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Rationale for Elementary, Middle, and High School Budgets

The items that have been selected compliment our district curriculum for a physical
education program that focuses on developing the whole child. The comprehensive variety of
equipment helps to provide personalized, developmentally appropriate, and quality learning
experiences to our diverse Pre-K12 students.
Our curriculum emphasizes the development of physically literate, responsible, culturally
minded individuals who use 21st century skills to achieve and maintain physically active
lifestyles. The units of instruction require these additional instructional materials to give students
the opportunities to develop such capabilities. The equipment is enough in quantity to reach
every student, plenty in variety to cater to the different levels and abilities, and provides students
with choice in order to personalize their learning and take ownership in it as well.
The equipment chosen is what can be found outside of the school setting, therefore,
students are exposed to and equipped with activities that can add to lifelong development. These
pieces of equipment develop the social and emotional skills of students while also yielding a
higher order of thinking. As noted above, our curriculum, and the required equipment, focuses on
the development of the whole child and their likelihood to maintain such development across the