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The Niche Notebook

Creative field Targeted niche Type of niche Business Website Company Positioning In business Inter- LinkedIn Twitter City Country
example size since view
content writing B2B healthcare and vertical Megan Williams http://www.locutu Freelancer I get B2B healthcare businesses moving 2013 https://w https://t West Palm United States
healthcare IT shealth.com/ online ww.linked witter.co Beach
content writing Digital storytelling for vertical/horizontal Gail Mercer- http://mercermac Agency Digital story telling 2007 in.com/in/
https://ca m/Locut
https://t Burlington Canada
Microsoft Partners combo MacKay kay.com/ .linkedin.c witter.co
content writing Email newsletters for vertical/horizontal Michael Katz http://bluepengui Freelancer Email newsletters for professional service 2000 om/in/gail
https://w m/Merce
https://t Boston United States
professional service firms combo ndevelopment.co firms ww.linked witter.co
content writing Financial industry vertical Richard Willsher m/
http://www.richar Freelancer Specialist finance & business writer. I write 1993 in.com/in/
https://uk m/Micha
n.a. London United Kingdom
dwillsher.com/ about money. .linkedin.c
content writing Green movement issue-driven Tom N Tumbusch http://www.words Freelancer Copy that creates action for creative 2002 om/in/ric
http://ww https://t Cincinnati United States
treamcopy.com professionals and green businesses w.linkedin witter.co
content writing Healthcare industry vertical Joanne Dobie http://www.joann Freelancer Specialist in healthcare publications, for 2010 .com/in/w https://t
https://uk m/Word London United Kingdom
edobie.co.uk/ both NHS and private healthcare .linkedin.c witter.co
content writing Infrastructure vertical organisations. writing. Long sales cycles and 2002
Angus W. Stocking http://www.infras Freelancer Infrastructure om/in/joa n.a.
http://b2 https://w m/joann Grand United States
tructurewriting.co skeptical customers are good things! blaunche ww.linked Junction
content writing Pets vertical Pet Copywriter m/
http://www.petco Agency Race ahead of the pack. Web-SEO content 1995 r.com/ep in.com/in/
https://w n.a. Jacksonville United States
pywriter.com/ and consulting for pet industry marketers ww.linked
content writing SaaS and eCommerce related industries Kaleigh Moore http://www.kaleig Freelancer I specialize in blog content, email 2011 in.com/in/
https://w https://t Jacksonville United States
companies hmoore.com/ campaigns, and website copy for SaaS and ww.linked witter.co
content writing Writing about food and vertical/horizontal Bryn Mooth http://brynmooth. Freelancer eCommerce
Writing about companies.
food, wellness and design 2011 http://m in.com/in/
https://w m/kaleig
https://t Cincinnati United States
design for news publishers combo com/ arketing ww.linked witter.co
copywriting Automotive industry vertical Jim Koscs http://www.auda Freelancer Communication managers at top 1999 mentor.li in.com/in/
https://w m/writes
https://t New York United States
motive.com/ automotive brands make their jobs easier by ww.linked witter.co
copywriting Autoresponders (email vertical/horizontal John McIntyre http://www.themc Agency hiring AudaMotive Communications
The autoresponder guy for 2012 in.com/in/
https://w m/jimkos
https://t San Francisco United States
marketing) combo method.com/ ww.linked witter.co
copywriting Conversion copy horizontal Joel Klettke http://businesscas Freelancer No matter what the angle, Ill help you find 2011 in.com/in/ https://t
http://w https://ca m/John Calgary Canada
ualcopywriting.co the words to turn skeptics into advocates ww.bein .linkedin.c witter.co
copywriting Direct response copy for the vertical/horizontal Shawn Lebrun m/
http://www.sales- Freelancer and
copy thatinto
sellspaying customers. 2002 gfreelanc https://w
om/in/joe https://t
