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Touch Screen Room Thermostat About your thermostat Model definition of your thermostat

User Guide ModelBAC-1000 BAC-1000 series Modern Touch Screen A1: Two pipe; Control Fan Coil Unit and Two
Room Thermostats are designed to on/off control wired Motorized valve.(when room temperature
the fans and valves in air conditioner applications reaches the setpoint, both will turn off)
via comparison of the room temperature and A2: Two pipe; Control Fan Coil Unit and Two
setting temperature as reaching the aim of wired Motorized valve.(when room temperature
comfort and saving energy. BAC-1000 are reaches the setpoint, valve will turn off but fan will
microprocessor based thermostat with LCD turn to low speed)
display. B: Two pipe; Control on/off Motorized Damper
C: Two Pipe; Control Fan Coil Unit and Three
Features of your thermostat wired Motorized valve
M: Two pipe; Control 0-10V Motorized Valve
Modern desgin similar as a cell phone.
E: Four pipe; Control Fan Coil Unit and Two wired
Beautiful Frame CHROME creates elegant life.
Heat and Cool Motorized valve.
Acrylic lenses to avoid the finger scrath.
Welcome T: Clock
Touch Button makes simple operation.
L: Backlight
Your new thermostat will provide year of reliable Large screen display with backlight is easy to
P: Weekly Programmable
service. Using this digital thermostat will provide readeven in the dark.
N: RS485/MODBUS RTU communication
more uniform comfort in your home through the Four periods program schedules maximize
K: Keycard
seasons. Thank you for buying the product! comfort and economy.
E: External sensor
Please read this manual for complete instructions One-touch temp control overrides program
schedule at any time. P and N could not be compatible at the same time.
on installing and operating your thermostat. If you For example: BAC-1000A1LN
require further assistance, please feel free to Precise comfort control keeps temperature within
contact us. 0.5C of the level you set. Operation
Internal and external sensor selectable is
In the box you will find suitable for any place. 1. Setting the temperature
1pc Screws 2pc Data memory when power is off.
Thermostat a. In the mode of programmable, set
Easy installation.
User Guide 1pc Wall plate 1pc temperature, time and timing on/off could not be
86mm hidden box and european 60mm round
adjusted. If the user want to change, please
Service box is available.
We offer the warranty of 18 months from the sales day. b. In the mode of manual, press to set
Home screen quick reference
If it is not the problem of quality or beyond the warranty Set temperature. will display in the left corner of
time, we will charge for the after-sale service. Room Temp. Valve Fan screen.
Temp. On/o Speed

Technical Data of your thermostat 2. Setting Lock (optional function)

Energysaving Press and hold for 3 sec. to lock the screen.
SensorNTC Accuracy0.5 Period
Temp. Range5 -35 Power Consumption<1.5W
Network The icon will display on the screen.
Timing error<1 Power Supply110~240V, 50 ~60Hz Manual Auto Fan Press and hold again for 3 sec. to unlock the
Current Load5A for fan and 3A for valve Lock Timing On/O screen.
Shell MaterialPC Fireproof 3. Setting the fan
Installation box86*86mm or European 60mm Sleeping Press to select the fan speed AUTO, HIGH,
Ambient Temp.0 ~ 455 ~ 95RH(Non condensing MED, LOW.
Mode Fan Power Up Down
Storage Temp-5~ 55 On/o
4. Setting the system mode No Func on Se ng & Op ons Default Installing your thermostat
Temp. -9 to 9 -1
Press M to change the system mode HEATING, 1
Calibra on This product is suitable for standard 86mm wall
COOLING and VENTILATION. In the mode of 00: When room temp. reaches box or european 60mm round box.
VENTILATION, the valve is off but the fan runs. the setpoint, the fan will turn
5. Setting the Sleeping Fan Control o.
2 00
01: When room temp. reaches
Press and Hold M to set the sleeping. will flash. the setpoint, the fan will turn
Press to confirm, to cancel. to low speed.
00All the bu ons are locked
6.Selecting manual and programmable Lock
3 except POWER 00
01 All the bu ons are locked
Press and hold M , will flash. Press M again, (Fig 1)
00Cool only
will flash. Press to select manual and press 4 Heat/Cool 01 1. Connect the wire of power and other equipment into
to select weekly programmable. 5 Min. Set Temp. 5-15 10 the terminals.
Press M to set minutes of the time; 6 Max. Set Temp. 5-35 30
Press M to set hours of the time; 00:12 hours
7 Time Display 00
Press M to set week of the time; 01:24 hours
00display both set temp. and
Press M into the adjustment of programmable. Display Mode 00
8 room temp.
7. Adjusting the weekly programmable 01display set temp. only
9 IP High Address 01_F9 (Only for RS485 type) 0x10
After the above steps, press M into programmable. A IP Low Address 00_F9 (For Modbus and RS485) 0x01 (Fig 2)
Then press M to change the different items. Deadzone 1-5
B 1 2. Fix the wall plate into the wall box by a screwdriver.
Press or to set the relative values. Temp.
The order is Minute adjusting Hour adjusting
Week adjusting Minute timing-on Hour Wiring your thermostat
timing-on Minute timing-off Hour timing-off
AC22010%V 50~60Hz N L
Temperature adjusting (
12345,6,7, is 5+1+1 programmable mode,
Valve Fan
every mode has two times zones and a time M (Fig 4)
AC22010%V 50~60Hz
temperature setting) (Fig 3)
Cooling 4. Finished.

First Period Second Period Valve Valve
3. Connect the LCD board into the wall plate.

Week Turn-on Turn-o Set Turn-on Turn-o Set Fan

me me temp. me me temp. M M

Mon. to Fri. 1 2 3 4 5 6 WARNING: Please arrange the professional technician

to install this product according to installation drawing and
Sat. 7 8 9 10 11 12
Sun. 13 14 15 16 17 18
RISK OF ELECTRICAL SHOCK. Disconnect power supply
Remark: Programmable wont be working for RS485 type.

(REDRS485+ (Modbus) before making electrical connection. Contact with components

(WHITE)RS485- (Modbus)
8. Setting functions and options (RS485/Modbus is optional) carrying hazardous voltage can cause electrical shock and may
result in severe personal injury or death.instruction.
During power off, press and hold M at the same
time for 5 sec. to system functions. Then press M Two Pipe System
to change the different items. (REDRS485+ (Modbus)
Press or to set the relative values. (RS485/Modbus is optional)
All the settings will confirm automatically when Email: nicole@becavalve.com
power is on. www.becaenergy.com
Four Pipe System