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Note the focus area and standard Note the type of artefact / Describe the document / artefact and

fact and indicate Describe how the document / artefact

descriptor/s the artefact / document document the possible impact or result of the artefact / meets the standard descriptors you
reflects document on teaching and/ or student learning have identified.

Plan for and implement The artefact that I This lesson was an hour long English To achieve standard one, know
effective teaching and have chosen to lesson that was based around letter students and how they learn, I
learning. annotate for this task writing. I split the lesson into two halves included a range of different
is an English lesson as the younger students often need a teaching strategies to suit the
3.4 Select and use resources
designed for a Prep/1 quick moving lesson with fast pace different learners in the class. My
Demonstrate knowledge of a
class and is the third changes to keep them focused and mentor teacher from my third
range of resources, including ICT,
lesson in a mini unit engaged. year Practicum stated in written
that engage students in their
based on letter feedback that I had Used lots of
learning. As can be seen on the attached lesson
writing. effective teaching strategies to
plan, the first half of the lesson was
convey content.
introducing the book The Day the Crayons
3.5 Use effective classroom Quit to the students, reading it and then
communication discussing some of the necessary
It was also stated in my written
language that could be used in their own
Demonstrate a range of verbal feedback that Great resources
letters. It is essential to use a range of
and non-verbal communication were used throughout this lesson
appropriate and engaging material and
strategies to support students crayon book was extremely
resources (NSW Government, n.d), this is
engagement. engaging and was a great
shown throughout this lesson and the
introduction to the language
result was a successful and effective
used in letters. Well done! This
lesson for the entire class.
links back to standard three,
The second half of the lesson was used to Plan for and implement effective
create a crazy letter which entailed teaching and learning.
collaboration and cooperation between
the groups of students.