m/joelkl Auburn United States
health & fitness industry combo copy-that- ww.linked witter.co
copywriting Ice hockey vertical Chris Hallenbeck sells.com
http://www.hocke Freelancer Sports copywriting to help you increase your 2011 in.com/in/ m/shawn Gloversville
https://w n.a. United States
ycopywriter.com/ sales ww.linked
copywriting Marine industry vertical Dave Loomis http://daveloomis. Freelancer Commercial writer providing B2B services 2007 in.com/in/
https://w https://t Denton United States
com/ for the marine industry ww.linked witter.co
copywriting Museums and exhibitions vertical Caroline Ellis http://caroline- Freelancer Museum copywriter 2012 in.com/in/
https://uk m/caspe
n.a. Kent United Kingdom
ellis.com/ .linkedin.c
copywriting Resumes vertical/horizontal Erica Breuer http://cakeresume Freelancer You broke the mold. Your Resume should 2014 om/in/car
https://w https://t Syracuse United States
combo s.com/ too. ww.linked witter.co
copywriting Wilderness equipment vertical Daniel Teague http://danielteagu Freelancer Wilderness equipment content and 2002 in.com/in/
https://is.l m/EricaB
https://t n.a. Iceland
e.com/ copywriting inkedin.co witter.co
creative direction Aviation vertical Jim Gorman http://www.gorm Freelancer A precision approach to aerospace 2005 http://w m/in/dani
https://w m/DTeag
https://t Detroit United States
an360.com/ communications ww.mark ww.linked witter.co
graphic design 3D animation and technology Steve Wilson http://www.steves Freelancer n.a. 2005 eting- in.com/in/
https://w m/Gorm
https://t Angmering United Kingdom
visualisation specialization ideas.net/ ww.linked witter.co
graphic design 3D animations for the oil and vertical/technology Ben Stone http://stonegraphi Freelancer We specialize in developing 3D animations 2007 in.com/in/ m/steves Edmond
https://w https://t United States
gas industry specialization cdesign.com/ for the oil and gas industry. ww.linked witter.co
graphic design 3D art for games vertical/horizontal Sucha Sing http://www.sooch Freelancer 3D. Games. Web. Design. 2008 in.com/in/ n.a.
https://uk m/sgrap Cleveland United Kingdom
combo .co.uk/ .linkedin.c

Page 1 09/02/2017
graphic design Alcohol branding vertical/horizontal Dando Projects http://www.dando Agency n.a. n.a. n.a. New York United States
combo projects.com
graphic design Architectural visualization vertical/technology Joshua Allen http://jdzynstudio. Freelancer J D ZN is a graphics studio specializing in 2001 https://w https://t Nashville United States
specialization Donini com/ creating architectural renderings and ww.linked witter.co
graphic design Autographix montages and vertical Jonathan Nickens http://www.echel Freelancer conceptual designs for architects and n.a. in.com/in/ https://t
m/jdzyn Walla Walla United States
car show display boards ongraphix.com/ witter.co
graphic design Baking businesses vertical Kirsty http://www.baket Freelancer Website & branding design for small or n.a. n.a. m/Echel Inverness
https://t United Kingdom
Montgomery hishappen.com/ home-based baking businesses witter.co
graphic design Bars and restaurants vertical Melissa Price http://www.meliss Freelancer n.a. 2003 https://w -m/byKirs Sydney Australia
aprice.com.au ww.linked
graphic design Book cover design vertical Scarlett Rugers http://booksat.sca Freelancer We're an award-winning book design 2011 http://w in.com/in/
https://au https://t Melbourne Australia
rlettrugers.com/ agency for traditional and self-published ww.flaun .linkedin.c witter.co
graphic design Book design for young vertical/we Tom Carling http://www.carlin Freelancer authors
Designs great books that get young people 1990 tmydesig om/in/sca
https://w m/thebo New York United States
readers understand your gdesign.com reading ww.linked
graphic design Brand identity design customer
horizontal David Airey http://www.david Freelancer in
Imprint and ondesigner
