lahore. The bids will be publicly opened on 25th April, 2017 at 12:15 pm. Any
bid received after the bid submission deadline will not be considered and will
be returned unopened to the bidder.
2. The original Bid and other enclosed documents shall be typed or written in
indelible ink and shall be signed by the Bidder or a person duly authorized to
bind the bidder to the Contract. The letter of authorization shall be indicated
by written power-of-attorney accompanying the Bid. All pages of the bid,
except for un-amended printed literature, shall be initialed by the person or
persons signing the Bid.
3. The Bid shall contain no interlineations, erasures or over-writing except as
necessary to correct errors made by the Bidder, in which case such
corrections shall be initialed by the person or persons signing the Bid.
4. The bidder shall clearly mention all information precisely regarding bid validity,
delivery schedule, terms of payment and the schedule of technical data /
Literature. Any incomplete information as required shall render the offer for


1. The bidder submits substantially incomplete bid or only the copies of the bid
are submitted without original bid.
2. The bid is submitted incomplete or conditional.

7|Pa ge
3. The bid is illegible in any material, part or contains alternations, additions,
deletions, erasers or other irregularities.
4. Not accompanied with a bid guarantee or with insufficient or unacceptable bid
5. Submitted by a bidder who has previously failed to perform properly works of
similar nature
6. Bid is in some way connected with bids submitted under names different from
his own.


1. The bidder shall seal the original and each copy of the bid in an inner
envelope, duly marking the envelope as Original or Copy. The inner
envelope shall then be enclosed in an outer envelope. In the event of
discrepancy between them the Original shall prevail.
2. The inner and outer envelopes shall be:
a. Addressed to the purchaser at the following address.
b. Dy. Manager Security LESCO Limited, 22-A Queens Road, Lahore,
Tender No 01 and the words DO NOT OPEN BEFORE 12:15 PM ON 25th
April, 2017 shall be written on them.
c. In addition to above, the inner envelope shall indicate the name and
address of the Bidder to enable the bid to be returned unopened in case it
is declared Late.
3. If the outer envelope is not sealed and marked, the purchaser will assume no
responsibility for the bids misplacement or its premature opening.

Bidder will himself be responsible for ensuring that his bid is submitted in accordance
with the instructions stated herein. Any bid not submitted by the deadline prescribed
for submission of Bids will not be considered even if it becomes late as a result of
circumstances beyond the Bidders control.


1. At any time prior to the deadline for submission of Bids, the purchaser may,
for any reason, whether at its own initiative or in response to a clarification
requested by a prospective bidder, modify the Bidding Documents by
2. The amendment will be notified in writing or by telex or cable to all prospective
Bidders who have received the Bid schedule / Bidding documents and will be
binding on them.
3. In order to afford prospective bidders reasonable time in which to take the
amendment into account in preparing their Bids, LESCO may at its discretion
extend the deadline for the submission of Bids


8|Pa ge
Security Company will be entirely responsible for the successful execution of the
contract in all respects in accordance with the terms and conditions as specified in
the contract including the schedule.


Competent authority will have the right to forfeit the security Bond/Guarantee
(performance bond).
1. If the Contractor:-
a. Fails to provide services within the time specified.
b. Commits any breach of contract.
2. For other reasons specified in the agreement for forfeiting the Security
deposit. If the forfeiture of the security deposit does not compensate the
contracting authority for losses suffered due to non-supply of janitorial
services or breach of contract for any other reasons, the contracting officer
will have a right to forfeit other security deposits or to recover the same from
any other security deposit made in favor of any other unit of DISCOs /
GENCOs / NTDC / WAPDA / LESCO, or from any money due to the
Contractor from any unit of WAPDA / LESCO / DISCOs / GENCOs / NTDC


1. A certificate that all the condition mentioned above are acceptable to the
bidder and are hereby agreed to by the bidder.
2. Bid Security of an amount not less than 2% of the total value of bidding
amount a Scheduled Bank of Pakistan only.(or as applicable if specified in the
special condition above)
3. Deposit receipt of tender fee in original.
4. Previous three years performance.
5. Letter of authorization indicating written power-of-attorney accompanying the
6. Copy of Federal Govt. NOC and Valid License from Govt. of the Punjab (Till
7. Incorporation Certificate from SECP (Security & Exchange commission of
8. Copy of Valid Pakistan Telecommunication Authority wireless License.
9. Last three years Audit Reports from chartered accountant
10. ISO Certification till date.
11. NTN Certificate / Professional Tax Certificate
12. Social Security Registration/Security Guards Insurance Policy.
13. Undertaking of Black Listing /Arbitration.
14. Availability of on line verification (guards) from NADRA
15. Existing Govt./Semi Govt. Contracts/Last six months bank statement.
16. Valid Membership of all Pakistan Security Agencies Association (APSAA)
17. Minimum Experience for Security Companies is 5 years.
18. Location of Head Office, with date of occupation and contact numbers.
19. Security personnel must be retired from Armed forces (mandatory)

9|Pa ge
20. Financial bid quoting
21. Rs. 1000/- not refundable (Bids processing fee)

Signature of bidders

10 | P a g e

Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) invites sealed bids against Tender
No. 01 from registered security companies for services of provision of Security
Guards for LESCO Offices.

Sr. Deployment Tender

No Area documents Fee
Lahore , Kasur,
SECURITY COMPANIES) to provide Rs. 1000/-
1 Okara, Nankana,
500 Security Guards with licensed (Non-refundable)
& Sheikhupura,

Bidding documents, containing detailed terms and conditions, method of

procurement, procedure for submission of bids, bid security, bid validity, opening of
bid, evaluation criteria, clarification / rejection of bids, performance guarantee etc.,
are available for the interested bidders at ground Floor, Room No. G-2, office of the
Dy. Manager Security LESCO Ltd, 22-A, Queens Road, Lahore. Price of bidding
documents is Rs.1000/- (non refundable). Bidding documents can also be
downloaded from website at www.lesco.gov.pk free of cost just for information
purpose. *Only registered security companies which are Top 10 in Interior Ministry
list are eligible to apply*.
The bids, prepared in accordance with the instructions in the bidding
documents, must reach at ground Floor, Room No. G-2, office of the Dy. Manager
Security LESCO Ltd, 22-A, Queens Road, Lahore on or before 25th April, 2017
closing time 11:00 AM. Bids will be opened on the same day 25th April, 2017 at 12:15
PM. This advertisement is also available on PPRA website at www.ppra.org.pk

Dy. Manager (Security) LESCO

22-A, Queens Road, Lahore
Phone No. 042-99204792
Fax.No. 042-99204793

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