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Paper – I Management Process and Organizational Behavior.

Paper – II Environment Management.

Paper – III Managerial Skill Development.

Paper – IV Accounting For Managers.





Paper – I

Management Process and Organization Behavior

UNIT – I A History Of Organization Development: The Laboratory Training

Stem, The
Survey Research And Feedback Stem, The Action Research Stem, The
Sociological Stem, The Changing Context, Second - Generation OD.

Values, Assumptions, And Beliefs In OD: Chronology Of Events In

Management And Organization Thought, Early Statements Of OD Values
And Assumption, A Values Study.

UNIT – II Foundations Of Organization Development: Models And Theories Of

Planned Change, Systems Theory Participation And Empowerment,
Teams And Teamwork, Parallel Learning Structures, A Normative-
Reeducative Strategy Of Chaining, Applied Behavioral Science, Action

Managing The OD Process: Diagnosis, The Action Components: Id

Interventions, The Program Management Component.

Action Research and Organization Development: Action Research: A

Process And An Approach, History And Varieties Of Action Research,
Examples Of Action Research In Organization Development.

Comprehensive OD Interventions : “Getting The Whole System In The

Room” Search Conferences And Future Search Conferences, Beckhard’s
Confrontation Meeting, Strategic Management Activities, Teal Time
Strategic Chang, Stream Analysis, Survey Feedback, Systems 1-4t, Grid
Organization Development, Schein’s Cultural Analysis, Large-Scale
Change And Hig-Performance Systems, Systems, Transoganizational

UNIT – III Structural Interventions And The Applicability Of OD : Sociotechnical

Systems, Self-Managed Teams: Problems In Implementation, Work
Redesign, MBO And Appraisal, Quality Circles, Quality Of Work Life
Projects, Parallel Learning Structures, Physical Settings And OD, Total
Quality Management, Reengineering, The Self-Design Strategy, High-
Involvement And High- Performance Work Systems, Large-Scale
Systems Change And Organizational Transformation.

Training Experiences: T-Groups, Behavioral Modeling, Life And Career

Planning, Coaching And Mentoring, Instrumented Training.

UNIT – IV Issued In Consultant-Client Relationships: Entry And Contracting,

Defining The Client System, The Trust Issue, The Nature Of The
Consultant’s Expertise, Diagnosis And Appropriate Intervention, Depth Of
Intervention, On Beeingn Absorbed By The Culture., The Consultant As A
Microcosm, Action Research And The OD Process, The Development Of
Consultation Skills, Rewards, Staffing And Career Development
Organizational Justice, Labor Relations, Monetary Costs And Skill

UNIT – V Power, Politics, And Organization Development: Assessing The

Effects Of OD: Some Issues And Problems, Positive Developments In
Research On OD Does OD Work? A Review of Reviews.

The Future And Organization Development: The Changing

Environment, Fundamental Strengths of OD, OD’s Future.

Environment Management

UNIT – I An Introduction To Business Environment: Meaning And Definition Of

Business Environment, Importance Of The Study Of Business
Environment, Environmental Analysis, Macro Environment.

Industrial Policy and Licensing: The Meaning Of Industrial Policy,

Industrial Policy, 1948, Industrial Policy Resolution, 1956, Industrial Policy
Statement, 1977, Industrial Policy Statement, 1980, New Industrial Policy,
1991, Small- Scale Sector Industrial Policy, Industrial Licensing.

Industrial (Development And Regulation) Act, 1951: Introduction,

Coverage Of The Act, Licensing Provisions Of The Industries Act, 1951,
Investigation Into Scheduled Industrial Undertakings, Power To Regulate
Supply And Distribution Of Certain Articles, Central Advisory Council And
Development Councils.

UNIT – II Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act, (MRTP Act), 1969:
Objectives, Amendments, MRTP Commission, Monopolistic, Restrictive
and Unfair Trade Practices, Monopolistic Trade A practices, Restrictive
Trade Practices, Unfair Trade Practices.