a graphic screen and writer who 2005 in.com/in/
https://uk https://t Belfast United Kingdom
airey.com/ specialises in brand identity design. .linkedin.c witter.co
graphic design Cannabis vertical Studio 420 http://420digitalst Agency A cannabis friendly creative agency 2014 om/in/dav
https://w m/David
https://t Denver United States
udio.com/ ww.linked witter.co
graphic design Cannabis vertical Carrie Kuehn http://www.maryj Freelancer Our artistic ability, creative media skills and 2015 in.com/co
https://w m/420di
https://t Fullerton United States
anezbrand.com/ years of design experience can help brand & ww.linked witter.co
graphic design Cardboard engineering technology Thomas Forsayeth http://www.corofl Freelancer grow your packaging
Structural legal marijuana business
designer specialising in 1999 in.com/co
https://uk m/MaryJ London United Kingdom
specialization ot.com/forsayeth/ cardboard engineering. .linkedin.c
graphic design Charities and education vertical Cathy Hull profile
http://www.cathy Freelancer Specialist graphic design for charities, 1992 om/in/tho
https://uk https://t London United Kingdom
hulldesign.co.uk/ educators and small businesses .linkedin.c witter.co
graphic design Charities and social vertical Goodthinking http://www.goodt Agency Communications for the voluntary sector 2004 om/in/cat
n.a. m/Cathy Oxford United Kingdom
enterprises hinkingcommunica
graphic design Churches vertical Benjamin Smith tions.net/
http://ifbdesign.co Freelancer Because the message matters 2007 https://w Rockford United States
m/ ww.linked
graphic design Content for kids vertical/horizontal Kathleen Giarrano http://bluebirddes Freelancer Fun. Kids. Design. It doesnt get any better 1983 in.com/in/
https://w n.a. New York United States
combo ignco.com/ than that. ww.linked
graphic design Couture invitations & horizontal Twig & Fig http://www.twiga Agency Couture stationary 2004 in.com/in/
n.a. Berkeley United States
stationary ndfig.com/
graphic design Creative support for vertical/horizontal Shannon Scheels http://fouroneone Freelancer 2003 https://w https://t Atlanta United States
marketing, communications combo design.com ww.linked witter.co
graphic design Data visualization technology Andy Kirk http://www.visuali Freelancer Visualising data 2011 http://w in.com/in/
n.a. m/FourO
https://t Leeds United Kingdom
specialization singdata.com/ ww.bein witter.co
graphic design Eco-consciousness issue-driven Sonja Meyer http://www.sonja Freelancer Graphic design for the real world 2009 gfreelanc https://w m/visuali
https://t Melbourne Australia
meyer.com.au/ ww.linked witter.co
graphic design Enthusiasts brands related industries Saltworks Inc. http://www.saltw Agency Enthusiast brands 2001 in.com/in/
https://w m/Sonja Boston United States
orksinc.com ww.linked
graphic design Exterior signage horizontal Nick Leighton http://nickleighton Freelancer Working alongside established companies to 2010 in.com/co
https://uk https://t Grays United Kingdom
.co.uk/ help create top quality signage .linkedin.c witter.co
graphic design Fashion retail vertical Grace O'Leary http://www.grace Freelancer Sizzling fashion graphics 2012 om/in/leig m/NickL London
https://uk https://t United Kingdom
oleary.com/ .linkedin.c witter.co
graphic design Filmmaking vertical Annie Atkins https://annieatkin Freelancer Graphic design for film, games, and real life n.a. om/in/gra https://t
https://ie. m/grace Dublin Ireland
s.com/ linkedin.c witter.co
graphic design Greenfield umbrella focus Kathy Lacy http://www.green Freelancer A green field is where it all starts. Horses 2006 om/in/an
https://w m/Annie
https://t Lexington United States
fieldgraphicdesign. graze and compete, race meets are run, ww.linked witter.co
graphic design Halloween and Haunted related industries Craig Hines com
http://www.darki Freelancer seeds
and food graphics,
is harvested.
