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Seoul Special City is the capital city of South Korea.

Seoul is one
of the biggest and the greatest cities in the world. This city was
the center of political, cultural, social and economic development
in South Korea and East Asia.

Seoul was founded by Baekje, one of The Three Kingdoms of

Korea, around 600 years ago. Seoul then became the capital city
of South Korea in 1948. It is located in the northwest of South
Korea and is separated into two parts by the Han River.

The area of Seoul City is 605.25 km2 and is surrounded by

mountains. There are 25 districts in Seoul. Each districts is divided
into neighborhoods. Songpa has the most people, and Seocho has
the largest area.

Seoul placed 16th as the most populated city in the world for
housing 10 million people. About 300,000 foreigners are now
currently living in Seoul. The two major religions there are
Christianity and Buddhism.

It also placed 9th as the most visited city in the world, thanks to
the birthplace of K-Pop and Korean Halyu Wave. It is visited by 10
million international visitors in 2014. It was also rated as Asias
most livable city with the second highest quality of life.

There are some reasons why Seoul nowadays is considered as a

leading and rising global city. One of the reasons is the economy
of South Korea depends on Seoul. It is the business and financial
hub of South Korea. Not only because South Koreas bank deposits
were held mostly in Seoul, the city also generated 23 percent of
the countrys GDP overall in 2012. This made Seoul placed 6 th as
the most financially competitive city in 2015 by The Global
Financial Centers Index.

For the government, various institutions have been set up to deal

with problems among local governments. Development in the
area of Seoul itself is currently regulated by the Capital Region
Readjustment Planning Act.
There are so many popular modern and traditional landmarks,
festivals and parks that people can visit in this capital city of
South Korea, such as the iconic N Seoul Tower, the Dongdaemun
Design Plaza, Lotte World, Pungnap Toseong, Hi! Seoul Festival,
Namsan Park and Dream Forest. To explore these attractions, the
Seoul government provides some transportations which are
buses, subways, trains, airplanes, and cycles.

The other reason why people can enjoy visiting Seoul is that this
city has the world's fastest internet connections with speeds up to
1 Gbps. Seoul also provides free Wi-Fi access in outdoor spaces
than can give residents and visitors Internet access at parks,
streets and other public places.

To make and build such a great country, Seoul needs fresh ideas
and creativities from the young generation of Koreans. And for
that, the Seoul government provides the most prestigious
universities of South Korea, like Seoul National University, Yonsei
University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and University of

The cultures and foods of Korea is also can be enjoyed in Seoul.

Being the representative capital city of South Korea, the visitors
can find hanbok, the traditional clothes of Korea, and Kimchi, the
famous spicy food, almost anywhere they go.