Foreign Capital: The Need For Foreign Capital, Forms Of Foreign Capital,
Advantages Of Foreign Direct Investment, Limitations Of Foreign Direct
Investment, Indian Government’s Policy Towards Foreign Capital, Policy
Regarding Foreign Investment (1991), Changes In Foreign Investment
Policy During The Year 1994-95, Changes Made With Regard To Foreign
Investment In 1996-97, BJP Government’s Policy Of Foreign Investment,
Inflows Of Foreign Investment To India In Recent Years.

Multinational Corporation: Definition, Origin of MNCs, Benefits of

MNCs, Harmful Effects Of MNCs, Multinational Corporations In India.

UNIT – III The Securities And Exchange Board Of India (SEBI) : Introduction,
Salient Features Of The SEBI Act, 1992, Functions Of The SEBI, The
SEBI’s Guidelines For Disclosure And Investor Protection, The SEBI’s
Guidelines For Issue Of Issue Of Fully Convertible/ Partly Convertible
Debentures/Non-Convertible Debentures, Promoters Contribution, The
SEBI’s Guidelines For Bonus Issue, Rights Issue Recent Amendments,

UNIT – IV Industrial Sickness: Magnitude Of Industrial Sickness, Definition Of

Sickness, Kinds Of Sickness And Their Causes, Remedial Measures, The
Sick Industrial Companies, (Special Provisions) Act (Since), 1985, The
Sick Industrial Companies (Special Provisions) Bill, 1997

Small-Scale Industries: Definition Of Small-Scale Industries,

Classification, Role Of Small-Scale Industries In The Indian Economy,
Problems Of Small-Scale Industries, Incentives To Small-Scale
Industries, New Policy For The Small-Scale Sector, 1991.

UNIT – V Social Responsibility of Business: Definition Of Social Responsibility

Dimensions Of Social Responsibilities, Arguments Against Social
Responsibility Of Business, Arguments For Social Responsibility Of
Business, The Indian Situation, Social Audit.

Consumerism And Consumer Protection : Definition Of Consumerism,

Need For Consumerism, Utility Of Consumerism, Legislative Measures
For Consumer Protection In India, Consumer Rights , The Consumer
Movement In India, Journalism And Consumer Protection Hindrances To
The Growth Of A Strong Consumer Movement, The Consumer Protection
Act, 1986, Consumer Protection Councils, Consumer Dispute Redressal

Privatisation Of Public Enterprises: Introduction, What Is Privatization,

Forms Of Privatization, Arguments In Favour Of Privatization, Arguments
Against Privatization.

Managerial Skill Development

UNIT – I Managerial Work: Managerial Roles, Understanding Your Philosophy Of

Management, Forecasting The Future Organization.
Interpersonal Relations, Communication And Conflict: Introduction,
Readings, Execises An Cases, Memo.
Developing Conflict-Resolution Skills, Case: Bob Knowlton, Dealing
With Problem Subordinates.

UNIT – II Motivation, Job Design, and Performance: Frederick Herzberg, One

More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees, J. Richard Hackman,
Designing Work For Individuals And For Groups, Herbert H. Meyer, A
Solution To The Performance Appraisal Feedback Enigma,

Exercise: Enlivening the Job Characteristics Model: A Job Redesign

Project, Case: Saturn Rising: Work Redesign On The Factory Shop Floor,
Exercise: Giving And Receiving Feedback,
Leadership and Decision Making: Introduction, Readings, Exercises
And Cases, Memo, Victor H. Vroom, Two Decades Of Research On
Participation: Beyond Buzz Words and Management Fads, Bernard M.
Bass Leadership Good, Better, Bes, Jay A. Conger
Leadership: The Art Of Empowering Other, Exercise: Leadership And
Decision Making: Applying The Vroom-Jago Modal, Case: The Man Who
Killed Braniff, Exercise: Leadership Empowerment,