logos, 2006 https://s in.com/in/
https://w m/Green
https://t Pittsburgh United States
Attraction industry. maginings.com/ changing portraits, & spooky special effects 3.amazo ww.linked witter.co
graphic design Healthcare & Wellness related industries Stephanie Helline http://www.strate Freelancer for haunted attractions
Invigorating healthcare and
and halloween
wellness 2006 naws.co in.com/in/
http://ww m/Haunt
https://t Baltimore United States
gicdesignstudio.co organizations w.linkedin witter.co
graphic design Holistic therapists vertical Samantha m
http://www.artoft Freelancer Spiritual websites 2008 .com/pub
https://w m/strate
https://t n.a. United Kingdom
Winstanley heangels.com/ ww.linked witter.co
in.com/in/ m/Art_A
Page 2 09/02/2017
graphic design Icons horizontal Kyle Adams https://kyleadams. Freelancer Quality icons that speak volumes n.a. n.a. https://t San Antonio United States
me/ witter.co
graphic design Identity design for museums vertical/horizontal Margot Lombaert http://www.marg Freelancer Design - Visual communication 2013 https://w m/ItsKyl
https://t London United Kingdom
and independent businesses. combo otlombaert.com/ ww.linked witter.co
graphic design Indulgence brands (wine, related industries Sterling Creative http://www.sterlin Agency Smart design for indulgence brands 1998 in.com/in/ https://t
http://m https://w m/margo Napa Valley United States
spirits and beer) Works gcreativeworks.co arketing ww.linked witter.co
graphic design Infographics horizontal Jack Hagley m
http://www.jackh Freelancer Jack Hagley is a London based graphic 2010 mentor.li https://uk
http://w in.com/co https://t
m/Sterlin London United Kingdom
agley.com/ designer specialising in infographics. ww.flaun .linkedin.c witter.co
graphic design Large companies with company size and Wendy Wood http://www.wend Agency Design Strategist who provides spot-on 2007 tmydesig https://w
om/in/jac m/JackH
https://t San Francisco United States
complex deliveries need ywood.com/ creative and a flawless workflow for your ww.linked witter.co
graphic design Lettering animation technology Austin Saylor http://www.austin Freelancer complex,
motion designer projects 2016 http://w in.com/in/
https://w m/wwgr
https://t Boone United States
specialization saylor.com/ ww.bein ww.linked witter.co
graphic design Liquor branding & package vertical Chad Michael http://www.chad Freelancer Crafted under scrutiny 2014 gfreelanc in.com/in/
n.a. m/ItsAus
n.a. Dallas United States
design michaelstudio.co
graphic design Logo design horizontal Ian Paget m/
http://logogeek.co Freelancer I design logos 2011 http://w https://uk https://t London United Kingdom
.uk/ ww.bein .linkedin.c witter.co
graphic design Magazine design vertical/horizontal Graeme Thomas http://www.johnn Freelancer Design and print specialist 2011 gfreelanc om/in/ian
https://uk m/Logo_
https://t Bedfordshire United Kingdom
combo yfdesigns.co.uk/ .linkedin.c witter.co
graphic design Metal band merch vertical All4Band http://all4band.co Agency All that your band needs n.a. om/in/gra
n.a. m/Johnn
n.a. n.a. Czech Republic
graphic design Motion design technology Justin Carrington http://justincarrin Freelancer n.a. n.a. https://uk https://t Birmingham United Kingdom
specialization gton.com/ .linkedin.c witter.co
graphic design Museums and exhibitions vertical Malcolm Kirton http://www.art- Freelancer Graphic design for museums, galleries and 1994 om/in/jus m/calvin Malton
https://w https://t United Kingdom
hotel.co/ exhibitions ww.linked witter.co
graphic design Online entrepreneurs vertical Andrei Blanda http://andreibland Freelancer Branding for software entrepreneurs 2010 in.com/in/ https://t
https://ro. m/malcki Bucharest Romania
a.com/ linkedin.c witter.co
graphic design Packaging design horizontal Kristin Murphy http:///www.kristi Agency We package fun! Need stand-out packaging 2008 om/in/an https://t
https://w m/andrei Mokena United States
Design nmurphydesign.co for your unique product? ww.linked witter.co
graphic design Packaging design for food vertical/horizontal Karla Dominguez m
