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She is Kristal Jung. Her nickname is Krys. She is from California, United Stated.

California is a big city. She lives with her sister, Jennifer Jung in South Korea.
Her birthday is 24 in October.
She is a famous singer, actress, model and DJ. She is in her twenties. Kristal
Jung is a student at Sungkyunkwan University. She is studying theater.
She is tall, is about 1.65 centimeters. She is slim. She has brown eyes and she
has long, curly brown hair.
She speaks Korean, English, Chinese and a little Japanese. Her favorite actor is
Jonny Deep. She likes to play tennis and takes photos. She doesnt like apple
and cherry. She is happy when she dances or sings. She loves to play guitar.
During the autumn, she fells sad, because she doesn't like the rain and the