UNIT – III Power And Politics: Introduction, Readings, Exercises And Cases,
Memo, David Kipnis, Stuart M. Schmidt, Chirs Staffin- Smit, Lan
Wilkinson, Patterns Of Managerial Influence: Shotgun Managers,
Tacticians, And Bystanders, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Power Failure In
Management Circuits, Gerld R. Salancik, Jeffrey Pfeffr, Who Gets Power
And How They Hold Onto It: A Strategic Contingency Model Of Power
Exercise: Dependency Situations, Case: Jennifer Carson At The Science
Museum Execise: Power Lab,

Group Dynamics: Introduction, Readings, Exercises and Cases, Memo,

Norman R.F.
Maier, Assets And Liabilities In Group Problem Solving: The Need For An
Integrative Function Irving I. Janis, Groupthink, Daniel C. Feldman, The
Development And Enforcement Of Group Norms, Exercise: Wilderness
Survival: Group Decision Making And Effectiveness, , Exercise: The
Nasa/Challenger Incident, Exercise: Norms And Deviance,

Intergroup Dynamics: Introduction, Readings, Exercises And Cases,

Memo, L. Dave Brown, Managing COflict Among Group, Imuzafer Sherif,
Experiments In Group Conflict, Kenwyn K. Smith, An Intergroup
Perspective On Individual Behavior, Exercise: Battle Of The Sexes

Organization Design, Evolution And Culture: Introduction, Readings,

Exercises And Cases, Memo Robert Duncan, What Is The Right
Organization Structure? Decision Tree Analysis Provides The Answer,
Larry E. Greiner, Evolution And Revolution As Organizations Grow, Vijay
Sathe, Implications Of Corporate Culture: A Manager’s Guide To Action,
Exercises: Small Business Design: The Case Of A Startup Publishing
Firm, Exercises: Fairfield Flyer Wagons, Case: Managing By Mystique,

Careers And Stress: Introduction, Readings, Exercises And Cases,

Memo, Gene W. Ealton, Paul H. Thompson, Raymond L. Price, The Four
Stages Of Professional Cares A New Lok At Performance By
Professional, Douglas T. Hall. Judith Richter, Career Gridlock: Baby
Boomers Hit the Wall, Morely D. Glicken, Katherine Janka, Executives
Under Fire: The Burnout Syndrome, Case: Jane Moore: An Executive
Woman’s Carer Story, Exercise: Career Anchors, Exercise: The Burnout

Managing Diversity, Ethics, International Issues, and Corporate Social

Responsibility: Introducation, Readings, Execises and Cases, Memo.
Itaylor Cox, Jr. The Multicultural Organization, Richard P. Nielsern,
Changing Unetical Organizational Behavior, Paul H. Weaver, After Social
Responsibility, Exercises: Four Cultures, Exercises: The Maquiladora
Decision, Exercises: Vsnatin – Group Decision Making and Ethics.

Paper – IV
Accounting for Managers
Unit – I An Introduction to Management Accounting: Objectives, The two
costs and management accounting Systems, The elements of Cost, the
Classification of cost, what is management accounting? Cost decision
Material: Objectives, the valuation of materials, Materials management.

Unit - II Labour: Objectives, Payroll analysis, Incentive schemes, the Cost of

labour turnover.
Absorption Costing: The aim of absorption costing, Overheads, Cost
centers, Overhead absorption, the limitation of absorption costing.

Unit – III Marginal costing and breakeven analysis: Objectives, Marginal

costing, breakeven analysis.
Absorption costing and breakeven analysis: Objectives, Absorption
costing, marginal cost the effects on profits and stock valuation.

Unit – IV Budgeting and budgetary control: Objectives, Introduction: the

household budget, Principals, Practical considerations, Budget
relationships, the cash budget, the budgeted trading and profit and loss
account and the budgeted balance sheet, the master budget, Flexible
budgets, the behavioral aspects of budgeting, the benefits of budgeting,
Zero base budgeting.