http://karladomin Freelancer Delivering custom packaging design 2013 in.com/in/
https://w m/Kristin San Francisco United States
combo guez.com/ solutions ww.linked
graphic design Photographers (brand vertical/horizontal Danielle Currier http://blog.noplas Freelancer n.a. 2010 in.com/in/
https://w https://t Boston United States
identity) combo ticsleeves.com/ ww.linked witter.co
graphic design Photoshop templates for vertical/technology The Album Caf http://www.thealb Agency Pre-designed Photoshop templates - Just 2008 in.com/in/
n.a. m/nopla
https://t Nashville United States
photographers specialization umcafe.com/ drop in your images! witter.co
graphic design Poster design horizontal Arden Avett http://cargocollect Freelancer - 2010 https://uk m/thealb
https://t London United Kingdom
ive.com/ardenave .linkedin.c witter.co
graphic design Powerpoint presentations technology Laura M Foley tt
http://www.laura Freelancer Cheat death by PowerPoint! 2001 om/in/ard
https://w m/arden
https://t Hubbardston United States
specialization mfoley.com/word ww.linked witter.co
graphic design Presentation design horizontal Dan Newmark press/
http://www.newm Freelancer Presentation designer: Multimedia Keynote, n.a. in.com/in/ https://t
https://w m/LMFD New York United States
arkdigital.com/ PowerPoint, ww.linked witter.co
graphic design Promotional products vertical Marty Daley iPad, Web Video Presentations
http://www.marty Freelancer n.a. 2004 http://w in.com/in/
n.a. m/newm Sydney
n.a. Australia
daley.com.au/ ww.flaun
graphic design Science-related businesses, vertical Shelley Sandiford http://sciconic.co Freelancer Graphics and animation to help science- n.a. tmydesig
https://fi https://w https://t Ottawa Canada
organizations and academics m/ related businesses, organizations and zzle.co/2 ww.linked witter.co
graphic design Small businesses company size Rhonda Brown academics
http://www.small- Freelancer Helping explain
small science
businessesstand out 2009 5-up- in.com/in/ m/Scicon
https://w https://t Hampton United States
business-graphic- ww.linked witter.co
graphic design Sports identity design vertical/horizontal John Hartwell design.com/
http://hartwellstu Freelancer Connects sports brands to sports brands. 2001 http://w in.com/in/
https://w m/yours
https://t Atlanta United States
combo dioworks.com/ Sports design that ignites passion and the ww.flaun ww.linked witter.co
graphic design Targeting US clients from vertical Alberto Kaiser http://www.kaiser Freelancer bottom line.
A truly rockstar designer 2001 tmydesig
http://w in.com/in/
https://ar. m/hartw
https://t Buenos Aires Argentina
abroad Sosa sosa.com/ ww.flaun linkedin.c witter.co
graphic design Theatrical advertising vertical/horizontal Jaime Valls https://www.beha Freelancer n.a. 2011 tmydesig
http://w om/in/kai
https://w m/kaiser
https://t New York United States
combo nce.net/jaimevalle ww.flaun ww.linked witter.co
graphic design T-shirt design horizontal Brent Galloway shttp://brentgallow Freelancer T-Shirt design that helps your brand stay 2010 tmydesig in.com/in/
https://w m/jaime
https://t Delaware United States
ay.me/ creatively relevant. ww.linked witter.co
in.com/in/ m/brent
Page 3 09/02/2017
graphic design Typography technology Claire Coullon http://www.coullo Freelancer Graphic design, typography & lettering 2009 http://on n.a. https://t Bath United Kingdom
specialization n.com/ eminute witter.co
graphic design Unlimited revisions the way you work Total Brandits http://www.totalb Agency Unlimited design requests with unlimited 2016 with.com https://uk m/clairec
https://t Edinburgh United Kingdom
randits.com/ revisions .linkedin.c witter.co
graphic design Vehicle & yacht wraps technology Stephen Stachini http://blog.stachin Freelancer I specialize in vehicle wraps. I specialize in 1994 om/in/cra
https://es. m/TotalB
https://t Valencia Spain
specialization i.com/ yacht wraps. And offer 1 to 1 wrap training. linkedin.c witter.co
graphic design Video projections for ballets, vertical/technology Jacopo Castellano http://www.jacop Freelancer Video projections for ballet, opera and 2013 om/in/jfk m/Steve Berlin
