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What I should / shouldnt in What I must / mustnt in What I can / cant in

Argentina Argentina Argentina

I should visit the Government House. It is I must go to the Plaza de May, because in it I can go to La Boca, one of its busiest
one of great architectural beauty. On happened the most relevant events in attractions, is Caminito, a street where you
weekends and holidays you can take a Argentine history. breathe and dance tango, crafts and
guided tour and know all its corners, paintings are sold.
including the presidential office.

I mustnt go to Villa Banana (Rosario),

because in that place it is flooded and
I shouldnt visit San Telmo y Dock Sud I can not go to La Tablada because it is
because There were two dead in a crash
What I may / may not in What I have to / dont have to in M E TAC O G N I C I O N
Argentina Argentina

I may Puerto Madero, stands out the

beautiful Puente de la Mujer, designed by I have to go to El Barrio Chino of Ingles II
the prestigious Spanish architect Santiago
Calatrava. Buenos Aires, it is located in the

neighborhood of Belgrano

Abdiel Isaac Rodriguez Pinale

2do Gpo. 238 1842044

I cant visit Ciudad Oculta (Buenos

I dont have to go to Villa 31 (Buenos
Aires, Capital Federal), it is very dark.
Aires, Capital Federal), because it is not Preparatoria No 1, Apodaca


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