Unit – V Standard Costing: Objectives, What standard costing? Cost Control

using standard costing, Material variances, labour variances, the profit
Capital investment appraisal: Objectives, payback method, Average
rate of return method, How to use annuity tables, Present value tables,
Depreciation and cash flows, residual values, Taxation, Other methods,
Which methods?


Introduction To Retail ,Percentage Of Organized And Traditional Retailing
Globally, Growth Of Retail Outlets In India

Theories Of Retail Development & Business Models In Retail, A Model O+B
Plan, Understanding The Retail Consumer, Retail Strategy

Comparison Of Retail Media Formats, Top Is Retailers Worldwide, Basic Of
Retail Merchandistry, Retail Pricing And Evaluating Merchandise Performance

Pragmatic Cost Sheet Towards Profitability, Significance Of Retail Resources,
Store Operation & Profitability, Retail Marketing And Branding

Productivity Comparison, Must Shopped Categories Online, Supply Chain



An Introduction To Retailing, Retail Formats Formats – Ownership Based, Retail
Formats – Retail Strategy Mix Based

Non-Store Based and Emerging Retail Formats, Retailing and Consumer
behavior , Retail Store Location, Retail Pricing and Communication

Retail Management, Merchandise Management, Retail Promotions Branding
And Customer Relationship Management

Supply Chain Management And Logistics Management, Retailing The Future,
Store Atmospheres
Retail Strategy And Audit, Research In Retail, Specialty Retailing


Rural Marketing An Introduction, Marketing Management: An Introduction, Rural
Marketing Management : Concepts And Systems, Rural Marketing Plans And
Pricing Systems, Rural Customer Purchase Process, Advertising, Sales
Promotion And Pr In Rural India, Marketing Research
Rural Competitions, Rural Development Plans, Rural Sales Force Management,
Distribution Of Goods, Rural Product Plans, Rural Product Plans
Rural Marketing For The 21st Century, Indian Village Vignettes, Critical
Marketing Strategies, Critical Marketing Strategies
Strategic Innovation In Marketing, Strategic Audit, Marketing Of Agricultural
Produce, Rural Cottage Industry And Artisan Products




Materials Management
Introduction, Role of Materials Management in Business, Objectives of Materials
Management , Function of Materials Management, Evolution of Purchase,
Importance of Materials Management
Inventory Systems for Independent Demand Items
Purpose of Inventory, Costs Associated With Inventory, Independent Versus
Dependent Demand, Classification of Inventory Systems, Static Inventory
System Under Risk, Static Inventory Problem Under Uncertainty , Dynamic
Inventory Model Under Certainty, Dynamic Inventory Model Under Risk – P & Q
Inventory Systems for Dependent Demand Items
The Basic Concept, Application Areas And Associated Complexities, Materials
Requirement Planning System, An Example of MRP Process, The Lot Sizing In
MRP, Development In MRP System, Advantages And Limitations of MRP

Enterprise Resource Planning

Basic Concepts, Applicability And Growth of ERP, Evolution of ERP, Benefits of
ERP, Functions And Functional Integration In ERP, ERP Support To Materials
Management , Business Issues And Future Trend
Purchase Cycle, Standardization and Outsourcing
Introduction To Purchase , Types Of Purchase, Purchasing Process,
Standardization, Outsourcing
Purchase Specification
Developing Purchase Specification, Types Of Specification


Supplier Selection
Supplier Selection Process
Methods Of Determination Of Price, Other Terms And Conditions Of Purchase,
Preparation And Placement Of Purchase Order

Purchase Strategies
Pareto Of A-B-C Analysis, The Purchase Matrix
Understanding Price
Factors Influencing Price, Methods For Judging Price
Planning For Negotiation, Carrying Out Negotiation

Supplier Management – Buyer –Supplier Relation,
Evaluation and Development
Buyer-Supplier Relation, Supplier Evaluation, Supplier Development
Role Of Logistics, Transportation, Warehousing