https://w https://t Germany
operas and classical concerts specialization ocastellano.com/ classical concerts ww.linked witter.co
graphic design Visual data/storytelling horizontal Lemonly http://lemonly.co Agency Create understanding through visuals 2011 in.com/in/ https://t
https://w m/vjcast Sioux Falls United States
(infographics, microsites, m/ ww.linked witter.co
graphic design Wargaming vertical Sean Turtle http://www.wgdr. Freelancer War never looked so good 2002 http://w in.com/co
https://uk m/lemon
n.a. Derby United Kingdom
co.uk/ ww.flaun .linkedin.c
graphic design Wayfinding design horizontal Maxwell Edwards http:///www.max Agency Because life is to short to be lost 1997 tmydesig om/in/sea
https://w n.a. Seattle United States
welledwards.com ww.linked
graphic design Wedding invitations vertical Amanda Greville http://rockpapergi Freelancer Swoon-worthy wedding invitations that are 2010 in.com/in/
https://ca https://t Stoney Creek Canada
fts.com/ customized to your hearts content, so youll .linkedin.c witter.co
graphic design Wine vertical Pere Pag http://www.pagad Freelancer ben.a.just as jazzed to send them as your 1991 http://w om/in/am
https://es. m/rockp
https://t Barcelona Spain
isseny.com/ ww.flaun linkedin.c witter.co
illustration Architectural watercolours vertical/horizontal Peter Jarvis http://pjarvis.co.u Freelancer n.a. n.a. tmydesig om/in/per
https://uk m/pagad Southhampto United Kingdom
combo k/ .linkedin.c n
illustration Board games vertical Beth Sobel http://www.beths Freelancer n.a. n.a. om/in/pet
http://w https://w https://t Bellingham United States
obel.com/ ww.what ww.linked witter.co
illustration Botanical illustrations horizontal Sarah Jane http://www.sarahj Freelancer n.a. 1998 comtalk. in.com/in/
https://uk m/beth_ Scottsdale United States
Humphrey anehumphrey.com .linkedin.c
illustration Business cartoons vertical/horizontal Ted Goff /http://www.tedgo Freelancer Business cartoons for your publications and 1980 om/in/sar
https://w https://t Kansas City United States
combo ff.com/ inhouse communications ww.linked witter.co
illustration Calligraphy services technology Kathryn http://fleurcalligra Agency Fleur de Letters offers a variety of 2011 in.com/in/ https://t
https://w m/bizcar Detroit United States
specialization Christenbury phy.com/ calligraphy services that ww.linked witter.co
illustration Caricature and portraits for vertical/horizontal Jason Seiler http://jasonseiler. Freelancer are
n.a.all created by hand from a calligraphy 1996 in.com/in/
https://w m/feelint
https://t Chicago United States
publications combo com/ ww.linked witter.co
illustration Charcoal animal portraits vertical/horizontal Shelagh http://www.shela Freelancer Welcome to Shelaghs animal portraits 2013 in.com/in/
https://uk m/jasons
https://t Merseyside United Kingdom
combo McNicholas ghsanimalportraits .linkedin.c witter.co
illustration Children's merchandising vertical Claude Bonnaud .co.uk/
http://www.claud Freelancer n.a. 1986 om/in/she
https://uk m/shelag
https://t Great United Kingdom
ebonnaud.com/ .linkedin.c witter.co Waldingfield
illustration Concept art horizontal Drew Lewis http://www.maijin Freelancer I'm a visual artist + concept designer 2013 om/in/cla
https://w m/claud
https://t Los Angeles United States
theartist.com/ ww.linked witter.co
illustration Conceptual illustration horizontal Justin Renteria http://justinrenter Freelancer n.a. 2008 in.com/in/
https://w m/MAiJi
n.a. Aurora United States
ia.com/ ww.linked
illustration Digital vector maps and horizontal Alex Mathers http://www.alexm Freelancer n.a. 2006 in.com/in/
https://uk https://t London United Kingdom
landscapes athers.net/ .linkedin.c witter.co
illustration Editorial illustrations vertical Christoph http://www.christ Freelancer n.a. 1995 om/in/ale https://t
http://w https://w m/redle New York United States
Niemann ophniemann.com ww.freu ww.linked witter.co
illustration Equestrian humour vertical/horizontal Emily Cole http://www.emily- Freelancer I draw cartoon horses for a living 2012 ndevonfr n.a.
in.com/in/ https://t
m/abstra n.a. United Kingdom
combo cole.com/ witter.co
illustration Fightwear apparel vertical Seymour Yang http://www.meer Freelancer Original artworks 2003 https://uk m/ECIllus
https://t London United Kingdom
katsu.com/ .linkedin.c witter.co
illustration Hand lettering horizontal Dina Rodriguez https://lettershop Freelancer 26 letters. Endless possibilities. 2008 om/in/me
https://w m/Meer
http://tw Portland United States
pe.com/ ww.linked itter.com
illustration Hand-drawn, illustrated horizontal Bek Cruddace http://www.bekcr Freelancer I am a designer & illustrator based in 2011 in.com/in/
https://uk /lettersh
https://t Reading United Kingdom
maps and cartography uddace.co.uk/ Basingstoke, Hampshire who specialises in .linkedin.c witter.co
illustration Hand-printed concert posters vertical/horizontal Justin Helton http://www.status Freelancer hand-drawn, illustrated
Fine quality limited maps
editions & and
design 2005 om/in/be
https://w m/bekcr
https://t Knoxville United States
combo serigraph.com/ ww.linked witter.co
illustration Humorous illustration horizontal Mark Armstrong http://markarmstr Freelancer I create images that get brand content seen 1989 in.com/in/
https://w m/status
https://t Boston United States
ongillustration.co and shared. ww.linked witter.co
m/ in.com/in/ m/mrstr
Page 4 09/02/2017
illustration Illustrations for speakers and vertical David Michael http://davidmicha Freelancer I help speakers and thought leaders deliver 2012 http://w https://w https://t Urbana- United States
thought-leaders Moore elmoore.com/ unforgettable messages by elevating their ww.flaun ww.linked witter.co Champaign
illustration Illustrations for the vertical/horizontal Gerald Kelley http://www.gerald Freelancer words
n.a. into art. 1996 tmydesig in.com/in/
https://w m/retwe
http://w Denver United States
children's market combo kelley.com/ ww.linked ww.twitt
illustration Illustrations for travel and vertical/horizontal George Butler http://www.georg Freelancer Reportage illustrator 2007 in.com/in/ er.com/g
https://uk https://t London United Kingdom
current affairs reportages combo ebutler.org/ .linkedin.c witter.co
illustration Illustrations for websites horizontal Ena Sadikovic http://www.enasa Freelancer I am Ena. I draw websites. n.a. om/in/ge https://t
https://rs. m/georg Prijepolje Serbia
dikovic.com linkedin.c witter.co
illustration Illustrations in the style of signature style Sam Spratt http://www.sams Freelancer n.a. 2011 om/in/en
n.a. m/enasa New York
https://t United States
classical oil-painting pratt.com/ witter.co
illustration Intricate, hand-drawn, black signature style Johanna Basford http://www.johan Freelancer I'm an illustrator and ink evangelist who 2006 https://uk m/samsp
https://t Aberdeen United Kingdom
and white illustrations nabasford.com/ prefers pens and pencils to pixels. .linkedin.c witter.co
illustration Live digital caricatures at B2B vertical/horizontal Julia Kelly http://jkexpressio Freelancer Live digital caricatures and expert service 2011 om/in/joh
https://w m/johan
https://t San Diego United States
trade shows combo ns.com/ ww.linked witter.co
illustration Manga graphic novels vertical Sara E. Mayhew http://saramayhe Freelancer International award-winning mangaka 2005 in.com/in/
https://w m/jkexpr
https://t Ontario Canada
w.com/ ww.linked witter.co
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Welcome,and commercial
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Photography for the haunt industry. 2010 om/in/dre
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Creativeand entertainment industry.
imagery 2005 https:// om/in/ma
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http://www.edwar Freelancer Photographer of high jewellery and watches 1985 ife.com.a https://uk
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http://www.jerem Freelancer Creative and artistic commercial 2001 om/in/ed
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Atmospheric images of the south west of 2003 in.com/in/
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m/kristro Sudbury Canada
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om/in/ja m/minin
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industry) oto.com/ ww.linked witter.co
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http://www.perso Freelancer It's and home
your vacation, you&should
office use.
be in the 2010 in.com/in/ https://t
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photography Pop-Renaissance signature style Dan Bannino http://www.danba teams
Mixingto createculture
popular photographic
and Oldimagery as
Masters 2012 https://t in.com/in/
https://it.l m/Faux_
https://t Milano Italy
nnino.com/ style hecultur inkedin.co witter.co
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Real estate tours
and for real estate
architectural photography 1997 in.com/co
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oil & gas production) om.au/ .linkedin.c
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t/ ww.linked witter.co
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http://www.artosa Freelancer 2001 http://hy in.com/co
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ari.com/ pebeast. ww.linked
com/201 in.com/in/
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photography Snowboarding/Mountain related industries Chris Wellhausen http://www.chris Freelancer 2005 recorrect https://w https://t Encinitas United States
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design. Advance
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